Exodus 18:21  21 "But choose men of ability from all of the people. They must have respect for God. You must be able to trust them. They must not try to get money by cheating others. Appoint them as officials.   

The Great Divider: President Obama, who "has questionable allegiance" and has "wreaked economic tyranny on the American people." He also destroyed accepted administrative processes with 32 czars, doubled the national debt in one year, sided with Mexico against the American people (Arizona), is demanding new taxes, subverted the nation's immigration laws, forcibly took control of private economic interests, is targeting charities and churches for penalties and has advocated for a mosque "bankrolled by terrorist sympathizers" while refusing to defend the nation's own laws (DOMA, Immigration).  Solyndra & Fast and Furious Scandals, TARP, Failed $800+Billion "Stimulus", Obamacare, Cap & Trade or EPA, NLRB, "Justice" Dept.  Oil moratorium, 2nd Amendment attacks, Supreme Court abominations, Libya, Uganda....with more to come unfortunately.



Proverbs 6:16-19  Today's New International Version (TNIV) 16 There are six things the Lord hates,(A)    seven that are detestable to him:17         haughty eyes,(B)        a lying tongue,(C)        hands that shed innocent blood,(D)18         a heart that devises wicked schemes,        feet that are quick to rush into evil,(E)19         a false witness(F) who pours out lies(G)        and a person who stirs up dissension in the community.(H)


Philippians 4:11-13 New Living Translation (NLT) 11 Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. 12 I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little. 13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

2 Timothy 4:2
 (New International Reader's Version)        2 Preach the word. Be ready to serve God in good times and bad. Correct people's mistakes. Warn them. Cheer them up with words of hope. Be very patient as you do these things. Teach them carefully.


Psalm 1:1-2  Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) Book 1  Great blessings belong to those who don’t listen to evil advice,who don’t live like sinners, and who don’t join those who make fun of God. [a]2 Instead, they love the LORD’S teachings and think about them day and night.

Romans 10:13-14  New International Version (NIV)      13 for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”[a]  14 How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?


Peter 2:1-10 (New International Version)False Teachers and Their Destruction  1But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. 2Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. 3In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.   4For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell,[a] putting them into gloomy dungeons[b] to be held for judgment; 5if he did not spare the ancient world when he brought the flood on its ungodly people, but protected Noah, a preacher of righteousness, and seven others; 6if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes, and made them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly; 7and if he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men 8(for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard)— 9if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue godly men from trials and to hold the unrighteous for the day of judgment, while continuing their punishment.[c] 10This is especially true of those who follow the corrupt desire of the sinful nature[d] and despise authority.

Jude 1:6-8 (New Century Version)6 And remember the angels who did not keep their place of power but left their proper home. The Lord has kept these angels in darkness, bound with everlasting chains, to be judged on the great day. 7 Also remember the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah[a] and the other towns around them. In the same way they were full of sexual sin and people who desired sexual relations that God does not allow. They suffer the punishment of eternal fire, as an example for all to see.  8 It is the same with these people who have entered your group. They are guided by dreams and make themselves filthy with sin. They reject God's authority and speak against the angels.

Romans 1:24-32 (New Century Version) 24 Because they did these things, God left them and let them go their sinful way, wanting only to do evil. As a result, they became full of sexual sin, using their bodies wrongly with each other.25 They traded the truth of God for a lie. They worshiped and served what had been created instead of the God who created those things, who should be praised forever. Amen.  26 Because people did those things, God left them and let them do the shameful things they wanted to do. Women stopped having natural sex and started having sex with other women.27 In the same way, men stopped having natural sex and began wanting each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and in their bodies they received the punishment for those wrongs.  28 People did not think it was important to have a true knowledge of God. So God left them and allowed them to have their own worthless thinking and to do things they should not do.29 They are filled with every kind of sin, evil, selfishness, and hatred. They are full of jealousy, murder, fighting, lying, and thinking the worst about each other. They gossip30 and say evil things about each other. They hate God. They are rude and conceited and brag about themselves. They invent ways of doing evil. They do not obey their parents.31 They are foolish, they do not keep their promises, and they show no kindness or mercy to others.32 They know God's law says that those who live like this should die. But they themselves not only continue to do these evil things, they applaud others who do them.


Hebrews 13:4 (New Century Version)4 Marriage should be honored by everyone, and husband and wife should keep their marriage pure. God will judge as guilty those who take part in sexual sins.



the sin of envy keeps you from living out your purpose:

  • Envy denies your uniqueness: "God, you knit me together in my mother's womb .... Your workmanship is marvelous .... You watched me as I was formed in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born." (Psalm 139:13-15 NLT)
  • Envy is an insult to God: “Who are you, a mere human being, to criticize God? Should the thing that was created say to the one who made it 'Why have you made me like this?'" (Romans 9:20 NLT)                                      
  • Envy divides your attention: "No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money." (Matthew 6:24 NLT)
  • Envy distracts you from your purpose: "Anyone who lets himself be distracted from the work I plan for him is not fit for the Kingdom of God." (Luke 9:62 LB)
  • Envy wastes your time and energy: "I've learned why people work so hard to succeed; it is because they envy the things their neighbors have. But this is foolishness, like chasing the wind .... Here is someone who lives alone. He has no child or brother, yet he is always working, never satisfied with what he has. Yet he never asks, 'For whom am I working so hard?' This is useless, too—and a miserable way to live." (Ecclesiastes 4:4-8 TEV)
  • Envy leads to every other sin: "For wherever there is jealousy (envy) and contention (rivalry and selfish ambition), there will also be confusion (unrest, disharmony, rebellion) and all sorts of evil ..." (James 3:16 AMP)


Luke 14:28-30 Contemporary English Version (CEV)  28 Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. What is the first thing you will do? Won’t you sit down and figure out how much it will cost and if you have enough money to pay for it? 29 Otherwise, you will start building the tower, but not be able to finish. Then everyone who sees what is happening will laugh at you. 30 They will say, “You started building, but could not finish the job.”



How YOU VOTE matters:  Know your values, what is important to you and vote accordingly.

NRA   2nd Amendment rights


http://www.nrapublications.org/index.php/11043/standing-guard-17/         So we have Obama, his Attorney General Eric Holder and others in the government aligned with wholly dishonest elements of the national media conspiring to serve up a dual-purpose propaganda campaign. First is their conspiracy to hide the widening evidence of criminal malfeasance by the Obama administration. Second is their smokescreen of lies claiming a deficiency of current law regarding highly illegal domestic commerce and international smuggling of firearms.  But in seeking to blame the scandal on the lack of gun control laws, they go further. How about, blame the scandal on the NRA, on you, me, family, friends and neighbors—on anyone who takes a stand against attacks on the Second Amendment.


http://www.nrapublications.org/index.php/10433/presidents-column-15/                President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are without a doubt more hostile to the Second Amendment than any two men who have ever occupied the offices they now hold.  We aren’t about to let gun-haters get away with this, but imagine what will happen if they muddy the political waters sufficiently between now and November 2012 to lull gun owners to sleep and win the votes they’ll need to continue to control the White House and Senate. If that happens and a vacancy opens up on the Supreme Court, you can bet President Obama will appoint the one additional anti-gun justice he’ll need to overturn Heller and McDonald to gut the Second Amendment.

And he’ll work with international anti-gun forces in the United Nations to win approval of a treaty that could virtually outlaw the private ownership of firearms in this country. If that happens, our opponents will have achieved their lifelong dream. We can defeat them in spite of the billions of dollars they have at their disposal and in spite of the adoring treatment they get from an anti-gun media.  VOTE accordingly.


Back quite a few years ago when the American people were suffering under a despot called King George III they drew up a list of his offenses and told him they were not going to allow his government by fiat to be "destructive" any longer. In the Declaration of Independence, they cited such problems as his refusal to allow beneficial and necessary laws, his obstruction of justice by manipulating the judiciary, his erection of "a multitude of new offices," his disruption of trade and his preventing the laws adopted by local legislatures from addressing problems.   The Revolutionary War resulted.

Now, the Veteran Defenders of America, a group that involves such luminaries as Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, is pointing out a similar list of offenses. Only this document, "A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic," is addressed to the people.

A special report with evidence galore: "The Case for Impeachment: Why Barack Hussein Obama Should be Impeached to Save America" just $4.95!

It in, officials with Veteran Defenders note that the America people now have a strategic leader, President Obama, who "has questionable allegiance" and has "wreaked economic tyranny on the American people." He also destroyed accepted administrative processes with 32 czars, doubled the national debt in one year, sided with Mexico against the American people, is demanding new taxes, subverted the nation's immigration laws, forcibly took control of private economic interests, is targeting charities and churches for penalties and has advocated for a mosque "bankrolled by terrorist sympathizers" while refusing to defend the nation's own laws.

This time, however, they just want his resignation, and those of his friends.  "This is not a call to overthrow our entire institutions of government, or subvert the Law of the Land, but rather to restore those institutions to their honorable constitutionally forms," says the new declaration.   Veterans Defenders was launched by Richard Van Waes, who said America's freedoms "are in jeopardy." It is part of the Patriots Union.    Read more: Vets call for resignations, impeachments in Washington http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=351953#ixzz1a0uwDLLK


"Remove falsehood and lies far from me; Give me neither poverty nor riches - Feed me with the food allotted to me; lest I be full and deny You, and say, "Who is the Lord?" Or lest I be poor and steal, and profane the name of my God," Proverbs 30:8-9 (NKJV).





Rather than calling a convention for a specific amendment, Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG) has launched the Convention of the States Project to urge state legislatures to properly use Article V to call a convention for a particular subject—reducing the power of Washington, D.C. It is important to note that a convention for an individual amendment (e.g. a Balanced Budget Amendment) would be limited to that single idea. Requiring a balanced budget is a great idea that CSG fully supports. Congress, however, could comply with a Balanced Budget Amendment by simply raising taxes. We need spending restraints as well. We need restraints on taxation. We need prohibitions against improper federal regulation. We need to stop unfunded mandates.  While the national debt is a crisis of the first magnitude, in many ways it is the symptom rather than the disease. The disease is an improper allocation of power with Washington, D.C., believing its power has no limits. A Convention of the States needs to be called to ensure that we are able to debate and impose a complete package of restraints on the misuse of power by all branches of the federal government.

All existing Article V efforts to reduce the power of Washington, D.C., are aimed at particular amendments. Every one of these ideas would be germane at a Convention of the States under the application that CSG has prepared. Mark Levin, who is not only a well-known talk show host but a fine constitutional scholar as well, has recently begun to advocate the calling of a Convention of the States for a group of amendments that he calls the “Liberty Amendments.” Of his 11 proposed amendments, 10 would be germane at the Convention of the States using the CSG model application.






Dr. Carson's keynote speech was so powerful and his solutions so practical that the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial the next day, "Ben Carson for President."

The son of a single parent who grew up in inner-city Detroit, Dr. Carson overcame dire poverty thanks to a mother who emphasized the importance of education. He went on to make global headlines with a career that included: the first and only successful separation of craniopagus (Siamese) twins joined at the back of the head in 1987, the first completely successful separation of type-2 vertical craniopagus twins in 1997 in South Africa, and the first successful placement of an intrauterine shunt for a hydrocephalic twin. Dr. Carson holds more than 60 honorary doctorate degrees and has received literally hundreds of awards and citations.  In 2001, Carson was named by CNN and Time magazine as one of the nation's 20 foremost physicians and scientists. In June, 2008, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George W. Bush, which is the highest civilian honor in the land. Dr. Carson was recognized in November 2008 by U.S. News & World Report and Harvard's Center for Public Leadership, as one of "America's Best Leaders." On February 7, 2009, the award-winning movie based on his memoir, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Carson, aired on TNT. In June, 2013, after 40 years of medical endeavors, Carson retired and today serves as Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University. In addition to his media appearances, Carson writes a weekly opinion column for the Washington Times. Carson has been married for over 37 years to his wife, Candy, and is the father of three sons.


1 Thessalonians 4:11-12  Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)  11 Also, make it your ambition to live quietly, to mind your own business and to earn your living by your own efforts — just as we told you. 12 Then your daily life will gain the respect of outsiders, and you will not be dependent on anyone.


Ecclesiastes 5:14-19  Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)  14 (15) Just as he came from his mother’s womb,
so he will go back naked as he came, and for his efforts he will take nothing that he can carry away in his hand.  15 (16) This too is a gross evil, that in every respect as he came, so will he go; thus what profit does he have after toiling to earn the wind? 16 (17) All his life he eats in darkness, in frustration, in sickness and in anger. 17 (18) This is what I have seen to be good: that it is appropriate for a person to eat, drink and enjoy the good that results from all his work that he engages in under the sun for all the days of his life that God has given him, for this is his allotted portion. 18 (19) Also, everyone to whom God has given riches and wealth, along with the power to enjoy it, so that he takes his allotted portion and finds pleasure in his work — this is a gift of God; 19 (20) for he will not brood over the fact that his life is short, since God keeps him occupied with what will bring him joy.



Galatians 6:1-7  Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)  6 Brothers, suppose someone is caught doing something wrong. You who have the Spirit should set him right, but in a spirit of humility, keeping an eye on yourselves so that you won’t be tempted too. Bear one another’s burdens — in this way you will be fulfilling the Torah’s true meaning, which the Messiah upholds. For if anyone thinks he is something when he is really nothing, he is fooling himself. So let each of you scrutinize his own actions. Then if you do find something to boast about, at least the boasting will be based on what you have actually done and not merely on a judgment that you are better than someone else; for each person will carry his own load. But whoever is being instructed in the Word should share all the good things he has with his instructor. Don’t delude yourselves: no one makes a fool of God! A person reaps what he sows.


Will anyone be in Heaven because of you?



Hebrews 13:1-3 (CJB)  13 Let brotherly friendship continue; but don’t forget to be friendly to outsiders; for in so doing, some people, without knowing it, have entertained angels. Remember those in prison and being mistreated, as if you were in prison with them and undergoing their torture yourselves.



Although loosely defined, the rights to bear arms and maintain a well-regulated militia were closely tied together in the minds of the authors of these documents. No doubt the authors had in mind their experiences with pre-Revolution British attempts to restrict American militias, such as the Massachusetts minutemen. They knew that a proclaimed right to rebellion was mere puffery without arms and an organized local militia. An armed citizenry was seen as a bulwark against tyranny. Moreover, Americans undoubtedly were familiar with British efforts to restrict gun ownership in England, Scotland, and particularly Ireland. Where did this idea come from? »





H.R. 127: To restore the Free Speech and First Amendment rights of churches and exempt organizations by repealing the 1954 Johnson Amendment.




be sure to visit http://petitions.conservativeactionalerts.com/ for more important action items.


Hallelujah!  Today YOU helped score a VICTORY at the U.S. Supreme Court, reaching the pinnacle of seven years of work and prayer with The Pray In Jesus Name Project. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4  (ONE Judge deciding this for our nation.) that it's OK for pastors to pray "in Jesus' name" at city council meetings.  Five opinions were written in Greece v. Galloway, with three supporting opinions and two opposing.   Justice Kennedy wrote for the majority (joined by Roberts and Alito), ruling:  "The town of Greece does not violate the First Amendment by opening its meetings with prayer that comports with our tradition, and does not coerce participation by nonadherents."  "To hold that invocations must be nonsectarian would force the legislatures that sponsor prayers and the courts that are asked to decide these cases to act as supervisors and censors of religious speech," Kennedy wrote.  [Read all the opinions here.]  In other words, the First Amendment clearly protects the right to pray "in Jesus' name."  A concurring opinion by Justices Thomas and Scalia went further, declaring the government does not coerce others to pray simply by allowing freedom of speech.  They argued a 'coercion' test would be satisfied "only if a local government had actually compelled people to be followers of one faith, such as requiring people to go to religious services or to pay taxes to pay for religious institutions," reports SCOTUS blog.  The four liberal justices (installed by Demcrat’s) tried but failed to ban Jesus prayers, but complained nonetheless.  (Elections Matter!  Democrat’s will strip away your rights little by little starting with Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, Right to Keep & Bear Arms etc.) Justice Kagan wrote for the minority:  "even in a partly legislative body, [citizens] should not confront government-sponsored worship that divides them along religious lines." Kagan was predictably joined by Sotomayor and Ginsburg.  Justice Breyer wrote his own dissenting opinion.  Justice Alito corrected the facts in Kagan's dissent in a fifth opinion, saying "when complaints were received, the town made it clear that it would permit any interested residents, including nonbelievers, to provide an invocation, and the town has never refused a request to offer an invocation."



Tell Congress: IMPEACH Obama!




Fact: The Obama administration has withheld plenty of materials requested in House Oversight Committee subpoenas regarding, for instance, the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal and the ObamaCare debacle.  Has Obama been "making or causing to be made false or misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States"? Well, if you liked your health plan were you able to keep it?  Has Obama caused "income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner"? Ask the Tea Party groups seeking the tax-exempt status that were harassed by the IRS during the 2012 presidential campaign, and are still being persecuted.  Has the federal government conducted "electronic surveillance or other investigations for purposes unrelated to national security, the enforcement of laws, or any other lawful function of his office"?  Only under Obama has the U.S. government conducted bulk collection of law-abiding Americans' communications records, spurring even liberal Democrats to join with Republicans on comprehensive legislation to stop the practice.

All of the above quotes are excerpted from the three articles of impeachment that were hanging over Richard Nixon's head when he resigned from office in 1974.  Now, how high was the impeachment bar for President George W. Bush?  On June 11, 2008, with Democratic nominee Obama looking well on his way to Pennsylvania Avenue, the Democratic-controlled House voted 251 to 166 to send no fewer than 35 articles of impeachment — 167 pages — to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration.  Not a single Democrat voted against the measure, and 24 Republicans, including some as prominent as Ron Paul of Texas and Peter King of New York, voted for it.  Here are some of the charges made to remove from office the last Republican president, followed by a reminder of their familiar ring in the Obama era:

• "Creating a Secret Propaganda Campaign" — ObamaCare? Benghazi?

• "Misleading Congress and the American People" — ObamaCare? Benghazi?  Syria?

• "Reckless Misspending and Waste of U.S. Tax Dollars" — Trillion-dollar stimulus? ObamaCare?

• "Detaining Indefinitely and Without Charge Persons, Both U.S. Citizens and Foreign Captives" — Is Gitmo still open?

• "Supporting Terrorist Organizations Within Iran" — Appeasing Iran's terrorist government?

• "Creating Secret Laws" — Clinton-appointed federal Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle ruling in December that the Obama administration is engaging "in what is in effect governance by 'secret law'"?

• "Spying on American Citizens, Without a Court-Ordered Warrant, in Violation of the Law and the Fourth Amendment" — Judge John D. Bates, then chief FISA court judge, ruling in 2011 that NSA bulk email collection violates the Fourth Amendment?

• "Directing Telecommunications Companies to Create an Illegal and Unconstitutional Database of the Private Telephone Numbers and Emails of American Citizens" — Obama forcing Verizon to turn over customers' call records?

• "Failing to Comply With Congressional Subpoenas" — Obama's stonewalling the House Oversight Committee's subpoenas on virtually everything?

• "Tampering With Free and Fair Elections, Corruption of the Administration of Justice" — IRS targeting of Tea Party? Attorney General Eric Holder dropping Black Panther voter intimidation?

• "Misleading Congress and the American People in an Attempt to Destroy Medicare" — the House on Friday passing a measure to spare doctors from ObamaCare's looming Medicare pay cuts?

• "Repeatedly Ignored and Failed to Respond to High Level Intelligence Warnings of Planned Terrorist Attacks in the U.S." — Obama routinely failing to attend intelligence briefings?




On Monday, a Center for Immigration Studies report found that in 2013 the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE, released violent criminals, including murderers, rapists, kidnappers and drug dealers.

The offenders were among the 36,007 criminal illegal aliens released last year who committed 87,818 crimes, including 15,635 for driving while intoxicated.  Get “Impeachable Offenses: The Case to Remove Barack Obama from Office,” autographed, at WND’s Superstore, at a special price just today.  The statistics shows ICE released illegals jailed for 9,187 dangerous drug infractions, 426 sexual assault convictions, 303 kidnapping convictions, 193 homicide convictions, 1,317 domestic violence convictions and 1,075 aggravated assault convictions.  Last year, it was widely reported ICE, a section of the Department of Homeland Security, freed from prison 622 criminal immigrants, including 32 with multiple felony convictions.

The Obama administration initially blamed the controversial move on the budget sequester cuts.  However, the releases were just the tip of the iceberg, documented Klein and Elliott in “Impeachable Offenses,” which was published last August.

The authors cited ICE documents that state more than 8,000 criminal illegal aliens were released between fiscal years 2009 and May 2011 alone.  A full chapter in the book documents other ways Obama circumvented Congress to enact immigration reform, possibly violating the U.S. Constitution and committing potentially impeachable acts.





I have prepared these updated formal Articles of Impeachment as a Constitutional lawyer. They are in proper legal form and all allegations are provable. They will be sent to Congress.

Michael Connelly


The sign states, “I like my guns like Obama likes his voters: Undocumented.” 




Georgia became the first state to officially pass the Convention of States application.  Alaska and Florida became the second and third states in history to pass the Convention of States application to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.
your state next? the Arizona House and the Alaska House both passed the Convention of States application. If you'd like to see the status of your state on our Progress Report page, click here.  The Convention of States is the best – and possibly the last – way we can save our nation. If you know anyone who still fears it, just remind them of the facts.


Two more state Houses have joined a plan to rein in the power of the federal government by calling for a convention at which representatives of the states would enact new limits on Washington’s power.

Congress, the White House, even governors, would have little to say about it.  According to Convention of States, a project of a group called Citizens for Self-governance, the state House of Representatives in Arizona and its counterpart in Alaska have adopted the plan to call a convention of the states for the purpose of constitutional amendments.  The organization’s outreaches now are heading to Oklahoma and Colorado.    “We believe the grassroots is the key to calling a successful convention,” the promoters say. “The goal is to build a political operation in a minimum of 40 states, getting 100 people to volunteer in at least 75 percent of the state’s legislative districts. We believe this is very doable. Only through the support of the American people will this project have a chance to succeed.”  Among the issues that could fall under the single subject would be a balanced budget amendment, a new definition of the General Welfare Clause, a redefinition of the Commerce Clause, a ban on the use of treaty provisions inside the U.S., limits on executive orders, term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court, federal tax limits and a sunset of all existing federal taxes.




President Obama doesn't want to enforce the law -- and he'll veto any bill that orders him to start. Unfortunately, this is the sorry state our nation finds itself in: Congress has to pass laws to protect the ones it already has. From marriage to health care, the White House has set a match to the legislation it doesn't like -- and rewritten what it does. As far as the U.S. House is concerned, that stops now. Yesterday, 233 Republican and Democrats said "enough" to this chapter of executive tyranny and passed the ENFORCE the Law Act (Executive Needs to Faithfully Observe and Respect Congressional Enactments of the Law).




Constitutional Rights Political Action Committee

For us, it's all about: "Which candidate understands and respects the Constitution, pledges to protect our rights and gets why government must be reined in?"  This criteria puts us opposite the Republican Establishment leaders who have, time and time again, sold us out in favor of their own agendas and devious attempts to hold onto power.



America today is tantamount to Nazi Germany, "a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe," provocative conservative Dr. Ben Carson told a gathering at The New York Meeting this week, Breitbart reports.
Carson said that just like Germany under Hitler’s reign, "the government using its tools to intimidate the population" is manifesting in the United States in 2014.  The 62-year-old retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon and conservative columnist packed the house at the New York City meeting of elected officials, journalists, business leaders and conservative authors, according to Breitbart.   

Editor's Note: Ben Carson in 2016? See His Vision.
He chided "political correctness" and spoke bluntly about "living in a Gestapo age," according to
CNN, which notes Carson’s rise to favored status in the GOP occurred after publicly criticizing President Obama’s policies in front of the president at last year’s National Prayer Breakfast.  At the New York Meeting, Carson criticized politicians, the media and "the PC [politically correct] police."  Fear of retribution for speaking honestly is harming the country, he said.
"The reason that is so horrible is because the only way you have harmony and reach consensus is by talking," Carson said. "But if, in fact, people are afraid to talk, you never reach consensus. And instead you grow further and further apart. And that’s exactly what’s happening — creating a horrible schism that will destroy our nation."




Be sure to also visit our Run Ben Run YouTube Channel and subscribe to keep up with Ben Carson and the national movement to draft him for President!


You have my pledge to keep you fully informed about the crucial matters that are being hotly contested on Capitol Hill and beyond. Issues like:   America's education and our youth,  The bungling of our health with Obamacare,  Massive growth of our country's reliance on foreign investment,  The rise of religious apathy ,  The crumbling of America's families.  Would you help me make this a collaborative effort as we move forward? I'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns and ideas how together we can help America tackle these and other large issues. Please write to me at DrCarson@washingtontimes.com and let's make our future stronger, brighter and better than ever before.


Carson said he wrote "One Nation" to re-establish "that we the American people are not each other's enemies."
"We're natural allies," he said, "but we've allowed ourselves to be manipulated by those forces that drive wedges into every possible crack to create a war — gender wars, race wars and income wars and age wars," he said.
The goal being "to keep people at each other's throats, direct them away from the things that are important — things like the economy, the national debt, our casting away of our moral values and the things that allow us to have an identity," he said.
It's a compendium of political policy and personal creed, written with his wife, Candy Carson, and called
"One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America's Future," published by Sentinel HC.


We wrote “One Nation” to try to convince our fellow Americans that “we the people” are not each other’s enemies and that our strength is derived from unity and common sense, which should be ubiquitous. The real enemies are the forces that are constantly trying to divide and conquer. They create divisions based on race, gender, age, education and, especially, income . It is important that we discuss who the purveyors of division are and what drives them to seek a radical alteration in the American way of life.  We discuss the tools used to manipulate the populace into feeling that they should be offended so easily by words, while diverting their attention away from the real issues that desperately cry out for a solution . One of the major keys to avoiding manipulation is knowledge. Our system of government was designed for people who could easily understand the issues and vote intelligently based on knowledge, rather than blindly following political leaders who are often enshrouded with less-than-honorable motives.  One of our major themes in the book is that knowledge is a formidable enemy of falsehood and a formidable ally of truth. There are specific steps that each of us can take, such as reading about something new for a half-hour every day for a year.  Books such as “One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future” will, by the grace of God, ensure that we go into that election process with our eyes open.  Not only are there no enemies among us, we can and must come together to recapture the values that made us into an exceptional nation. We must use our intellect and energy to unleash the most powerful economic engine the world has ever known. Then we must concentrate on opening the pathways of personal empowerment to the millions of Americans who feel forgotten. Instead of restraining them in positions of dependency, we must provide clear pathways to self-improvement.  Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jun/3/carson-one-nation-is-still-possible/#ixzz33sCy5nZR  Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter



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CARSON: Recovering Tocqueville’s vision of American exceptionalism

By returning to Christian roots, the nation can achieve greatness once again

Tocqueville was impressed by the fiery sermons that emphasized the word of God and not the social mores of the day. He concluded his American analysis by saying, “America is great, because America is good. If America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” America was different because we openly acknowledged the role of God in our lives.  Some will say, “Carson is a religious fanatic because he believes in God and the Bible.” Interestingly, the very same people are quick to invoke the name of God and recommend prayer at times of national and personal tragedy. Hypocrisy is their frequent companion.  Some will say America can never make claims of “goodness” owing it her history of slavery. Although it was by far the worst atrocity in our history, we paid a horrendous price in lives lost or destroyed in a Civil War that all but incapacitated a young nation. The guilt, shame and humility that resulted from this dark American episode will teach us and stigmatize us well into the future. Learning from mistakes is a sign of wisdom and goodness.  How can a society that kills millions of innocent unborn babies and then labels anyone opposing the practice as “anti-woman” claim even a modicum of goodness? How can a nation that uses its news media to subtly trash traditional families, promote a drug-filled lifestyle, and ridicule faith in God claim the mantle of righteousness?  I could go on pointing out how far we have strayed from our Judeo-Christian roots.  As we depart from our former values of decency, honesty, compassion and fairness, our status as a blessed nation will also be diminished.  Our decline is not necessary if we can learn from the mistakes of others and reclaim the values upon which our nation was built. I am not advocating for a national religion, but I do think we should seriously consider the words of John Adams, who said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”


One of the verses that seems very pertinent to America today is Proverbs 22:7, which says, “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”  Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter


The Consensus Balanced Budget Amendment (S.J.Res. 7) A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relative to balancing the budget


H.J.Res. 5: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relative to balancing the budget.



the much-maligned Tea Party of today faces the same concerns as the brave pioneers of old. They are also concerned about government overreach with programs such as Obamacare, unnecessary and unlawful surveillance of citizens, blatant and unchecked abuse by the Internal Revenue Service, and government cover-ups and media complicity.  Neither did the Boston Tea Party’s participants, nor supporters of the modern Tea Party object to paying their fair share of taxes, but both witnessed an incessant escalation of government spending, which was always taken out of their hides.




Dr. Carson educated Gregory (see video below) that giving up control of one’s healthcare decisions to government is a loss of freedom and a type of slavery. Dr. Carson said that government takeover of healthcare is a Marxist tactic to take control of the populace and that there is a better way to make sure everyone has access to healthcare:   In a way, anything is slavery that robs you of your ability to control your own life, and when you take the most important thing you that you have, which is your health care, and you put that in the hands of government bureaucrats, I think you have done the wrong thing. 
And, as I was about to say [before Gregory interrupted], you go back an look at the neo-Marxist literature and look at what they say, you don’t have to listen to what I say, about taking control of healthcare of the populace and making the people dependent.  This is not what America is about.




Dr. Ben Carson thrilled “The View” audience on Tuesday, a venue usually considered extremely hostile territory to anyone right of Karl Marx.   Dr. Carson surprisingly was even treated with admiration by leftist Whoopi Goldberg. Actor Terry Crews actually joined the audience in applauding Dr. Carson for his thoughts on welfare.  Crews, perhaps most well-known for playing the father on the sitcom, “Everybody Hates Chris,” asked Dr. Carson if he believed that the welfare system is racist. Carson answered:

“When you rob someone of their incentive to go out there and improve themselves, you are not doing them any favors. When you take somebody and pat them on the head and say, ‘There, there, you poor little thing. I’m going to give you food stamps. Let me give you housing subsidies, let me give you free health care because you can’t do that, because it’s those people over there who are causing you to have your problems.’ What would be much more empowering is to use our intellect and our resources to give those people a way up and out.”




I am referring to our nation and the impending disaster that awaits us if we continue on a course of ever-expanding government control of our lives, fiscal irresponsibility, unwise energy policies and a laissez-faire attitude regarding our world leadership responsibilities.  The conservative vision emphasizes personal responsibility and a governmental role confined by the U.S. Constitution. This is the vision that was embraced by our Founders.  big-government proponents also argue that Obamacare is no more intrusive on our freedoms than other forms of government regulation. This indicates a lack of understanding of the liberal nature of governmental control, which eventually results in authoritarian oversight of virtually every aspect of our lives. By encircling businesses, educational institutions and health care enterprises with massive regulatory shackles, the government will eventually be able to shut down virtually any entity that refuses to cooperate with its mandates.



In civilian life, when a contract is entered into by two parties and it is subsequently discovered that one side knowingly presented false promises in order to consummate the deal, a legitimate lawsuit can be initiated on the basis of fraud. The Affordable Care Act is a prime example of such a contract in the form of a bill, which would never have been passed if it had been revealed that millions of people would lose their health insurance with which they were satisfied and that they would not be able to keep their doctor if they like their doctor, among other promises.  Nevertheless, this massive case of fraud is not been legally challenged by the legislative branch, leaving one to wonder why.  We hear a great deal about “Chicago-style politics.” It is nothing more than a euphemism for political corruption, including bullying, blackmail and bribery. These pressures can be applied to national political figures just as easily as they can be to local politicians.  Courage can be quite difficult to find when the threat of exposure hangs over one’s head. In an age when Big Brother is capable of watching everything we do, it is not hard to imagine a scenario in which large numbers of public servants are silenced or subdued by secretive threats.  I have had an opportunity to witness firsthand how the blackmail threat operates. Several years ago while I was in the operating room, I received a call from one of the legal offices at Johns Hopkins University informing me that the state of Florida was trying to attach my wages for child support.  Shortly thereafter, the suit was dropped with no further ramifications. I’m virtually certain that the woman in Florida erroneously assumed that someone who travels as much as I do was probably engaging in numerous extramarital affairs and probably wouldn’t even remember all the parties with whom he had been involved. Under such circumstances, she assumed that I would be willing to fork over the money to avoid public embarrassment.  What she didn’t know is that I did not have to scratch my head and try to remember which affair she represented, because I knew that the only woman I have ever slept with in my life was my wife. Even if that had not been the case, I think confession and dealing with the consequences would have been the best course of action.  In the early history of America, Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton was seduced by the wife of a political enemy with the intention of blackmailing him into complying with their wishes. Hamilton publicly confessed his transgression and the public forgave him, completely thwarting the plans of his adversaries.  I think the American people are just as forgiving today if people are willing to be honest.  Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/29/carson-cleaning-skeletons-out-of-the-closet/#ixzz318E6lnB2   Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter



My entire professional life has been devoted to saving and enhancing lives. Thus, the thought of abortion for the sake of convenience does not appeal to me. I have personally met several people who have told me that their mothers had considered abortion, but happily decided against it.  Most of us instinctively want to protect helpless creatures and sometimes go to great lengths to do so. The television commercials about abused animals are very poignant and as a society, we sometimes delay or cancel large construction projects to protect an “endangered” insect, amphibian or fish. Yet many of us turn a blind eye to the wanton slaughter of millions of helpless human babies who are much more sophisticated than some of the other creatures, when nothing is at stake other than the convenience of one or both parents. I am not saying that we should abandon our efforts to save baby seals and a host of other animals. Rather I am saying shouldn’t we consider adding human fetuses and babies to the list?  Watching the human fetus develop is awe-inspiring. In less than three months from conception, the little hands and feet are quite recognizable and distinct facial features characterize cute, but very tiny human beings. From Day One, neurons of the brain are proliferating at a rate that will yield a staggering 100 billion neurons by birth. In a matter of nine months from conception, we have a living, breathing, eating, vocal human being who just two months later is socially interactive.



We must all have the courage to fight for our beliefs, just as our predecessors fought for our future.

While there is no question that our Judeo-Christian values have taken a big hit in recent years, we have not yet reached the point of a totally godless government that sets itself up as the supreme authority and giver of rights. As a nation, we must definitively decide whether we believe in God and godly principles.

If we do nothing, we will be allowing by default the elimination of God as a central figure in our culture. We must also decide if we revere the Bible. If it is no longer accepted as a missive of truth, then why have our elected officials take their oath of office with a hand on the Bible?  Second Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.”

These instructions are clear and will be shunned by the secular progressives. Nevertheless, the fact that they control much of the media does not mean that we should allow them to control our beliefs



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CARSON: Obama is wrong that raising minimum wage will fix income inequality; Opportunity, not entitlements, is the path forward.  Many hope that through a simple declaration, the poor can be elevated to a higher social status. Such people fail to realize that pay is associated with value — otherwise, we could just pay everybody $1 million a year and let everybody be rich.  In a capitalistic society, those individuals who produce the wherewithal to obtain income tend to be paid quite handsomely, while individuals who don’t generate significant income are paid accordingly.  As in any situation that involves human beings, there will be some abuses, but generally speaking, this kind of system works by incentivizing individuals to do the things necessary to enhance their value in the marketplace.  Many in the current administration and their sycophants in the news media are trying to persuade Americans that there is significant improvement in the general economy, while record numbers of people are enrolling in the food-stamp program and receiving various government subsidies.  Common sense would dictate that if the economy is improving, there should be an accompanying decline in the number of people depending on government supplements.  As a child, I was eyewitness to people who preferred a sedentary, nonproductive life as long as they could collect public assistance. Others, including my mother, from the exact same environment, worked incessantly to try to improve their own lives and those of their children.  My mother worked as a domestic in the homes of wealthy people who were very generous to her since she was dependable, honest and hard-working.  I was never resentful of the wealthy, but rather was inspired by their achievements and wanted to achieve at the highest possible levels so I could realize my potential and also enjoy a pleasant lifestyle.  The following Jeffersonian quotation is an excellent definition of good government: “A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”

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Obamacare: The implosion has just begun   American CurrentSee   By Dr. Ben S. Carson
Several states have tried guaranteed issue health insurance, and the results were a disaster. Kentucky passed guaranteed issue in 1994. Premiums in the individual market shot up 100 percent in some cases, the number of insurers selling policies declined over 90 percent, and there were more, not fewer, uninsured Kentuckians.  Iowa, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Washington also passed guaranteed issue in the mid-1990s. All of those states immediately experienced skyrocketing premiums and fewer choices for their citizens. Consequently, all four states either repealed guaranteed issue outright or modified it significantly. New York and New Jersey maintained their guaranteed issue and ended up with the highest premiums in the country, in some cases costing many thousands of dollars per month.  This position assumes that American taxpayers will tolerate their hard-earned money going to bail out health insurers who were complicit in authoring a failed law. We won’t.  The Express Scripts study is hard evidence of what common sense told us all along. Future studies of claims data will confirm the same trend. Obamacare cannot be fixed. It can only be replaced.  It can only be replaced with a logical system that puts the responsibility for health care back in the hands of patients and their healthcare providers.


Former NAACP President, Rev. C.L. Bryant, just penned a glowing op-ed praising Dr. Ben Carson for his strong character, knowledge, and conviction.    Here is a portion of it:

"Dr. Carson is a man of character who loves his country and wants to do all he can to heal the deep wounds that we’ve sustained over years of divisive politics and partisan bickering. He is refreshingly honest and able to keep the debate real, as he showed in his speech at the prayer breakfast. He is not easily cowed by the ad hominem attacks and name-calling that so often take the place of intelligent debate in this country. He can look an issue in the face and call it by its name, communicating the truth in calm yet passionate tones."  Read Rev. Bryant's full write-up here.



Writing in the May 20 Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin said, “Forget ideology for a moment. Whether you are liberal or conservative, the Obama presidency’s parade of miscues is jaw-dropping.”  Stacked against the list of Obama scandals and failures, Rubin could only cite the Bush administration’s 2005 handling of Hurricane Katrina, the seventh most intense ever, and, as anyone familiar with that event will tell you, the failure of FEMA’s response was matched by the failures of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and the New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Bush had declared a national emergency two days before it hit the Gulf coast.  Rubin concluded that the Obama administration scandals “reflect the most widespread failure of executive leadership since the Harding administration”, adding “The presidency is an executive job. We hire neophytes at our peril. When there is an atmosphere in which accountability is not stressed you get more scandals and fiascos.”  Obama spent his entire first term blaming all such things on his predecessor, George W. Bush, until it became a joke.  One has to wonder about the effect of the endless succession of scandals and fiascos have had on Americans as individuals and the nation as a whole.  It is, however, the President who selects the cabinet members responsible to manage the departments as well as those appointed to manage the various agencies. Kathleen Sebelius, the recently resigned former Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, responsible for the implementation of Obamacare, comes to mind. She had solicited donations—against the law—from the companies HHS regulates to help her sign up uninsured Americans for Obamacare and signed off on the millions spent on HealthCare.gov and other expenses leading up to its start. ( If gov’t is too big, a real leader would streamline it; privatize what could be, send down to the States what could be, combine & streamline what is constitutional and get rid of the rest  A real leader would hold people accountable where people would be FIRED, demoted etc...)


The poll, as reported on by the Washington Examiner, has startling numbers which could be viewed as a clear indication of lack of support for Obama’s agenda from his base.

  • Overall, 71 percent said yes (they regret voting for Odumbo), 26 percent no.
  • 80 percent of whites said yes, 61 percent of blacks said no and 100 percent of Hispanics said yes.
  • 84 percent of women said yes, and just 61 percent of men agreed.
  • 55 percent of Democrats said yes, as did 71 percent of independents.





BENGHAZI: On Friday, Speaker Boehner named the Republican members of the Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi, which will be chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).   Read the resolution establishing the committee and detailing its authority

IRS: On Wednesday, the House approved a resolution holding former IRS Exempt Organizations Division Director Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress.  The House also passed, with the support of 26 Democrats, a measure calling on the Attorney General to appoint a special counsel to investigate the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups. 
not just Phoenix; the VA’s mistreatment of our vets extends coast to coast.  That’s why we’re working to clean up the VA. 




There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman.  These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.   Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them.  The two forms are:   Taqiyya - Saying something that isn't true.  Kitman - Lying by omission. 






West makes a bold and powerful statement on how he surmises the situation at Benghazi. 

Benghazi and the operations in Libya are shrouded in a fog of lies, deceit, manipulation, threats, intimidation, coercion, abandonment, and worst of all, potentially treason



3-star General slams Hillary Clinton on BenghaziStop Obama's War in Syria.  I had the exclusive privilege of personally interviewing my friend 3-star Lt. General (ret.) Jerry Boykin, now VP of the Family Research Council, in our TV studio on the topic of Syria and Benghazi.  The General, a national security expert, criticized Hillary Clinton's failed foreign policy of arming the Syrian Al-Qaeda rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya.  Watch!  Dr. Chaps' 9-minute breaking news TV interview with Lt. General Boykin about why Hillary Clinton failed in Benghazi and Syria-->


Both advocates and critics of America’s military dominance often point that the American military budget is larger than all of the defense budgets combined of the other top 10 nations. We feel that’s a great thing. Why? Because as British historian Andrew Roberts points out, a world with a weaker American military will mean a world with more war, terror, and misery. Many of the 20th century’s conflicts are a case study in what happens when America’s military shrinks. Much of what’s happening today in Russia and the Middle East is a similar case study. The U.S. military must remain dominant. In 5 minutes, learn why.


2 Peter 2:1-10 (NCV)  False Teachers  2 There used to be false prophets among God’s people, just as you will have some false teachers in your group. They will secretly teach things that are wrong—teachings that will cause people to be lost. They will even refuse to accept the Master, Jesus, who bought their freedom. So they will bring quick ruin on themselves. Many will follow their evil ways and say evil things about the way of truth. Those false teachers only want your money, so they will use you by telling you lies. Their judgment spoken against them long ago is still coming, and their ruin is certain.  When angels sinned, God did not let them go free without punishment. He sent them to hell and put them in caves[a] of darkness where they are being held for judgment. And God punished the world long ago when he brought a flood to the world that was full of people who were against him. But God saved Noah, who preached about being right with God, and seven other people with him. And God also destroyed the evil cities of Sodom and Gomorrah[b] by burning them until they were ashes. He made those cities an example of what will happen to those who are against God. But he saved Lot from those cities. Lot, a good man, was troubled because of the filthy lives of evil people. (Lot was a good man, but because he lived with evil people every day, his good heart was hurt by the evil things he saw and heard.) So the Lord knows how to save those who serve him when troubles come. He will hold evil people and punish them, while waiting for the Judgment Day. 10 That punishment is especially for those who live by doing the evil things their sinful selves want and who hate authority.  These false teachers are bold and do anything they want. They are not afraid to speak against the angels.

Jude 1:6-8 (NCV)  And remember the angels who did not keep their place of power but left their proper home. The Lord has kept these angels in darkness, bound with everlasting chains, to be judged on the great day. Also remember the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah[a] and the other towns around them. In the same way they were full of sexual sin and people who desired sexual relations that God does not allow. They suffer the punishment of eternal fire, as an example for all to see.  It is the same with these people who have entered your group. They are guided by dreams and make themselves filthy with sin. They reject God’s authority and speak against the angels.





Several practical initiatives were discussed that churches -- regardless of size or location -- could join. One is the National Church Adopt a School Initiative that’s being spearheaded by Dr. Tony Evans. This effort offers churches a way to bridge the divide in their communities by coming alongside the local schools in helping children succeed in school, which ultimately helps the families of that community.

Click here to find out more about the Adopt a School Initiative.




Our Father and Our God,  We praise You for Your goodness to our nation, giving us blessings far beyond what we deserve.  Yet we know all is not right with America.  We deeply need a moral and spiritual renewal to help us meet the many problems we face.  Convict us of sin.  Help us to turn to You in repentance and faith.  Set our feet on the path of Your righteousness and peace.  We pray today for our nation’s leaders.  Give them the wisdom to know what is right, and the courage to do it.  You have said, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”  May this be a new era for America, as we humble ourselves and acknowledge You alone as our Savior and Lord.   This we pray in Your holy name, Amen.




Muslim terrorists released a video of their mass execution of Christians, Egypt responded with jet fighters carrying bombs, the pope condemned the destruction of life and President Obama went golfing.  That’s even though the ISIS killers, in their video release of details of their beheading of 21 Coptic Christians dressed in orange prison jumpsuits, referenced the language Obama used just a week ago in his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast.  The ISIS killers described their victims as “crusaders” after Obama took a jab at Christians   “And America watches,” he wrote. “Obama calls the policy ‘strategic patience.’ That’s a synonym for ‘inaction,’ made to sound profoundly ‘strategic.’

Tea Party Network News noted that when ISIS released the horrifying video of the execution of 21 Copts, Obama was tweeting a message to sign up for Obamacare.   Meanwhile, Egypt, home of the Copts who were slaughtered, responded by sending jets to pound the compounds of ISIS militants in Libya, killing as many as 64 militants and destroying the terror group’s camps and weapons caches.  At Gateway Pundit, commentator Jim Hoft noted that Obama’s golf weekend also took place as ISIS surrounded an Iraqi base holding some 320 U.S. Marines.  Commentator Michelle Malkin didn’t mince words.  “ISIS chops off heads, incinerates hostages, kills gays, enslaves girls. Obama: Blame the Crusades,” she wrote in a Twitter message.


Obama golfed Sunday at a golf course owned by the third richest man in America, proving that he’s still “down for the struggle,” while spending the three-day weekend, including Valentine’s Day, away from his wife and daughters in sunny, Southern California.   Obama played at Porcupine Creek in Ranch Mirage, CA, a course owned by the co-founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison, who has a reported net worth of $50 billion.   Nothing to see here, folks. He’s still concerned about “inequality.” 


According to President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and White House press secretary Josh Earnest, 26-year-old humanitarian worker Kayla Mueller was killed by global warming, not by an Islamic State that beheads and incinerates those who resist its barbarism.   In his mind, and that of his administration, the terrorist attack at Benghazi was so long ago as to be old news. But the Crusades, conducted centuries ago in response to centuries of Islamic conquest and barbarism, is the reason the Islamic State burned a Jordanian pilot alive, and an example of the evils Christians have committed in the name of Christ.

We still don't know what Obama was doing the night that — dare we say it? — Islamic terrorists attacked our diplomatic mission in Benghazi Moments after issuing a perfunctory condemnation of the Islamic State's beheading of American journalist James Foley, Obama was on a golf course.  The realities of dealing with Islamic terrorism, a term that does not cross his lips, cannot be allowed to disturb a president who is contemplating the threat of climate change as he works to correct his slice.  This is a president as delusional as Brian Williams and as much a liar. Williams lied about his experiences in moments of crisis; Obama lies about his policies and promises while deluding himself about the realities of the dangers we face and he callously ignores.



Reports Tuesday that the Islamic State burned to death 45 people in Iraq just days after posting a video showing the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians proves that "we're witnessing atrocities that were reserved for the Dark Ages," Los Angeles author Johnnie Moore told Newsmax.  Hoekstra slammed the Obama administration for its weak response to ISIS.  "The message to ISIS from the West is that it is mostly talk and bluster and very little action," he said.  Both Hoekstra and Moore told Newsmax that the immediate solution is to send lethal military weapons and related support to the Kurds and Sunni Muslims in the region.

"They all are begging for additional equipment and training from the United States," Hoekstra said. "They’re not asking for troops. They're not asking for American boots on the ground.  Hoekstra noted reports that State Department officials had recommended that the U.S. fund economic development efforts in the region.  "Excuse me, but a lot of the
studies and research have shown that a lot of these people are coming from middle-class families," he said, referring to ISIS fighters. "They're not coming from families in despair.  "I don't have much hope in this conference."


Suppose America elects a charismatic young president who makes all kinds of brave promises and sweeps into the White House. This young man not only has little political or governmental experience, but none at all in business or administration. Curiously, his upbringing is never closely examined or evaluated; it’s just assumed that anybody elected president must love America – but this young man had been trained by parents and others to consider this country a colonial oppressor and unfit to be a world leader! In college, by his own autobiographical account, he sought out Marxist professors, in not one but three colleges.  Once elected, he uses his newfound executive authority to seal off all his early school, passport and travel records, lest his true intents be uncovered. He eventually has a fake “copy of a birth certificate” created and exhibited on the White House website, complete with glaring errors that betray its falsehood. Somehow Congress seems mesmerized and intimidated from confronting him, so he creates a phalanx of legislative “czars” to regulate and virtually stifle all business and energy progress, and these “czars” – among them known Muslim and Marxist and homosexual activists – report not to Congress but directly to him!  Having declared that he considered the U.S. Constitution a “flawed” document, he proceeds as president to ride roughshod over the document and its establishment of three separate and equal branches of our government, declaring openly if Congress won’t give him what he wants, he “has a phone and a pen” and will make executive decisions and even change laws he has crammed through the legislature, determined to effectively dismantle the two-party system and the separation-of-powers concept.  Now, theoretically, many might call all this treason. But wait.  Suppose this increasingly arrogant young man, having become commander in chief of the military, begins to quietly fire and replace full admirals and generals who object to his decisions to withdraw from territories gained by the lives of 4,000 brave young Americans, and to issue more orders that will weaken the whole defense system and cost more young American lives. Treason? Wait …  Suppose this pompous man also appoints an attorney general who announces with him that they not only will enable hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to invade the country – but that they will not enforce the immigration laws themselves! This, knowing that among those undocumented aliens there would certainly be trained enemies of the United States, whose sole purpose for crossing our borders is to destroy the country he had learned to despise as a young man. And what if this attorney general concocts a scheme to furnish thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels and potential terrorists? Treason? The case is building.

Now suppose that this Manchurian (or Indonesian) Candidate, never having any business or economic experience, but knowing that one vital reason for America’s world dominance is its giant economy, forces through a weak and compliant Congress decisions that add trillions of dollars of unpayable, inexcusable debt, piling up three times more debt on American taxpayers and businesses than all past presidents combined! In this unthinkable scenario, he is systematically crippling, bankrupting and discrediting his country. And in all of this, he’s following the plan he had learned from a famous Communist Party organizer.

Now, in this imagined story, we can add the deliberate dividing of the citizens along racial, economic and political lines. We can add his awarding billions of dollars of speculative contracts to party donors and even family friends. We can toss in his leaving his command post while a U.S. ambassador and other Americans are under fire and eventually dying … to pack his bags and fly to Las Vegas for a political fundraiser. A definite Benedict Arnold comparison.  And, to leave no doubt whatsoever, while our nation is slipping into all-out war against inhuman killers who behead innocent people, this pretender in chief makes the personal decision to release known murderers from a military prison and to send them back to the Mideast, all expenses paid and with no penalty for their crimes, to supposedly “rehab” – and then certainly reassume leadership positions with our murderous enemies. No consultation with, or consent from, Congress. Just his own decision, knowing brave young Americans will face these beasts again in a battle to the death. If there’s a clearer definition of treason, I can’t think of it.




Gallup CEO: I May 'Suddenly Disappear' For Telling Truth About Obama Unemployment Rate

Jim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO of Gallup, an iconic U.S. company dating back to 1935, told CNBC that he was worried he might “suddenly disappear” and not make it home that evening if he disputed the accuracy of what the U.S. government is reporting as unemployed Americans.  The real Obama unemployment rate has never recovered and is still above 10%.



Accusations that Barack Obama routinely lies about his plans, projects and beliefs have arisen ever since his presidential campaign was launched, with   WND columnist Jack Cashill once presenting a top 10 list of “Obama’s lies.”  http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/barack-obamas-10-most-outrageous-lies/            The falsehoods include his famous line that the IRS, caught targeting conservatives and Christians because of their beliefs, had “not even a smidgeon of corruption.” And there was the Obamacare promise: “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor.”   Recently, Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton wrote a blistering op-ed attacking the government’s “extremely misleading” unemployment statistics.  “There’s no other way to say this,” wrote Clifton. “The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.”   And Cashill explained that he found so many lies, he ended up writing a book.   “In my new book, ‘You Lie: The Evasions, Omissions, Fabrications, Frauds, and Outright Falsehoods of Barack Obama,’ I set out to document Obama’s lies. So many are they I ended up writing a history of his presidency.”





“What is going on in Washington when the FBI director, when the head of national intelligence, the CIA, the Homeland Security secretary, tells every member of Congress, including the president, we’re about to be attacked in a serious way because of the threat emanating from Syria and Iraq?  “If he (Odumbo) does NOT go on the offensive against ISIS, ISIL, whatever you want to call these guys, they are coming here,” Graham said. “This is not just about Baghdad. That is not just about Syria. It is about our homeland.”


Obama Regime: National Security Means Climate Change, Gay Rights:  Susan Rice claims that national security strategy must include fighting global warming and spreading homosexual marriage.  How serious is the Obama Administration about international threats to the United States?


Taylor's debunking of global warming myths, see his article hereSource: James Taylor, "Top 10 Global Warming Lies That May Shock You," Forbes.com, February 9, 2015.




Dr. Carson is going on the offensive, calling out the organization for its own extremism.  "They were highlighted for the hypocrites and the bigots that they are," he told a Palm Beach crowd. "Conservatives are the most compassionate people, because they're the ones who expect people to work and to improve themselves, and to develop the talents God gave them so that they can partake of the American dream," he said. "The people who are not compassionate are the ones who pat people on the heads and say, 'There, there you poor thing. I'm going to give you health care and housing subsidies, and food stamps and everything you can imagine. You just sit down and relax and vote for me.' ...That is actually cruel and condescending because it creates a dependency in people."




This is a critical time in the history of the world, and we must clear our heads and think logically about the consequences of underestimating the threat posed by a host of Islamic terrorist groups. It is very clear that they have a plan that they believe will yield a victory in their quest for world domination. Some in our country are arrogant enough to believe that such a goal is preposterous. Others believe that our time has come and gone and that resistance is useless.  Both of these beliefs are absolutely wrong and do not take into account the strength and resolve inherent in the American character. The battle we are entering will be difficult and will be fraught with surprises, but as Winston Churchill said, “You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terrors. Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.”



Graham went on to say that Obama was influenced by Islam from early on.  "His mother was married to a Muslim, his father was a Muslim. Then she married a man from Indonesia. He was raised in Indonesia. Went to Islamic schools. I assume she was a Muslim," Graham said. "So his whole life, his experiences have been surrounded by Islam. He only knows Islam. And he has given a pass to Islam. He is refusing to understand the evil that is in front of him."




Mr. President, I’m Harry Truman.  Democrat. President of the United States. Like you. I imagine you’ve heard of me, but you weren’t much into American history when you were in high school. You said “I smoked a lot of pot. A lot.” I’m guessin’ you were just coastin’ through, partyin’, havin’ what they called a “high time.”   I read your book, “Dreams From My Father,” very interesting. Wondered why it wasn’t “Dreams of My Father” since you said you never got to know him well.  But apparently those dreams fit in well with what your stepdad taught you when you were growin’ up in Indonesia. They both taught you that America was some kind of evil colonialist oppressor, didn’t they? And you grew up a Muslim, in Indonesia, right?  You wrote about your kindly “ol uncle Frank, the poet” and how you spent so many afternoons in long discussions, during your teen years in Honolulu. You quote him quite a bit in your book – but you forgot to mention he was Frank Marshall Davis, a well-known Communist writer, publisher and pornographer, and that he was on the FBI “watch list.” He was just “uncle Frank,” the old poet.  And then, when you somehow got into Occidental College, as a “foreign student,” wasn’t it? You say in your book you “sought out foreign students, Chicanos, politically active black students … and Marxist professors.” And you continued to seek professors like them later at Columbia and Harvard. That seemed a peculiar training for a future president, don’t you think?   When I became president, America had just gotten the atomic bomb. Nobody wanted to use it – except the Germans, who were racing us to get the capability. If we didn’t use it first, they certainly would. And I – I alone – had to make the decision whether to use it, even knowing some innocent Japanese would be killed, or not to, and see thousands of Japanese and Americans be killed in the ongoing war.  I made the decision. It always said on my desk “The Buck Stops Here.” And I had to personally give our Air Force the directive to drop those first hideous bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasake. And I prayed it was God’s will.  Have you studied over the results of that decision? World War II was suddenly over.   You probably don’t have as much regard for Ronald Reagan as I do, but this man saw a crazed tyrant in Libya named Gadhafi, who was sponsoring terrorism in his part of the world, and realized that only a sudden show of terrible force would back him into his hole. So President Reagan authorized a bombing raid right on Gadhafi’s desert compound – without any warning – and stopped him in his tracks. That was the end of Gadhafi’s terrorist activities.  “We’ve still got the strength, and the will. And we’ll use it, if you force us to. Make up your mind, right now. NOW!”  Mr. President, you’ve tried “diplomacy.” They’re laughing at you, and our allies know, or think they know, you’re not about to take any decisive or deterring action. You’re just dithering, hoping something will happen to get you out of this mess. Maybe Putin will jump in and save your bacon again.




“I think the air campaign is not nearly the intensity we needed,” McInerney said. “It’s not even an air campaign. It’s somewhere between seven and 15 sorties a day when we absolutely need upward of 100-200 sorties a day. I’m calling for 200. We need to be attacking the ISIS capital of Raqqa (Syria) 24/7. We need to close the highway between Raqqa and Mosul, Iraq.”  He said those steps would quickly tighten the noose around ISIS.  “Nothing can move on that highway,” he said. “If it’s moving, we’ll destroy it. We’ll kill their commerce. We’ll kill their ability to feed people in their ‘Islamic State.’ That’s going to require between 100-200 sorties a day, plus we’re going to need constant surveillance reconnaissance assets over the area.”  McInerney added, “Let’s get serious on this. The president has elected not to get serious.   A new CNN poll reveals 58 percent of Americans now disapprove of the president’s handling of ISIS  The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is a radical Islamic organization,” McInerney said. “Al-Qaida, which attacked us on 9/11, is a radical Islamic organization. Hamas in the Gaza Strip is a radical Islamic organization. All these organizations that people hear about are radical Islamists. The Iranian government is a radical Islamic organization.”  The general said it is incumbent for President Obama to stop avoiding the elephant in the room and clearly state who and what America is fighting.  We have lost Libya, Syria and now Yemen. Plus, we have really lost Iraq, because that’s now become a proxy state of Iran when we pulled out.”  In just over six years of the Obama presidency, McInerney said the pendulum in the Middle East is swinging in the wrong direction.  “He has completely changed the geopolitical position in the Middle East,” he said. “Egypt is now getting aid from the Russians. Forty years ago, we made a brilliant move when we flipped Egypt from relying on the Soviet Union to the United States and the Western world. This administration has completely reversed that. It’s a disaster.”




A senior FBI official has admitted the United States is finding it virtually impossible to screen out terrorists that could be hiding among the thousands of Syrian “refugees” heading soon to American cities.  The U.S. simply does not have the resources to stop Islamic radicals in Syria from slipping into the country through the State Department’s refugee-resettlement program, said Michael Steinbach, deputy assistant director of the FBI’s counter terrorism unit.  Separating legitimate refugees from terrorists was difficult enough in Iraq, where the U.S. had a large occupation force. Even then, the U.S. government’s vetting process missed “dozens” of Iraqi jihadists who slipped into the country posing as refugees and took up residence in Kentucky, according to a November 2013 ABC News report.  In Syria, the challenges are much greater.




(Divvy up the Islamic State between the Kurds, Jordanians & Iraqi’s; they will fight, they will occupy & control, US provides intelligence, weaponry & training!) Obama has ruled out U.S. ground troops.  Who will retake Mosul? Probably nobody, for a while.  Barzani explains the trade-off: "If you want this war to continue for years, take your time and build up the Iraqi army until they're strong enough to defeat ISIS.  "But you will leave ISIS free to keep recruiting, organizing and killing. ISIS won't stand still while you are building capacity."  The U.S. is counting on the Kurds to hold their ground against these killers while Iraqi forces get trained. And that brings Barzani to his most important point: The Kurds need U.S. weapons, fast.  In particular, they need armored personnel carriers and Humvees to protect their troops, tanks to repel enemy advances, night-vision goggles to detect sneak attacks and small attack helicopters to defend a front that stretches 600 miles.  Barzani's request seems reasonable, given the crucial role the peshmerga have played in this fight.



"According to these hadith, what happened in Paris was justified," agreed Mohammad Zareef, author of "Allah or God?" adding that apologists and so-called moderate Muslim leaders invited to the White House are "deceiving" the American public about the true nature of Islam.  Either the president doesn't know anything about Islam and Muslims," he said, "or he is lying."  Zareef adds that the Quran "encourages terrorism" against all infidels — citing surahs 2:216, 243-244; 3:157-158; 4:74; 8:12; 9:5; and 47:4-6 — while repeatedly directing the Muslim faithful to "smite at their necks," which explains the Islamic State's fondness for decapitating its victims.  Of course, Muslims don't call it "terrorism." It's known as jihad, a Quranic duty to physically "fight unbelievers in the cause of Allah."  The Quran promises those who die while fighting a special place in "Jennah," the Muslim heaven. a carnal reward explicitly detailed in both the Quran and hadith.  And that's why Muslim youth even in America are taught to be "mujahid," or warriors of Allah, and "shaheed," martyrs for Allah. The most popular 7th grade textbook in Islamic schools in the U.S."What Islam Is All About" — lists jihad as a top duty of Muslims. "If anyone dies in a Jihad they automatically will go to Paradise" and receive a "great reward," the text states on page 164, with ample citations from the Quran.  And that's why polls show majorities of Muslims abroad, and sizable shares of younger American and European Muslims, support suicide bombings.


The Obama White House and the State Department under the management of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “changed sides in the war on terror” in 2011 by implementing a policy of facilitating the delivery of weapons to the al-Qaida-dominated rebel militias in Libya attempting to oust Moammar Gadhafi from power, the Citizens Commission on Benghazi concluded in its interim report.  In WND interviews, several members of the commission have disclosed their finding that the mission of Christopher Stevens, prior to the fall of Gadhafi and during Stevens’ time as U.S. ambassador, was the management of a secret gun-running program operated out of the Benghazi compound.  The Obama administration’s gun-running project in Libya, much like the “fast and furious” program under Eric Holder’s Justice Department, operated without seeking or obtaining authorization by CongressWND reported Monday that in exclusive interviews conducted with 11 of the 17 members of the commission, it is clear that while the CCB is still enthusiastic to work with Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, and hopeful that Boehner is serious about the investigation, various members of the CCB, speaking on their own behalf and not as spokesmen for the commission, are expressing concerns, wanting to make sure the Gowdy investigation is not compromised by elements within the GOP.  The Citizen’s Commission on Benghazi’s interim report, in a paragraph titled “Changing sides in the War on Terror,” alleges “the U.S. was fully aware of and facilitating the delivery of weapons to the Al Qaeda-dominated rebel militias throughout the 2011 rebellion.”  The report asserted the jihadist agenda of AQIM, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and other Islamic terror groups represented among the rebel forces was well known to U.S. officials responsible for Libya policy.  “After Gadhafi is deposed and Stevens was appointed U.S. ambassador to Libya, the flow of weapons reverses,” Lopez noted. “Now Stevens has the job of overseeing the shipment of arms from Libya to Syria to arm the rebels fighting Assad, some of whom ultimately become al-Nusra in Syria and some become ISIS.”

Eleven states have already filed the Convention of States application in the first two weeks of the legislative season.  Conventions of States supporters have submitted petitions in 95% of state house districts.


Ten states now have taken the first step toward limiting the power of the federal government.  Officials from Arizona, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia and Wyoming have filed resolutions calling for a convention of states that would propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution with the express purpose of limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.  Article V of the Constitution gives the states the power to call such a convention.   Mark Meckler, president of Citizens for Self-Governance, co-founded CSG’s Convention of States Project, which is currently working to convince the necessary 34 state legislatures to pass bills calling for a convention of states.

As long as all of the applying states call for a convention to deal with the same issue, Congress must call the convention into session.  Meckler said that, in addition to the 10 states that have already filed, he expects another 15 to 20 states to file resolutions for a convention in the next few weeks.  “We will have legislation introduced in enough states to get to 34,” Meckler said.  He made it clear that filing a resolution is not enough; a state legislature must vote to pass it in order to make it official.




easily-digestable terms why our national debt is such a big concern and, more importantly, why we should do something about it.




Cruz explained to WND after learning court papers were filed Wednesday objecting to the Justice Department stonewalling a FOIA request for the release of documents that could implicate Lynch in a massive cover-up of Obama administration involvement in international money-laundering of Mexican cartel drug money.  “I have firsthand knowledge and proof of how HSBC transferred billions of dollars through accounts linked to companies that did not exist,” Cruz explained to WND.  “I had poor job performance because the portfolio of HSBC accounts I was given to work ended up being 90 percent fictitious and fraudulent accounts. How could I expand HSBC bank relations with fraudulent accounts that were created to be used for illegal money laundering?”


“thugocracy,” which is always what Marxism becomes. Here are three recent examples, both blatant and subtle, that indicate ours is a culture that doesn’t have a long shelf life unless we return to our Western ideals. The entire Obama Regime is built on a throne of lies.  The Media   Take the full-Kanye that just happened to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in England. Despite the fact he was there to discuss foreign policy, a member of the press burst uninvited onto that figurative stage and asked the Wisconsin governor and presidential candidate where he stood on evolution.




Obamanomics: Sorry, I have to pay more taxes, so I have to cut hours, cut benefits, cut jobs and raise prices..



Up to 1,000 evangelical Pastors may run for public office in 2016, reports The Blaze.   "Hundreds of pastors flocked to the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, last Friday to gather resources, ideas and strategies surrounding how they can successfully run for political office in 2016.   "The faith leaders assembled for the Issachar Training Event, which was organized by the American Renewal Project, an organization that is working toward bringing 1,000 preachers into the public square next election cycle.  Watch!  Dr. Chaps' 7-minute TV commentary about why 1,000 pastors may run for public office in 2016-->  "American Renewal Project founder David Lane told CBN News’ David Brody that he launched his mass initiative to recruit pastors to run for a wide array of elected positions in 2016 after he recognized a similarity between politicians and preachers.  "I’m a political operative as you know. I saw that the skills as a successful politician are the same skills of a successful pastor," Lane said. "The skill set is about the same."


When a reconciliation bill goes before the Senate, it cannot be filibustered, and just 51 votes—a majority—are needed to advance and pass the legislation.  Democrats used the move in 2009 when Congress voted on the Affordable Care Act. Now, almost six years later, Republicans are debating whether to employ the same tactic to push back against the health care law.  Despite Republicans’ goals, the president threatened to veto any legislation repealing his signature health care law, and budget reconciliation is subject to a veto.  Still, Fleming said the GOP shouldn’t rule out using reconciliation, even if it does get struck down by Obama.  “That’s how you win these battles over long periods of time. You continue to fight.  You continue to bring it up. You continue to message it to your constituents and to America in general,” he said. “And when they see that the other side, in this case President Obama, continues to reject what are good ideas, that’s how you build a groundswell of support and finally push it across the finish line.”




(President Ben Carson!!!?)  In an interview with Fox News’ Greta van Susteren on Monday, Dr. Ben Carson compared Obama’s understanding of ISIS to a “basic school child,” and reveals that he is “willing” to run in 2016.  Greta started off the interview by asking Carson about the comparison Obama made at the National Prayer Breakfast between the Crusades and ISIS.  “I believe he’s attempting to say that these people are no worse than other people have been in the past. That is absolutely irrelevant because we’re dealing with an evil in today’s world that is threatening Christians and people who don’t believe like the[m]…” he said.  He suggested that Obama might be the first president who will receive protests for his lack of response to terrorism, rather than the usual blanket anti-war protests seen in the past. He blames this on Obama’s absence of understanding for the obvious long term threat of groups like ISIS, and said, “Having a leader who doesn’t seem to understand what a basic school child might understand is somewhat worrisome.”  Greta asked what he would do about ISIS if he was the President.  “I would use every resource we have to eradicate the threat while it’s still in its adolescent stage,” he stated.  Naturally, running for president in 2016 came up and Carson said, “The reason I would be willing to do it is because I recognize that our country is at a crossroads.” He continued by saying, “This is supposed to be a country for, of and by the people where the government conforms to the will of the people. We’ve turned that completely around.”  He said his whole life has been “dedicated to giving life and improving life,” and his plan was to “retire and enjoy life,” but he can’t now because of what’s happening to the country.  Greta asked him to emphasize on what he thinks is “happening to the country.”  “We are losing our freedoms. We are losing our understanding of what our freedom actually is,” he said. “We’re constrained by political correctness. We have intolerance particularly on the left. Anybody who doesn’t agree with them- they feel free to demonize them and to destroy them in any way. This is not the America that I grew up with.”  “We are a unique country- we don’t have to be like everybody else. And if people want to be here- they need to conform to us. We don’t have to conform to everybody else- that’s what made us a great nation.”




Dispelling the myth of haves and have-nots in America:  Opportunity exists for all who are willing to work hard!  The Constitution of the United States of America was designed to preserve the freedom and rights of all citizens. Our Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal and that we have certain God-given rights. With documents like these, how have we arrived at the state of such discord between purported haves and have-nots in our society?  Those who condemn America for its past seldom talk about the tremendous good and generosity that has been demonstrated by a country that cannot be denied the title of most benign pinnacle nation in the history of the world.  Obviously, the billionaire can afford to pay for certain things like luxurious homes and cars, and the best seats on airplanes and at the theater. There is nothing wrong with that. It should not cause resentment in a society in which anyone is free to work hard and use their God-given talents to excel and increase their own value in the marketplace. Some will not admit it, but our society would be pretty dreary if everyone shared the same level of poverty with no chance of advancing themselves economically through their own efforts.  I realize that it is not a politically correct thing to say, but the real problem is not the existence of wealthy people among us. Rather it is the feeling of helplessness and dependency that has been propagated quite falsely throughout many facets of our society. Perhaps it would be wise for our government to look back at the history of our nation and realize that the unprecedented rise of America to pinnacle status occurred because people knew that if they worked very hard and were innovative and very productive, they and their families would be the beneficiaries of that labor. I am not saying that taxes should not be paid in a fair manner, but I am saying that the government will never be successful in resolving income disparity and other social problems by taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots.  The great equalizer in America remains education . A good education or acquisition of technical skills provides tremendous options for everyone, regardless of their birth circumstances. We live in a country where people are free to move without penalty to any state where jobs are available. We need to emphasize the fact that almost any kind of employment confers knowledge and skills that become valuable when trying to move up the economic ladder. One also acquires contacts that can be quite useful for those with knowledge and skill.  Those who have achieved great financial success should be encouraged to invest in their fellow Americans, with the return on investment being the transformation from dependency to proud achiever of the American dream.




Black America's Political Action Committee (BAMPAC) is a registered unaffiliated non-partisan Political Action Committee. Since its incorporation in 1994, BAMPAC has grown as one of America's leading Political Action Committees. Supporting School Choice,  Empowerment/Enterprise Zones, Pro-Life Advocacy, Social Security Reform




In a statistic so shocking it became a Drudge Report headline, Pat found that only 17% of black teenagers had the benefit of growing up with their married mom and dad -- the lowest number MARRI has recorded. A panel of experts tackled the findings in a special lecture at FRC headquarters earlier today, which also spotlighted the new "State of the Black Family" report, released 50 years after Daniel Patrick Moynihan's initial research.  In a nation overrun by poverty, academic failure, and welfare dependency, Big Government has proved to be a feeble (and expensive) substitute for the natural family. And while marriage may be declining, its advantages never will. "Marriage continues to produce as many benefits as ever," Dr. Fagan explained. "(O)nly within marriage will the sexual act produce a stable society. During the last century, many worked to change this by severing sexual intercourse and the begetting of children from marriage. This social experiment has failed and nowhere is it more visible than in the black family and particularly in the plight of many young black men..."  FRC's Bishop E.W. Jackson sees the report -- not as an obituary for the family -- but as an opportunity for the church to refocus our efforts. "Only God, prayer and a good church led by a good pastor can lead people toward chastity, life-long marriage and a stable family. The black church must lead in this area," he said.  Those sentiments were echoed by Ken Blackwell, who sees a path forward in this crisis of brokenness. "None of this can be turned around by more and bigger government. No government program can replace the security and love that family belonging provides a child.




Conservative Dr. Ben Carson called for Congress to recall any Supreme Court judge who votes in favor of gay marriage, while former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has called on states to not automatically allow gay marriage if the court rules that it is legal.  Carson, appearing on the Steve Deace Show podcast, expressed fears that SCOTUS approval of gay marriage would mean "open season on Christians. When judges do not carry out their duties in an appropriate way, our Congress actually has the right to reprimand or remove them," Talking Points Memo (TPM) reported.  "No, it isn't the law of the land. Constitutionally, the courts cannot make a law. They can interpret one. And then the legislature has to create enabling legislation, and the executive has to sign it and has to enforce it.  "I hope this Court realizes that this is not a decision that should be made by the judicial branch. It should be made by the legislative branch, the representatives of the people," Huckabee said.  In its order, the Supreme Court stated it will hear the case on two grounds: whether the 14th Amendment requires a state to license a marriage between two people of the same sex and whether it requires states to recognize a "marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out-of-state."   The Hill notes that oral arguments will be heard in April with a decision expected by the end of June.Will you join me in signing our petition to stand with Dr. Carson for natural marriage and against the SPLC's dangerous agenda-driven labeling?  Sign our petition to stand with Ben Carson and his belief that marriage is the union between one man and one woman.




hugely popular surgeon and neonatal pioneer, Dr. Ben Carson.  As a black man, who was raised in poverty by a single mother, Dr. Carson should be a poster child for the minority success the SPLC pretends to advocate. Instead, the organization, which has morphed into nothing but a multi-million dollar homosexual advocacy group, has made the conservative doctor a target for his mainstream marriage views. Why? Because he rose from poverty as a minority without the aid of big government? Because of a benevolent mother with moral convictions? Or is it because Dr. Carson is a viable candidate with a massive following who refuses to be choked back by political correctness? All of the above?




There has been much talk recently about providing free community college education. First of all, it is only free if no one has to pay for it. It is not free if we rob Peter to pay Paul. Secondly, Pell grants already exist to pay for community college expenses for needy students. For those who are not needy, there is an old-fashioned remedy that is very effective called work. In fact work might even be beneficial for those who are needy. It certainly provided some very valuable experiences for me.  It is time for us to begin to emphasize to students that the person who has the most to do with what happens to him in life is himself. The average person lives to be about 80 years of age and the first 20 to 25 years are spent either preparing or not preparing for the future. If you prepare well, you have 55 to 60 years to reap the benefits. If you prepare poorly, you have 55 to 60 years to suffer the consequences. It will not hurt our young people to hear these kinds of words. When we reinject personal responsibility into life lessons, we will strengthen our society.


As the year of the Shemitah grinds toward its climax on Sept. 13, 2015, Cahn is also watching the Supreme Court.

“The harbingers have continued to manifest and America’s apostasy from God has only accelerated. In April of this year, in the midst of the Shemitah, the Supreme Court will hear a case that will likely end marriage as we know it,” Cahn said. “The verdict will be released in June. That will mark a critical point in America’s fall from God.”

Another one of the harbingers is that of the terrorist has resurfaced in the form of ISIS, he said.  “The judgment and destruction of Israel was carried out by the Assyrians, the fathers of terrorism,” Cahn said. “The emergence of ISIS and its conflict with America is ominous.”  As for the economy, destabilization in the currency markets and disruptive oil markets are creating a springboard for turbulent times ahead.  Whether America’s economic judgment comes with a sudden, painful jolt or as a slow, grinding down until it becomes subservient to other nations, remains to be seen.  But either way, the messianic Jewish rabbi from New Jersey believes America will be knocked off its perch atop the world order, especially economically, if widespread repentance does not occur.


They do this by attempting to create an evolutionary and godless view of government. These are people who mean to remove God from anything and everything so that all is permissible.  As we review the history of America, we can see that it was not the “norm” for this country, in any sense of the word, to give way to the ungodliness we see today (Psalm 14:1; 53:1).  Take, for example, the anti-theist, which we see written about in a pamphlet by Benjamin Franklin in 1754 for Europeans titled “Information to Those Who Would Remove to America.” In that pamphlet, Franklin wrote, “Atheism is unknown there,” referring to America.

So, the reader must understand that the godless are at war with the Great Liberator, the One who came to “set men free” from sin to holiness (John 8:36; Hebrews 12:14; 2 Corinthians 3:17).  Just ask them. Listen to what comes from the abundance of their wicked, godless hearts (Jeremiah 17:9).  “I wish to avenge myself against The One who rules above.” – Karl Marx

“The old God is abolished … I am the most terrible opponent of Christianity.” – Friedrich Nietzsche  “Atheism is a cruel and long-range affair: I think I have carried it through.” – Jean Paul Sartre  One must understand that these are the same people, along with any other anti-American and anti-Christ group, who are at war with God and His people (Psalm 2)   John Witherspoon, signer of the Declaration of Independence and president of Princeton University, said:  “Whosoever is an avowed enemy of God, I (hesitate not) to call him an enemy to his country.  the unbeliever, those that claim that they believe in Christ, yet in action they deny Him (Matthew 15:8).  They have left off the God they profess to know and love, through tolerance and apathy (2 Timothy 2:19). These hold the truth in unrighteousness every step of the way (Romans 1:8).  They agree, through inaction, to that which God condemns on so many issues. They are the greatest advocate for the abortion industry, the homosexual agenda, the educational schemes and corruption in government.  So I ask you, who are the enemies of America (Exodus 32:26)?




Weak Democraps lead to war:  But what the killings underscore is the Obama administration's consistently muddled -- and dangerous -- public attitude toward terrorism in recent years.  It may be clear in Obama's mind, but that doesn't matter if it conveys confusion or weakness to terrorist adversaries. Recall that Bill Clinton's underwhelming reaction to terrorist attacks in the 1990's (Black Hawk Down, USS Cole..) caused Osama bin Laden to judge the U.S. weak and vacillating as he set in motion planning for 9/11.  At various times -- for instance, the intense election year of 2012 -- Obama has sought to look ruthlessly determined to crush al Qaeda, one by one, to the point of aides leaking that he kept a list of terrorists destined for death by drone. The Democrat has boasted of the terror group's leadership being decimated, on the run and on the path to defeat. Which is fine, until its affiliates blossom in numerous other countries, including Libya where Obama led an allied coalition to oust Moammar Gadhafi, leaving a new, lawless latter-day Afghanistan for terrorists to plot and train.  At other times Obama has appeared dangerously dismissive of terrorism. As he's denouncing the Paris killings and ISIS barbarism, he's releasing Guantanamo prisoners. Many return to battle. Although the Fort Hood shooter shouted the same Arabic slogan killing 13 Americans as Wednesday's Paris killers did killing 12, Obama's teams labeled that 2009 massacre "workplace violence."  But violent events have intervened and now confusion reigns about Obama's intentions and commitment to thwart foreign dangers that could affect Americans. Such indecision and uncertainty are dangerous. In the late 1940's when the Truman administration was unclear about its interest in northeast Asia, North Korean communists took that as an invitation. They invaded the South, leading to the three-year Korean War, which still has no peace treaty. And some 30,000 U.S. troops still based there.  One thing is quite clear though about the ongoing war or struggle or battle against terrorism. No matter how much Obama may want to end such conflicts, after the Paris attack and others to come, we have no indication terrorism will fade as long as it's winning.



American weakness Obama Democrap style:  "Yemen rebels seized U.S. Embassy vehicles in the capital of Sanaa on Wednesday as diplomats fled the country and several foreign embassies closed amid deteriorating security conditions," reports USA Today.  "..Meanwhile, the State Department said it currently had no plans for a government-sponsored evacuation of American citizens but urged extreme caution amid an ongoing risk of kidnapping..."  [Wake up Mr. President!  We've been overrrun!]  "More than 25 vehicles were taken by Houthi rebels after Americans departed the city's airport, airport officials told the Associated Press."  Watch!  Dr. Chaps' 7-minute TV commentary on why Muslim Extremists from Iran took over Yemen and disbanded Parliament-->  "The Marine Corps said security personnel destroyed their personal weapons before boarding a commercial flight out of Yemen.  "They destroyed heavier weapons, such as machine guns, before departing the shuttered U.S. Embassy in an 'orderly' evacuation, said Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman. He said 'several' vehicles were left behind.  "A small number of military personnel not assigned to the embassy remain behind, he said. Staffers at the U.S. Embassy also destroyed files and documents, the Associated Press reported."



Former “Saturday Night Live” star Victoria Jackson, a few years back, noted Barack Obama’s socialistic agenda and wrote and sang a ditty called “There’s a Communist in the White House.”  Now she’s released a new song that’s similar, and it’s going to send the monitors of politically incorrect speech into a frenzy.  It’s called “There’s a Muslim living in the White House.”




What we have here is the President refusing to acknowledge that Islam and the ideology that’s behind it has been radicalized and being used to kill Christians. My good friend Mark Levin pointed out how absolutely offensive this is to the world’s Christians who are being slaughtered today across Africa and the Middle East. “They don’t need a lecture from Obama about Christianity,” Mark said. They need a leader who does something to make the genocide stop.  If President Obama had half the courage of Jordanian King Abdullah, America would be doing a lot more to check the power of ISIS.


Marc Thiessen, former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush, was incredulous, stating on Fox News Thursday evening, “It was evangelical Christians who fought slavery and Jim Crow. It was William Wilberforce who led the campaign against slavery. It was Martin Luther King who fought (segregation.)”   “With all due respect, the Crusades were almost a thousand years ago. The Inquisition was in the 15th century. ISIS is burning people alive today. Now. Not Christians,” he added.

And in May 2011, WND learned that in October 2009, one of Obama’s faith advisers, Eboo Patel, a Muslim activist from Chicago, compared al-Qaeda to what he called Christian “totalitarians” in the U.S. and Jewish “totalitarians” in Israel.  In February 2010, Obama named Patel to his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  Patel is part of the official speaker’s bureau of the Islamic Society of North America, an unindicted co-conspirator in a scheme to raise money for Hamas.  In his memoir, “Audacity of Hope,” Obama said he believed in the evolution of man from primates and did not believe, “as many evangelicals do,” that the Bible is without error.   Indeed, in his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” Obama acknowledged studying the Quran and described the public school as “a Muslim school.”  “In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell mother I made faces during Quranic studies,” wrote Obama.   The Times’ Nicholos Kristof wrote Obama recited, “with a first-class [Arabic] accent,” the opening lines of the Muslim call to prayer.  The first few lines of the call to prayer state:  Allah is Supreme!
Allah is Supreme!  Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!  I witness that there is no god but Allah  I witness that there is no god but Allah  I witness that Muhammad is his prophet …


(Imam in Chief?)  Imagine Winston Churchill trying to inspire the British people in the War on Nazism with these stirring words: “Get off your high horse, Brits. You think injustice is confined to Germany? In our own country, there was the slave trade, wars in France, the Saxon conquest of Britain (the Norman conquest of the Saxons), the Opium Wars, and The Curse of Cromwell, not to mention the beastly way we treated poor Scandinavian immigrants in Alfred’s day. So who are we to judge?”  Hitler and Goebbels would have been delighted – just as ISIL, al-Qaeda and the Moslem Brotherhood must have been with Obama’s performance at the National Prayer Breakfast last week.  Worldwide, 100 million Christians are being persecuted – not a few of them tortured to death and murdered in ways too gruesome to recount here (including women and children) – and Obama tries to balance the books with the Crusades (which ended more than 700 years ago), the Inquisition (which happened over 500 years ago), slavery (which ended in America 150 years ago) and segregation. While the last was reprehensible, given the choice between you can’t sit at my lunch counter and you can’t live unless you convert, which would you choose?   In this country, the abolitionist movement started in Northern churches. The Civil Rights movement began in Southern churches. Christian nations abolished slavery first, thanks to heroes like William Wilberforce. The United States was the only nation to fight a civil war to end the odious institution. Slavery is alive and well in the Muslim world.  Moslems destroyed ancient Christian communities throughout the Middle East, attacked Christian pilgrims, occupied various parts of Spain for 800 years, breached the walls of Rome and scattered the bones of St. Peter, and got as far as southern France. So Christians went to the Middle East (which had been Christian for centuries before the first jihad) to fight Muslims? Everyone forgets that Islam slaughtered its way across Europe, occupying Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary from the 14th century to (in some cases) the beginning of the 20th century.  Within 100 years from the death of Mohammed, Islam spread from the Arabian Peninsula to encompass the entire Middle East, North Africa, parts of Spain and the Indus Valley. How does our president-cum-historian-cum-theologian imagine that happened  Islam came at the point of a scimitar – by offering conversion, death or a subservient status, kidnapping children, forced marriages and other acts of peace. Since then, only the technology of slaughter has changed.   The hit parade of extremist groups that have hijacked the peaceable creed for their own nihilist ends includes Abu Nidal, al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab, Ansar al-Islam, the Army of Islam, the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, the Islamic Jihad, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the Muslim Brotherhood, Lashkar-e-Taiba and – of course – ISIL, that is until it becomes an armed insurgency.  Obama is so slavishly devoted to Dar-al-Islam, that many think he’s a Moslem himself. To the contrary, he is a devout leftist.  Two strains converge to shape Obama’s attitude toward Islam. There’s nostalgia – for his Moslem boyhood in Indonesia (so innocent, so carefree, so harmonious) and his absentee dad – combined with the left’s worldview.

The left views Islam as the religion of the downtrodden and dispossessed – the faith of victims of Western colonialism and capitalist exploitation. Besides, it’s so charming and quaint. So good progressives are able to overlook its flagrant misogyny, rampant homophobia and genocidal rage. A shared hatred of the West trumps everything else.   The liberation theology preached at Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church is a consequence of the left’s Islamophilia, as is Obama’s anti-Zionism.


"It was nice of the President to give us a history lesson at the Prayer Breakfast," Jindal told National Review.   "Today, however, the issue right in front of his nose, in the here and now, is the terrorism of radical Islam, the assassination of journalists, the beheading and burning alive of captives.   "We will be happy to keep an eye out for runaway Christians, but it would be nice if he would face the reality of the situation today. The medieval Christian threat is under control, Mr. President. Please deal with the radical Islamic threat today."


During a Friday segment on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," Jeffress was asked by host Bill O'Reilly what he thinks Jesus would say about Obama's comparison of acts committed in the name of Christianity thousands of years ago to ISIS' mass slaughter of innocents in Iraq and Syria today.  "I would imagine that Jesus would be outraged that the president would willfully mischaracterize a movement like Christianity that bears Christ's name," Jeffress asserted. "I believe that Jesus, who said that it would be better to be cast into the sea than to harm a child, would be incensed that Obama would dare link Christianity to ISIS, an organization that tortures children, buries them alive and crucifies them. I think he'd be outraged by it."   "Let's put that in perspective," Jeffress continued. "The president mentioned the Inquisition, the Inquisition lasted for 450 years. There were 2,200 people who died — that's about five people a year. More people died on 9/11, in one day, at the hand of Muslim terrorists than during the Inquisition.   He continued: "You know, I hear people talk about Christians who commit these abortion clinic bombings, do you know how many people have died in abortion clinic bombings? A total of eight; why that's not even a good day's work for a Muslim terrorist. There've been millions of people slaughtered by Muslim extremists. What I'm saying is there's no moral equivalency."  "Instead of focusing on ISIS burning people alive and burying kids, let's focus instead on these Christians and the terrible things that they've done. He knew exactly what he was doing and he should be ashamed of himself," he added.




(Nobel Peace Prize Prezzie) Obama is calling on Congress to pass a three-year authorization of war against ISIS, also known as the Islamic State or ISIL. The draft request, formally called an Authorized Use of Military Force (AUMF), came almost six months after the president began launching attacks against ISIS—first in Iraq, then in Syria.  The president’s proposal would allow airstrikes against the terrorist group or anyone supporting the militants but restrict the type of U.S. ground forces that could be deployed.




On Jan. 11, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, said he anticipated a decision “fairly soon” on whether the Army would court martial Bergdahl for deserting his post.  “In White House terms, not charging Bergdahl means that he was indeed worth the trade for the Taliban Five. But charging him on any level means that releasing the five Taliban was an error of monstrous proportions, one the administration will never be able to explain away satisfactorily,” said retired Lt. Col. Bill Cowen in a commentary written for the Fox News site.  Former Sgt. Matt Vierkant told CNN last year, “Bowe Bergdahl deserted during a time of war, and his fellow Americans lost their lives searching for him.”  “I don’t understand,” Vierkant added, “why we’re trading prisoners at Gitmo for somebody who deserted during a time of war, which is an act of treason.”  A full 54 percent of Americans agreed in a June 2014 poll, saying Obama’s swap for (Deserter) Bergdahl amounted to providing aid to terrorists – which violates federal law. And they said impeachment is deserved.




“Not only did the State Department and the Obama administration leave Ambassador Stevens and the other brave Americans who died without timely rescue and defense, the State Department with Benghazi tore up that implicit compact that certainly soldiers in the U.S. military have, not only that they won’t be left behind, but also that they won’t be lied to about the dangers they are facing.”




As the allied bombing of Libya began in 2011, the (Nobel Peace Prize winner) Obama administration rejected an offer by Moammar Gadhafi to engage in negotiations to abdicate, according to a retired U.S. Navy officer who says he was prepared to broker the deal.  Instead, the U.S. decided to provide weapons to “rebels” consisting of al-Qaida-related local Libyan militia and members of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, contends retired Rear Adm. Chuck Kubic.  Kubic began email and telephone contact March 21, 2011, between Tripoli and AFRICOM in Stuttgart, Germany, to broker an offer by Gadhafi to engage in talks with the U.S. under a white flag of truce, according to testimony he provided the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi.  As WND reported Monday, the commission – comprised of 17 retired admirals and generals; former intelligence agents; active anti-terrorist experts; media specialists; and former congressmen – has been conducting its own investigation and working behind the scenes for the past year and a half to ensure Congress uncovers the truth of what happened in Benghazi and holds people accountable.  WND reported Tuesday the commission found in an interim report that the Obama White House and the State Department under the management of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “changed sides in the war on terror” in 2011 by implementing a policy of facilitating the delivery of weapons to the al-Qaida-dominated rebel militias in Libya attempting to oust Gadhafi.  The commission’s April 2014 interim report said the war in Libya continued “and ultimately cost tens of thousands of lives.”  “The U.S. failure to even consider Gadhafi’s request for talks, and its determination to enter and pursue this war in support of al-Qaida-linked rebels, presents the appearance of a policy intent upon empowering Islamic forces with no measurable benefit to U.S. national security,” the report said.  The commission was organized in 2013 by Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff along with three retired military officers: Navy Adm. James Lyons, Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely and Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney.  I found it hard to understand that we have a Nobel Peace Prize winner in the White House and President Obama was not willing to give peace a chance in Libya for 72 hours,” Kubic said.  What the Obama administration was terrified about, in my view, was the American public knowing the CIA and State Department were running guns secretly into Libya before Gadhafi was deposed, that the guns got into the hands of al-Qaida, and that the guns ended up bound for Syria,” he said.  “Those events put together could be looked at even as traitorous, in my opinion, if the facts ever came out to the American public.”




CCB members said the recordings revealed by the Washington Times provide additional evidence to support the group’s interim report concluding the Obama administration “changed sides” in Libya, rejecting an effort by Gadhafi to abdicate and choosing instead to arm al-Qaida-affiliated militia seeking to forcibly oust the dictator.  The disclosure of the Pentagon recordings also prompted CCB members to comment on the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Obama administration.  “The war in Libya was a manufactured war produced in part by the influence the Muslim Brotherhood exerted on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the Muslim Brotherhood penetrating her office through the influence of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s longtime deputy chief of staff, who transferred to the State Department to serve as Clinton’s aide,” Lopez added.  WND has reported extensively Abedin’s family origins in the Muslim Brotherhood and her work for a dozen years as an assistant editor for the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs for the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs. The organization was founded by her late father and directed by her mother with the full backing of the Muslim World League, an Islamic organization in the Saudi holy city of Mecca founded by Muslim Brotherhood leaders.  “Remember that Huma Abedin’s family’s Saudi ‘godfather’ is Abdullah Omar Nasseef, the founder of Rabita Trust, an al-Qaida funding institution that was shut down after 9/11. These were the connections advising our secretary of state  it’s called an influence operation,” Lopez said.  Lopez said that also during that time, among the closest advisers to John Brennan, now head of the CIA, and Dennis McDonough, currently White House chief of staff, when they were on the National Security Council was the son of the Sudanese grand mufti, Imam Mohamed Magid, the president of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic Society of North America, ISNA.  ISNA was listed by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, which convicted the organization and its leaders of funding the terrorist organization Hamas, Lopez noted.




Obama has made Medicaid, food stamps and Social Security disability quite easy to get, and idle men form a new leisure class by combining those benefits with handouts from relatives and girlfriends.  For employers, a higher minimum wage, compulsory health insurance, and sick and parental leave will make those men even more costly to hire.  Enter stage left, more worker-replacing robots.  The number of young people — and especially young men — starting small businesses has fallen dramatically — and that means fewer jobs over the next generation for everyone.  Young folks start enterprises by raising a lot of capital from older rich people.  Wealthy folks take the plunge on risky ventures, because the capital gains tax on successful enterprises is currently taxed at about 25 percent, whereas combined federal, state and local tax rates on ordinary income is often above 50 percent.  Young entrepreneurs, who generally have not amassed much wealth, can’t borrow nearly what they need from banks. Higher taxes on banks will make that problem worse.  Hiking capital gains taxes will directly discourage older successful investors, who also bring a wealth of practical management experience and advice for getting young ventures off the ground.
Older rich folks also take the plunge, because they can pass along assets at death to their children. But now the president wants to hike the tax rate on their estates, which is already 40 percent.  The president calls it fair because it only falls on one percent of the population, and will paint Republicans who resist as defending the rich to the detriment of struggling Americans.  His aim is to give Americans buyer’s remorse about electing a Republican Congress and boost a Clinton campaign for the White House emphasizing similar themes. 
It would seem one out of six men unemployed, subsisting on government benefits and burdening relatives is not too high a price to elect another Democratic president.




(Taxpayers:  Paying people NOT to work does NOT work)  at the end of 2013 House Republicans finally stopped funding the extensions and all states reverted to the normal 26 week time limit.  This created a natural experiment for economic researchers to compare unemployment rates in states with longer unemployment eligibility to unemployment rates in states with shorter eligibility timeframes.   Marcus Hagedorn of the University of Oslo, Iourii Manovskii of the University of Pennsylvania, and Kurt Mitman of the Institute for International Economic Studies did such a study and they found that instead of destroying 240,000 jobs, which is what Obama's top economists predicted, the end of Obama's unemployment insurance polices actually created 1.8 million jobs.   "Almost one million of these jobs were fi lled by workers from out of the labor force who would nothave participated in the labor market had bene t extensions been reauthorized," the study's abstract explains.   An earlier study by the same authors found Obama's unemployment insurance policies raised the unemployment rate by 3.6 percentage points during the recent recession. 




Obama is correct that we can compare two very different economic visions. One is called Reaganomics and the other is (Obummer-nomics) Obama's "middle class economics."  To get the economy moving again, President Reagan cut taxes, simplified the tax code, reined in regulations, kept spending under control, and generally treated government as more of a problem than a solution to many of the country's troubles.  Obama promised to set the country on a new and different course, and has been doing a bang-up job of it ever since. He boosted spending, raised taxes, vastly complicated the tax code, unleashed federal regulators and massively expanded the entitlement state with ObamaCare.  And how did these two visions work out?  In the first five years of the Reagan recovery, the economy grew 4.6% a year on average. Under Obama, it's been a paltry 2.2%.  Employment had climbed more than 18% by this point in Reagan's recovery. Under Obama, it's a mere 7.2%.

Looked at another way, the growth gap between Obama's economic policies and Reagan's is now $2.4 trillion in lost GDP and a stunning 14.4 million in lost jobs.  Obama hasn't just underperformed Reagan, he's underperformed every president since the Great Depression.


Using Congressional Budget Office data that does take into account household size, tax credits, government transfers, capital gains and employer-provided benefits, median household income increased 47 percent from 1979 to 2011. Significant gains took place among middle-income earners, with incomes rising 35 percent to 45 percent.  What about social mobility? Despite rhetoric, it's stable: people are still moving up the income ladder, and a 2014 study found that mobility has been stable for decades, despite increases in income inequality. However, Currie does identify one area that is responsible for sluggish income growth: the drop in the marriage rate. A study from Robert Lerman and Brad Wilcox found that median family income growth between 1980 and 2012 would have been 44 percent higher if the married parenthood rate had remained stable.  Moreover, Currie notes that family breakdown is much more prevalent in the United States.  Lastly, raising taxes on high earners is not the answer. If lawmakers want to improve mobility and opportunity in America, they should focus on improving the country's economic environment. She suggests supporting apprenticeship programs, reducing burdensome occupational licensing requirements, expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and eliminating marriage penalties.  Source: Rachel DiCarlo Currie, "Understanding Income Inequality," Independent Women's Forum, January 22, 2015.




In his latest installment of Afterburner, Bill Whittle explains how we need to think small to make 2015 a big success. He explains education, solar energy, reducing crime, avoiding the TSA and entitlement programs.



President Walker!  But what's really interesting is how Walker responded to Obama's tantrum. Rather than meekly taking Obama's blows, as most Republicans seem wont to do, Walker punched back — hard.  "On the heels of vetoing Keystone pipeline legislation, which would have paved the way to create thousands of quality, middle-class jobs, the president should be looking to states, like Wisconsin, as an example for how to grow our economy," Walker told National Review Online.  "Despite a stagnant national economy and a lack of leadership in Washington, since we took office, Wisconsin's unemployment rate is down to 5%, and more than 100,000 jobs and 30,000 businesses have been created."  Bam! In just two sentences, Walker shoved Obama's phony concern for workers back at him and pointed out that Wisconsin is growing its economy despite the flat recovery Obama's policies have produced nationwide.



President Perry!  With the world in turmoil, who do you really want sitting across the negotiating table from Vladimir Putin, the Iranian mullahs or the Chinese? How about a military man to command the war to destroy radical Islamic jihadism?  Very few people know that between 1972 and 1977, Perry served in the U.S. Air Force, flying C-130 tactical aircraft in Europe and the Middle East. He is the only current GOP candidate to have worn the military uniform. And he rarely talks about it.  Perry's childhood goal was to learn to fly. He went into the Air Force after graduating from Texas A&M. And he ended his five years of service with the rank of captain. As Perry would say on other subjects, "That matters."  The Perry story usually revolves around the Texas economic growth miracle. But the military service? The captain's rank? The piloting of strategic airlift planes? That's hardly known. And in his 14 years as governor of the Lone Star state, plenty of national-security issues (and border-security issues) came across his desk.  So imagine this: A president who actually served in the regular military. A president who understands the military, listens to the military and has good relations with the military — the opposite of the Obama experience.  And imagine having a president who looks forward to the daily intelligence briefing, completely unlike Obama. What a change.  Perry says: No, Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. He says: No, the U.S. should not normalize relations with Iran until Iran ceases to support terrorist groups that ultimately will target the U.S. and its allies.  Finally, Perry has adopted the Reagan model, whereby America must be economically strong in order to be internationally secure.  Unlike his military credentials, his role in the Texas economic miracle is well known. While Perry was governor, low taxes, deregulation and tort reform led to the creation of nearly one-third of the new private-sector jobs in America. He's a Tenth Amendment man. He loves it when states compete against each other to create a climate of risk-taking and growth. And he wants to bring the Texas economic model to Washington.








A judge sworn to decide impartially can offer no forecasts, no hints...it would display disdain for the entire judicial process." Believe it or not, those are the words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- the very Justice who is guilty of doing exactly that on marriage. Two months before the Supreme Court is set to hear its first arguments on the constitutionality of state marriage amendments, Justice Ginsburg's interview with Bloomberg left little doubt what her "forecast" is for the case.  This is exactly the situation Justice Scalia faced a dozen years ago in the wake of his public comments criticizing a Ninth Circuit ruling against the Pledge of Allegiance. As Slate's Dahlia Lithwick wrote at the time, Scalia was 'intellectually honest enough to know that he slipped,' and he thus 'recused himself from what would have been one of the most important church-state cases of his career.' His recusal meant that 'the court may well split 4-4 on the case, in which case the 9th Circuit's decision will stand, for all the states in its jurisdiction.' (In the end, the remaining eight justices all voted to reverse the Ninth Circuit, five on grounds of lack of standing and three on the merits.)" Is Justice Ginsburg principled enough to do the same?




The FAILED, DESTRUCTIVE Obama/Clinton Grand Strategy for the Middle East was dealt with in depth in a Wall Street Journal article by Walter Russell Mead in 2013. Describing the Grand Stategy he wrote:  “The plan was simple but elegant: The U.S. would work with “moderate” Islamist groups like Turkey’s AK Party and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to make the Middle East more “democratic”.   From the beginning of the Arab Spring the Muslim Brotherhood was assisted by the Obama White House in taking over nations that had been secular leaning, including Tunisia and Egypt, under the guiding hand of Hillary Clinton. The attempts in Libya and Syria failed, but those nations are still bleeding as a result. The main victims of the Abedin/ Clinton plan accepted by the Obama White House have been the actual moderates, who are secularists, and of course the Christians.




It had been the policy of every president since 1979 that Islamist Iran must be sanctioned and contained. Obama, however, is betting instead on detente to tame Iran's aggressive behavior and nuclear ambitions.  Obama has been rewarded with an Iran that has ramped up its aggressiveness in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Yemen, and brazenly defied the world on uranium enrichment.  He did the same with Russia. He offered Vladimir Putin a new detente. "Reset," he called it. Putin responded by decimating his domestic opposition, unleashing a vicious anti-American propaganda campaign, ravaging Ukraine and shaking the post-Cold War European order to its foundations.  Like the Bourbons, however, Obama learns nothing.  In about 10 years, the deal expires. Sanctions are lifted, and Iran is permitted unlimited uranium enrichment with an unlimited number of centrifuges of unlimited sophistication. As the Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens points out, we don't even allow that for democratic South Korea.  Obama's petulant response was: "The prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives." But he just did: conditional sunset, smaller infrastructure. And if the Iranians walk away, then you ratchet up sanctions, as Congress is urging, which, with collapsed oil prices, would render the regime extremely vulnerable.  And if that doesn't work? Hence Netanyahu's final point: Israel is prepared to stand alone, a declaration that was met with enthusiastic applause reflecting widespread popular support.  In its near-70 year history, Israel has never once asked America to fight for it. Not in 1948, when 650,000 Jews faced 40 million Arabs. Not in 1967, when Israel was being encircled and strangled by three Arab armies. Not in 1973, when Israel was on the brink of destruction. Not in the three Gaza wars or the two Lebanon wars.


(Social Justice & Communism) I can’t say for certain that Rudy Giuliani read my book, which is titled The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor; but he has those facts absolutely right. If I may, I’d like to add some crucial detail:  Frank Marshall Davis (1905-87) was a hardcore communist, an actual card-carrying member of Communist Party USA (CPUSA), who spent time with a young Barack Obama throughout the 1970s, right up until the moment Obama left Hawaii for Occidental College in 1979.  Davis joined the Communist Party in Chicago in the early 1940s. CPUSA members swore an oath to “ensure the triumph of Soviet power in the United States. They were dedicated to what CPUSA leader William Z. Foster had openly called “Soviet America.” Notably, Davis joined CPUSA after the Hitler-Stalin Pact, a time when many American communists (especially Jewish communists) had bolted the Party in disgust that their Soviet Union had allied with Hitler.  As we know from Davis’ declassified 600-page FBI file (and other sources), his Party card number was 47544. He was very active. In 1946, he became the founding editor-in-chief of the Chicago Star, the Party-line newspaper for Chicago. There, Davis shared the op-ed page with the likes of Howard Fast, a “Stalin Prize” winner, and Senator Claude “Red” Pepper, who, at the time, sponsored the bill to nationalize healthcare in the United States.  Davis left the Star in 1948 for Hawaii, where he would write for the Party-line organ there, the Honolulu Record. His politics remained so radical that the FBI had him under continued surveillance. The federal government actually placed Davis on the Security Index, meaning that in the event of a war between the United States and USSR, Barack Obama’s mentor could be placed under immediate arrest.  Frank Marshall Davis’s targets were Democrats more than Republicans, given that it was Democrats like Harry Truman who held the White House and opposed Stalin’s Soviet expansion at the time. In December 1956, the Democrat-run Senate Judiciary Committee called Davis to Washington to testify on his activities. Davis pleaded the Fifth Amendment. No matter; the next year, the Democratic Senate published a report titled, “Scope of Soviet Activity in the United States,” where it listed Davis as “an identified member of the Communist Party.”   So deep was Davis’ influence that Obama, in his huge bestselling memoir, Dreams from My Father, would cite him repeatedly over thousands of words and in each and every section (all three parts) of his memoirs—though he referred to him only as “Frank.” “Frank” is mentioned 22 times by name, and far more times via pronouns and other forms of reference.




Obama’s grand scheme of training “moderate” Muslim rebels to overthrow the government of Bashar Assad in Syria has gone terribly wrong for millions in the Middle East.  One of the key “moderate” groups being trained by CIA operatives has just decided to join ISIS and its fight to destroy the Syrian government and establish an Islamic Caliphate.  The Hazzm Movement, which is associated with the Free Syrian Army so loved by Obama, has taken its CIA training and weapons and joined the enemy of Syria, Iraq, Israel and the rest of the free world.  This isn’t the first time this has happened. In 2014, the Dawud Brigade defected to ISIS as did the Syrian Revolutionary Front.  The Obama Administration trains, equips and supports so-called “moderate” rebels who then defect to ISIS and become part of a huge, ruthless army of killers who are marching unopposed throughout the Middle East and Africa slaughtering everyone who dares challenge them.   This is the fruit of what National Security Advisor Susan Rice calls the Obama policy of “Strategic Patience” – which should more accurately be called “Strategic Indifference” to the plight of millions of people who are being enslaved, raped, crucified, stoned to death, beheaded, and set on fire in cages.  All of this carnage and hideous bloodshed takes place, while Obama plays golf, goes on fundraising trips, and attacks Republicans who oppose his unconstitutional “executive actions.”




The United States will not “end” a war with ISIS – it will win it.   While Obama is looking at surgical air strikes and limited ground operations alone, House and Senate members must evaluate what actions are truly needed to secure total victory over the Islamic State.  Stand with us, and contact U.S. Legislators now!




Ahmet Yumusak, a Turkish man who ran a sex slave operation and smuggled ISIS fighters into Syria has been arrested by Turkish authorities.  Yumasak smuggled would-be terrorists into Syria and smuggled out ISIS sex slaves who were captured in battle.  According to a report in the British Daily Mail:   11 people, including Yumuşak, have already been charged in connection with that attack, according to Turkish newspaper Hürriyet.  Investigating officers using wiretaps to investigate the case are said to have caught Yumuşak arranging for vulnerable Syrian refugee women to have sex with ‘customers’, even going as far as to make personal recommendations, saying: ‘the 16-year-old one is terrific’.  It’s bad enough that ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria are killing Christians and driving Syrian refugees from their homes. Now, we learn that Islamists are using this terrorist tragedy to sell girls into slavery as prostitutes.




If President Obama, who has warned ICE agents of consequences if they do their job, had a son, he might look like Jamiel Shaw Jr., a young African-American killed by an illegal alien who shouldn't have been here.  Shaw was a Los Angeles high school star dreaming of a good life ahead when he was gunned down on March 2, 2008, while walking home. He was picked at random, police said, possibly as part of a gang loyalty test for the illegal alien who shot him.  Charged with the crime was Pedro Espinoza, who'd been released just hours earlier from Los Angeles County Jail where he spent four months for brandishing a firearm and resisting arrest. Espinoza is an illegal alien.  Some will say, well, that was on President George W. Bush's watch. True, but it also occurred in Los Angeles, a sanctuary city where policy is not to cooperate with federal authorities on enforcing immigration laws or aid in deporting illegal aliens.  The sanctuary policies that led to the murder of Shaw are now full-blown federal policies under Obama. "We're not in the business of deporting millions of people or of breaking up families," he says. We're also not in the business of deporting criminal illegal aliens.  More than 36,007 aliens with criminal records and 88,000 crimes on their rap sheets were released back onto American streets by the administration in 2013.  In a letter sent to Obama last August, Donald Rosenberg, a self-described "lifelong, very liberal Democrat," said his 25-year-old son Drew, run over and killed by an illegal in 2010, would still be alive if Washington consistently deported illegals who have conflicts with law enforcement.  On Wednesday, Jamiel Shaw Sr. gave moving testimony before a House Oversight and Government reform subcommittee hearing about the consequences of open borders, not deporting criminal illegal aliens and not enforcing existing immigration laws  "My son, Jamiel Shaw II, was murdered while walking on his own street, three houses down from his home. An illegal alien on his first gun charge was visiting a neighbor when my son was coming home," Shaw testified. "He shot my son in the stomach and then in the head, killing him."  Shaw then asked an obvious question: "Do black lives really matter? Or does it matter only if you are shot by a white person or white policeman?"    The grief voiced by Jamiel Shaw Sr. and Donald Rosenberg is shared by too many. If ICE follows Obama's illegal orders to not enforce existing immigration laws, other American families will suffer the consequences of his actions.


"If you can't admit the problem, you can't fix the problem," wrote a frustrated Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.). "We demand a leader who is going to spend less time criticizing America and more time hunting terrorists down and killing them."  Now, weeks after the House passed a bill to extend the funding for everything except the absorption of five million illegal immigrants, the Senate is still at a standstill.  A vote on the new DHS budget has been blocked four times by Democrats, who still think they can get away with blaming Republicans for the partial shutdown that may result. Not so fast, say GOP leaders. "That amnesty program has now been declared illegal by a federal court, and so Senate Democrats should look very closely at this opinion and decide if they are willing to jeopardize national security, which is both reckless and irresponsible in order to try to hold DHS funding hostage," said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).  Of course, the Left is playing to Americans' fears and suggesting that a brief shutdown would jeopardize U.S. security (which, ironically, is already jeopardized by this administration's political strategy). But the reality is, the majority of DHS employees (85%) would still be on the job as "essential employees." The Secret Service, Coast Guard, immigration services, and other key agencies would all be up and running regardless of what happens Friday. It's time for Congress to stop worrying about when it's funding DHS and start focusing on what it's funding there instead.  The mainstream media are no longer a news-gathering industry but an activist organization aligned with the Obama administration and the jihad force,” Geller said.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) joined Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and every Democrat in Congress to pass this sellout.  These “Republican leaders” did this after they promised in December to use the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) bill to defund the president's action.  The battle for the future of this country is no longer a fight between Republicans and Democrats; it's a fight between the political establishment in DC and all of us.   In the House, 167 Republicans (68%) opposed it, and in the Senate, 31 Republicans (57%) opposed it. It's a reversal from December when a majority of Republicans supported the cromnibus spending bill that also funded amnesty.  This is a big shift and it would not have happened without all of the petitions signed and calls made by people like you across the country.   Click here to see how your senators voted.   CALL SENATE REPUBLICANS   Senate Republicans need to hear from us on this issue. They think the debate is over and they expect Americans to forget and move on.   The senators who voted to fund the president's amnesty need to know we're disappointed. They need to know that there are consequences for betraying their principles. Likewise, those who voted against it need to know we're grateful.    And every Republican needs to know that we're disappointed in Senator McConnell's failure to stand up to the president.   Here's a printable list of senators with phone numbers.   It's time to build a new Republican Party. It's time to support principled conservatives in key races across the country, and it's time to support conservative primary challengers against liberal incumbents who have lost their way.  This is what SCF was created to do and it's needed now more than ever.  Thank you for standing strong for freedom and thank you for being part of SCF's effort to change Washington. Please don't get discouraged. We're making progress and this country is worth fighting for.

"I believe this is a sad day for America," Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) lamented. "If we aren't going to fight now, when are we going to fight?"  Like us, many of them are probably wondering: why give control to Republicans if all they're going to do is babysit the country's demise? In the end, this is about a lot more than immigration. It's about every issue (marriage, health care, abortion, national security, gun rights) where President Obama has substituted his personal agenda for the rule of law.  Speaker Boehner insists the courts can handle the amnesty issue. But considering the courts' recent track record, who in their right minds would trust them to? The founders designed Congress to be an executive branch check for a reason. And if Republicans can't muster the courage to stand now, when will they?



The first was published by the Washington Times and explains how the federal government can throw away $1 trillion a year in taxpayer money.  The second was published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and describes how some federal agencies bemoan the fact that they have to ask Congress for more money every year and aren't permitted to set their own budget. 




Taxpayers:  (Obama feels the pain of the struggling and the poor…)  Judicial Watch has compiled a list of vacations, fundraisers and other presidential trips and their accompanying expenses. A rough tally of this incomplete list comes to a minimum of $33,441,728.23.  CBS White House Reporter Mark Knoller, the unofficial presidential record keeper, calculates the president took 22 vacation trips spanning all or part of 160 days. The Washington Examiner Secrets adjusted those numbers to 38 by including “separate trips by the first lady and their daughters, Sasha and Malia, as well as quick trips like their May 30, 2009 date night to New York City and last year’s trip to New York to attend the wedding of former personal chef Sam Kass. What’s more, White House reporters told Secrets that some trips by the first lady and daughters are kept secret from the media, so a full accounting is difficult.”




“The government could have imported as ‘refugees’ the very people who could carry out a jihad attack at the Mall of America,” he said. “The duplicity is as astounding as the indifference of the Republicans and the mainstream media.”  Problems assimilating

Minnesota now has the largest population of Somali-Americans, estimated at from 50,000 to 80,000, concentrated mostly in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The Somali community has had problems integrating into the mainstream of American society. They have called for foot baths at colleges, demanded halal foods at schools, hospitals and prisons, and filed lawsuits against employers who don’t accommodate their special needs related to dress codes or prayer times.



Democrap Made Terror Spike:  If anything pulls back the curtain on this administration's mindset, this is it. While hundreds of thousands of Christians and religious minorities flee their homes, or worse, lose their lives, the chief diplomat of the United States (John Kerry) is talking about global warming (on one of the coldest days of the year!). With people being marked for extinction, exactly who is Kerry saving the earth for?



On FOX News’ The Kelly File  on Thursday, host Megyn Kelly played an eerily prophetic, timely, and applicable video from George W. Bush in 2007 warning about the consequences of pulling out of Iraq too early (WATCH VIDEO BELOW).
Bush was roundly criticized for the comments at the time, but
considering the horrific events in the Middle East excalating while Obama works on lowering his golf handicap, Bush’s words have even deeper impact.   “America was fighting the Iraq War; President Bush had just ordered U.S. troops to surge in Iraq, and critics were demanding that the U.S. withdraw the troops, when President Bush issued this frighteningly accurate, as it turns out, assessment of what would happen if we did that,” Kelly said introducing the short video clip.   Here’s former President George W. Bush’s prophetic warning from July 12, 2007 about pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq too early (emphasis added):   “I know some in Washington would like us to start leaving Iraq now. To begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we’re ready would be dangerous, for Iraq, for the region, and for the United States.   It would mean surrendering the future of Iraq to al Qaeda. It would mean that we would be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. It would mean we would allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in Iraq to replace the one they lost in Afghanistan.   It would mean increasing the probability that American troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous.”  And how did current President Barack Obama refer to this new enemy, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or as he likes to more politicially-correct term, ISIL? The organization of Muslim Brotherhood related Islamic terrorists who are beheading our reporters and have taken over large areas of the Middle East?




In granting the injunction to the 26 states, led by Texas, that brought the lawsuit, the ruling made clear that the DHS memorandum signed by Johnson was unconstitutional.  DHS does not have the authority to defer the deportation of more than 4 million foreigners who entered the U.S. illegally or overstayed their visas, the judge said.  “The DHS was not given any ‘discretion by law’ to give 4.3 million removable aliens what the DHS itself labels as ‘legal presence,’” Hanen concluded.  Obama himself has stated repeatedly that he does not have the authority to do what he did.  House Speaker John Boehner has listed online 22 times when Obama has made such statements.  WND also reported earlier when yet another federal judge, in Pennsylvania, declared the amnesty unconstitutional.  “President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause and, therefore, is unconstitutional,” said U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Schwab.




Cuccinelli said Republican leaders need to apply a lesson parents learned long ago.  “The rules for how to deal with this are very similar to your two-year-old. If you tell them that they can’t have candy if they misbehave and they misbehave and you give them candy, what happens? Well, for any of us who have had a two-year-old, we all know what happens,” said Cuccinelli, a father of seven.  “It’s not that complicated,” he said. “The defund language should stay in the DHS bill. You need a must-pass bill. They should pass the bill. If Democrats filibuster it, that’s on the Democrats. They should go out and say the Democrats have shut down the Department of Homeland security.  “[Republicans} say, ‘Oh, but we never win that fight.’ Well, good news. Eighty or 85 percent of all the personnel in the Department of Homeland Security are labeled necessary, ESSENTIAL folks. So they’re not going anywhere. Get rid of the filibuster rule if necessary for the next 2 years.  “You’re only talking about shutting down 15-20 percent of that department. We’re not going to lose Border Patrol. We’re not going to lose protection. All those things are going to continue on, but Democrats are going to have held this up. If you’re the House Republicans and you send over a bill that doesn’t defund amnesty, you have to reject it.”  In the end, Cuccinelli said, it all comes back to leading with principles and conviction.  “They need to stand up and fight for what they campaigned on,” he said. “What the American people thought they campaigned on was ending executive amnesty and restoring the rule of law.”  Cuccinelli said the Senate Conservatives Fund does not decide whether to seek conservative challengers to sitting members based on individual votes, but he said this and other votes will be watched very carefully.





Obama railed against Wall Street for giving "bad advice" that costs American families billions a year. but what about his bad policies that have cost them far more?  The president used his precious radio time to lash out at financial advisers for mistakes he claims cost Americans $17 billion a year.  we did a little number-crunching of our own recently and concluded that the hyper-regulation and poor economic incentives embodied in Obamanomics have cost the U.S. economy close to $1.7 trillion of GDP annually.  Obama's remarks this weekend are another case of talking about "middle-class families," but not noting his own policies are largely to blame for their malaise.  After the financial crisis, Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress pushed through Dodd-Frank, which papered over the government's role in the meltdown and blamed it all on Wall Street "greed" — a patent, but politically useful, falsehood (LIE).  we hope average Americans will stop believing the mistruths pushed by liberal politicians and their media allies and demand pro-growth policies based on low taxes, few regulations, stable money and free trade — the one policy mix that always works.


Who will bail out the bankrupt USA?  The problem with socialism, Margaret Thatcher once noted, is you eventually run out of other people's money.  The steady financial decline of the nation's third-largest city prompted us recently to say that Chicago was well on its way to becoming the next Detroit.  In other words, it's another bankrupt monument to the perils of Democrat governance: a one-party town in one of the bluest states, whose mayor, former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, learned financial “discipline” at the feet of Barack Obama.  A large part of Chicago's problem is that the game of maintaining campaign armies by overpromising and underfunding pensions is over. Emanuel can expect little help from Illinois' new Republican governor, Bruce Rauner, who is trying to fix similar problems at the state level.  Chicago may soon be forced to go to Washington for a bailout similar to New York City's 1975 rescue.

When a federal court held that the charges against Salvi were spurious, the FEC's losing lawyer was Lerner.   Lerner's name now has an indelible Nixonian stain, but there probably will be no prosecution. If the administration's stonewalling continues as the statute of limitations' clock ticks, Roskam says, "She will get away with it."   The Justice Department's investigation, which was entrusted to a political appointee who was a generous contributor to Barack Obama's campaign, is a stone in the stone wall.  "The National Treasury Employees Union," she says, "provides no protection to IRS employees that federal statutes and the civil service system do not already provide. It already takes an act of God to hold an IRS employee accountable for his or her actions."   But it is worse than merely redundant for IRS employees to belong to the NTEU. Because it adds nothing to its members' protections, it is a purely political organization.  "In 2014, fully 95% of its contributions went to Democrats, including 11 Democratic members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. So, the IRS employees' union dues finance the election of people who are supposed to scrutinize IRS' behavior."  On Wednesday. the Supreme Court heard oral arguments about whether the IRS' lawlessness has extended to its role in implementing the Affordable Care Act.


those sites Google says print truth would come up first in user searches, while those sites Google thinks stray too often from the truth would be buried on a later page.  The Washington Post further declared, “Google long ago went from being a mere directory of the Internet to a shaper of online reality, helping determine what we see and how,” based on former Psychology Today editor Robert Epstein’s research, which revealed search engines have the power to profoundly impact elections and voters, even without them realizing it.  RedState’s Ben Howe, furthermore, has documented Google is not only deeply involved with the Democrat Party in the U.S., but its chairman, Eric Schmidt, was also the Obama campaign’s go-to tech man in the 2012 election.  “We know that Obama campaign manager Jim Messina received personal mentoring on both technology approaches and management style from Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, his friend since the 2008 campaign,” Howe reported. “We know that Google employees overwhelmingly contributed to Democrats in the last cycle (and aggregate individual employee contributions outnumbered the company’s PAC contributions).


President Ben Carson!  Spreading a message about cultivating opportunity rather than dependency .  In his other responses, he said of the ISIS terrorist group that he would “destroy them first” and not tie the military’s hands in doing so.



Dr. Ben Carson told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Tuesday that being gay is a choice, an example being straight people who emerge from prison as homosexuals.



(Tolerance for perverts & deviants only, coming your way soon.)  At Planet Fitness, Yvette Cormier wanted to shape up -- and instead, she got shipped out! The customer of a Michigan branch found out the hard way that if she wants to exercise her rights to privacy and free speech, she'll have to find another gym.  Imagine her surprise, Yvette told gym management, when she walked into the women's locker room and saw "a man" standing there.  "Freaked out," she complained to the branch, who said the man identifies as a woman and had every right to use the facility of his choice. Stunned, Cormier contacted Planet Fitness's corporate office -- where she heard more of the same. According to the company's PR director, "Planet Fitness is committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members. Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity."  The gym, she was told, is a "no judgment zone" -- but apparently not for everyone. When Yvette started warning women about the policy, Planet Fitness revoked her membership.




Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came in second, with 21.4 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz came in third in the contest with 11.5 percent, followed by retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 11.4 percent and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with 8.3 percent.



Eighty years ago, the Nazis behaved much in the same way that ISIS is behaving today.  Whoever burns books will burn men. ISIS is doing both. The Nazis did both. When the Muslim Brotherhood first appeared in Egypt in 1928, it was inspired by the Nazi movement in Germany. They may not have been linked formally, but the Muslim Brotherhood studied and admired the way the Nazis penetrated all elements of government, church, and civil societies. Most importantly, they shared the Nazi's anti-Semitism.

In fact, the first man to envision flaming towers collapsing in Manhattan was not Osama bin Laden, but Adolf Hitler. He worked on plans to launch bombers against New York City, which he regarded as the capital of the Jewish world conspiracy. Both terrorists sought the same ends. And unless our President wakes up, we need only to look to history to see what's to come.



We’re going to see persecution in this country because our president is very sympathetic to Islam, and the reason I say that … is because his father was a Muslim, gave him a Muslim name, Barack Hussein Obama,” Graham said in an interview on “The 700 Club” on the Christian Broadcasting Network.  “His mother married another Muslim man. They moved to Indonesia. He went to Indonesian schools. So, growing up, his frame of reference and his influence as a young man was Islam. It wasn’t Christianity; it was Islam.”



Netanyahu: Obama plan 'path to bomb'   Israeli leader blasts 'very bad' deal with Iran.  The prime minster warned the deal Obama is prepared to offer is so weak it would virtually guarantee that Iran acquires nuclear weapons, and, “We don’t have to bet the security of the world on the hope Iran will change for the better.”  to yet another roaring standing ovation, the Israeli leader thundered, “If Iran wants to be treated like a normal country, let it act like a normal country.”  Netanyahu said any deal must do three things:  Stop Iran’s aggression against neighbors in the Mideast;  Stop Iran’s support of terrorism around the world; and  Stop Iran from “threatening to annihilate my country, Israel, the one and only Jewish state.”   The prime minister also warned, “Iran is not a Jewish problem any more than the Nazis were. Iran regime poses a great threat not just to Israel, but the entire world.”



“This was leadership in full force. Benjamin Netanyahu was everything Barack Obama is not. Everything,” added Limbaugh.

Benjamin Netanyahu, a perfect example of a foreigner coming here to do the jobs Americans won’t do.  In this case, behaving like a president, which is exactly what he did.”  “Benjamin Netanyahu came to the United States today in a desperate plea for the world to focus, to get serious and take notice of what is happening.”  “This highlights the hubris and arrogance of Obama, that speeches and words can tame tyrants.  “Well, after six years of Obama’s speeches and persuasion and ego and arrogance, the world is on fire. It is less safe than when Obama arrived on the scene.   About 60 Democrats skipped the speech, and those who did attend often declined to join the many standings ovations given the prime minister.  But praise from the right for the Israeli prime minister was overwhelming.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., lauded Netanyahu and blasted Obama.  “Despite the shameful politicization by the White House of this incredibly important address, the prime minister provided important insight as to why all peaceful nations, not just Israel and the United States, should be extremely concerned by Iran’s nuclear pursuit,” he said.  “For months,  Obama has continued to cave to Iran, lifting numerous sanctions and weakening the terms of a potential nuclear agreement.  Iran expert Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy told WND that Netanyahu made an important distinction between America’s founding documents guaranteeing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and the Iranian constitution, which calls for death, jihad and the spread of revolution.  “I was struck by Bibi’s understanding it’s not just about the nuclear weapons but also the full scope of Iran’s support of terror, regional aggression, and the ‘gobbling up of countries’ around the Persian Gulf,” she said.   “It is disturbing that Obama met with Muslim leaders with ties to the radical terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood, but refuses to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu.



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during his Tuesday address to a joint session of Congress, presented His proposal, and it's a very sound one, is that the sunset provision doesn't kick in unless Iran does three things — it has to stop being the world's greatest exporter of terrorism, it has to stop bullying neighboring countries like Syria and Lebanon, and it has to stop calling for the destruction of Israel.   "When the president sent David Cameron, the prime minister of England, into the Senate to lobby the Senate in favor of not having increased sanctions, he was thrilled with having a prime minister talk to the Senate," Dershowitz said.  Members of both political parties could be seen nodding in agreement with Netanyahu during his 40-minute speech, said Dershowitz, who was in attendance.  "Congress seems to agree with him on the merits, not because of who he is, but because his arguments are more persuasive than Obama’s," he said.


Netanyahu may get more help from Saudi Arabia than Obama & his Democraps;  Sunni states, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates


"Would Iran be less aggressive when sanctions are removed and its economy is stronger? ...Would Iran fund less terrorism when it has mountains of cash with which to fund more terrorism?" While 50 members of the President's party sat out the speech, the Prime Minister called America to sit out something far more important: a deal of international appeasement.

"Standing up to Iran isn't easy," he said soberly. "Standing up to dark murderous regimes never is." Unfortunately for America, our President is more comfortable ignoring evil than confronting it. "Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand," the Prime Minister vowed. We pray, along with millions of Christians and Jews around the world, that America will stand with them.



even the shaky stalemate proposed by the agreement rests on the assumption that Tehran won’t follow North Korea’s path to breakout status by cheating on the agreement and then abrogating the deal when it no longer suits the regime.  At the same time the price for Obama’s peace comes pretty high. Tehran demands significant and immediate sanctions relief. That means more money for a corrupt regime with one of the world’s worst human records to perpetuate strangled hold over the people of Iran.  Obama’s deal also means more money for Tehran to prop-up the likes of Hezbollah, Assad, Hamas, the Houthi rebels in Yemen and murderous unaccountable Shia militias in Iraq (which are as big a threat to the future of the country as ISIS). As one of the world’s premier state-sponsors of terrorism, enabling and emboldening Iran’s efforts to reshape the region by force of arms and slaughtering innocents doesn’t make the prospects for peace in the region any brighter.  Jimmy Carter had one of the worst foreign and defense policy records of any modern president. But, at least he cut one good deal. The speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu before a joint session of Congress makes clear President Obama can’t even match Carter’s level of competency.  The high point of Carter’s presidency took place a little over a year after he took office, brokering the Camp David Accord, a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. The deal endures to this day. It was realistic. Both sides wanted peace. Peace was what they got.




Untrustworthy, Lying,  Deceitful DemocrapsThe emails were made public Thursday by the Washington, D.C., legal watchdog group.  “These emails leave no doubt that Hillary Clinton’s closest advisers knew the truth about the Benghazi attack from almost the moment it happened,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.   “And it is inescapable that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knowingly lied when she planted the false story about ‘inflammatory’ material being posted on the Internet,’” Fitton said.  He said the “contempt for the public’s right to know is evidenced not only in these documents, but also in the fact that we had to file a lawsuit in federal court to obtain them.”

 “The Obama gang’s cover-up continues to unravel, despite its unlawful secrecy and continued slow-rolling of information,” Fitton said. “Congress, if it ever decides to do its job, cannot act soon enough to put Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills and every other official in these emails under oath.”  Fitton criticized the current House Select Committee investigation on Benghazi headed by Rep. Trey Gowdy, R- S.C.  “Never once has Gowdy or the House Select Committee asked Judicial Watch to turn over the many bombshell documents Judicial Watch has obtained from the Obama administration by FOIA request, “ Fitton told WND.




On leaving, the official must sign Form OF-109, a formal separation statement, certifying under penalty of law the departing official has "surrendered to responsible officials all unclassified documents and papers relating to the official business of the government acquired by me while in the employ of the (State) Department."  The employee does not get to determine what is classified or not, personal or not, and Clinton's assertion that she never emailed classified material is, as they say in court, irrelevant and immaterial.  If an employee violates the terms of the Form OF-109 she or he has signed, that act is punishable by Section 18 U.S.C. § 1001 of the criminal code, which makes it a crime to knowingly and willfully falsify or conceal facts made in statements to federal agencies concerning matters under their jurisdiction.  There's a warning in the official records management handbook that states: "Fines, imprisonment or both may be imposed for the willful and unlawful removal or destruction of records as stated in the U.S. Criminal Code." That is the law, and Clinton was sworn to uphold the law.  Remember, she decided on the day she was confirmed as secretary of state to conduct all her official government business using a personal email account on a private server. This was not a matter of "convenience" but of political expedience by someone who knew she was running for president from day one and sought to hide from public view any unflattering or politically damaging information.  If Clinton signed Form OF-109, she should be prosecuted. If she didn't, we need to know why not and who granted her that waiver. We don't need a felon running for president.

Back when Hillary was co-running the White House and prosecutors were looking into
Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate and other scandals involving the first lady, a million subpoenaed emails were conveniently "lost" thanks to a "glitch" in a West Wing computer server.  Contractors who found the massive archives hole testified they were threatened with jail if they disclosed the "lost" emails to the special prosecutor or Congress.  The email deep-sixing scheme, known as "Project X," went from August 1996 to November 1998. At the same time, Republicans were subpoenaing Chinagate-related emails and Ken Starr was subpoenaing Lewinsky emails. White House staff and contractors found that someone close to the first lady had basically turned off the White House's automated email archiving system.  Despite separate investigations and a federal lawsuit, high-level emails dealing with several scandals were never turned over. And the full scope of the Clintons' culpability in the parade of scandals was never known.  All told, an estimated 1 million emails went missing.   It turns out her top aides at State — Mills and Huma Abedin — also used personal email accounts. So any emails about the Benghazi cover-up wouldn't show up in government accounts.  Hillary also denied that any private emails contained classified information, a felony for which former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus is now being prosecuted.  How do we know? Trust me, Hillary says.  Subpoena Mills and Abedin.


A culture of non-transparency and corruption doesn't stop with Hillary Clinton, but in fact can be found in nearly every major federal government agency the Obama administration has turned into a political tool to unilaterally change policy over the past six years.The questions now are 1) Will anyone be held accountable for breaking federal records laws? 2) Will the culture change?   The email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton's time at the State Department is only getting worse, with new revelations she set up a "home brew" email server at her house and went around federal records laws by conducting all of her official State Department business through a personal email account.   "The use of non-official e-mail accounts to conduct official business implicates federal records requirements. Use of a non-official e-mail account to conduct government business raises the prospect that records -- as defined by the Federal Records Act -- are not captured by official government e-mail archiving systems. It also creates difficulties in fulfilling the IRS' obligations under the Freedom of Information Act and other litigation requests. use of non-official e-mail account also frustrates congressional oversight obligations."

Had Richard Nixon burned his tapes, he would have survived Watergate. Sure, there would have been a major firestorm, but no smoking gun. Hillary Rodham was a young staffer on the House Judiciary Committee investigating Nixon. She saw. She learned.  Today you don't burn tapes. You delete emails. Hillary Clinton deleted 30,000, dismissing their destruction with the brilliantly casual:  "I didn't see any reason to keep them."   William Safire wrote in 1996, "Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our first lady ... is a congenital liar"   Her answers are farcical. Everyone knows she kept the email private for purposes of concealment and, above all, control. For other State Department employees, their emails belong to the government. The records officers decide to return to you what's personal. For Hillary Clinton, she decides.  The point of regulations is to ensure government transparency. The point of owning the server is to ensure opacity. Because she holds the emails, all document requests by Congress, by subpoena, by Freedom of Information Act inquiries have ultimately to go through her lawyers, who will stonewall until the end of time — or Election Day 2016, whichever comes first.   Moreover, around April 1, the Clinton apologists will begin dismissing the whole story as "old news."  But even if nothing further is found, the damage is done. After all, what is Hillary running on? Her experience and record, say her supporters. What record? She's had three major jobs.  Secretary of state: Can you name a single achievement in four years? (Benghazi, Russian reset?)  U.S. senator: Can you name a single achievement in eight years?  First lady: her one achievement in eight years? HillaryCare, a shipwreck.  In reality, Hillary Clinton is running on two things: gender and name.  What you're feeling now is Early Onset Clinton Fatigue.

Former Clinton Ambassador to Kenya, Scott Gration went on CNN Sunday to talk about what he thinks is a double standard in regards to the recent Clinton email scandal.  Gration thinks that it is a double standard for his firing in 2012 for using a personal e-mail account while under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who was doing the same thing it turns out.


(If only Nixon could have gotten away with this kind of deceit, corruption and cover up..)  "Conveniently, all the 'personal' emails that she deemed personal have been deleted — and she will not give the government access to her server.  "Not only to her judgment as secretary of state at the time, but her judgment as a would-be president: the fact that she exercised such poor judgment and control.  "This disqualifies her as a viable candidate," Blakeman said. "The problem for Democrats is that they've put all their eggs in one basket with her — and right now, that's all they've got."


The former secretary of state conducted business using the email address hdr22@clintonemail.com instead of an official government-issued account.  During her news conference today, Clinton said that she would make 30,000 of her work-related emails public. However, she conceded that thousands were deleted, as she felt they were of a personal nature.




Greece is expected to go broke this month.  Kammenos said: “If Europe leaves us in the crisis, we will flood it with migrants, and it will be even worse for Berlin if in that wave of millions of economic migrants there will be some jihadists of the Islamic State, too.”  European Union finance chiefs are currently debating whether to continue a bailout plan, with Germany a deciding vote.

“If they strike us, we will strike them,” the official said. “We will give to migrants from everywhere the documents they need to travel in the Schengen area, so that the human wave could go straight to Berlin.” The Schengen area is passport-free.

Only Britain would be spared the threat, if carried out, as it has retained its border controls.




the president is firmly committed to unbridled lawlessness. Making trades with terrorists, refusing to secure the border from invaders, unilaterally issuing executive orders to mandate his will like an absolutist monarch- all of these things have happened recently.  Is it really too hard to believe that the transition of power may not go smoothly in these dark times for our republic?




In a 2013 memo to his fellow Senators urging opposition to flooding the legal workforce with millions of new workers, the senator from Alabama argues that Republicans will win elections if they can appeal to “working Americans of all backgrounds,” pointing out that, “Low-income Americans will be hardest hit.”  Sessions’ message of conservative populism, putting the needs and concerns of the people who have become increasingly alienated from their own government, must be heeded.  This does not mean that Republicans should step away from pushing for lower taxes and limited government, but to the contrary, they should make the forceful case that the bigger the government, the more it becomes the tool of those wealthy enough to manipulate it to their own ends.




On September 11, 1972, Cronkite cited scientists’ predictions that there was a “new ice age” coming. He called that prediction from British scientist Hubert Lamb “a bit of bad news.”  The late Cronkite is considered a “legendary journalist” and a pioneer in the field, which is why Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot, said this footage was so important. Morano is a former staff member of U.S. Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and producer of the upcoming global warming documentary Climate Hustle, set for release later in 2015.  "Global warming activists have claimed for years that the 1970s global cooling scare never existed. They have tried to erase the inconvenient history which ironically blamed extreme weather like tornadoes, droughts, record cold and blizzards on global cooling,” said Morano.  Morano told MRC Business, “But now -- unearthed from bowels of media archives -- comes none other than Walter Cronkite reporting on fears of a coming ice age in 1972. Having Cronkite's image and face discussing global cooling fears reveals the fickleness of the climate change claims.”  “Climate fear promoters switched effortlessly from global cooling fears in the 1970s to global warming fears in the 1980s. In the present day, the phrase 'global warming' has lost favor in favor of 'climate change' or 'global climate disruption' or even 'global weirding,’ Morano added. “'Settled science' has never seemed so unsettled.”




Much of this climate change is driven by variations of Earth's orbit around the Sun with characteristic frequencies known as Milankovitch cycles."  Milankovitch cycles are fluctuations which occur in Earth's orbit every 20,000, 40,000 and 100,000 years, which bring about an ice age every 100,000 years or so.




In fact, gun rights advocates and law enforcement agencies contacted by WND say they have been unable to document a single incident in which a police officer has been taken down by a criminal using an AR-15 handgun in the 20 years since this particular round, the M855 ball, has been exempted from the federal ban on armor-piercing bullets. It was exempted based on its use for sporting purposes.  “We have not been able to find a single instance where a police officer has been shot from this type of handgun using a bullet that pierces his soft-body armor, and if the administration had any examples you know they would be pushing it in everybody’s face to further their executive action,” said Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation. “We’ve scoured everywhere, gone into every source possible to try to find an instance of this and have not been able to find one.”



"The timing is curious," he told reporters. The charges raised "suggestions to other Democrats if you dare part from [the] Obama White House that criminal prosecutions will be used potentially as a weapon against you as well."  After a Monday morning speech in New Hampshire, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham told Bloomberg Politics that the Menendez allegations did not sit right with him.  "All I can say is, they were leaked," Graham said. "He wasn't actually charged officially. They leaked the fact that he may be charged, is gonna be charged. I hate it when that happens for anybody. I like Bob. Like everybody else, he's innocent until proven guilty. He's been a champion on the Iranian nuclear issue. It just doesn't smell right."



There are lies, damned lies, and then there are Eric Holder's statistics.  But Holder will use his bogus stats to bully Ferguson into civil-rights "remedies," The Justice Department's research arm, the National Institute of Justice, explains that differences in traffic stops can simply be attributed to "differences in offending."  Duh. For another example, "Seat-belt usage is chronically lower among blacks," the NIJ says in a 2013 study. "If a law enforcement agency aggressively enforces violations, police will stop more black drivers."  It adds that three out of every four black drivers say "police had a legitimate reason for stopping them."  federal data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that blacks violate traffic laws at higher rates than whites in every offense, including driving with an invalid license.   The "emails" in question were not actually written by PD officials. They were the same chain emails that circulate the Internet anonymously, the equivalent of junk mail. You could not be a racist at all and find such offensive spam in your inbox.  Interestingly, Justice's 102-page report spends just two pages on the emails, none of which rises to a smoking-gun memo ordering cops to single out blacks, which is the report's insinuation. Instead, the report focuses on unintentional discrimination based on "disparate impact" statistics.  And a footnote on page 77 kills Holder's whole case of "disparate impact" racism against the Ferguson PD. It remarks that disparities are worse throughout the state of Missouri, raising "considerable concerns about policing outside of Ferguson as well."

Muhammed said in Quran 51:20, "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks."  MUHAMMED TAUGHT BEHEADING DISBELIEVERS


The Quranic verse the president quotes — 5:32 — actually condones killing those who "murder" Muslims, "wage war against Allah" or spread "mischief in the land."  Mischief is defined as "treason against Allah," and the very next verse — 5:33 — calls for guilty infidels to be beheaded. Obama glosses over all of this in his version.  Here's the full text of the relevant verse (5:32), according to even the watered-down translation of the Quran approved and distributed by American Muslim groups, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations. 
Note the key section that Obama omits from his speeches:  "(I)f anyone slew a person — unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land — it would be as if he slew the whole people. And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them our Messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land."  The hammer comes down in the next verse, 5:33: "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: That is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the hereafter."  In the Quran's footnotes, widely respected translator Abdullah Yusuf Ali, who died in 1953, interpreted "mischief" as "treason against Allah." Ali defined "execution" as "cutting off of the head."  The clause starting with "unless" can be, and is, cited by IS jihadists to justify their atrocities, along with countless other violent injunctions in the Quran. And the penalties plainly prescribed by the Quran are precisely the ones they are carrying out against Christians and Jews they believe are "warring against Allah," and against Muslim "apostates" they've sentenced as traitors against Allah.  To be clear, Christians are not spared this brutal Islamic "justice." They are not among Obama's "innocent" any more than the Jews. Just 15 verses earlier, in 5:17, the Quran states: "In blasphemy indeed are those that say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary."  Later in the same chapter, or surah, the Quran instructs believers to take "life for life, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth, and (inflict) wounds equal for equal" while fighting Jews and Christians. "O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for your friends."  So the context is clear.



Barack Hussein Obama, has different concerns. He is obsessed with confiscating the guns of law-abiding Americans, yet seems unwilling to lift a finger to prevent Iran’s fanatical rulers from obtaining A-bombs. He reneged on America’s agreement with Poland to establish an anti-missile system there to reduce Iran’s ICBM threat to Europe and the U.S.  Mr. Obama was eager to give F-15 jets to the Islamist Egyptian Brotherhood government that toppled our and Israel’s long-time ally Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, but withdrew this offer the instant pro-American, anti-Islamist Egyptian military leaders toppled ruling Brotherhood Islamist radicals.  Mr. Obama has called Iranian nuclear weapons unacceptable, but he has never pledged to use “assertive disarmament” if Iran acquires such weapons. If he is serious, why is this not the declared, unchangeable American position in any negotiation with an Iran that claims to have no A-bomb ambitions?  Mr. Obama, however, reportedly in 2014 quietly threatened the Netanyahu government, warning that our Persian Gulf fleet would destroy any Israeli aircraft that attempted to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.  Obama has made little secret of his hatred for Mr. Netanyahu. Obama apparently fears that a strong, persuasive leader like Netanyahu might undermine his weak-kneed, submissive negotiations with Tehran.  Did Mr. Obama’s Muslim father or Indonesian Muslim step-father teach him the Islamic religious doctrines of

al-Taqiyya, idtirar, kitman, or hiyal – all of which hold that lying is moral if done to protect Muslims or advance Islam? Surely he recognizes, therefore, that no treaty with Iran’s doomsday Islamists can be trusted.  Or perhaps, given all his deceptions, President Obama secretly embraces al-Taqiyya far more than we know.


(Real Hope & Change!)  A 12-year-old middle-school student from Georgia is raising eyebrows as he’s scorching Barack Obama in an epic YouTube speech, accusing the president of having a “downright hatred for this nation.”  C.J. Pearson posted the video Saturday, seeking to “applaud Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his comments about President Barack Obama.”   “President Obama, You don’t love America. If you really did love America, you would call ISIS what it really is: an assault on Christianity, an assault on America and downright hate for the American values that our country holds – freedom of speech, freedom of religion and every single thing that our country stands for.”   The speech has already been viewed more than a half-million times on YouTube.  Pearson heads a group called “Young Georgians in Government.”  His Facebook page notes he is “committed to fighting for conservative principles and engaging young people in the political process.”

Does Obama love America?  FIRST, What is love?  (see below and clearly, NO the Democraps do NOT love America, they want to fundamentally transform & change America because they do NOT love it.)

1 Corinthians 13:4-5 (NIV)  Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.



The parts of American history that this president chooses to commemorate and what he says about them speaks volumes about his view of America and American history.  Obama’s America is not only unexceptional, it is perpetually and deeply racist, an overbearing world bully with no right to lecture the world about morality, democracy or freedom.  The bridge was named for Edmund Winston Pettus, a Confederate brigadier general, U.S. senator from Alabama and grand dragon of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan. He was a Democrat, as were the officeholders in the "solid South" of 1965.  We tend to forget it was Democrats who unleashed the dogs and turned fire hoses against civil rights marchers. It was Democrats who stood in the schoolhouse door and are still there by opposing school choice and trapping minority children in failing schools.  We forget that it was Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, a former "grand kleagle" in the Ku Klux Klan, who led a 62-day filibuster against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  We forget that the act would never have been possible without Republican leadership, that legislation was not only a personal victory for Illinois Republican Sen. Everett Dirksen, then minority leader, but Republicans in both the House and Senate who supported the measure in far greater percentages than Democrats.  Only six GOP senators voted against the act, compared with 21 Democrats.  Speaking at the Selma ceremony, President Obama rightly noted that there "are places and moments in America where this nation's destiny has been decided" and that many "are sites of war — Concord and Lexington, Appomattox and Gettysburg."  Except he never made it to the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, celebrated at a site just 65 miles from the White House built by slaves.  It was an address by the first Republican president to commemorate the battle that saved the Union and ended slavery, at the very high cost of 51,112 men's lives.  President Obama announced his presidential candidacy in 2007 near Lincoln's law office in Springfield, Ill. In 2009 and 2013, he took the oath of office using Lincoln's Bible.  Yet he couldn't make it to Gettysburg, where the long and difficult struggle towards true racial justice and equality really began. 

Gettysburg is where we as a nation apologized for slavery.


“Three C’s:” cash to pay for routine procedures, catastrophic coverage for “big-ticket items” and charity like the Zarephath Health Center.  Currently, the federal government provides free federal medical malpractice coverage for those working in free clinics through the Federal Tort Claims Act. However, Alieta Eck said she still struggles to find physicians who are willing to donate their time and believes they need an incentive to do so.  To fix that, Alieta Eck proposed the Volunteer Medical Professional Health Care Act to the New Jersey Legislature. The legislation would require the Garden State to provide medical malpractice protection to physicians’ private practices if they donate four hours a week to a non-government free clinic.




Corporate income can be fully taxed at the entity level (a corporate income tax) and then tax exempt when passed to shareholders as dividend income, or corporations could be given a deduction for dividends passed to their shareholders, who pay tax on the dividend income. Six OECD countries (Estonia, Slovak Republic, Finland, France, Luxembourg, and Turkey) have full or partial dividend exemptions.  Shareholders and corporations both pay tax on their income, but shareholders can acquire a credit to offset taxes the corporation has previously paid. Seven OECD countries (Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Korea, and United Kingdom) have full or partial credit imputation systems.  Integrating the corporate and individual income tax could ensure that corporate income is only taxed once and would increase the incentive to invest and reduce the incentive to avoid the second layer of tax. This would eliminate the current biases in the tax code and encourage investment and economic growth.  Source: Kyle Pomerleau, "Elimination Double Taxation through Corporate Integration," Tax Foundation, February 23, 2015.




after Hillary Clinton was defeated in the 2008 presidential campaign by inexperienced upstart Barack Obama, the age issue is returning to haunt Clinton, with headlines bluntly asking, “Is Hillary Clinton too old to be president?”  A plurality of Americans – even one in three Democrats – agrees that her age is a concern. She would be 70 during her first year in office.


100 Most Influential African-American Republicans. A caveat: not everyone on the list may be actually registered Republican. But these are individuals who have a public identity as Republican or ones who lean Republican.


the UFC audience on the Internet extends across the nation. Listen for yourself at urbanfamilytalk.com. (You can also download an app to listen on your mobile device.)Can I depend on you to partner with AFA in growing Urban Family Communications to reach more people with the Gospel?  There is no better time to promote Urban Family Communications than right now



Executive Producer Richard Botkin and Producer Fred Koster take a provocative look at the Vietnam War and the troops who fought it in the new documentary film, “Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph.” The movie portrays the inspirational story the media neglected – one of friendship, bravery, patriotism and sacrifice.  Botkin says, quite frankly, Americans have been duped.  “The men who served in Vietnam are every bit as great as their dads and uncles who served in World War II,” he told WND. “The reason they’re not called the Greatest Generation is because Vietnam’s generation had people like Hanio Jane Fonda out there muddying up the waters and John Kerry.    The film cast includes many Vietnamese refugees.  “For them, telling the story has become more than just a job. It really is something they passionately believe in,” Botkin said. “All of these people are strongly anti-communist. They’re passionate, because they’ve suffered at the hands of communists. Their families have been killed or brutally tortured. They risked a lot and paid a heavy price for their freedom. I have nothing but respect for them.”   http://www.1stcavmedic.com/jane_fonda.htm                http://www.26thmarines.org/janefonda.html  For the truth in Traitor Jane Fonda's crimes & disgusting behavior, read   Aid and Comfort,  by Henry and Erika Holzer.   http://www.wnd.com/2013/07/john-kerry-testimony-product-of-kgb-disinformation/              




Boondoggles: A solar-power project set to open next month in Nevada has fried 130 birds during tests and will soon join another solar farm in California in avian incinerationIf as many birds being burned by solar power farms built in the U.S. were to wash up on our beaches soaked in crude oil from a leaking offshore well, the outrage would be deafening.  But as with the wind turbines that now cover acre upon acre of former "pristine" countryside, what amount to avian Cuisinarts slicing and dicing everything that flies, including endangered species, only the crickets are chirping.   The environmentally conscious Obama administration has been issuing permits letting wind farms kill protected bald and golden eagles as long as they, like Tonopah and the Ivanpah Dry Lake projects, take steps to "mitigate" the slaughter. No such exemption has ever been extended to operators of oil rigs and tankers.  According to the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, U.S. taxpayers have shelled out $150 billion in loans and subsidies over the last five years financing grants, tax credits and lending for solar and other renewable energy projects. Yet the Energy Department reports that wind and solar still provide little more than 7% of the nation's energy.  The Institute for Energy Research reports that Ivanpah, which received $1.6 billion in taxpayer subsidies, is producing electricity at a rate of only 25% to 40% of original estimates and at a cost three times higher than traditional power sources.  Thanks to an efficient and profitable technology known as fracking, we are in the midst of an oil and natural gas boom without the need for heavy subsidies or loans.  Solar & wind energy should be forced to compete in the marketplace for both investment and customers. We're spending way too much money to fry birds.

http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-on-the-right/022015-740344-obama-has-lax-attitude-toward-the-law.htm#ixzz3St4PZ8nQ The Constitution's framers wrote the faithful execution clause because they remembered that King James II claimed and exercised the power to suspend laws passed by Parliament whenever he liked. James was forced to flee England in the Glorious Revolution of 1688, and in 1689 Parliament passed a Bill of Rights declaring "that the pretended power of suspending the laws or the execution of laws by regal authority without consent of Parliament is illegal."


Intolerance, Discrimination & Persecution:  That means the 70-year-old grandmother may lose not only her business, but also her home and savings because she lives her life and operates her business according to her beliefs.  Barronelle is standing firm, despite the 3-year battle against anti-Christian bigotry.   Also, We need to vote out the Govenor who appoints this evil judge; the attorney general also needs to be removed from office, vote your faith.   Donate & stand with your neighbor in faith and for freedom of religion:       http://www.gofundme.com/mz6zm4

Sign this petition too:   Show your support for Barronelle here!  Barronelle Stutzman needs to know fellow Christians are standing with her and praying for her.  If her freedom can be stripped away, so can yours.




The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges on April 28. The case centers not only on whether states can craft their own definitions of marriage but whether they must recognize same-sex marriage legally performed in other states.  The vast majority of court watchers expect the June decision to legalize gay marriage in at least the four states involved in Obergefell v. Hodges, if not the entire nation. In addition to the string of court wins for same-sex marriage advocates, there are four reliable liberal justices on the court, and Justice Kennedy has consistently written opinions that advance the cause.




JPMorgan has estimated that as much as 1.5 trillion euros ($1.7 trillion) of eurozone debt trades with negative yields in a growing number of countries, including Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.   Moreover, this isn't limited to the secondary market; some countries have issued debt at negative yields. The seemingly illogical willingness of investors to pay issuers to borrow their money is neither irrational nor driven by just noncommercial considerations (such as regulatory requirements or forced risk aversion).




The history of Native Americans prior to 1492, which included the taking of scalps of men in rival tribes while raping and enslaving the women and young boys, is ignored by the liberal culture. Despite the fact that slavery pre-existed Christianity by thousands of years, leftists blame the church for its existence in the Americas and Europe.  The left, whose ideology runs in the veins of Barack Obama, views Islam as the religion of the downtrodden and dispossessed. They believe that Islam is the faith of the victims of Western colonialism and capitalist exploitation. This allows leftists such as Obama to ignore Islam’s flagrant misogyny, anti-Semitism, and genocidal rage at those who refuse to submit to Islam. The hatred the left and Islam share for Western heritage supersedes all their differences.  It was therefore no surprise to me at all when President Barack Obama took to his podium at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this month and mentioned the defensive actions of the Crusades a thousand years ago to stop the expansion of Islamic terror in the Holy Land as being somehow equivalent to the horrid modern expansion of Islamic terror.  Yes, I said defensive action of the Crusades. Despite what is taught in modern European and American schools with a liberal agenda, the Crusades were initiated at the request of the Emperor of Constantinople to stop the expansion of Islam and the forced conversion and murder of the region’s majority Christian population. Syria, Egypt, and other majority Christian nations had already been conquered by Muslim armies, their people enslaved and their property stolen.

Muslim armies destroyed ancient Christian communities throughout the Middle East, attacked Christian pilgrims, and occupied various parts of Spain for 800 years. A Muslim army breached the walls of the Vatican and scattered the bones of St. Peter in 846, more than 200 years before the Crusades began in 1096.  So liberals teach that Christians went to the Middle East (which had been Christian for centuries before the first jihad) in an aggressive act against peaceful Muslims. Everyone also forgets that Islam slaughtered its way across Europe, occupying Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary from the 14th century to as late as the early 20th century.  Barack Obama’s history exists only in the liberal realm of thought, not in reality.  Obama then blamed Christians for slavery and Jim Crow in America, saying: “In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”  Of course, Obama did not mention the Underground Railroad, operated mostly by churches, that moved slaves out of the South into the North. Nor did he mention Abraham Lincoln’s dedication to our Lord and his belief that slavery was contrary to the Natural Order.  Christianized nations were the first in the world to abolish slavery, usually as in England, without violence or war. Slavery was not officially abolished in Saudi Arabia until 1962. In reality, slavery still exists to some extent in much of the Islamic world.  Obama could have copied his comparison of current Islamic terror to the Crusades directly from propaganda statements issued by al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. The United States is often referred to as the “Crusader nation” by Islamists.



The conservative movement cannot afford to be associated with race-card-playing apologists who refuse to cut their ties to terrorist sympathizers.”   WND Editor Joseph Farah wrote in a commentary several years ago, “There’s a growing awareness among real conservatives who would like to see Norquist toppled from his position of power in Washington just as much as those on the left. Count me among those in that group.”  He continued, “Grover Norquist is NOT a conservative true believer




Are we morally significant beings with intrinsic value?  Do we believe that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”?  Or, are we simply the chance combination of chemicals thrown together over eons in an impersonal universe? Are we nothing but animals whose love and morality are products of random evolutionary processes — and thus have no objective reality?  Legalizing assisted suicide is essentially treating people either like animals or, worse, like things.




NASA estimates a direct hit to Earth from one of these enormous flares would have a catastrophic, cascading impact on the nation’s critical infrastructures over a very wide geographical area.  In the first year alone, NASA estimates, such a disaster could cost just the U.S. upward of $2 trillion. It also would take from four to 10 years to recover – if that even would be possible – and affect the lives of some 160 million people, threatening starvation and death.  Some EMP experts say that such a catastrophic event could wipe out America’s urban centers, due to their total dependency on critical infrastructures for electricity, communications, food and water delivery, oil and gas, transportation, automated banking and financial institutions, and even emergency services.   The experts say grocery stores, for example, would have their shelves cleared in a matter of hours due to the panic that would sweep the population. Normally, grocery stores carry a maximum of three days of products before being restocked. However, restocking would come to a halt due to the inability of trucks to function, with fueling stations unable to pump the fuel needed to run the vehicles.




the science responsible for space flight, curing diseases, making new inventions—we perform repeatable experiments to test some hypothesis. If the experiment confirms the hypothesis, then the hypothesis is capable of being a theory or maybe becoming a law. From these theories and laws, we can make predictions about the future.  So when making claims about the past, evolutionists must 1) assume initial conditions in the process of defining a hypothesis, and 2) rely on experiments that have already played out in history (and so can’t be repeated); only the results can be repeatedly measured.  Chad gave the specific example of the big bang: “Scientists have guessed the prerequisite conditions for the supposed big bang. These initial conditions are assumed to be true, but they are not actually known because the hypothetical event was not observed by anyone. Furthermore, one of the primary evidences used to support this secular hypothesis is the presence of cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR). A further hypothesis is that CMBR is the result of the big bang. The only way to experimentally test this hypothesis would be to restart the universe and measure any resultant cosmic background radiation. This is not possible. So, all they can do is to measure the currently existing cosmic background radiation, which does not test the hypothesis.” Also, if CMBR is the afterglow of the big bang, it should be coming from distant regions in space, so should cast shadows in its journey to us—but these shadows are missing.Chad continued: “Those who deal in the historical sciences desire the authority of having used the scientific method, so they modify the process. In reality they are peddling a false worldview about history disguised as science and claimed as fact. I think that this is why the scientific method is not taught to most students anymore. Although students all act like they know the scientific method, when pinned down, most can’t actually differentiate between hypothesis, theory, law, or fact. It is no wonder they don’t distinguish between repeatable science and claims about history.”




Intolerance, Discrimination & PersecutionI said I would feel the same way if this was an abortion parade. I would feel the same way if it was a marijuana parade."  Not once did he refuse to work the parade -- yet in the middle of working out a compromise with his boss, he was suspended. The move absolutely blind-sided him. Shocked, the dad of four went home and told his family what happened. In typical P.C. fashion, Chief Chris Burbank spun the controversy as a story of prejudice and bias. "It has nothing to do with religious freedom -- that has to do with the hatred of those individuals and what the parade stands for, which is about unity and coming together," he told local reporters. Obviously, the chief is too busy policing people's views to protect them. As a Mormon -- whose church recently threw its support behind the very ordinances that make this kind of persecution possible -- Eric wants to turn his oppression into an opportunity.   In an interview with Deseret News, Moutsos said his story should be a warning to every American who thinks same-sex "marriage" and homosexuality won't affect them. "We can 100 percent disagree and still 100 percent love. I hate that we're labeled in this way that is so divisive." Although Moutsos found a job with another police agency, he thinks his most important work is protecting religious liberty. He hasn't been asked to testify to lawmakers, but he'd like to.



little by little your Freedoms are taken:  Olive said he had heard that City Commissioner Andy Amoroso, who owns a newsstand and gay-pornography shop in Lake Worth, was telling people Olive and his church were “anti-gay,” a charge Olive denied and attempted to address personally with Amoroso.   Olive said Amoroso told him, “You better not have a church there. That better not be a church,” referring to the coffee bar.   It was after that exchange the code-compliance officer was sent to observe the service – based on an “anonymous complaint,” according to William Waters, who oversees the Code-Compliance Department.   “All I know is they’re a coffee shop that’s holding church services, and they cannot hold church services,” Amoroso told the Tribune.  City officials have circled the wagons on the issue.  The city has threatened Common Ground’s landlord with daily fines up to $500 and foreclosure if the “violation” is not corrected by the landlord making the church get a “business license” to meet for worship.  “It’s brand new,” pastor Joan Abell of the First Presbyterian Church told the Tribune. “We’ve been there 99 years, and we’ve never had to have a license.”  The city employee refused to accept the church’s documentation.   Pastor Olive isn’t buying it, and he’s prepared to fight it in court with the help of Liberty Counsel, based in Orlando.   “It’s unconstitutional,” said Olive. “They can’t deny us a right to practice our religion in the city.”  “The city’s actions are completely baseless,” said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel.  “Lake Worth’s city ordinances specifically exempt churches and charitable organizations from needing a business license; state and federal law require local land use decisions to give equal treatment to secular and sacred assemblies; and the Free Exercise clause forbids government from prohibiting religious meetings. The coffee shop in which Common Ground Church meets has a business license, just as did the previous secular owner who hosted bands and similar gatherings.  “Government employees are public servants and prohibited by the Constitution from inhibiting religious freedom. That is a far cry from sneaking around and into a church and acting like KGB agents,” said Staver.




In February 2015, geologists Tracy Thomson and Mary Droser, in an article published online by the journal Geology, released graphic evidence for the reality of Noah’s Flood.Swim tracks are found all over the world, including dinosaur tracks in northern Spain, which consist of claw marks made on the sand surface as the animal was on tip-toes trying to move through deep flowing water.  Famous dinosaur trackways in Lark Quarry, Queensland, (assigned to the mid-Cretaceous) have been re-interpreted as having formed underwater, with the water levels fluctuating rapidly (figure 2).3  Continue Reading on creation.com




The Constitution defers to the states on voting eligibility in federal elections. As is plainly written in Article I, Section 2: “the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature.”

As a result, voting eligibility varied by state. Certain states denied blacks the right to vote—but a majority did not. And—here comes the whopper—women were voting in New Jersey at the time of the Founding! For the first time in recorded history, women voted alongside men in elections. And it happened right here in America—the first country in the world dedicated to the proposition that all men and women are created equal.  The 19th Amendment, therefore, did not give women the right to vote. It guaranteed women the right to vote. By the time it was ratified in 1920, more than three-fourths of the states already allowed women to vote in some or all elections. Ultimately, the seeds of women’s suffrage were sown in the Declaration of Independence’s dedication to equality.




with more than 30 Democrats vowing to boycott Netanyahu’s speech because of a breech in “protocol,” is alarming. The Democrats won’t show, they said, because Netanyahu arranged the speech with House Speaker John Boehner, bypassing Obama.  Netanyahu will use the speech to push for stronger terms in a nuclear arms deal that the U.S. and other world powers are negotiated with Iran.  “It is a tragic day in the history of this once-great nation that (Obama) a sitting president and (Democraps) members of Congress would join the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, global boycott movement and refuse to attend an address by America’s ally and steadfast friend, Israel,” Cardoza-Moore told WND. “God warned the prophet Obadiah that in the latter days He would wipe out the descendants of Edom because they stood by while their brother Jacob was held in captivity and did nothing.  “Likewise, Esther was also warned that if she remained silent, relief would come for the Jews from another place, but she and her family would perish,” Cardoza-Moore said.   “The key to the Jews’ survival from the evil Persian Empire vowing their extermination was Mordecai’s and Esther’s determination to ‘break protocol’ in making their case before the government,” Biltz said.   Could Congress be Israel’s modern-day Esther? Is Netanyahu, a modern-day Mordecai, pleading with America’s legislative body, the one that most directly represents the American people, to intervene in the situation by asking the “king” to foil the scheme of the ant-Semitic Haman, who in this case is the Iranian regime?  Cardoza-Moore is asking Christians and Jews to fast and pray leading up to Netanyahu’s speech.  In a Nov. 14 sermon aired on Iran’s state-run TV (see video above), Ayatollah Ali Movahedi-Kermani made the following statement: “The Sejjil ballistic missile can hit and raze to the ground any place in Israel, as well as any American base in the region.” Crowds listening to the speech shouted: “Death to America! Death to England! Death to Israel!”




The Prime Minister, who, as Quin Hillyer points out, spent more of his formative years on the U.S. mainland than Obama, seems to understand the crisis this President is so eager to ignore. "Yet Obama not only begrudges the Prime Minister the opportunity to make his case against this existential threat to his nation, but he conducts a diplomatic and political assault against Netanyahu of a ferocity rarely seen in the annals of American foreign policy... Fortunately, the White House's sentiments aren't shared by the U.S. Senate, which unanimously passed a resolution welcoming the Prime Minister to America to speak to Congress -- one the country would echo if they could.


Speaker Boehner will welcome the Prime Minister to the Capitol by presenting him with a bust of Winston Churchill.  Netanyahu and Churchill are the only foreign leaders to address a joint meeting of Congress on three occasions.  A bust of Churchill can be found in the Capitol’s Freedom Foyer.




Dan Noll's "Thoughts of the Day" had never been controversial before, so when a student recorded the audio and sent it to the Left's attack dogs, it caused quite a stir. But if FFRF thought a little letter would scare Superintendent Michael Gilbert, they had another thing coming. In a response that should bring a smile to the face of every Christian conservative in America, Gilbert took it to the Left's bullies with this fiery response.  "Let me be clear, this is an attempt to draw us into a contest of words for the sole purpose of giving the FFRF a large amount of free press/recognition that they and their very few members (1,200 in Texas) do not deserve. This group and others like it, are wanting us to provide them with negative quotes to use in the promotion of their agenda. We can and will make the adjustments needed to ensure our students experience a morally sound, positive character based education. There are a multitude of options to provide our students, faculty and staff the opportunity to express their First Amendment Rights as provided for in the United States Constitution. Let me also be clear that we have not (in my opinion) violated anyone's rights and/or subjected anyone to undue stress. Bible studies and scriptures are allowed in schools."  Then, with perfect pitch, he wished the Foundation well. "I'm sorry you feel (this) way," he said. "I will be praying for you and your staff daily." At a time when most educators are tripping over themselves to do the Left's bidding, Michael Gilbert's courage is exactly what the doctor ordered. Our ten-gallon hats go off to the Superintendent for teaching these liberals a lesson in religious liberty!




Since Discovery Institute launched this list in 2001, hundreds of scientists have courageously stepped forward to sign their names.   The list is growing and includes scientists from the US National Academy of Sciences, Russian, Hungarian and Czech National Academies, as well as from universities such as Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and others.

A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism "We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged."

"There is scientific dissent from Darwinism. It deserves to be heard."  Click here to download a PDF copy of the Scientific Dissent From Darwinism list Click here to find out how you can add your name to the Scientific Dissent From Darwinism list



The foundational bedrock of humanism is evolution, because if there is no God, no Creator, then nobody made us, owns us or sets the rules.  In any case the original evolutionists were the ancient Greek philosophers that predated Christ. Evolutionism has its roots in anti-God paganism.  The theory of evolution and its logical immoral fruit is the antithesis of everything Christian. One devout humanist said:   “I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity There is no scientific test that one can do to prove the age of the fossil.




The group, Enough is Enough, is asking the two corporate giants to provide the same Internet filtering at their U.S. stores that they offer in the United Kingdom, protecting customers and especially children from online pornography.  Hughes said her organization has assembled a coalition of 75 organizations   Those who wish to sign the online petitions may do so at friendlywifi.org.




Einstein had pictures of his three heroes of science on his study wall.1 They were Isaac Newton2 (1642–1727), Michael Faraday3 (1791–1867), and James Clerk Maxwell4 (1831–1879).  But these three men also had another thing in common—they were all Bible-believing creationists. By today’s standards all three would be regarded as ‘fundamentalists’. Newton wrote more on theology than he ever did on science, believing the Bible to be God’s Word. Faraday was a member of a very conservative offshoot of the Church of Scotland, the Sandemanians. The Sandemanians were known for their plain interpretation of the Bible. A recent book said:  “A member of a gentle Christian sect, the Sandemanians, Faraday was deeply religious and viewed science—exploration of nature—as an extension of his heartfelt faith.  “Although we in the 21st century debate the conflict of science and religion, Faraday saw no such division. “‘The book of nature, which we have to read, is written by the finger of God,’ he wrote. For Faraday, ‘unravelling the mysteries of nature was to discover the manifestations of God.’”Maxwell was widely read in theology. He interacted with many of the best theological minds of his day, always as a solid evangelical Christian. In fact, he often chided other believers for tying religious truth too tightly to the science of the day. He understood this not as a problem for God’s unchanging Word, but as a problem for man’s ever changing understanding of how the world works.  Maxwell’s faith in the Bible even shocked a young Karl Pearson6 who, when he questioned the Flood, was reprimanded by Maxwell for questioning the Bible!




Kathryn Ronk, 30, of Birmingham, Michigan, was sentenced to 6 to 15 years in prison for having relations with a 15-year-old boy while she was a Spanish teacher at Bishop Foley Catholic High School in Madison Heights, Michigan.  According to the Detroit News, Ronk could have received up to life in prison under the original charges, but pleaded guilty last month to two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct under a sentencing agreement that ranged from no prison time to a maximum of 15 years. She’ll be eligible for parole in 5 and a half years.  Judge Nanci Grant noted Ronk had graduated with the highest of grades from the University of Michigan on a scholarship.  Before hearing her sentence, Ronk wept aloud, saying she was “so sorry for the victim and his family, for the school and the community, my family … and I’m so sorry for my husband.”  Ronk still has more legal hurdles ahead, as she faces additional charges in Macomb County Circuit Court, including rape and engaging in sexually abusive activity with children, involving the boy at his home in Macomb Township and in a car in Sterling Heights.  That trial is set for March 31.



actor Leonard Nimoy is still speaking about the miracle of Israel in a movie he narrated not long before his death.
The movie, shown on television from coast to coast, is called "The Miracle of Israel," and connects the strange and seemingly supernatural events surrounding the Jewish state's founding and survival over the last 67 years.



Bible scholars say the rebuilding of the ancient temple is predicted throughout scripture, starting with Daniel’s vision in Daniel 9:27. Jesus echoed Daniel’s warning about an abomination standing in “the holy place” in the last days in Matthew 24:15, followed by the Apostle John’s vision of the Temple in Revelation 11:1-2. Paul mentioned it in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4.

Most people don’t realize the temple had two altars — the altar of burnt offering and the altar of incense. The largest was the altar of burnt offering, placed in the outer court of the priests. Designing and building it to exact biblical specifications required quite an undertaking.  It was approximately 5 meters (16 feet) tall and 16 meters (52.5 feet) wide, with four “horns” or raised corners, and a ramp.  The altar is the central focus of the sacrificial services that were halted with the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 A.D.   The Temple Institute has prepared all the priestly garments and sacred vessels for the rebuilt temple, which can be viewed on its website.  It even trains members of the priestly family to be ready to serve as soon as the Temple is constructed.




What if the spot where Solomon built the first Jewish Temple, and Herod built the second, was actually about 600 feet to the south, in a place known as the ancient City of David?  Enter Robert Cornuke. He travels the world solving Bible mysteries: Noah’s Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, he’s studied them in depth. Now, he’s obsessed with the Jewish Temple.  He merely followed up and expanded upon the work of Ernest L. Martin, an archaeologist who wrote the 1994 book, “The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot.”  Filmmaker Ken Klein has also delved into the subject in his documentary, “Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews.”   And if the Western Wall is not the ruins of the ancient temple, then what is it?  He starts his story with the strategic placement of the Dome of the Rock and moves on to the teachings of Jesus and an eyewitness account by Jewish historian Flavius JosephusThe Arab caliph Adb al-Malik built the Dome of the Rock in 691 A.D. on a site chosen largely because it overshadowed the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the place where Jesus is believed to have risen from the dead. Muslims see their religion as the perfection of Judaism and Christianity and this supersessionist mentality influences their architecture throughout the Middle East. To build the Dome of the Rock larger and above the church commemorating Christ’s resurrection was meant as a statement to Christians, who were the dominant religion in the area before the Muslim invaders arrived.  Then comes the prophecy of Jesus. In Matthew 24, He and His disciples exited the Temple, and Jesus said to them, “Do you not see all these things? Assuredly I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another that shall not be thrown down.”  But the Western Wall where Jews still pray has thousands of stones remaining intact. They believe it is the western wall of their temple and, therefore, a holy place, often referred to as the Wailing Wall.  But historical accounts say the Romans so fully destroyed the Jewish Temple in 70 A.D., it became nothing but a field of weeds. Many Jews were carried off to captivity, and those who were left with a memory of the true location eventually died off, Cornuke argues.  Josephus wrote that the site that today is considered the Temple Mount was actually a Roman fort called Fort Antonia. The fortress was large enough to support the Roman Tenth Legion, about 6,000 soldiers plus support staff for a total of about 10,000 personnel.  “The Roman fort would need at least the area of the present day Temple Mount (36 acres) to sustain itself,” Cornuke writes. Josephus wrote that the fort was said to be much larger than the temple”  Apparently a translator of Josephus’s work mistranslated a word, tagma, or legion as a “cohort,” which is a much smaller contingent of about 480 men. Every other time Josephus uses the word tagma, he uses it to describe much larger numbers of soldiers, such as the fifth, 10th, 12th and 15th legions. But would 480 men have been sufficient to maintain order in a province populated by riot-prone Jews? During religious festivals, Jerusalem’s population swelled from about 175,000 during the time of Christ to upward of 300,000.  Not to mention, the Book of Acts says Paul was arrested and escorted by 470 men from Fort Antonia to Caesarea. “So, are we to believe that a garrison of only about 480 men would send 470 of them off to Caesarea to protect a single prisoner bound in chains, and then leave the entire garrison practically empty with a handful of soldiers to defend and control as many as a quarter million, depending on festival crowds?” Cornuke asks.  Another eyewitness was Eleazar Bin Jari, commander of the Jewish rebels at Masada. He described Jerusalem as lying in total ruins: “It (Jerusalem) is now demolished to the very foundations, and hath nothing left but that monument of it preserved, I mean the camp of those (the Romans) that hath destroyed it, which still dwells upon its ruins.”  In other words, nothing was left standing in Jerusalem other than the Roman Fort Antonia, with its high stone walls still intact. Eleazar said the temple was completely gone, even its very foundation uprooted, fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus.  This account also fulfills the prophecy of Micah 3:12: It says “Zion (which is the City of David) shall be plowed like a field. Jerusalem shall become heaps of ruins. And the mountains of the Temple like the bare hills of the forest.”  So, if Jerusalem was left with the western wall of the temple still standing, that forces one to consider thinking of Micah as a false prophet.  Cornuke cites a slew of other Bible verses that support his theory about the temple site being at “the stronghold of Zion” in the City of David.   A powerful clue can be found in 2 Chronicles 3:1, which describes the location where Solomon built the temple “on Mount Moriah, where the Lord had appeared to his father David, at the place that David had prepared on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.”  This threshing floor, where wheat was separated from chaff, had been purchased by David after he conquered a 12-acre fortress on a hill south of today’s Old City section of Jerusalem. That hill is today located within the City of David Jerusalem Walls National Park.  Another clue, the clincher for Cornuke, came when he read the New Testament Book of Acts, Chapter 21: 27-32. It describes a riot scene in which Paul was arrested at the temple by the commander of the Roman garrison.  The commander “immediately took soldiers and centurions, and ran down to them (toward the temple).”  “The ‘aha moment’ for me came when I read Acts 21,” Cornuke said, “where it says they went down the steps to get Paul. Well, there are no steps coming down from the traditional Temple Mount complex. Or, as he writes in his book, “If the Temple Mount was the place of Paul’s riot scene, then the big question is where would someone go down from to reach Paul?”  Of course the answer is, you couldn’t. Unless the traditional Temple Mount was actually the Roman Fort and the true temple site was below, at the City of David.   Cornuke also found clues in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which contained this cryptic instruction:   “You shall make a channel all-round the laver within the building. The channel runs (from the building) of the laver to a shaft, goes down and disappears in the middle of the earth so that the water flows and runs through it and is lost in the middle of the earth.”  The description is of a natural spring of water below the Jewish temple.  Tacitus, the Roman historian, likewise recorded that the temple at Jerusalem had a natural spring of water that welled from its interior.  There is only one spring this could be referring to, the Gihon Spring, in the old City of David, also called the stronghold of Zion in Scripture.  “There is no other such spring anywhere else in Jerusalem,” Cornuke writes. “The spring connection, especially a robust gushing spring, seems to be like a laser pointer aimed at the City of David and not at the Temple Mount as the temple site.”  Cornuke cites Joel 3:18, which says, “A fountain shall flow from the house of the Lord,” and Psalm 87:5,7, which says, “And of Zion it will be said … Both the singers and the players on the instruments say, ‘All my springs are within you.’”  And another nugget is found in Ezekiel 47:1-2:   “Then he brought me back to the door of the temple; and there was water, flowing from under the threshold of the temple toward the east, for the front of the temple faced east; the water was flowing from under the right side of the temple, south to the altar.”   It’s a game-changer because it releases the Jewish people to start rebuilding on a site that is already in their control.  “Josephus said the fortress overlooked the temple. Nothing fits on the Temple Mount, but the tour guides have said it for so many years, the same thing year after year. After so long, no one ever questions it. This is the way it is.”








Orphan genes are increasingly found to be incredibly important for specific biological processes and traits that correspond with specialized adaptations related to the creature’s lifestyle and its interaction with its environment—phenotypic novelty.1,3 The problem for the evolutionary model of animal origins is the fact that these novel DNA sequences, and the unique traits they are often associated with, appear suddenly and fully functional without any trace of evolutionary ancestry.




If Americans don't want to take our word on the real gay agenda, they can take S. Bear Bergman's. The Canadian activist was shockingly blunt about his movement's motives -- which he says he's tired of hiding. "I am here to tell you: All that time I said I wasn't indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay and lesbian and bi and trans and queer people? That was a lie," he wrote in an article for Huffington Post called: "I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children into My LGBTQ Agenda (And I'm Not a Bit Sorry)."  The head of a Toronto publishing company, Bergman said he was taught how to use "soft" language when speaking about homosexuality -- and not betray the real goal, which was recruitingThat's why we're even more sad about the fact that in one area of their life, their sexuality, they choose to engage in conduct that the research shows is harmful.  "Who they are" is a person created in the image of God, and infinitely precious to him. What they do, however, is contrary to his will, to nature, and to good public health. And we care too much about them and society to be silent.





"As it has done for approximately two centuries," the judges wrote, "Alabama law allows for 'marriage' between only one man and one woman. Alabama probate judges have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to this law. Nothing in the United States Constitution alters or overrides this duty."  In other words, state courts don't take their orders from lower federal courts. Chief Justice Moore, who led the initial resistance to Grenade's order in the probate courts, recused himself from the case. In order to address the duty of probate judges, the state's high court had to address the underlying issue of the definition of marriage.  "(M)arriage has always been between members of the opposite sex. Men and women complement each other biologically and socially," Alabama's Supreme Court explained. Legal experts believe this may be the first time that a state supreme court has challenged a federal court in this way.



We live inside a bubble surrounded by a shooting gallery, but we’ve only realized for a few years how well-designed that bubble is.  The Van Allen radiation belts were detected in 1958 by the Explorer rockets, America’s first satellites to orbit the Earth. Since then, physicists have known they shield the Earth from high-energy particles from the sun, but many questions have remained about the belts’ structure and physical mechanisms — especially, how electrons from the solar wind are accelerated to ultra-relativistic speeds in the belts.  As the solar shockwave made impact, according to Foster, it struck “a sledgehammer blow” to the protective barrier of the Earth’s magnetic field. But instead of breaking through this barrier, the shockwave effectively bounced away, generating a wave in the opposite direction, in the form of a magnetosonic pulse — a powerful, magnetized sound wave that propagated to the far side of the Earth within a matter of minutes.



they can’t escape their desire to eliminate the Creator. Now what remains is some eternal quantum potential, a new ‘god of the gaps’. What is that, but a substitute for the eternal uncreated self-existing One, Who created the universe at the beginning of time about 6000 years ago?



Here’s a collection of new findings about the body that should make us all stand in awe of what our Creator has provided.

Only 0ne example:  Phenomenal smell sense:  The human nose can detect a trillion odors, Nature says, – and the actual number might be limitless.  Our Maker thought of everything, so that we could perceive, interact, and love Him.  The scientific findings reported here lead to another conclusion: every human life is sacred.  So many thoughts should rush to our minds as we ponder what we just learned: thankfulness, responsibility, appreciation, wonder – emotions stemming from realities that can profoundly influence our views on politics, ethics, and theology.  Let us bow before our Maker in humble praise, then stand and obey as His grateful servants (Romans 12).




BOSS stands for Behavioral Observation of Students in Schools. The app was designed to “enable psychologists to observe” patients but is now being marketed to schools interesting in tracking students’ behavioral patterns.   Created by the British-based textbook giant Pearson, the BOSS app can be loaded onto a smartphone and used to secretly monitor every move of targeted students in the classroom.   All of this information can be pulled in and stored in an individual dossier for later analyzing and assigned an intervention and remediation that will deal with Johnny’s shortcomings, whether they be laziness, lack of assertiveness, over-aggressiveness or whatever psychological problem the app may discover.  BOSS app can be downloaded from iTunes for $29.99 and comes in age-appropriate versions from pre-K through 12th grade. The product description boasts that BOSS is able to “record students’ behaviors in real time. The BOSS software uses interactive buttons labeled to a particular behavior for the observer to press while observing a student during a given duration. The software keeps track of the amount of times a behavioral button is depressed during an observation.”   There are literally dozens of these apps out there being downloaded by teachers, often at the behest of administrators, and many of them come tailored to the Common Core national education standards.   One of these games, called the MineCraft Behavioral Improvement Plan, can be programmed to pose a series of ethical dilemmas to which students are asked to respond. It has the ability to adjust the line of questioning depending on the student’s answer to the original set of questions.  “How is it legal or even remotely ethical for untrained teachers to be expected to use devices like these to assess the psychological status of your child?” asks Charlotte Iserbyt, a former aide to President Ronald Reagan’s Education Department and now a blogger on education issues at The ABCs of Dumb Down.  Iserbyt calls the replacement of high-stakes testing with high-tech data-collecting a “bait and switch” tactic that many parents won’t pick up on.  The New York Times recently reported that MineCraft is highly addictive and can quickly become an obsession for many students. Schools around the world are taking advantage.   Who will have access to this data besides the teacher in the classroom who is collecting it? Where will the data ultimately be stored and for how long?  Who ultimately owns a child’s private data? The school, the school system, the state or the parents? And who has the right to view it?



Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) is co-chair of the Congressional Prayer Caucus. Forbes recently published a summary of the 2014 accomplishments of the Prayer Caucus in defending family values and the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty. We are reprinting his summary below: Worked to promote family values, traditional marriage, and the protection of life. Family is the most basic, foundational unit of society. Worked to defend religious freedom in the military. Advocated for public prayer



Where do you spend your God given money, who do you support?  With the app called “BuyPartisan” (clever name), you’re able to scan barcodes and see what political party the product’s company donates to.




In Paris on Sunday, the United States really led from behind — so far behind that President Obama and other important U.S. officials stayed stateside as 40 other world leaders joined almost 1.5 million Frenchmen in a stirring riposte to terrorism and anti-Semitism.  The Obama administration has not yet explained why no high-ranking U.S. official could hop on a Paris flight, although it did concede on Monday it had erred. Leaders came from Germany, Britain, Israel and even Palestine.   The U.S., however, was represented by the ambassador, the newly arrived Jane Hartley. With the possible exception of her staff, no one in France would recognize her.   How about Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter, to name two ex-presidents who are adept at boarding airplanes, or any of the many Bushes, especially the most recent one, George W.? (OK, the French might not have been so pleased to see him.)  The lack of a high-level American came across as a snub, or if not that, then the usual Obama detachment.  Perhaps security concerns will be cited, but other world leaders have them, too — especially Benjamin Netanyahu   It managed to mask for the moment the astounding intelligence failure that allowed some known Islamic radicals to arm themselves to the teeth and commit mayhem.  But the symbolic nature of the event should not itself obscure that Obama's apparent indifference to it was, in fact, consonant with his indifference to Europe and its leaders.  Obama has missed an opportunity with Europe. His vaunted pivot to Asia may yet robustly materialize and turn out to be wise, but it need not have come at the expense of Europe.  My guess is the failure reflected not only Obama's own lack of concern — did he even ask what his administration was doing? — but the sort of sloppy staff work that saw the president last May mount a Rose Garden event to announce the freeing of accused Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.  France is our oldest ally. It joined the American colonies in the Revolutionary War and even before that the remarkable Marquis de Lafayette enlisted in George Washington's army.  That debt was famously recognized when the U.S. entered World War I and Lt. Col. Charles Stanton, an aide to Gen. John J. Pershing, told the French: "Lafayette, we are here."  His line became instantly famous because it acknowledged our debt to France.  After Sunday's American no-shows, the line will have to be amended. From here on, it's "Lafayette, we're busy."  (Democraps continue to undermine the war on terror or in Democrap speak “ work place violence or overseas contigency”   sending this message to friend & foe..)

Fundamental Transformation—“Hope” & Change:  With terrorists sweeping through the Middle East (and now Europe), you'd think the Obama administration would be a little more cautious in its immigration strategy. Think again. The gates have been wide open to the U.S., where more than 300,000 people from predominately Muslim countries have streamed in at record rates. And now, as the Financial Times notes, under the President's amnesty order, "the welcome mat is bigger than ever."  In our government, which can't even design a functional health care website, the prospect of adequately vetting these newcomers isn't exactly comforting. It took less than 20 radical Muslims to carry out 9/11. Just think of the consequences if our government was successful 999 times out of 1,000. If just a handful of radicals slipped through and organized terrorist activities here on U.S. soil, the consequences would be devastating.  Under the student visa deal, "if some never show up on college campuses or they overstay their visas, it doesn't matter. Obama is no longer enforcing deportations... Over the 2010-2013 period (when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State), the administration let in an additional 41,094 from war-torn Iraq and 38,644 from Egypt. Meanwhile, he's cut Israeli immigration by 817." The President needs only to look to Paris to see how this open-door, gun control policy is working out.  And although the White House is rolling out the red carpet for others, we'd like to ask the Obama administration this: how many Christians are you letting in? With a new report calling the world's Christians among the most persecuted of all religious groups, does this same hospitality apply to them too? Anecdotal reports suggest not.  In Jordan alone, 20 Christian Iraqi refugees said that they had experienced problems dealing with Muslim intake officers at the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). When a Christian refugee named Jihan Abdulahad went to UNHCR, the Muslim intake officer's first question was "What is your religion?" When Abdulahad said she was a Christian, the officer named Hannan Hamdan refused to look at her documents and said that she would call the woman later to set up on appointment.  After waiting five months, Abdulahad went back to UNHCR. According to Bill Murray at the Iraqi Christian Refugee Report, Hannan Hamdan refused to see her. And Abdulahad isn't alone. Men and women of faith may have different backgrounds, but they all share the same story: religious discrimination.


Fundamental Transformation—“Hope” & Change:    As France reels from two bloody terrorist attacks in as many days, Pamela Geller warns this is just the beginning and unless Americans take action, “Such attacks are coming here.”  In an exclusive interview with WND, the author of

 “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance” painted a dire picture of the Western future. Even after the most devastating terrorist attacks in French history, Geller judged that “no European nations are doing anything against Islamization at this time, and I don’t see any indication that any will in the near future.”  And after the latest attacks in Paris, President Obama carefully tailored his speech so as not use the words “Islam,” “radical Islam,” “Muslim,” “jihad” “or “Shariah” when condemning the shootings.  Shariah expert Joy Brighton called President Obama’s speech “Shariah compliment.”  As WND reported, the United Nations followed President Obama’s lead and refused to link the attacks to Islam.  Geller warns that free speech restrictions are only a matter of time in the United States: “If things don’t change, [radical Muslims] will succeed in imposing them here, because the mainstream media is already doing their bidding – not showing the [Charlie Hebdo] cartoons, etc.”  Americans haven’t yet seen the same kind of street-level Islamic terrorism or widespread political intimidation that exists in France, but the “only significant difference is that the Muslim population of France is so much bigger than the Muslim population of the U.S.,” Geller claims.  That may not remain true for much longer, as a recent study from the Center for Immigration Studies shows that immigration from Islamic nations has dramatically increased during Obama’s time in office even as immigration from Europe and Israel has declined. A 2011 study from the Pew Research Center shows the Muslim population in the United States is expected to more than double over the next two decades.  This larger Islamic population will add new strength and resources to the already powerful Muslim lobby in the United States. Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America” contains a detailed history of the background, funding and activities of many of the “mainstream” Muslim groups operating in the United States, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, the Muslim Students Association and the Muslim Brotherhood.



Gun control=Guns for bad guys, good guys defenseless:  France's stringent gun control laws should be blamed for failing to prevent the deadly attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, said real estate tycoon Donald Trump.  Trump was making reference to the fact that the French police are generally unarmed. The two officers who were caught up in the terrorist attack were forced to retreat in the face of the armed terrorists.

"If the people so violently shot down in Paris had guns, at least they would have had a fighting chance," Trump said on Twitter. "Isn't it interesting that the tragedy in Paris took place in one of the toughest gun control countries in the world? Remember, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!"  One of the radical Islamist shooters killed a policeman at close range after the officer begged for his life. Eleven other people also were killed in the attack.



It's inconceivable," said al-Sisi, as translated by Raymond Ibrahim's blog, "that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire umma (Islamic world) to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world."
Is it possible,” he asked, “that 1.6 billion (Muslims) should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants — that is 7 billion — so that they themselves may live?” Islam needs a “religious revolution,” he concluded. Three things are notable in this remarkable speech. One, al-Sisi is the leader of Egypt, the most populous Arab Islamic nation, with 5% of the world’s Muslims. His speech will have a major impact.  Two, it comes in the wake of the failed “Arab Spring” and the subsequent takeover of a wide swath of the Mideast by the fundamentalist Islamic State and its allies (thanks to the premature Obama-Democrap retreat). It suggests there’s a growing revulsion at being associated with the beheaders, rapists and torturers who operate under the flag of fundamentalist Islam.  As the British Guardian newspaper notes, “spiraling instability across much of the Arab world” has led to 16.7 million Arab refugees, an unprcedented human tide of misery (Thanks to the Democraps’ premature pullout, wars over, mission accomplished ignore the problem & leave it for a strong Republican Leader to fix their mess again..).



But NBC News, the New York Times, the Associated Press and others were using the term “no-go” zones for Muslim-majority neighborhoods in Paris when Muslim youth gangs were rampaging through the streets and setting cars on fire.  Emerson said he recently was in a television interview with BBC News in which “they were attacking me that ‘no-go zones’ don’t exist in Europe.”“So I pulled up one of their own articles the BBC published, which referenced ‘no-go zones’ in print,” he said. 

“They were so embarrassed, they didn’t know what to say.”  A Nov. 6, 2005, Associated Press report of “youths” leading 10 nights of violence noted some officials “suspect the unrest that reached into Paris proper early Sunday has in part been instigated by gangs hoping to turn their neighborhoods into no-go zones for police so drug trafficking and racketeering can thrive.”



Religion of “Peace”:  Historic Perspective: Punishment Of Prophet’s Defamers Based On Koranic Verses, Hadith, Authoritative Sirah Literature (Biographies Of The Prophet)  According to the shari’a, defaming the Prophet is an act of blasphemy, the punishment for which is death even if the blasphemer repents. This law is Koranic, for Koran 9:61 says: “Those who hurt Allah’s Messenger will have a painful punishment.” The same Surah also states: “…Say: “(Go ahead and) mock! But certainly Allah will bring to light all that you fear. If you ask them (about this), they declare: ‘We were only talking idly and joking.’ Say: ‘Was it at Allah and His verses and His Messenger that you were mocking? Make no excuse; you have disbelieved after you had believed. [Koran 9:64-66].” In addition, the Sirah literature (biographies of the Prophet) and the Hadith include many instances in which Muhammad ordered to kill his maligners or praised his followers for doing so. In the Muhammad’s era, writing poems against him was considered an unforgivable crime, and many poets were killed for this, including the Jewish poet Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf, who would ridicule the Prophet. According to a hadith, he was killed by Muhammad bin Maslama at the behest of the Prophet himself and with his blessing. Al-Waqidi’s The Book of History and Campaigns mentions that another poet who composed a poem against Muhammad, the Jewess ‘Asma bint Marwan, was assassinated by ‘Umayr bin ‘Adiy, and the Prophet later praised him for executing her. In his biography of the Prophet, Ibn Hisham relates that Muhammad asked who would kill this woman on his behalf, and a member of her tribe volunteered. Two more poets killed for this crime were Abu ‘Afak, who, according to Ibn Sa’d, was assassinated by Salem bin ‘Umayr, and the Meccan poet Sarah, whom the Prophet ordered to kill on the day Mecca was conquered, according to Al-Waqidi.




While he was still prime minister before recently becoming Turkish president, Erdogan had given a speech saying that the MIT trucks cannot be stopped.  “You cannot search it,” he said in a speech last year. “You don’t have the authority. These trucks were taking humanitarian assistance to Turkmens.”  According to the hacked documents, however, Turkish intelligence smuggling of weapons to al-Qaida occurred last year and may still be occurring, suggesting that such activities continue to be sanctioned by Erdogan, who now is the Turkish president.  Turkey, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has refused to join the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition, along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.  In addition, the government of Sunni Islamic Turkey has made it clear that its first priority is to topple the government of Assad – who is Alawite, an offshoot of Shia Islam – not to fight ISIS.  Turkey also continues to be a conduit for laundering money and providing fighters for ISIS and other jihadist radical groups fighting in Syria.  The documents further reveal that once the Adana prosecutor had ordered the vehicles searched, they then were escorted to the Seyhan Gendarmerie Command for an in-depth search. Despite MIT personnel attempting to stop the inspection, the search reportedly was videotaped and revealed six metallic containers found in the three trucks.  The first truck had 30 missiles or rockets and 15 crates of ammunition. The second truck had 25 missiles or rockets, 25 crates of mortars and Douchka anti-aircraft ammunition. These containers were said to have messages on the outside in Cyrillic.




“The number one obligation of a government is to protect its people, and if you don’t do that, everything else is put at risk.  Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich gave a powerful speech on Islamic terrorism and said America is losing that war because the Obama Administration refuses to correctly define who the enemy is. Gingrich noted:  “There is one common pattern occurring everywhere across the planet and that is radical Islamist, who hate our civilization, are prepared to cut off our heads, and are determined to impose their religion by force.  “I ask you to demand that every candidate who comes through here [Iowa] everyday from now to the Caucus has to answer, ‘What are you prepared to do to help defeat radical Islamist, so that America and its allies can go into the future in freedom and safety?'”  Read more on this speech at Gingrich Productions. Distribute this video through your social networking sites.




(Jordan & the Kurds shows us about Leadership & protecting your people & country:) Jordan has vowed an "earth-shattering" response after the Sunni extremists captured one of its air force pilots, Maaz al-Kassasbeh, burned him alive and released a gruesome video of the execution.  "On the first day of the campaign to avenge our airman Maaz al-Kassasbeh, 19 targets were destroyed, including training camps and equipment," Jobour told reporters.  Jobour said more than 7,000 IS militants had been killed since Jordan began participating in coalition air strikes.   The Kurds recaptured Kobane on January 26 after four months of fierce fighting backed by Syrian rebels and coalition air strikes.




Melendez, a U.S. Navy veteran, however, has so far refused to apologize.  “It was never my intention to offend peaceful Muslims,” she said in a statement released Feb. 12. “However, I’ve had enough of Islamic extremists and terrorists who oppress women and burn people alive in the modern world. This isn’t about hashtags; it’s about America standing up with our allies and putting an end to the barbaric behavior we are witnessing around the world.”




The Daily Signal examined the latest quarterly filings for 22 of the 23 co-ops and found that just one was profitable last year. Data was not available for New Jersey’s co-op, Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey.  Top of Form

Bottom of Form

The co-ops received an average of $108.7 million each through the program set up under the Affordable Care Act, leaving taxpayers on the hook for billions if the insurers fail to repay their loans.  Former Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., introduced the idea of starting co-ops during debate over the Affordable Care Act in 2009.



: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-on-the-right/123114-732785-cuba-ties-restored-but-not-freedom-for-castros-captives.htm#ixzz3O41p9Gx0  Normalization has not advanced democracy in China or Vietnam. Indeed, it hasn't done so in Cuba.   Except for the U.S., Cuba has had normal relations with the rest of the world for decades. Tourists, trade, investment from Canada, France, Britain, Spain, everywhere. An avalanche of nylons — and not an inch of movement in Cuba toward freedom.  In fact, one could argue this influx of Western money helped preserve the dictatorship, as just about all financial transactions go through the government, which takes for itself before any trickle-down crumbs are allowed to reach the regime-indentured masses.  Cuba reportedly has agreed to reopen the Soviet-era Lourdes espionage facility, a massive listening post for intercepting communications. Havana and Moscow have also discussed the use of Cuban airfields for Russia's nuclear-capable long-range bombers. This in addition to Cuba's usual hemispheric mischief, such as training and equipping the security and repression apparatus in Venezuela.  With the U.S. embargo already in place and the Castros hungry to have it lifted, why give them trade, investment, hard currency, prestige and worldwide legitimacy — for nothing in return?  Obama brought back nothing on democratization, a staggering betrayal of Cuba's human rights crusaders. Not even the kind of 1975 Helsinki Final Act that we got from the Soviets as part of detente, granting structure and review to human rights promises.  If Obama insisted on giving away the store, why not at least do it item by item? We relax part of the embargo in return for, say, Internet access. And tie further normalization to serial relaxations of police-state repression.  Oh, what hypocrisy, say the Obama acolytes. Did we not normalize relations with China and get no human rights quid pro quo?  True. But that was never a prospect.  The entire purpose was geopolitical and the payoff was monumental: We walked away with the most significant anti-Soviet strategic realignment of the entire Cold War, formally breaking up the communist bloc and gaining China's neutrality, and occasional support, in our half-century struggle to dismantle the Soviet empire.  From Cuba, Obama didn't even get a token gesture.



As the Iranian-backed Shiite Houthis take over the Yemeni capital, there are indications the U.S. and the Houthis may be teaming up to battle a common foe, al-Qaida in the Arab Peninsula, or AQAP.  The Houthis represent Shiites in Yemen, who comprise about a third of Yemen’s population of 25 million people.  As WND reported, AQAP has become even more dangerous with the increasing indications that elements of the Sunni jihadist group are swearing allegiance to the Islamic State, or ISIS.  Houthis control much of the northern part of Yemen, which includes the Yemeni capital of Sana’a, but AQAP controls vast amount of territory in the southern part of the country.




The idea of infinite debt is more and more appearing to be the pipe dream that it always was. Even the CBO is admitting it.

So the feds-state is running out of options. We are getting to the point that we can no longer “help” the Middle Class without also visibly and immediately hurting the middle class.  The government “business model” of borrowing money to bribe voters is truly coming to an end.  This was not just about Barack Obama. This was the humiliating public loss of the welfare-warfare state—of Big Government itself.



"Only about 60 percent of evangelicals are registered to vote, and not all of them actually do vote. So, it's imperative that the church body as a whole wake up, become active, make their voices heard and vote their values," Elliot said. "If not, we get what we ask for. Protestants and Catholics are a huge voting block, and if we were as active as some of the more vocal groups, we could make a difference and change our culture."   That's where "300 Million Slaves" comes in. "The goal is to equip and empower the viewer to engage in their community and make a difference in the lives of those around us," Elliott told WND. "We can do this by speaking the truth in love.   "How would Jesus have acted in the political arena?" he asked. "He would have held politicians' feet to the fire; He would have held them accountable. He would have encouraged them to do the right thing. That's what we must do if we expect to have a nation left for future generations. This DVD lays out steps of what we can do as a church to engage our community and change our culture. We were created to be world changers, but to be a world changer we cannot remain silent."




The future of the U.S. lies in North America, not in the United States as a sovereign nation, contends the New America Foundation, a Washington-based leftist think-tank with ties to Jonathan Soros, son of famed leftist billionaire George Soros.

borders would help alleviate our contentious domestic immigration battles.”  The New America Foundation boasts millions of dollars in funding by a blue-chip list of leftist donors along with government funding in the form of a seven-figure grant from the State Department and a six-figure grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development.  Prominent among a list of nearly 150 different funding sources is Google Inc., reflecting the participation of Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, on the New American Foundation’s board of trustees.  Also on the board is Jonathan Soros, CEO of JS Capital Management LLC, a private investment firm, also credited on the New American Foundation website as holding several board positions affiliated with the George Soros Open Society Foundations.  The president and CEO of the New American Foundation is Anne-Marie Slaughter, who previously served as the director of policy planning in the State Department, where she worked for Hillary Clinton from January 2009 through February 2011.  Slaughter is the author of the 2005 book “A New World Order,” in which she argued the structure of global governance is already in place, through international organizations and agreements, broad networks of economic markets, travel and information flow.




Senate Democrats Choosing Illegal Immigrants Over Border Patrol Agents & Homeland Security.  Before the Senate can begin debating and amending the House-passed bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security, they must first vote to proceed to that bill. By refusing to proceed to the bill, Senate Democrats are blocking senators from debating and amending the bill.  The Constitution is quite clear on this point. So clear that even Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) understands — or understood. In 2007 he declared, “Everyone knows, even in elementary school, that under our Constitution revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives.”


"If you look at all of the failed schools, in some of the same inner cities, you see the private and charter and home schools, and people are doing great," said Carson. "Why in the world aren't we trying to get people involved in the things that work and get rid of the things that don't?"  And there are many things that don't work right, said Carson, including the nation's immigration policies and Obamacare.  When it comes to immigration, said Carson, "we already have laws that demonstrate how a person becomes a citizen." And if further laws are needed, they should come from Congress and not the president or Supreme Court.  "There wouldn't be people coming here if there wasn't a magnet pulling them in," said Carson. "Get rid of all the things that are drawing them."  He said that whoever wins the presidential election in 2016 should make it a goal to seal the nation's border within a year.  Carson also called for an end to waste in government spending, especially when it comes to Obamacare.   "I don't believe in taking the most important thing a person has and putting it in the hands of the government," as before long, it takes everything a person has "and that fundamentally changes America," he continued.  Carson also called for the development of energy, even on government-owned land, as "the government has no business owning all this land."


In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama was very upbeat and inspiring, particularly if a listener had no prior knowledge of his many speeches that were quite similar but bore no fruit. It almost appeared that he was living in an alternate universe that bore no resemblance to present day America and the current global stage.  He boasted that the economy was doing very well and that unemployment had been cut in half since he took office. Perhaps someone should educate him about the labor force participation rate, which is at its lowest ebb in the last 36 years and reflects the number of people who are actually working versus the number of people who are eligible to work. The unemployment rate can easily be manipulated in whichever direction one desires by including and excluding certain groups of people.  He also boasted about the record-high stock market numbers. He failed to indicate that savings accounts and certain types of bonds, which used to be the mechanism whereby average Americans could enhance their net worth over a long period of time, were no longer appealing and that the stock market was one of the few places where gains could be made. While the stock market has always been particularly relevant to the wealthier members of society, the influx of these smaller investors is further driving the income gap.  He talked about the need to further tax the rich, since they were not paying their fair share. He failed to mention that the top 1 percent pays 37 percent of the federal income taxes, while earning 19 percent of the income. Since he is so concerned about fairness, perhaps he should consider a proportional (flat) tax, which hits everyone according to their ability to pay. To make this even more fair, we could eliminate all loopholes.  His claim that we are winning the war on terrorism, even though he failed to mention the name of the radical Islamists who are behind the terror, was almost laughable in light of their rapid growth and spread throughout the world. He appeared not to recognize that his premature withdrawal of troops from Iraq was a mistake that facilitated the development of the Islamic State. His bravado about chasing the terrorists and eliminating them bears no resemblance to his actual policies and demonstrates his contempt for the intelligence of his audience.  He demonstrated great courage in talking about how the Affordable Care Act was actually resulting in a reduction in health care spending. This may be true on some levels, but the reason for that decreased spending is secondary to the reluctance of people to seek medical care when they have deductibles of thousands of dollars. I wonder if he and his team ever considered the fact that we spend $400 billion a year on Medicaid, which covers about 80 million Americans. That’s about $5,000 per enrollee. Many of the concierge practices that target those who are financially well off only cost $2,000 to $3,000 per year. If we spent Medicaid dollars wisely, we could provide excellent care, including catastrophic care, for considerably less money than we are spending now.  The president also made some fantastic comments about energy, education and a few other areas that served as applause lines. The real state of the union is characterized by dishonesty and deception. Instead of pretending that everything is rosy, perhaps it would be wise for the president to replay the part of the speech about bipartisan cooperation and then figure out how his multiple veto threats, failure to communicate and reluctance to seek bipartisan solutions fits the theme of his address.

Raising taxes doesn't create jobs. We need to focus on cutting spending, reducing the debt, and getting Americans to work. #SOTU2015  — Lynn Westmoreland (@RepWestmoreland) January 21, 2015


#Obama says he's integrating intel 2 combat cyber threats like he combats terror. Might work as long as #NorthKorea isnt JV like #ISIL #SOTU   — Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (@RosLehtinen) January 21, 2015

Ready to work with the President and with anyone else to fix our country’s problems. Let's start by repealing and replacing Ocare #SOTU  — Bill Cassidy (@BillCassidy) January 21, 2015

#ObamaCare is cutting hours & wages for hardworking families costing economy equivalent of 2.3 million jobs #SOTU pic.twitter.com/aJ6VRoSrO6  — David Young (IA-3) (@RepDavidYoung) January 21, 2015


Speaker John Boehner to take to Twitter to dismiss them: “All POTUS offered in more taxes, more government.”    

Mission accomplished: that was President Obama's message. Too bad so few Americans agree with him. If things are going so magnificently, maybe the White House can explain why its party took a historic whipping from angry and anxious voters in November. 
The major — and even in some years the sole — driver of growth in employment and output since 2009 has been the shale oil and gas boom. Those most responsible for America's energy revival have been Floyd Farris, inventor of hydraulic fracturing, and Harold Hamm, the driller who put the technology into action in North Dakota, creating tens of thousands of jobs. Funny, but neither were showcased guests at the State of the Union. Obama, who has made no secret of his abhorrence of the oil, gas and coal industries, has done almost everything imaginable to stop domestic oil production by regulation, by a virtual drilling moratorium on federal lands and by not building pipelines. He simply can't take credit for the fossil fuels revolution. Obamanomics: Let's count the ways the economy is underperforming:  • Wages — they're flat at best. In a typical recovery, wage growth after five years is about 9%. Under Obama, it's closer to 1%, Bloomberg reports.  • We're still nearly 6 million jobs short of where we would be at this point in an average recovery.  • Labor force participation has declined for every age group except for those 60 plus. This is the first time in the modern era that during a recovery younger Americans left the workforce.  The national debt is more than $7 trillion larger today than when Obama took office, and the Congressional Budget Office says that the deficit will head back up in a few years. Obama might go down in history as our most fiscally irresponsible president.  Obama's only economic idea is to redistribute wealth via ever-rising taxes from the productive class and the job creators to everyone else (& drowned everything else in red tape/regulations). He bashes success and believes government activism is the engine of growth.  The enduring lesson of Obama's slow-motion recovery is you can't redistribute wealth until someone steps up and creates it in the first place.


106 different ways to cut the federal budget and decrease the size of government. These suggestions span sectors, from national defense to housing policy to agriculture. Consider their suggestions for cutting back on "income security" spending:

Capping means-tested welfare spending then tying it to inflation would save $100 billion in 2016 alone and $2.7 trillion over a decade. Why the cap? It would require lawmakers to send money to the place and people that really need it, rather than letting it grow from year to year. Since the 1960s, welfare spending has increased sixteenfold.  Require able-bodied adults to work or look for work in order to receive food stamps. This would save the country $5.4 billion each year. Current policy has made it easy to get on food stamps and creates little incentive for people to get back to work.  The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) consistently loses money due to fraud. By instituting more rigorous controls and penalties for erroneous claims, the government could save $80 billion over a decade.  These are just three of Heritage's 106 budget proposals.

Source: "The Budget Book: 106 Ways to Reduce the Size and Scope of Government," Heritage Foundation, February 2015.


The state of our union is only as strong as the state of our family. Sadly, the president’s address tonight and his policies fail to recognize this truth. His policies continue to penalize marriage and families, which are vital to economic fairness and success. It is unfair to penalize marriage in the tax code, and it doesn’t make economic sense.”  “The president talked about symptoms but didn’t address the root problems facing our country. On every measure from criminal activity, to educational achievement, to fidelity and happiness in marriage, to personal productivity and longevity – religious practice and intact family structure predict and produce the best results,” said Perkins.  “The president hailed the freedoms we hold as Americans, even as the religious liberty that we have long enjoyed is being chipped away with each rap of the gavel of an activist judge. A government able to bankrupt people for standing by their beliefs, on marriage, life, or any other matter of conscience, is a government of unbridled power and a threat to everyone’s freedom,” he said.  “From overreaching regulations to higher taxes that fuel more government spending to premature veto threats and a refusal to enforce laws he doesn’t agree with, President Obama’s unilateralism and refusal to set politics aside further demonstrates his unwillingness to work together and reach lasting solutions for the American people,” Hatch said. “Our country deserves something other and better than the president’s politics of division.  The Project 21 black leadership network said it saw in Obama’s speech “plenty of continued class warfare and big government rhetoric.”

“President Obama really did not offer anything new in his address to Congress. All he did was present the American people with the same old clunker policies sprayed with a new car scent,” said Project 21 member Kevin Martin, a small-business owner and Navy veteran. “President Obama wants more new taxes and more new spending, but he seems unwilling to do anything substantial to reduce our national debt, curtail unfunded liabilities, shrink the bureaucracy or really fight fraud and waste in our government.  “Conservatives, on the other hand, have preached that it’s the spirit of the individual – and not government – that has made America successful, and it’s that spirit that can once again return us to greatness. Massive, unrestricted government spending will not breed success,” he said.  Project 21 member Derryck Green, who writes a monthly report on the federal jobless numbers and the state of the economy for Project 21, added: “Mr. President, your economic plans for middle class aren’t working. If they were, more than 92 million Americans wouldn’t be out of the workforce – more than 8 million who left since you became president. The labor force participation is at a 37-year low. Job creation and wages are stagnant. In the last six years, more businesses died than were created. As a result, the middle class is shrinking. If your policies worked, you wouldn’t be relying on divisive political rhetoric about income inequality – inequality that has increased during your presidency – to perpetuate class warfare.”  To adapt a quote from P. J. O’Rourke, if you think college is expensive now, just wait until it’s free. We don’t need more federal education programs. Instead we need to empower students, families, teachers, and our state and local officials.”




(Thank the Republicans for the 1.8M JOBS!)  Back when he was actually an economist, Krugman once wrote about how extending jobless benefits exacerbates joblessness, since people tend to put off looking for work until their unemployment checks run out.  Economists from the University of Oslo, the Institute for International Economic Studies and the University of Pennsylvania took advantage of the sudden end to this federal benefit across the country to see how it correlated with job growth.  Their findings, published this week by the highly respected National Bureau of Economic Research, found that because Congress didn't listen to Obama, "1.8 million additional jobs were created in 2014 due to the benefit cut."  Now Obama is running around talking about how 2014 was "a breakthrough year for America" and how the economy is "creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999." But the only reason he can make such claims is because he failed to get what he wanted.  It's enough to make you wonder how much more growth we'd enjoy if other parts of Obama's "middle class economics" were jettisoned.


So far, Senate Do Nothing Democrats have not produced any alternative to the measure. Ironically, through their filibuster, the Senate minority has blocked itself from offering any amendments to legislation they say they object to.  ALG’s Manning urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to hold firm: “We urge the Senate majority to continue holding cloture votes on this important piece of legislation so that the process can move forward, and members have an opportunity to make their voices heard. The House has done its job. Now it’s time for the Senate to get to work.”  For his part, McConnell could not make heads or tails out of the opposition. “You’d think Democrats would at least want to give the Senate an opportunity to make improvements to the bill, if it needs them,” he said on the floor.  Besides, what is Harry Reid afraid of? The President has already promised to veto the legislation anyway. If Reid has a better idea, perhaps he should bring it to the floor for a vote.


While one Catholic leader called for Obama to apologize, pointedly noting that the Inquisition was political, and the Crusades were a defensive effort, and a Fox commentator blasted the president for having to go back “1,000 years” to find some way to link Christians to violence, others noted that it actually was a largely Christian influence that drove slavery out of America and reduced Jim Crow laws to relics.  And Graham, of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, took to Facebook to school the president on Christianity, and Islam as well.  “Today at the National Prayer Breakfast, the president implied that what ISIS is doing is equivalent to what happened over 1,000 years ago during the Crusades and the Inquisition,” he wrote. “Mr. President – -Many people in history have used the name of Jesus Christ to accomplish evil things for their own desires. But Jesus taught peace, love and forgiveness. He came to give His life for the sins of mankind, not to take life.

“Muhammad on the contrary was a warrior and killed many innocent people. True followers of Christ emulate Christ – true followers of Muhammad emulate Muhammad,” he wrote.  Bill Donohue of the Catholic League called for Obama to apologize.



Elsewhere in the Third World there are, of course, massive abuses and exploitation of girls and young women, but such willful and systematic rape of white infidel girls and women by Muslim men is a pathology unique to Islam. It was made ‘licit’ by their ‘prophet.’”  Geller similarly judges that “the Quran allows Muslims to keep non-Muslim women as sex slaves (4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50). The kidnapping and forcing into sex slavery of non-Muslim women in Nigeria and Iraq and Syria over the last year corresponds to the grooming gangs in the U.K.”  The scandal in Rotherham comes at a time of fierce debate in the establishment media about “no go” zones in Europe that are dominated by Islamic radicals.  Soeren Koren of the Gatestone Institute, a New York based policy institute and think tank, said in a report describing the zones that they are created by “decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to remain segregated from – rather than become integrated into – their European host nations.”  In Rotherham, social workers and senior officials knew that mostly Pakistani men, especially taxi drivers, were responsible for child sexual exploitation in the community, the report said.




(Wasn’t Obama & his Democraps supposed to be so smart??  Why have they NOT learned from history??) 

On Dec. 16, 1933, Keynes sent Franklin Roosevelt a letter outlining the content of his forthcoming op-ed in the New York Times. If FDR wanted prosperity to return to America's shores, Keynes warned, the president must cease harming the supply side of the economy.  Keynes Opposed Tax Hikes  Government stimulus spending must be wisely chosen, he counseled. "There are many obstacles to be patiently overcome, if waste, inefficiency and corruption are to be avoided. There are many factors which I need not stop to enumerate, which render especially difficult in the United States the rapid improvisation of a vast programme of public works."  Taxes must not be hiked, Keynes also stressed. "I lay overwhelming emphasis on the increase of national purchasing power resulted from governmental expenditure which is financed by Loans and not by taxing present incomes."  And reform and recovery policies, he added, must be employed separately, not simultaneously: "On the other hand, even wise and necessary Reform may, in some respects, impede and complicate Recovery. For it will upset the confidence of the business world and weaken their existing motives to action . . ."  Roosevelt failed to adhere to Lord Keynes' erudite counsel. After a brief mid-Depression recovery, the economy weakened again amid new tax-hike plans.  In Keynes' view, mixing recovery policies and vast ideological pet projects was poisonous to economic recovery, and he did not mince words when schooling President Roosevelt on this point:  "We wonder whether the order of different urgencies is rightly understood, whether there is confusion of aim, and whether some of the advice you get is not crack-brained and queer.  "On the other hand, even wise and necessary Reform may, in some respects, impede and complicate Recovery. For it will upset the confidence of the business world and weaken their existing motives to action . . . And it will confuse the thought and aim of yourself and your administration by giving you too much to think about all at once."  Obama resolved to put ideology ahead of science and cold-shouldered findings published by Romer, then chair of his Council of Economic Advisers. In her magnum opus on tax policy, she concluded that higher taxes would be deleterious to economic growth and recovery. Unsurprisingly, economic growth stalled.  President Hoover tried a similar recovery policy in 1932, when he hiked the top marginal tax rate on personal income to 63% from 25% but succeeded only in drilling the already-feeble economy into the ground.

The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America have teamed up to outline specific recommendations for the 114th Congress. Now you can download a copy of the 192-page book, Opportunity for All, Favoritism to None, which our experts delivered last week to lawmakers. 
>> Download your free copy of Opportunity for All, Favoritism for None in PDF format



Dr. Rick Scarborough of Vision America has held countless rallies with pastors in key battleground states, especially this year in Florida, Texas, and Arkansas, where church attending voters showed up in mass to support pro-freedom Republicans.  Watch!   Dr. Chaps' interview with Dr. Rick Scarborough of Vision America on the elections and battle for Houston Pastors' free speech-->  "We have had wonderful success in mobilizing, not the majority [of pastors] but a dedicated minority...God has never needed a majority.  He's always worked from a minority, a committed minority, and so He can do great things with a handful of folks."  "The revival of America is in the hands of God's people.  And if we will commit ourselves to take this ground that we've taken back, and begin adding to it, bit-by-bit, who knows what God will do."  [Dr. Chaps' comment:  Years ago I traveled with Dr. Rick and Dr. Alan Keyes, mobilizing pastors to register their people to vote, and maybe even run for office.  I encourage people to donate to Vision America Action today.]  Then please sign our petition to Congress to stop the IRS from censoring pastors:
SELECT HERE TO SIGN PETITION, demanding PULPIT FREEDOM for Pastors and Churches to freely endorse and oppose political candidates, and we will instantly fax all 535 Congressmen and Senators (saving you much time and postage!)

Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/010715-733744-mexico-president-offers-obama-amnesty-help.htm#ixzz3Oq1DXvYd




Shawn Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), a labor union that represents border patrol agents, said in a statement: “Instead of supporting our agents, this administration has decided it is more important to find new ways to solicit complaints and invite ridicule against them…We demand that this administration spend more time defending the men and women defending our nation and less time promoting the extreme agendas of pro-illegal immigration organizations.”   Moran said that the National Border Patrol Council is “dismayed and disappointed” that the Obama Regime “continues to focus support for illegal aliens over American citizens and the nation’s immigration laws, which Obama is supposed to uphold.   Instead of a hotline for illegals to rat out immigration officers, Moran said that the DHS should have a hotline where agents can complain about Obama’s “failure to enforce our immigration laws” that “emboldens illegal crossers and endangers agents,” and how Obama’s “failure to adequately equip agents puts us at risk from the increased violence demonstrated by drug cartels and human smugglers.” 




Secretaries of State Kris Kobach of Kansas and John Husted of Ohio warned Congress Thursday that Obama's issuance of Social Security numbers to illegals through his Immigration Accountability Executive Actions, as well as various states' issuances of driver's licenses to illegals, make it impossible — impossible — to distinguish between legal and illegal voters in elections.

"These are the same documents that federal law requires the states to recognize as valid forms of identification for voter registration," Husted testified.  "There is no way for us to validate" U.S. citizenship, "since under the executive actions previously undocumented non-citizens will have access to the same documents as U.S. citizens."  And the Internal Revenue Service confirmed that illegals would be given "amnesty bonuses" worth as much as $24,000, retroactive through three years, via the earned income tax credit. Even those who have never filed tax returns are eligible.  The extension of such privileges and rights look suspiciously like an attempt to build a new Democratic voting base from scratch — a base of foreigners from the least-educated parts of Central and Latin America last seen electing Venezuela-style communists offering economy-wrecking handouts.  Don't think the Venezuela model won't be tried here. In 2004, two months before the late dictator Hugo Chavez faced a tough recall, he handed out instant citizenship and voting rights to 5 million illegals in his country. It may well have been the difference in his questionable "victory" that year.  We already known that illegals vote in U.S. elections without consequences, and that they are capable of swinging close contests. According to a 2014 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, 14% of illegals were registered to vote, and 6.4% cast ballots in 2008.

Appearing Tuesday on Fox News' "Your World With Neil Cavuto,"
Chris Cabrera of the National Border Patrol Council pointed out that it's a felony just to cross into Mexico illegally, but it's not a felony in the United States. There's no executive amnesty or pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in Mexico.  As Victor David Hanson has noted on these pages, Mexico has a virtual zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigrants who seek to work inside Mexico, happen to break Mexican law or go on public assistance and drain the Mexican treasury. And woe to those who aid them in either their employment or their residency.  Mexico's legal immigration policies are designed to provide the country with the skill sets that the country needs. There's no talk of letting in those who'll do the work that Mexicans won't do. Mexican immigration law accepts those who have the "necessary funds for their sustenance" while denying entry to those who are not healthy or would "upset the equilibrium of the national demographics."  There will be no fundamental transformation of Mexico under the Mexican constitution. While we invite illegal immigration with jobs, service in the U.S. military, driver's licenses and discounted college tuition denied U.S. citizens from another state, Mexico slams the door.  Article 32 of Mexico's constitution bans non-native-born residents from holding sensitive jobs and joining the country's military in peacetime. Article 33 gives the president of Mexico the right to deport foreigners at will without the deportation hearing that 90% of our illegals fail to show up for. Foreigners are prohibited from participating in Mexican politics "in any way."  Mexico and its illegal aliens here, of course, are free to interfere in our politics in any way, including taking those driver's licenses and registering to vote in our elections. Want comprehensive immigration reform, President Obama? Just do what Mexico does. 




Homeland Security: To keep out Islamic State terrorists, the Saudis are building a 600-mile-long barrier — complete with five layers of fencing, underground movement censors and radar cameras — on their northern border. If they can do it ...

Good fences, it is said, make for good neighbors, which on a grand scale was the intent of the Great Wall of China in antiquity and the Israeli fences of more recent vintage. Both were designed to keep out intruders and to make sure all guests were invited guests. According to Jane's Defense Weekly, the barrier will be six miles deep with 79 watch towers. Monitoring will include thermal imagers and battlefield radar systems capable of detecting individuals at a distance of 12 miles and vehicles at up to 24 miles. The barrier will be patrolled by border guards and 240 rapid-response vehicles.  Contrast the Saudi fence and border security efforts with our porous border, which recently allowed tens of thousands of "unaccompanied minors" to stream across and routinely allows drug cartels and their "coyotes" to smuggle anyone across for any purpose into the United States.  Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, commander of the U.S. Southern Command, recently testified before Congress that our southern border constituted a threat as "existential" as any foreign power, with gangs like MS-13 and terrorist group members hiding among the tidal wave of illegals. Among the "undocumented" are significant numbers of OTMs (other than Mexicans), including those from countries considered incubators or outright state sponsors of terror.  "Clearly, criminal networks can move just about anything on these smuggling pipelines," Kelly said last February to the House Armed Services Committee. "Terrorist organizations could seek to leverage those same smuggling routes to move operatives with intent to cause grave harm to our citizens or even quite easily bring weapons of mass destruction into the United States."


The franc has long been a safe-haven currency, and an alternative to the euro, dollar and yen. A good chunk of Eastern Europe's debt is denominated in Swiss francs — not dollars or euros.  As an example, Bloomberg notes that 46% of all Polish home loans are in Swiss francs — not the plunging Polish zloty. So, in one brutal market move, many Polish homeowners can no longer pay their loans.  Then there are currency traders. With hedging margins as low as 2% of the amount invested, some investors were wiped out overnight. Some currency trading firms have also suffered catastrophic losses.  A Reuters headline, with classic understatement, summed it all up: "Swiss franc shock shuts some FX brokers; regulators move in."  It's that last one that got us. "Regulators" — that is, mostly the central banks themselves — are "moving in," even though they are the ones who caused the problem. Expect lawsuits, bankruptcies and perhaps even criminal charges. Just don't expect any action at all against the central banks for their malpractice.  If there was a trigger this time, it was the expectation by the Swiss that the European Central Bank, meeting next week, would double down on its quantitative easing program.  More money-printing would have put more pressure on the Swiss franc, forcing the Swiss to buy huge amounts of euro assets and putting their whole economy at risk. Finally, they said "enough!"  Now, they've cut their interest rate to a negative 0.75% — that is, you have to pay them to deposit money — and are no longer trying to maintain the 1.20 euro-franc exchange rate.  The worst part is that all this is a result of the six years' efforts by the world's central banks to flood the global economy with liquidity through quantitative easing and zero interest rates. Europe has been most aggressive, leading to the euro's plunge and investment paralysis for long-term projects.  In the U.S., we've been lucky. Our economy has been boosted by fracking and low energy prices, and the dollar has surged. With unemployment falling, many investors expect the Fed to raise rates later this year.  But trouble overseas has a way of coming back to us. Japan is already in a slump, China is undergoing a dramatic slowdown and Europe is sliding into recession.




The Economist has run a clever and illuminating article on the growth and acceptance of negative yields, especially in the Eurozone. Starting from the very logical question of why an investor would ever knowingly accept a guaranteed loss, as is the case with negative yields, the piece explains the reasoning. The justification is as dark as it is simple—Eurozone investors are so afraid of a further major market panic that paying governments 0.16%, or 16 bp, to keep their money safe seems a good play. In effect, it is just like insurance, paying a small amount each month to protect against an unknowable loss in the future. During the immediate aftermath of the Financial Crisis in 2008, investors were happy to accept negative yields on short-term Treasury bills, but the logic of investors now accepting negative yields on ten-year bonds is more troubling. Do investors really not believe there is any asset class that has a likelihood of making a return over such a long timeframe? In regards to negative yields, a Deutsche Bank Strategist had this to say, “either bonds are mispriced and large losses loom for investors, or we have a big problem on our hands”.



: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/011615-735188-in-venezuela-no-selfies-for-you.htm#ixzz3PZdcrybp
 (America next?)  Socialism:
Venezuelans are being arrested for posting Internet photos of shortages in stores. So let's get this straight: Murder and mayhem are de facto legal in that crime pit, but posting evidence of socialism's failure merits jailing.

As socialism plays out to its logical conclusion in Venezuela, the specters of long lines, rationing, troop enforcers, bizarre edicts and desperate statements are now the order of the day.  Troops now supervise lines because so many fistfights and looting incidents break out in these daily 12-hour ordeals for rice or toilet paper. Which is what Venezuela's bishops stated in a pastoral letter that powerfully denounced the poverty and ruin brought to their country.  The government's decision to "impose a political-economic system" that is "socialist, Marxist or communist," "totalitarian and centralist" and "undermines the freedom and rights of individuals and associations" is to blame, they wrote.  The system, they said, has failed wherever it's been tried and "created growing poverty among large sectors of the population, particularly among those with the fewest economic resources."  Thanks to socialism, the country is falling apart. This week, UBS investment bank estimated that Venezuela had an 80% likelihood of default this year.  Food lines have become the primary flashpoint because this regime has made so many claims about its socialist agenda being the champion of the poor.  The regime has descended into Baghdad Bob-like surrealism as it attempt to justify its hold on power by perpetuating those myths.  President Nicolas Maduro blames "right-wingers" and "the rich" for what he calls "economic warfare."  "There are lines everywhere, even where they did not happen before in upper-class districts," emails a Venezuelan businessman in Caracas.


Business deaths in the U.S. now outnumber business births, Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton wrote this week in an article asking if American entrepreneurship is dead or alive.  "The U.S. now ranks not first, not second, not third, but 12th among developed nations in terms of business startup activity," Clifton wrote.  "Countries such as Hungary, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Israel and Italy all have higher startup rates than America does."  We've been watching this trend for a while and last spring we wrote about the Brookings Institution, a think tank on the left side of center, finding "that for the first time on record U.S. businesses are being destroyed faster than they're being created." This drift has been a few years in the making (see chart), and it helps explain why we have a jobs problem in America.  Though the unemployment rate fell to 5.6% in December from 5.8% in November, the U.S. workforce is a hollow shell. A record 92.9 million Americans are no longer part of our once-booming labor force.  Many have simply given up on finding work. This number has been growing steadily since the middle of President Obama's first year in office.

The labor force participation rate is almost 63%, the lowest since Jimmy Carter was in the White House.  If we want jobs, we need startup businesses. More than half (55%) said they wouldn't start a new company in the business climate of the day.  Another 55% cited federal regulations as the problem, while two-thirds called market uncertainty a significant hurdle.  In another poll, 69% of small-business owners and managers said that muddled government rules were  "major impediments to the creation of new jobs."  We hope that the new Republican Congress has solutions on its agenda and gets to work soon with some Democrats on board.

Investor's Business Daily:
(Another Lying Democrap, don’t you wish you were as poor as Fat Cat Warren??)  Warren preached, sounding like a reincarnated Eugene Debs. "All the new money earned went to the top. All of it."  And, as it turns out, a healthy share of it went to Warren herself. She's amassed a personal fortune bashing the rich — while insisting she's not one of them.  Combing through her latest Senate financial disclosure filings, however, it becomes clear she is part of the same top 10% she rails against. In fact, her net worth puts her in the wealthiest 1%.  The assets of the self-proclaimed godmother of the Occupy Wall Street movement and champion of the 99% include:  • Financial assets worth between $3.7 million and $10 million. • Real estate assets worth more than $3.1 million, including a home in Cambridge, Mass., valued at $2.4 million and a condo in Washington valued at $740,000.  • A $525,000 book advance for her new memoir, "A Fighting Chance."  • At least 19 investment funds, including stock funds worth at least $1 million.  Her large stock portfolio is odd, given her crusading against the "excesses" and "greed" of Wall Street. And it's downright unseemly, given her bashing of members of Congress who own stock.  "There are some wealthy individuals — I'm not one of them — but some wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios," she told MSNBC during a 2012 campaign interview.  The former Harvard professor claims she can relate to working and middle-class families better than other politicians, including Clinton. But she's just as out of touch.  Warren has no debt, owns two posh homes and dines at the finest restaurants. She hasn't the foggiest notion about the pain the working and middle class are suffering from ObamaCare and other big government policies she pushesFor all her Marxist bunkum, Warren isn't even that altruistic. According to her 2009 tax returns, for example, she donated only 2% of her $980,670 income. She likes redistributing your money but not her own.   Warren, who falsely claimed "Native American" minority status to score a high-paying Harvard gig, is not just a fake Indian. She's a fake populist, too.




(Biggest LYING & Deceiving Democrap):  The new president would open his address by telling Americans that the time has come to realize that government is not the solution. “I don’t believe in bigger government,” he’ll announce. “Here in Washington, we’ve all seen how quickly good intentions can turn into broken promises and wasteful spending.”  He would remind Americans of the crushing burden of debt we’ve saddled our children with ($19 trillion by then). We have a “responsibility to ensure that we do not pass on to them a debt they cannot pay. Bottom of Form

And so he would take on the third rail in American politics: entitlement reform (the projected shortfall for both programs will by then have cracked the $50 trillion mark). “To preserve our long-term fiscal health, we must also address the growing costs in Medicare and Social Security.”  Channeling his inner Ronald Reagan, the new president would pledge to “go line by line through the federal budget in order to eliminate wasteful and ineffective programs.” He would take on vested interests and speak out against cronyism. “We will restore a sense of fairness and balance to our tax code by finally ending the tax breaks.”  As a true conservative, the new president would also emphasize the indispensable role of the family. “In the end, there is no program or policy that can substitute for a parent, for a mother or father who will attend those parent-teacher conferences or help with homework or turn off the TV, put away the video games, read to their child. I speak to you not just as a president, but as a father, when I say that responsibility for our children’s education must begin at home.”  Looking at a dangerous world and the threats to American security, he would pledge to combat radical Islamism “because I will not allow terrorists to plot against the American people from safe havens halfway around the world.”  What a speech that would be.  There’s just one catch: that speech has already been given.  Every single one of these quotes comes from Obama’s first State of the Union address. While he did say other things in that address that revealed his progressive bent, all these statements would elicit roars of approval at any Tea Party rally.  This, of course, was the Obama of 2008: the post-partisan apostle of hope and the embodiment of the change we had been waiting for (never mind that he had the most liberal voting record of any senator). Over the past six years, the real Obama has gradually revealed himself and he is unquestionably a man of the Left.




Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke shared his feelings about Al Sharpton and others who rushed to judgement over the shooting of Michael Brown, during a discussion Thursday on Fox & Friends about the Justice Department’s decision not to pursue a civil rights case against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson:  “I don’t expect anything intelligent to come out of the mouth of Al Sharpton. We know he is a charlatan. Al Sharpton ought to go back into the gutter he came from. The police officer is owed a lot from him, Eric Holder and the President of the United States.”  Clarke also weighed in on the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict Wilson:  “The grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, got it right. Officer Wilson has been exonerated. The thing I want to know is how does he get his reputation back?”


(TAXPAYERS, Broke yet?)  The War on Poverty has cost $22 trillion -- three times more than what the government has spent on all wars in American history.  Federal and state governments spend $1 trillion in taxpayer dollars on America's 80 means-tested welfare programs annually.  the poverty rate is measured based on income that does not include welfare transfers. They offer this example:  a household receiving $50,000 in welfare benefits would still be classified as poor if its pre-welfare income fell below the poverty line.  So, how are poor households today doing? Rector and Sheffield offer a few statistics: eighty percent of America's poor households have air conditioning, two-thirds have cable or satellite television, half have a personal computer and 43 percent have access to the internet.  Source: "Opportunity for All, Favoritism to None," Heritage Foundation, 2015.   



Taxpayers:  Bradley Manning is in prison for treason -- and now the Obama administration wants to help him break another law: nature's. The national security leaker, whose espionage put countless Americans at risk, is demanding that the U.S. Army -- not just recognize, but finance -- his gender transition. Since 2013, when he officially changed his name to Chelsea, he's fought to put taxpayers on the hook for his transgenderism. Now, two years later, it seems the Army is more than willing to cater to the traitor's whims, including footing the bill for thousands of dollars in radical hormone therapy.  Col. Eric Nelson, Commandant of Fort Leavenworth finally caved to the convict's demands after pressure from the ACLU and others.  Unfortunately, this is just part of the administration's broader pattern of indulging lawlessness and lawbreakers like illegal immigrants, military defectors, and turncoats.




“Texas is proud to lead a coalition that now includes a majority of the United States standing up against the President’s rogue actions,” Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement. “The momentum against the President's lawlessness continues to build with Tennessee and Nevada joining the effort to protect our states from the economic and public safety implications of illegal amnesty. As President Obama himself has said numerous times, he lacks the authority to impose amnesty. His actions represent a blatant case of overreach and clear abuse of power.”  If Obama's amnesty does stand it will cost taxpayers billions in tax credits every year.   With Tennessee and Nevada, the full list of 26 states suing Obama over his executive amnesty are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin.




(Love it or Leave it! )  Richman’s fiery comments caught the attention of another American war hero, who was brutally tortured in a POW camp during the Vietnam War. At one point during his torture, Capt. Eugene “Red” McDaniel was deprived of sleep for six days, beaten repeatedly and restrained with his arms in an impossible position. He had his skin ripped off, his arm broken and dirty rags shoved down his throat to prevent breathing.  “I would ask him how he thinks this ‘freedom’ he talks so much about will be preserved,” McDaniel said. “The people who are willing to put their lives at risk to defend it are the ones who provide this freedom, both for him and for his children and grandchildren.”  McDaniel endured the brutal treatment for six years. After his release, he received the Navy Cross for heroism. He then returned to duty after his release.  His story is told in the book “Scars & Stripes,” which recounts his military career, his hellish experience as a POW,and how his faith in God allowed him to survive.

McDaniel observed: “The military is a band of brothers. You have to appreciate and love your country to even be involved in it. My only question today is whether the leadership of the country is deserving of the sacrifices our sons and daughters are making for it. It seems like the current leadership of the country is more aligned with the people who are trying to denigrate the military.”  Hollywood leftists, notably filmmaker Michael Moore and actor Seth Rogen, have made similar statements denigrating Kyle’s service. However, Richman’s article received a significant amount of support from some left-leaning libertarian thought leaders. The Future of Freedom Foundation is a recipient of the Ron Paul Liberty in Media Award. Richman is a former senior editor at the Cato Institute and is a contributor at the organization’s online journal, Cato Unbound.  McDaniel said: “There is a deliberate attempt coming from the liberal left to denigrate America’s military. The purpose of snipers is to keep American deaths at a minimum. I support that, of course, and I don’t know how anyone else doesn’t.”  Another veteran blasted the scathing criticism of Kyle. Former Marine Maj. Richard Botkin, author of “Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph,” sees the reaction by some leftists and left-leaning libertarians as part of the collapse of American culture.  “American culture has become so soft, self-absorbed and hedonistic,” Botkin told WND. “The average American is clueless about the kinds of sacrifices our troops are making, but they know every detail about Ellen Degeneres or Beyoncé. I can’t imagine Mr. Richman served nor is he close with anyone else who served.”  Botkin said “American Sniper” is an “important, powerful movie” that shows the sacrifices made by U.S. soldiers.


This weekend, after barely a mere 4 weeks since its debut, American Sniper has joined only 50 other films in history to rake in $300 million in domestic sales.  The movie, starring Bradley Cooper and directed by Clint Eastwood, also becomes the top-grossing war movie of all time.


Chaos in Yemen is leading to even greater Middle East instability, shines the spotlight of failure on a nation President Obama hailed as a foreign policy success just four months ago and forces an even tougher negotiating position with the Iranians, according to retired U.S. Navy Capt. Chuck Nash.  As he laid out his approach to confronting the Islamic State, or ISIS, in September, Obama cited numerous operations targeting terrorists in Yemen as a major success of his effort to take the fight to the terrorists.  Nash said that’s looking pretty bad in hindsight.  “It just adds to the overall instability and the mess that the Middle East has become ever since the Arab Spring,” he said. “This was the knife in the heart of Yemen, which the president has been holding out as a way of modeling our success post-Arab Spring.”





The federal government finally announced an end to the auto industry bailout, a product of the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The Auto Industry Financing Program (AIFP) loaned $79.69 billion to American car manufacturers General Motors and Chrysler in 2009 under Presidents George Bush and Obama.  The government declared that all AIFP loans had been repaid in December 2014 after Ally Financial -- part of General Motors -- made its last repayments. But Jesse Hathaway of the Heartland Institute says that taxpayers lost money: of the $79.69 billion paid to the automakers, the government recovered just $70.42 billion.  Source: Jesse Hathaway, "Taxpayers Lose Billions as Auto Industry Bailout Ends," Heartland Institute, January 2, 2015. 




Jones reported Sheriff London was called to Carter’s property to intervene. The sheriff advised the Marshals that Carter’s case was in appeal and he deserved due process.  The Marshalls threatened to arrest London, Jones reported, but “he stood his ground and they backed off.”  “Many officers have stood up over the years for the rights of citizens being victimized by the federal government,” said Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, reported BenSwann.com. “But Sheriff London is the first one to stand up to the IRS since the early 1990s. His actions show courage and humility. London is setting a good example for the rest of our sheriffs.”





Civil forfeiture allows the government to take people's property, even if a person has not been charged with a crime. What does it take for law enforcement to take property? Nothing more than a "preponderance of evidence" that the property was connected with criminal activity. Jared Meyer of Economics21 explains: while most people think about forfeiture as taking the property of drug dealers or other criminals, the government has used civil forfeiture to take vast amounts of property from entirely innocent individuals.  The use of the civil forfeiture power has exploded in recent years:  In 2001, $407 million was seized under civil forfeiture laws; in 2012, a whopping $4.3 billion was seized.  From 2001 to 2012, law enforcement has taken-(stolen) $2.5 billion in cash from 62,000 Americans, all without warrants or indictments.  Meyer offers examples of forfeiture victims:  When Roderick Daniels was pulled over for going two miles over the speed limit in 2007, police seized $8,500 in cash that he was carrying. Daniels had planned to purchase a car with the money.  George Reby was pulled over in Tennessee for speeding and had $22,000 taken from him by a police officer. Again, Reby intended to purchase a car with the money.  When small business owner Carole Hinders made multiple cash deposits of less than $10,000 into her bank account, the government suspected money laundering and took $33,000 from her.  What happens to the seized property, be it cash, cars, jewelry or something else entirely? When the federal government does the seizing, Meyer writes that the funds go to the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ has an Asset Forfeiture Fund, which then distributes the proceeds for various law enforcement needs.  Recently, lawmakers have made efforts to reform the civil forfeiture law. Senator Rand Paul (R-Kty.) has introduced the Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration (FAIR) Act, which would raise the forfeiture standard for seizing property from a preponderance of the evidence to the more stringent "clear and convincing evidence" standard.  Source: Jared Meyer, "How to Restore 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty'," Townhall.com, December 19, 2014.                          




a University of California-San Diego study from December 2014 found that minimum wages limit low-wage workers' ability to advance economically, as would-be workers are denied valuable work experience.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor force participation rate for Americans age 16 to 24 was 55 percent (as of November 2014, the national labor force participation rate was 62.8 percent). By 2022, the BLS expects that figure to drop below 50 percent in 2022.  How to improve youth employment?   Federal law allows employers to offer wages below the federal minimum to workers under the age of 20 for up to three months. The federal wage is $7.25 per hour, while the youth minimum wage is $4.25. Allowing employers to offer lower wages could open doors to young people seeking entry-level employment, training and experience.  However, the policy means little when states do not include a similar exemption for youth wages -- just 19 states, says Cooper, have youth minimum wages at the federal level, while 23 set youth wages at or above the federal minimum wage. He encourages state lawmakers to pass exemptions allowing employers to offer young people lower introductory wages and expand their employment opportunities.  Source: Preston Cooper, "Exemption from Minimum Wages Would Help Younger Workers," Economics21, January 6, 2015. 




Although the violent incidents were carried out by blacks, media outlets usually hide that fact, according to Flaherty.   A crowd of black teenagers sparked a massive brawl at the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis over the weekend, sending frightened shoppers running for cover and forcing many shopkeepers to close early Saturday.  Police brought the ruckus under control and made no arrests, but the incident was only the latest in a spate of violent, black-mob incidents across the country.  In the small town of Texas City, Texas, a fight broke out at a Christmas night party called “Hood Night.” Police arrived to find one man shooting a handgun toward a crowd of people. When officers told him to drop his weapon, he instead turned it toward the officers, and they promptly shot him dead. The surrounding crowd of black people began throwing rocks, bottles and bricks at police officers and their vehicles.  Flaherty stressed that this sort of violence against police is happening all over America.

“It’s open season on cops in this country,” he said.  Seven of the 12 incidents Flaherty chronicled in his American Thinker piece involved violence at malls. At Monroeville Mall near Pittsburgh, for instance, as many as 1,000 black people entered the mall and caused chaos, beating shoppers and destroying property.




When members of the pro-life black community tell the truth about abortion—that the most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb—we are accused of racism. The people who target us for annihilation through abortion are praised as heroes. What an upside down world!  The growing controversies surrounding First Amendment rights to freedom of religious and speech are reaching a fever pitch. But we must continue to do what we are instructed in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14: Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.





Tax and expenditure limits, or TELs, are limits on government spending. They may be statutory or part of a state's constitution. State TELs differ in the ways that they constrain spending, but the general idea is the same: they limit government spending growth.  Today, thirty states have TELs. States can use different metrics to limit their spending. For example:  Twenty-three states limit state spending based on individuals' personal income growth, meaning that state government spending cannot grow faster than residents' income.  Seven states restrict state expenditures based on population growth and inflation.  States can also limit spending based on gross state product growth.  If so many states have TELs, why is government spending growth such a problem? Many TELs are weak. In a new report from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Talmadge Heflin and Vance Ginn explain why Texas' TEL is insufficient and how lawmakers could reform it.  In Texas, personal income growth is used to constrain spending. However, Heflin and Ginn say the metric doesn't work appropriately: it requires lawmakers to predict personal income growth when setting the budget, and projections tend to be far from reality. Instead, they suggest that Texas use a population growth model: had the state used the population growth metric, its budget in 2014 would have been $11.5 billion smaller than it actually was. What does that mean for taxpayers? Those dollars translate into $1,700 more retained by taxpayers for each family of four.  Source: Talmadge Heflin and Vance Ginn, "Reforming Texas' Tax and Expenditure Limit," Texas Public Policy Foundation, January 2015.




TAXPAYERS:  The White House claims the proposal will save students $3,800 per year in tuition costs (shifting costs onto taxpayers, instead of the student or their family). When asked about the cost of the proposal to taxpayers, the administration said it did not yet have a price tag, but that the cost would be “significant,” according to Politico. President Obama is expected to share more details of the plan in his Jan. 20 State of the Union address.  The administration’s proposal begs certain questions. Low-income students already have access to federal Pell Grants, which can be used to finance their tuition obligations at a community college. Indeed, the number of Pell recipients has doubled since 2008. So the proposal will serve as little more than a federal handout to the community college system.  And it’s a system that hasn’t exactly produced stellar outcomes. Just 20 percent of students who begin community college each year complete their program within 150 percent of the standard time, according to the U.S. Department of Education. And, as the Cato Institute’s Neal McCluskey found:  According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, only 20 percent of community college students transfer to four-year schools, and only 72 percent of those will have finished or remained enrolled four years later. So, from what we can tell, we are looking at completion for just around 34 percent of community college students.




TAXPAYERS:  Writing for Economics21, Calomiris and Haber explain what happened in the mortgage market.

The federal government wanted to make housing more affordable for low-income Americans. So, the government encouraged banks to give loans to low-income borrowers, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- government-sponsored enterprises that purchase and sell mortgages -- purchased those loans. A host of bad mortgages were issued, as individuals were required to put little money down and provide scant information concerning their employment and incomes.  Did this policy improve the economic situation for low-income Americans? Not at all. (it has been tried & FAILED, why do it again?.)  As Calomiris and Haber explain, low- and middle-income borrowers with huge mortgage debts lost their homes to foreclosure when the housing market collapsed.  Prior to the 1990s, a 20 percent down payment for a Fannie or Freddie housing loan was standard, but at the start of the subprime mortgage crisis, required down payments had fallen dramatically -- over one-quarter (26 percent) of Fannie Mae loans and 19 percent of Freddie Mac loans had down payments under 5 percent, according to Paul Sperry at the New York Post.  In December, the government announced that it was reducing the minimum down payment for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages to a meager 3 percent in order to combat inequality, which Calomiris and Haber say is a bad idea, pointing to what happened just a few years ago. (Subprime 2.0, So Smart Democraps, Taxpayers you have been warned.) What would be a better solution? Improved competition among banks, which the authors say "promotes credit growth in a way that tends to reduce inequality," rather than the opposite.  Source: Charles W. Calomiris and Stephen Haber, Redistributive Credit Policies Won't Fix Inequality, Economics 21, December 30, 2014.



In a just-released book, former FCIC member Peter Wallison says that a Democratic Congress worked with the commission's Democratic chairman to whitewash the government's central role in the mortgage debacle. The conspiracy helped protect some of the Democrats' biggest stars from scrutiny and accountability while helping justify the biggest government takeover of the financial sector since the New Deal.  Wallison's sobering, trenchantly written "Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World's Worst Financial Crisis and Why It Could Happen Again" reveals that the Democrat-led panel buried key data proving that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and other federal agencies pushed the housing market over the subprime cliff.   In 2009, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed her California pal Phil Angelides, a long-time Democrat operative, to lead the commission. The fix seemed to be in, and Wallison's account of the inner workings of the 10-member body confirms it. Here's what took place during the FCIC's 18-month, $10 million probe…..

Democrats passed the Dodd-Frank Act in July 2010, six months before the FCIC released its report — "a clear demonstration that the Democratic Congress knew well in advance exactly what this well-controlled commission would say." After Dodd-Frank shockingly left Fannie and Freddie untouched, the FCIC excused the glaring oversight by exonerating the toxic twins and their affordable-housing masters at HUD.  As a result, Fannie and Freddie, now under full federal control, are back making low down payment loans to low-income borrowers, and the Dodd-Frank-mandated Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is forcing banks to ignore credit risks in the name of affordable housing.  A corrupt investigation led to corrupt reforms.


(Taxpayers:  Democrap speak of Free or Affordable Healthcare; there is NO free lunch..) During a speech in 2009, Obama pledged that not only would his signature legislation of Obamacare cost ‘only’ $900 billion, or $30,000 per person insured, but also promised that it would not add one dime to the deficit.  Both of these claims have been revealed in a new CBO report to be lies.  The Daily Mail broke down the report that demonstrates just how much of a negative economic impact Obamacare will have on the American taxpayer. At the same time, it also shows that Obama and the Democrats lied to the people as they were passing this monstrosity along party lines.  Every insured person under Obamacare will cost the American taxpayer $50,000.  Taxpayers will be forced by the government to spend $1.993 trillion over the next 10 years on Obamacare to provide subsidies to offset the cost of Obamacare for some and expand Medicaid and CHIP.  The data was buried in a 15 page section of the CBO’s new budget outlook.




Defund the FCC:  just Thursday, the White House told reporters it would not wait for legislation to implement so-called “net neutrality” rules because it would have the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, simply write new regulations.  The White House claims the regulations would ensure Internet service providers treat all web content fairly, but critics say it would give the federal government virtual control over the content of the Internet.  For instance, they say the government could effectively censor content it finds objectionable by simply slowing the delivery speed of such material.  Additionally, broadband companies say the burdensome regulations would drive up costs and drive down investment and innovation.



Fair Tax Act (HR 25 and S 155): "To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States," according to the bill summary. Repeals the income tax, employment tax, and estate and gift tax. Imposes a national sales tax on the use or consumption in the United States of taxable property or services. Sets the sales tax rate at 23% in 2017, with adjustments to the rate in subsequent years. Allows exemptions from the tax for property or services purchased for business, export, or investment purposes, and for state government functions. Allows a monthly sales tax rebate for families meeting certain size and income requirements. Prohibits the funding of the Internal Revenue Service after FY2019. 

Background: The proposal to repeal income, payroll and estate and gift taxes -- replacing them with a national 23% sales tax -- was first introduced in 1999. Learn more in our Tax Reform Issue Spotlight.




State constitutions vary, but most include limits on a state's ability to use taxpayer dollars to fund religious schools. These "Blaine amendments" -- named after a former senator from Maine -- were first enacted in the nineteenth century to prevent Catholic schools from receiving public funds. Today, opponents of school choice have used them to file legal challenges against school choice programs.  How do choice programs fare against Blaine amendment challenges? Vouchers have struggled in some states, with courts deeming voucher funds to be an appropriation of taxpayer money to religious schools. However, according to Bedrick and Burke, scholarship tax credit programs have survived all Blaine amendment challenges. Tax credit programs allow taxpayers to make donations to nonprofit scholarship organizations which fund scholarships for public school children. Those children can use the funds to attend a school of their choice while taxpayers receive credits for their donations. When opponents of Arizona's scholarship tax credit program challenged under the state's Blaine amendments, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in favor of the program, reasoning that no public money was involved, as taxpayer dollars never entered the state treasury.  What about education savings accounts (ESAs), the latest school choice development? ESAs put funds into special bank accounts, allowing parents to withdraw funds and use them for all manner of educational programs and services, from tuition to textbooks to tutoring. Just two states -- Arizona and Florida -- have enacted ESAs so far. Bedrick and Burke say it's not clear how courts will approach the ESA model but note that one Arizona Supreme Court upheld ESAs after a constitutional challenge in 2014.  Source: Jason Bedrick and Lindsey M. Burke, "The Next Step in School Choice," National Affairs, Winter 2015. 




Dinesh D’Souza on NBC News’ Brian Williams: ‘Another Liberal Con Man’   This is another kind of liberal con man whose con is finally up,” D’Souza, maker of the highly acclaimed film, “2016: Obama’s America,”  said on Tuesday. “These are guys who have been massaging and manipulating facts for a long time,” he told Malzberg. After being brutalized for days on Twitter with the hashtag #BrianWilliamsMisremembers, the disgraced face of leftstream journalism was suspended by NBC News on Tuesday for six months without pay.



(Biggest Democrap LIAR)  It's a good thing President Obama doesn't work for NBC -- or else he might have been suspended for lying too! Like the NBC's Brian Williams, voters would have a difficult time narrowing down all the untruths to one. This President has told so many whoppers that Burger King should name a sandwich after him!   The facts are such a foreign concept in this White House that even left-leaning PolitiFact has logged more than four pages of lies from this President.




(climate-gate scam 2.0, more lies, more fraud)  Booker cites Paul Homewood's Not a Lot of People Know That blog  where Homewood compares raw data with adjusted temperatures to show the graph trend was reversed from a cooling trend to a warming one.  Homewood checked the data on three weather stations in Paraguay and found that all three had their initial raw readings adjusted to show lower temperatures in the 1950s and higher temperatures today.   Following reporting by Booker two weeks ago, Homewood checked more stations in South America and found the same thing had occurred at them.   Scientists use these records to estimate temperatures in locations that don't have reporting stations, and the data is used to project changes in overall global climate.  Homewood is now looking at stations in the Arctic between Canada and Siberia, Booker reports.   "Again, in nearly every case, the same one-way adjustments (cooking the books) have been made, to show warming up to 1 degree C or more higher than was indicated by the data that was actually recorded," Booker writes.  Traust Jonsson, a longtime climate researcher in Iceland was surprised to see the revised data "disappears" Iceland’s "sea ice years" around 1970, when a period of extreme cooling almost wiped out Iceland's economy.


the official temperature records – on which the entire panic ultimately rested – were systematically “adjusted” (tampered with & falsified) to show the Earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified.




Man Made Up Climate Hope & Change:  Using the normal rules of science, is 58.46 degrees then distinguishable from 58.45 degrees? In a word, ‘No,’” wrote Patrick J. Michaels on the Cato Institute website.  His assessment was cited on Marc Morano’s Climate Depot website, which routinely debunks claims of global warming.  Climatologist Roy Spencer is quoted there: “We are arguing over the significance of a hundredths of a degree.”  And physicist Lubos Motl: “Please laugh out loud when someone will be telling you that it was the warmest year.”  Even acceptance of the federal reports, climatologist Judith Curry pointed out at Climate Depot, further undermines the Earth is warming.  “With 2014 essentially tied with 2005 and 2010 for hottest year, this implies that there has been essentially no trend in warming over the past decade,” Curry said.  Morano explained: “There are dueling global datasets – surface temperature records and satellite records – and they disagree. The satellites show an 18 year plus global warming ‘standstill’ and the satellite was set up to be ‘more accurate’ than the surface records.”  He argued any temperature claim of “hottest year” based on surface data is based on hundredths of a degree hotter than previous “hottest years.”  “This immeasurable difference is not even within the margin of error of temperature gauges. The claim of the ‘hottest year’ is simply a political statement not based on temperature facts.”  It’s “past time” for the world to realize that and “stop the madness of wasting great sums of money on EPA’s imaginary threat,” contended Kenneth Haapala, executive vice president of the Science and Environmental Policy Project in Virginia, recently. He’s also a policy adviser at the Heartland Institute.



“I am embarrassed by the scientific community’s behavior on the [human driven climate change] subject.”  That is just one of the jarring remarks by climate scientist Roy Spencer, PhD.  Spencer in his must read response to those who claim that 2014 was the warmest year on record.  For much of his career, Spencer was the Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, where he and Dr. John Christy received NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for their global temperature monitoring work with satellites.  It is his work and the satellite data that gets ignored which remains one of the legions of global warmists biggest problems.  Dr. Spencer, a climate scientist with impeccable credentials utilizing state of the art temperature gathering readings, challenges the prevailing assumptions of looming global warming devastation based upon the observable science.  Satellite monitoring of global temperatures which are not distorted by local changing ground effects like fixed monitoring stations (e.g. a concrete building that radiates heat being built next door) show that 2014 was not close to being the warmest year since 1979 when satellites first started collecting data.  Instead, satellites show 1998 and perhaps 2010 as having that distinction.  Spencer does not deny that some temporary warming is occurring but points out that there is, “abundant evidence that it was just as warm 1,000 and 2,000 years ago as it is today.”  A harsh slap in the face to those who want to lay blame for some future catastrophic climate collapse on modern fossil fuel usage.  Why would so-called scientists ignore satellite data that conflicts with ground temperature monitoring?  To get an idea, take a look at what the satellites say is actually occurring with our climate.  Note that the baseline temperature is a constant, not an upward sliding scale, and while in the past sixteen years, temperatures have been warmer than the mean, the previous nineteen years (when the global warming hysteria began) show an earth that was uncooperatively cool.


Arguing the science has no effect on global warming alarmists. They are immune to facts and stick to models and fallacious arguments from biased, unscientific authorities.  Climate models say temperatures should climb right along with the rise in CO2 emissions, yet emissions rose from the 1940s through the 1970s, when scientists were warning of a coming ice age. And for the past two decades, CO2 emissions have continued to rise while temperatures have been in a holding pattern for the past 18 years.  Models say we should see more intense hurricanes, yet for nearly a decade the U.S. has experienced below-average hurricanes making landfall, and they have been no more powerful than previously experienced.  Sea-level rise has slowed, polar bear numbers have increased, the Antarctic ice sheet has set new records for expansion month after month and even the Arctic is back to average ice levels for the decade.  None of these trends is consistent with models' predictions, yet alarmists ignore the facts because controlling human lives is their underlying goal, and their failed models are the only thing that enables them to claim disaster is in the offing if humans don't change their ways.  Arguing economics is equally ineffective. Multiple analyses show the best economic response to the challenges posed by global warming is to use fossil fuels to grow peoples' wealth globally and adapt to climate changes as they come — basically doing what humans have done throughout history.  In "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels," author Alex Epstein makes a key point:  "Climate is no longer a major cause of deaths, thanks in large part to fossil fuels. ... People in countries using abundant fossil fuels live longer, have fewer infant deaths, are healthier, are more educated and are much wealthier on average than people who live without coal, oil and natural gas.  This is not a mere coincidence, as wealth, health, education and other living conditions remained virtually stagnant for most of human history until our discovery of the ability to transform coal, oil and gas into fuels that powered the Industrial Revolution.  In the West, fossil fuels light homes, making work and an active home life possible after dark without the use of dung, wood and tallow, thus preventing millions of unnecessary deaths from respiratory disease.  Conversely, lack of fossil fuels condemns millions to early deaths from diseases like those that they experience in underdeveloped parts of Africa and Asia. Children die in Africa from malnutrition or starvation because they lack access to the quality and quantities of food made available to the West through fossil-fuel-dependent industrial agriculture and transportation.  Lives are saved in modern hospitals thanks to fossil fuels, from the gasoline fueling emergency vehicles to the electricity keeping the lights, computers, climate controls and refrigeration on.  Electricity runs incubators that save premature babies' lives and respirators that keep people breathing until they can breathe on their own. Electricity runs the machines sterilizing instruments and conducting MRIs, X-rays, CT scans, and all the other tests and technologies that allow medical professionals to predict, diagnose, and treat the countless diseases and injuries humans suffer each year.  Electricity delivers safe drinking water and fossil fuels make the plastics that are used in hospital blood and medicine bags, tubes, wiring and even furniture.  Would you want to be treated at a hospital without these lifesaving technologies? If not, why should the billions of poor people around the world live without these modern wonders so you can pursue some (unrealistic utopian) ideal vision of the perfect climate?  How many people are climate alarmists willing to let die prematurely to satisfy their perverse desire to end the use of fossil fuels? (Why do they want to keep other people poor & starving?)


Homewood’s research shows a consistent changing of temperature data and always in a way that makes it appear the earth is growing warmer. Moreover, these changes were not made by obscure organizations. They were done through the U.S. government’s Global Historical Climate Network. Additional responsibility lies with the Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the National Climate Data Center.  Climate scientists who do not buy into the global analysis on climate change say this manipulation is a devastating indictment of the movement.  “It’s enormously significant because the whole thrust of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is supposedly the official source of climate change data, have been saying that currently it is warmer than it has ever been in the historic record or the instrumental record,” said Tim Ball, a former professor of climatology and author of “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science.”    “This adjustment of the historic record has been going on for a very long time,” he said. “It started with the elimination of a period known as the Medieval Warm Period a thousand years ago, when it was warmer than today.”  Nonetheless, he said Homewood has uncovered valuable evidence of a massive scientific and political con job.


One of the first examples of these “adjustments” (man made up global warming scam) was exposed in 2007 by the statistician Steve McIntyre, when he discovered a paper published in 1987 by James Hansen, the scientist (later turned fanatical climate activist) who for many years ran Giss. Hansen’s original graph showed temperatures in the Arctic as having been much higher around 1940 than at any time since.




The climate models predicted an 0.8 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature over the last 15 years. The reality? The temperature rose just 0.09 degrees, 90 percent less than what was predicted by the models.  Antarctic sea ice is actually increasing, not decreasing as the models predicted.  Sea levels are rising, as they have for years, but not at faster rates. In fact, Lomborg cites two studies indicating that there has been a drop in the rate of sea level rise.  Are there more droughts? According to a study from March 2014, since 1982, the amount of the world's surface that has faced droughts has decreased.  Damage costs from hurricanes have increased in the United States, but only because more people with more expensive property are living near coastlines, says Lomborg. Adjusting for those factors, damage from hurricanes from 1900 to 2013 actually decreased slightly.  Landfalling typhoons have fallen since 1950, yet global warming activists are calling for carbon dioxide emissions in order to reduce typhoons.  Death rates from natural disasters (from floods to extreme temperatures) have fallen dramatically, dropping by 907 percent since the beginning of the last century.  Lomborg says climate change alarmism has obscured reality and focused policymakers on ineffective, expensive carbon-cutting solutions such as wind farms and solar power.  Source: Bjorn Lomborg, "The Alarming Thing About Climate Alarmism," Wall Street Journal, February 2, 2015.



London’s Telegraph reported recently on what it called the “biggest science scandal ever”: At key weather stations around the world, temperature statistics — which are showing a clear cooling trend — are being changed (manipulated--tampered with) to show a warming one!  Simply put, the data is being cooked.  This cooling trend is no surprise to John Casey, a man who Al Gore despises.  A former NASA expert and a leading climate scientist, he has authored a new blockbuster book — Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell.  Casey agrees that during last century, temperatures were showing a slight warming trend.  But Casey argues in Dark Winter that this warming trend stopped when the sun went into a solar minimum.




Boehner collected 216 votes. Former speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., his closest rival, received 164.  Republicans needed 29 defectors to defeat Boehner. Twenty-five lawmakers did not vote for the newly elected House Speaker, the most no votes cast against a speaker in the last century.


Polls show only 16% of Republican voters want John Boehner re-elected as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Americans responded in droves to a call from WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah through the recently launched “Don’t be Yellow, Dump Boehner Now!” campaign.  The campaign encouraged constituents to let all 247 GOP members of the House majority know they need to pick another speaker and “Dump Boehner.”  The campaign already has generated 560,000 letters – or a stack reaches nearly 19 stories tall.  However, the threat of retaliation by Boehner was apparently great enough to keep his troops in line.  Boehner had just one stick to hold onto power, but it was a big one: He could strip lawmakers of prized committee assignments and chairmanships.  The size of the conservative contingent of GOP lawmakers in the House can be roughly estimated by the size of the Tea Party Caucus, which has about 45 current members. (how can you be in the Tea Party Caucus and vote for Boehner?)


Since the passage of Obamacare, House Speaker John Boehner has been dogged by critics pointing out his investment portfolio has benefited from owning insurance and medical company stocks that have profited from the legislation.  An analysis of Boehner’s current investment holdings includes a number of stocks benefiting from Obamacare in a total portfolio estimated at between $3.5 and $5 million in current market value.  Among Boehner’s current holdings are:  Peter Schweizer, in his 2011 book on Washington corruption, “Throw Them All Out: How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich Off Insider Stock Tips, Land Deals, and Cronyism that Would Send the Rest of Us to Prison,” Quietly, Congress passed and President Obama signed in April 2013 a new bill that indefinitely suspended the filing requirements of the STOCK Act for 28,000 executive-branch employees.  Boehner has consistently maintained his investments are held in a blind trust and that he does not personally make investment decisions in his own investment portfolio. But few experienced congressional critics believe Boehner and other members of Congress are unaware of their investment holdings, because public disclosure requirements demand yearly filings of all investments.  A spokesman for the office explained the speaker’s investments are managed by a financial adviser and that he is not involved with day-to-day investment decisions.


By law, the House must elect a presiding officer before taking up any new business. On Tuesday, the 114th Congress will choose a speaker, the highest legislative office in the nation and second in line of presidential succession, according to the Constitution.  The law leaves the contest wide open otherwise. The Constitution doesn’t even require the speaker come from the House of Representatives or elected office at all. In 2013, unelected former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former Rep. Allen West received votes.  In 1856, as sectional strife threatened the union, the issue of slavery sparked the longest election for speaker in American history. Presented with multiple candidates, the 34th Congress bickered over the position for more than two months.  Finally on the 133rd ballot, the House elected the first Republican speaker, Nathanial Banks of Massachusetts.  The last time Congress failed to immediately elect a speaker of the House was 1923. Still chafing from the heavy-handed speakership of Joe Cannon, the progressive wing of the Republican Party forced nine ballots before allowing Frederick Gillet to become speaker in exchange for policy compromises.



As head of our military, the President commands plenty of things -- but respect isn't one them. If you ask most service members, and the Military Times did, confidence in the commander-in-chief is in short supply in today's ranks. Dipping to the lowest numbers ever, President Obama's approval rating with our service members barely cracks 15 percent -- a 20-point drop since his inauguration seven years ago.  Of all the diversity in our ranks, "one thing is clear," the Times suggests: "He is a deeply unpopular commander-in-chief among the troops."  Unfortunately, the spike in suicides, sexual assaults, and job dissatisfaction haven't stopped -- or even slowed -- this administration's race to fundamentally transform aka destroy the world's most effective fighting force.



Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-on-the-right/122914-732439-facts-get-lost-when-politics-turn-racial.htm#ixzz3Nmz5JjCQ   Grand juries that examine hard facts live in a different world from mobs who listen to rhetoric and politicians who cater to the mobs.  Witnesses can lie, but the physical facts don't lie, even if politicians, mobs and the media prefer to take lies seriously.  The death of Eric Garner has likewise spawned stories having little relationship to facts. The story is that Garner died because a chokehold stopped his breathing. But Garner did not die with a policeman choking him.  He died later, in an ambulance where his heart stopped. He had a long medical history of various diseases, as well as a long criminal history. No doubt the stress of his capture did not do him any good, and he might well still be alive if he had not resisted arrest. But that was his choice.  If you are killed by an unarmed man, you are just as dead as if you had been annihilated by a nuclear bomb. But you don't even know who is armed or unarmed until after it is all over, and you can search him.  Incidentally, did you know that, during this same period when riots, looting and arson have been raging, a black policeman in Alabama shot and killed an unarmed white teenager — and was cleared by a grand jury? Probably not, if you depend on the mainstream media for your news.  The media do not merely ignore facts, they suppress facts. Millions of people saw the videotape of the beating of Rodney King. But they saw only a fraction of that tape because the media left out the rest, which showed King — another huge man — resisting arrest and refusing to be handcuffed so that he could be searched.  Television viewers did not get to see the other black men in the same vehicle that King was driving recklessly. Those other black men were not beaten. And the grand jury got to see the whole video, after which they acquitted the police — and the media then published the jurors' home addresses.  Such media retribution against people they don't like is part of a growing lynch mob mentality.   Is this what we want? Grand juries responding to mobs and the media, instead of to the facts?



Obama could applaud trans-partisan efforts to reform the criminal justice system, including Sens. Rand Paul (R) and Cory Booker’s (D) REDEEM Act, which would give non-violent criminals a chance to become productive members of society again. Or Sens. Mike Lee (R) and Richard Durbin’s (D) Smarter Sentencing Act, which would free up prison space to keep violent criminals off the streets.  Governing with a Republican-led Congress doesn’t have to be this hard. If President Obama chooses to continue treating the office of the presidency as a campaign podium, it will become clear who the real obstructionist is.



The newest case, the subject of a request for review to the high court, was brought on behalf of John Albert Dummett Jr. and Edward Noonan.  The appeal from California’s 3rd Appellate District Court of Appeal was filed by the William J. Olson P.C. law firm and the U.S. Justice Foundation.  They argue that Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution “vests in the legislatures of the several states the exclusive power to direct the manner by which the electors for president of the United States shall be chosen.”  “Pursuant to this expressly delegated power, the legislature of the state of California has determined to hold statewide elections to appoint the state’s presidential electors, delegating to the California Secretary of State the duty to administer such elections.”  However, the brief explains, California state courts have decided there is no way for the secretary of state “to take care that persons whose names appear on the general election ballot as candidates for the office of president of the United States meet the eligibility requirements of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5.”  “That Congress was not empowered to enforce Article II, Section, 1, Clause 5 does not mean, however, that the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement is legally unenforceable. Having committed the presidential selection process to the several state legislatures under Article II, Section 1, Clause 2, the Constitution anticipates that each state will enforce the federal eligibility requirement,” the petition explains.

“Thus, in California – as it would be true in the other 49 states – enforcement of the citizenship requirement would best be performed before an election by the state’s chief election official’s control over the official state ballot, ensuring it contained only the names of eligible presidential candidates.”  The petition says such questions are “profoundly important” and if not resolved “will render the ‘natural born citizen’ clause in the U.S. Constitution a dead letter.”   And regarding the removal of a sitting official who is ineligible, there is state Supreme Court precedent.  It was in the 1930s in North Dakota when Thomas H. Moodie was “duly elected to the office of governor,” according to the Keyes case.  Later, “It was discovered that Thomas H. Moodie was not eligible for the position of governor, as he had not resided in the state for a requisite five years before running for office, and, because of that ineligibility, he was removed from office and replaced by the lieutenant governor.”  North Dakota’s historical archives document the case.  The Democrat was nominated by his party for governor in 1934 and beat his Republican opponent, Lydia Langer.  “As soon as the election was over, there was talk of impeachment, but no charges were filed,” the state’s archives report. “After Moodie’s inauguration on January 7, 1935, it was revealed that he had voted in a 1932 municipal election in Minnesota. In order to be eligible for governor, an individual has to have lived in the state for five consecutive years before the election. The State Supreme Court determined that Governor Moodie was ineligible to serve, and he was removed from office on February 16, 1935,” the state reports.



We are pleased to report that our hard-hitting documentary, "District of Corruption" is now available for download through iTunes. The film highlights our long-running battles against government scandal, secrecy and corruption through the last three presidential administrations, with specific emphasis on the scandals of the Obama administration, including Operation Fast and Furious, illegal alien amnesty, election integrity, crony capitalism and bailouts, and Solyndra. The trailer is available here. The film is written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon, the writer/director of Occupy Unmasked and the Sarah Palin film The Undefeated. It is produced in association with Constant Motion Entertainment and co-produced by Dan Fleuette.  The new digital availability on iTunes follows success for the movie on cable.


More families are angry about what their kids are learning -- and they're pulling their kids out of public school to prove it. In a lead story for today's New York Times, reporters are stunned by the mass exodus of children from traditional education settings. Like most stories, this one focuses on the rapid growth of the homeschooling movement -- up from 1.5 million to 1.8 million in just five years. And based on the crackdown on religion, out-of-control sex ed, and genderless chaos, who can blame them?




the New York Post reported Sunday that Sharpton allegedly gets paid to keep from calling the companies racist.  Sharpton's National Action Network has received hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past decade from companies eager to gain his support or simply to keep him quiet, the Post said.  "Al Sharpton has enriched himself and NAN for years by threatening companies with bad publicity if they didn’t come to terms with him," National Legal & Policy Center Ken Boehm told the Post. "Put simply, Sharpton specializes in shakedowns."




Liberal billionaire George Soros has played a critical role in financing the Ferguson, Missouri, protest movement, giving at least $33 million in one year to back already established groups that "emboldened" on-the-ground activists there, The Washington Times reports.   Soros' backing "gave rise to a combustible protest movement that transformed a one-day criminal event in Missouri into a 24-hour-a-day cause celebré," the paper said.  A plethora of groups shared funding from Soros and closely collaborated, referring to each other's news columns and creating in effect an "echo chamber" of sorts using Twitter and Facebook, the Times reports.  Buses of activists from groups including the Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York, and the Center for Community Change in Washington — all funded in part by Soros — went to Ferguson beginning in August and went on to organize gatherings and protests there until late December, according to the Times.  The Times reports that Soros-backed groups called Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, the Organization for Black Struggle, and a group called Dream Defenders were involved in establishing the Hands Up Coalition — a supposed "grass-roots" organization in Missouri.  The Times notes that the "hands up" moniker was based on claims, reported by Newsbusters to be false, that slain Ferguson teenager Michael Brown had his hands up before being shot to death.  Another Soros-funded group which helped fuel the Ferguson demonstrations is a network of grass-roots organizations called the Gamaliel Foundation. President Barack Obama started his community-organizing career at a Gamaliel affiliate in Chicago.  Clergy representatives from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference (SDPC), where the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a trustee, also participated in the protests. Wright was Obama's long-time pastor in Chicago before publicity about his harsh rhetoric, including use of the phrase "God damn America," caused Obama to distance himself.




Biased Big Democrap Media awards.




Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has a new super PAC that will be used to attack conservative candidates who challenge liberal GOP incumbents.  The new PAC is cleverly named the Senate Leadership Fund. Sound familiar?  The name choice is not a mistake. McConnell's allies know that conservative donors may confuse this new PAC with the Senate Conservatives Fund.  Don't be fooled.   There's nothing conservative about this new PAC and it certainly won't promote leadership unless you consider constant capitulation leadership.




As an example, if technological civilizations like ours were possible around a red dwarf, or in a dwarf galaxy, then we should find ourselves in one of those environments, since they are much more common than the one we find ourselves in. Since we find ourselves in an environment that is not typical, but atypical, as I have shown in this series, then it follows that technological civilizations likely require atypical conditions.  The many required — and rare — parameters that technological civilizations apparently need effectively stand the Copernican principle on its head. The mediocrity principle, which has been assumed for so long to apply to the Earth, is refuted by the actual data of other planets and environments. It fails with respect to Earth, and by extension the Copernican principle also fails.  An interesting point about what we’ve learned about habitability suggests that if advanced civilizations are out there, they would quickly discover the same restrictions on habitability in the galaxy and universe as we have. This has an effect of accentuating Fermi’s paradox15, in that it greatly reduces the places to visit, colonize, or at least communicate with in the galaxy. Instead of the whole galaxy, just the galactic habitable zone is available, and within that, only G type stars, of a certain metallicity, and so forth need be considered.




I would like to introduce you to Alice Baldwin’s The New England Pulpit and the American Revolution, the lost and nearly buried history of when America’s pastors openly preached politics, resisted tyranny, and founded a nation on the Bible.

A few older scholars I’ve talked with knew of this book, and they all love it. But none of the younger generation had ever heard of it. When I told them some of what it contained, it blew their minds. “Wow,” was the common reaction.  The book was originally published in 1928 under the title The New England Clergy and the American Revolution. Dr. Baldwin was one of the few female academics of her day, and she shined in the role. The scholarship is top-notch, and the message absolutely compelling and convicting. One of the many remarkable aspects of it is that Dr. Baldwin was not a partisan and had no religious or political agenda. She was largely a secular academic who had only a family interest in congregational history.  Stephen Johnson’s Fast Day Sermon of 1765 was one of the more potent. As Baldwin relates it, “No obedience was due to any edicts which were unconstitutional. . . . Where executive and legislative authority exceed the bounds of the law of God and the constitution, then their acts are ipso facto void.”[10] This was hard-core nullification doctrine long before it was cool.  We need instead more men like Jonas Clarke. A couple months before the fateful July 4, 1776, Clarke declared from the pulpit: “From this day will be dated the Liberty of the world.” From “this day”—referring to the day of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, in which British soldiers attempted to raid the artillery and disarm the American people. Preachers had been preparing those soldiers for years prior, preaching on rights, arms, politics, law, and government, tyranny and war. And it was at that Battle that, reportedly, the preacher himself—the same Jonas Clarke—had led riflemen to repel the British.  Where are such preachers today? What do we hold dear? For what are we willing to fight and die? Are we willing even to preach the doctrines of government, liberty, and God’s Law?




If you believe absolutely in the benefit and protective value of vaccination, why does it matter what others do? Or don’t do? If you believe you need vaccination to be healthy and protected, then by all means vaccinate your child and yourself.   Anyone can research disease incidence by reading MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) from the CDC and accessing the search engine for VAERS (Vaccine complication reporting site) at http://www.medalerts.org/vaersdb/index.php.  1. Since 2005 (and even before that), there have been no deaths in the U.S. from measles, but there have been 86 deaths from MMR vaccine – 68 of them in children under 3 years old. And there were nearly 2,000 disabled.  2. In countries which use BCG vaccinations against tuberculosis, the incidence of Type I diabetes in children under 14 is nearly double. (“Infectious Disease in Clinical Practice” no. 6 pages 449-454, 1997)  3. As reported in Lancet in 1995, inflammatory bowel disease (i.e. Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis) is 13 times more prevalent in persons vaccinated for measles.  4. In a nested case-control study within the General Practice Research Database (GPRD) in the United Kingdom, patients who had a first MS (Multiple Sclerosis) diagnosis recorded were compared with controls. The authors concluded that immunization with the recombinant hepatitis B vaccine is associated with a threefold increased risk of developing MS (Hernan et al., 2004). No increased risk of MS was associated with other vaccines, which included tetanus and influenza vaccinations.  5. In 1982 William Torch, a prolific researcher and publisher on Neurologic topics, presented a paper (later published) at the American Academy of Neurology reviewing SIDS deaths. He reported that in 100 consecutive cases, 70 percent of SIDS deaths occurred within three weeks of pertussis vaccination. In very convincing confirmation, a Japanese prefecture stopped vaccinating after associating SIDS with the pertussis vaccine.   “Comrade, you must work tirelessly for the good of the collective. You must give up your money and property for the good of the collective, and now … you must allow us to inject your children with what we deem is good for the collective.”




That's where the movie “One Generation Away comes in. From Hobby Lobby to the Mt. Soledad Cross in San Diego to wedding service providers in the Northwest, One Generation Away asks hard questions about the status of religious liberty in America today. On Wednesday, February 4 from 7-9:00 p.m. (ET), I'll be joining Rick and special guests to broadcast the film in churches. We'd love for your congregation to take part in this special event and help raise awareness that "freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." For more information or to register, click over to our website.




Over the weekend, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal articulated what most Christians understand; at the heart of what ails America is not a political problem, but a spiritual one:  "We can't just elect a candidate and fix what ails our country. We can't just pass a law and fix what ails our country. We need a spiritual revival to fix what ails our country.  "It is like God has given us the book of life. He doesn't let us see the pages for today and tomorrow, he doesn't promise us everything will go the way you want, but he does let you see the last page in the book of life. And on the last page, our God wins."  The comments caught the attention of ABC News' anchor George Stephanopoulos, who quizzed the Governor in an interview on Sunday. "I was struck by the final line, 'our God wins," Stephanopoulos said. "How do you think that lands in a country of 320 million people, of many different kinds of spirituality, many different kinds of faith, many who believe in no god at all?" Governor Jindal responded that he is simply following a long tradition: "It is a time-honored tradition, going back to our nation's founding, for our presidents, for our leaders to turn to God for guidance, for wisdom. George Washington did it, Abraham Lincoln did it, Harry Truman did it," he said. "So, absolutely I think this idea of praying to God for wisdom and guidance is as old as our country."




When it comes to our rights as Americans, our founding principle is one of enlightenment thinking; this means that our rights are ours as human beings, our rights given to us by God and (supposedly) guaranteed by government.  So, it is unsurprising to see that some American pastors choose to arm themselves. While the left tries to foster a false narrative, that only “bad guys” have or use guns, many men of the cloth pack heat to keep the wolves away from their flock.  Case-in-point: when a deranged former employee of his church opened fire on Pastor Terry L. Howell Sr., the uninjured pastor wasted no time in returning fire.



Gun Owners of America warns fast track “delegates to Barack Obama the legislative authority to do anything he wants – absolutely anything – so long as he includes it in a ‘trade agreement.’”  Second Amendment defenders worry, for example, anti-gun measures such as gun or ammunition import bans could be relegated to the bowels of the so-called “trade agreement.” They say Congress would be unable to stop it “when every Establishment interest in Washington starts pushing Congress to immediately approve this ‘up-or-down’ deal.”  They point to the experience with the recently approved trillion-dollar “Cromnibus” spending bill, which included the largest funding increase in history for the federal gun database, empowered states to impose gun bans based on doctor’s orders and increased the budget for the ATF.




Jefferson wrote in Fredericksburg some 230 years ago was such a groundbreaking defense of freedom that the men who drafted our Constitution relied on it for the framework of the First Amendment.  “No nation,” the third President said years later, “has ever existed or been governed without religion. Nor can be.” Thomas Jefferson understood then, as we do now, that religious freedom is fundamental to every other freedom on earth. Maybe that’s why, despite all of his other accomplishments, Jefferson considered the statute one of his greatest triumphs.  Much about America has changed since those early days, but religious liberty is still as hotly debated today as it was when the pilgrims fled English rule. The same government interference the first Americans experienced is rising again, undermining the very faith that has for centuries sustained and strengthened. The government, once the guardian of liberty, is now the aggressor against liberty. It tramples our consciences with health care mandates, silences our chaplains with radical marriage policy, and expels our pastors from public ceremonies. In six years, we have become a people afraid to pray, teach, practice medicine, or even manage a business without fear of reprisal from Big Brother.  Jefferson’s “wall of separation,” which we fiercely support, has been breached -- not by Christians or churches, but by the State. Political correctness has become this country’s god, trampling the one freedom on which all others rest: religious liberty. As a result, we see more and more religious intolerance disguised as pluralism.   True pluralism is not elbowing out America’s tradition of Christianity to make room for minority faiths. It’s affording everyone the same right to live and work in accordance to their beliefs -- a right sorely missing for all too many Christians today.




If the courts are ignoring the Constitution that granted their authority, then Judge Moore will ignore the courts! “Be advised,” he wrote to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R), “that I stand with you to stop judicial tyranny and any unlawful opinions issued without constitutional authority… As you know, nothing in the United States Constitution grants the federal government the authority to redefine the institution of marriage.”  In a refreshing show of defiance, Moore left no doubt where he stood on the issue. “As Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court,” he insisted, “I will continue to recognize the Alabama Constitution and the will of the people overwhelmingly expressed in the Sanctity of Marriage Amendment.”   Fortunately, Gov. Bentley seems to recognize the threat of these unelected judges -- not just to marriage, but to self-governance. “The people of Alabama voted in a constitutional amendment to define marriage as being between man and woman. As Governor, I must uphold the Constitution.” While the Left mocks Moore as some sort of judicial outlier, the reality is, this is how federalism is supposed to work. States are not, and the founders never intended them to be, the federal courts’ lap dog meant to do the lawless bidding of activist judges. At what point did the opinion of a handful of judges start mattering more than the people’s? What happened to self-determination and self-governance?  If we continue to let unelected judges dictate our policy and elevate their own views above voters’, then marriage is just Chapter 1 of the playbook to fundamentally remake society. Libertarians and anyone else foolish enough to think the courts will suddenly embrace their limits after the marriage debate are in for a big surprise. Instead, the courts will start flexing their growing muscle over other laws they were never intended to rewrite -- like the First and Second Amendments.

The Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, my friend Roy Moore, just ordered all Alabama State Judges to halt and refuse to issue gay "marriage" licenses.  The order stands in direct defiance of federal judges that ordered Alabama judges to issue such licenses beginning Monday morning.  "Effective immediately, no Probate Judge of the State of Alabama nor any agent or employee of any Alabama Probate Judge shall issue or recognize a marriage license that is inconsistent with Article 1, Section 36.03 of the Alabama Constitution or 30-1-19, Ala. Code 1975," he wrote.  Moore then calls upon the Alabama Governor Robert Bentley to enforce his order, and halt enforcement of opposing federal court orders.  Read Chief Moore's full court order, here.

About 20 of Alabama's counties allowed gays and lesbians to wed on Monday. By Friday that number had jumped to at least 47, the Human Rights Campaign said. Other counties said they would revisit the decision next week.  While Moore again appeared on the losing side Friday, a longtime supporter said the 81 percent of Alabama voters who chose to ban gay marriage in 2006 would appreciate his stand.





Even the New York Times is finally admitting that the wave of opposition isn’t subsiding in states where out-of-control judges swung their gavels like sledgehammers against voter-approved marriage laws.  By large numbers, leaders are firing back with all kinds of legislation to stop the spread of court-imposed same-sex “marriage” at their borders, including some bills that take aim at officials who act against the will of the people.  In Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas, Republicans are moving quickly on measures that would penalize any government employee caught issuing same-sex “marriage” licenses -- regardless of the courts’ orders. Meanwhile, Utah, North Carolina, and South Carolina are desperately trying to give cover to anyone with religious objections to same-sex “marriage” by drafting bills that would give government officials the ability to opt out of licensing or officiating same-sex couples. State Sen. Lee Bright (R-S.C.) thinks it’s just common sense. “We have similar language for folks that work in health care that don’t want to participate in abortions.”




“Tolerance * & “Freedom of Speech & Religion””:  “Dr. McAdams’ wasn’t really addressing same-sex marriage,” Esenberg added. “He was addressing issues of academic freedom and open discourse.”  The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education notes the hypocrisy of Marquette punishing its faculty for the very principles it says it champions.  After asking Holz what exactly he was being charged with, McAdams was refused a reply.  In Esenberg’s letter to Marquette University President Michael Lovell, he emphasized the vagueness and lack of procedural integrity Holz used in his letter to McAdams.  “The letter does not state any basis for this action, does not provide Dr. McAdams with any procedure to challenge the action, and violates Dr. McAdams’ rights as a tenured faculty member at Marquette,” Esenberg pointed out.  WILL’s general counsel continued by listing off a number of sections from Marquette’s faculty statutes that school officials were violating in their dealing with McAdams.  More fundamentally, if Dr. McAdams has not been ‘suspended,’ what has happened to him?” Esenberg asked. “The university now says he is ‘under review’ – a status that does not appear anywhere in the Faculty Statutes. While the university certainly ought to be able to investigate allegations against a faculty member, it would no doubt come as a surprise to tenured faculty that they may have their classes summarily canceled and be banned from campus and from contact with their colleagues without any of the due process that the university has promised them.”  Furthermore, Esenberg attests that Marquette says nothing about the punishment of faculty members for disagreeing with graduate students acting as instructors.



“Tolerance * & Freedom of Religion?  A judge in Washington state has slammed the grandmother who owns and operates Arlene’s Flowers with personal liability should she lose any of the lawsuits pending against her for adhering to her religious convictions and declining to celebrate and decorate for same-sex ceremonies.  The case against Barronelle Stutzman began when Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson sued the Richland, Washington, grandmother for operating her business according to the dictates of her Christian faith.  The issue is that in Washington, officials believe the state’s statutory protections for homosexuals trump the Constitution’s protection of religious liberty.  After Ferguson sued on behalf of the state, the ACLU also joined in the case against Stutzman, filing an additional lawsuit on behalf of several customers. Both suits target not only the business’s assets but Stutzman’s personal property, savings and assets.  According to a new report from the Family Policy Institute of Washington, Benton County Superior Court Judge Alex Ackstrom ruled on Thursday that her personal assets can be targeted.  Kristen Waggoner, a lawyer with the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has been representing the longtime florist, expressed horror.  “In America, the government is supposed to protect freedom, not intimidate citizens into speaking and acting contrary to their faith under threat of severe punishment,” she said. “The government is sending a clear message to Barronelle and the people of Washington: Dare to disagree with the government, and you put your home, your family business, and your life savings at risk.  Trial in the case is scheduled for March 23.




“Tolerance * & “Freedom of Speech & Religion””:  In a stunning column today, the newspaper argues that men and women of faith have no place in public management of any kind. The piece, which shows a remarkable disinterest in the facts, claims that Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran didn't have permission to publish his book on biblical morality. Not only did Cochran have permission from the city's ethics office to publish his book, but he only distributed it in his personal capacity at church -- where a handful of his coworkers attend.   But the shoddy journalism didn't end there. Editors insisted that Cochran's book was full of "virulent anti-gay views" -- when in fact, the 162 page book only mentioned homosexuality twice. And both times, the conversation merely echoed the Bible's teachings on the subject. For that -- privately espousing a faith that a majority of Americans share -- Kelvin was fired.   "It should not matter," the New York Times conveniently suggests, "that the investigation found no evidence that Mr. Cochran had mistreated gays or lesbians.. Together with Atlanta's religious leaders, black and white, Republicans and Democrats, I urged Americans to fight this notion that Christians have to check their faith at the workplace door.

"This past weekend the world marched in Paris recognizing that free speech is the cornerstone of a truly free society. A realization is now sweeping Europe that political correctness has become lethal and it is an avowed enemy of true freedom. But whether a journalist in France satirically writes about religion or a fire chief in Atlanta, Georgia writes about the sacred teachings of his faith, the silencing of either is a threat to the freedoms of all...Chief Cochran has spent a lifetime, ready at a moment's notice to fight the fires that threatened lives and property, today he stands ready to fight the flames of intolerance fueled by our own government that threaten our most fundamental freedoms."


An investigation cleared Cochran of the discrimination charges, but when his suspension was over, Reed fired him.

Now, one of the nation’s most influential teams of attorneys defending individual and religious rights, the Alliance Defending Freedom, says it is taking up Reed’s case.  “The city fired him for nothing other than his faith, and that’s not constitutional,” said Kevin Theriot, a senior counsel for ADF. “We are currently assessing the legal options available to vindicate his rights to free speech and freedom of religion.”  Fox News recently profiled the case, noting Cochran is a “decorated firefighter” who had both Atlanta municipal and federal positions.  “He is also a devout Christian. He’s a deacon at a Baptist church and also teaches Sunday school. But all accounts – he is a decent and honorable man,” Fox reported.   “Tolerance is a two-way street,” Theriot said. “That’s what a federal appeals court said not long ago about public officials who claim to love diversity while only tolerating views they themselves favor. Chief Cochran served the city of Atlanta with distinction, both before and after his post with the Obama administration.”  ADF pointed out that the city had granted Cochran permission to publish his Christian book.   

It’s a warning to every American that freedom of speech and freedom of religion are hanging by a thread, which will snap if we don’t fight to preserve these cherished protections.”

In an editorial, commentator Bryan Fischer said: “It has now become a fire-able offense in Atlanta to believe the Bible. Mao, Stalin and Ho Chi Minh couldn’t have done it any better.”  He pointed out the 160-page self-published book was for the men in his Bible study at church.  “He correctly described homosexuality as a ‘sexual perversion,’ which it is. It twists, distorts and, yes, perverts God’s design for human sexuality,” Fischer wrote.  The book also now is getting attention on Amazon.com, where it was No. 987 among all books and No. 3 among Bible study books.  FoxNews.com’s Todd Starnes also reported that a rally for hundreds of Christians was held at the Georgia capitol to protest Cochran’s firing.  Among the participants was the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Georgia Baptist Convention and the Family Research Council.  Starnes reported Cochran told him: “The LGBT members of our community have a right to be able to express their views and convictions about sexuality and deserve to be respected for their position without hate or discrimination. But Christians also have a right to express our belief regarding our faith and be respected for our position without hate and without discrimination.”

http://www.frc.org/updatearticle/20150114/atlanta-braves-libs-to-stand-with-cochran           Like the sportscasters, educators, athletes, small businesses, wedding vendors, firefighters, and others who dare to think outside the far-Left box, Cochran was a victim of the same intolerance his Mayor claims to oppose.  Bishop Paul Morton, one of the several black pastors on hand, warned the city, "We cannot allow this country -- we cannot allow Atlanta -- to become a communist country.




Not only is Ginsburg mistaken, she's amazingly indiscreet in flouting what is obviously a premeditated vote on an issue still hotly debated in every corner of America. She and fellow Justice Elana Kagan were already on thin ice where objectivity is concerned, having both presided over same-sex "weddings." Now, with these latest revelations, the façade of fairness is crumbling.  The only answer, many believe, is for Justice Ginsburg to recuse herself from a trial she has already swayed.



U.S. District Judge Karen Schreier forces gay "marriage" on 37th State.  "South Dakota’s ban on gay marriage -- one of only 14 state prohibitions still in effect -- violates the U.S. Constitution, a federal judge ruled as the dispute inches toward a possible finale at the U.S. Supreme Court," reports Bloomberg.  [Dr. Chaps' comment:  Little distinguishes sod omy from race?  How about behavior?  This judge should be recalled or impeached and removed from office.  Can you "distinguish" the immoral free-will behavior of sin (which was banned by the people) from the very different genetic characteristics like race (which are not immoral).]  God can!  Let's petition Congress to defend marriage = one man + one woman.
Please select here to SIGN URGENT PETITION to PASS THE FEDERAL MARRIAGE AMENDMENT defining marriage between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.  Vote against S.598 that would repeal DOMA, and protect DOMA in court, and we will auto-fax your petition to all 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen (saving you much time!)
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Pope blasts Gay Marriage:  "Disfigures God's Plan"  Pope Francis has finally taken a strong stand against homose xual marriage, calling upon the Philippines to fight back against the "ideological colonization" of gay marriage, reports The Blaze.
The Pope blasted gay "marriage" in a public speech, saying:  "The family is threatened by growing efforts on the part of some to redefine the very institution of marriage," warning that society was "tempted by confusing presentations of sexuality, marriage and the family."  "As you know, these realities are increasingly under attack from powerful forces which threaten to disfigure God’s plan for creation and betray the very values which have inspired and shaped all that is best in your culture," he said.
Watch!  Dr. Chaps' 7-minute TV commentary on why Pope Francis has boldly condemned homose xual sin-->


Just consider that in the 34 states that have put it on the ballot, voters in 31 of those states voted to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  Only three states went the opposite way.  The redefinition of marriage is being forced on the public via judicial fiats, not voters at the ballot box.  But that aside, what all this means is the battle over gun rights and all the money from the Daddy Warbucks of the movement, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, could be coming to a state near you.  And it’s not just a state-level strategy that is new: The gun control lobby also has decided to ditch the “control” part of its name.  That is so, well, controlling.  It now prefers to be known as the “gun safety” movement.




each scholar acknowledges the powerful scientific evidence that the decline of marriage has hurt children.  Yet each, in his or her way, is urging us to give up on the marriage line as no longer possible to defend or promote. Each wishes us to adapt to the collapse of marriage for the two-thirds of the population that is not college-educated by redrawing social norms of commitment at a different place than marriage.  In Labor’s Love Lost, Professor Andrew Cherlin beats the softer retreat:  In Generation Unbound, the Brookings Institution’s Isabel Sawhill regretfully says she no longer believes reviving marriage is possible for the less-educated two-thirds of America. The old marriage norm should be replaced with a new social script: It is wrong to have children that are unplanned. “The old norm was ‘don’t have a child outside of marriage.’  Sixty percent of births to unwed mothers, as Sawhill notes, are to cohabiting women. Most of the recent increase in single motherhood has come from increasing births to women who are cohabiting, not solo moms.  The problem with retreating from marriage as a bright line is that, in practical terms, young women in love are not very good at figuring out whether or not they are in a committed relationship.




In a newly adopted resolution that is strikingly similar to the U.S. Declaration of Independence, lawmakers in South Dakota have set out the circumstances, listed their grievances, provided their justifications and called on the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.   Life has value, the lawmakers said, but it is under attack with Roe.  “It is now established beyond dispute that the unborn child is a whole, separate, unique, living human being throughout gestation from fertilization to full gestation,” they wrote. “It is now widely accepted that the physician, who has a pregnant mother as his patient, has two separate patients, the mother and her unborn child, and the physician owes a professional and legal duty to both patients.”  Lawmakers took sworn statements from more than 2,000 women regarding the psychological harms from abortion, releasing a 71-page legislative report. It includes documentation of cases of men who played Russian roulette with women reluctant to get an abortion.  It notes the U.S. declared that all human beings are endowed by their Creator with rights and that the high court has maintained that it is the final arbiter of the meaning of the Constitution.  The resolution notes the Supreme Court has embarrassed the United States with rulings such as Dred Scott, which declared that blacks are property, and it has corrected previous rulings 233 times.   Read just what the lawmakers believe, in their House Concurrent Resolution 1004.  As a result, the state already has adopted some of the most stringent abortion regulations in the nation and is working on more.  Not surprisingly, House Concurrent Resolution 1004 already has gotten the attention of the biggest player in the nation’s abortion industry, Planned Parenthood, which described it as “scary” and “dangerous.”




"In truth, the gift of sexual attraction is directed toward marriage, and any kind of sexual union belongs properly only within marriage. But the whole world of pornography corrupts young people into believing that their sexual capacity is for their own entertainment and pleasure, and becomes a consuming lust, which is one of the seven capital sins."  Burke stressed that households should try to have a family dinner at least once a week. He said the long hours that men and women often work have contributed to the breakdown of the traditional home life.




Here are a few suggestions:  Find a pastor or accountability group of believing men you can meet with weekly.  Consider “cutting off the hand” that leads you to stumble. Get rid of devices which make it easy to sin: computer, phone, games, etc. They aren’t necessities. You can still get the Bible and good books on CDs. I’m sure you can use your cleverness to help figure out ways to fill your life with good things.  Find a counselor with experience in this area. A good counselor can be worth his weight in gold but a poor one won’t help much. Work hard at finding out why you would do things you don’t want to do.  Seek the Lord with everything in you. I get up every morning and, after brewing a cup of coffee, spend time in the Word. I ask God to show me what He is like. And I invite Him to be in every part of my life. And when I sin I go right back to Him. Two of my favorite verses are:

Psalm 51:3 “…my sin is always before me.”




What is your kid “learning” in school??  A California school district has posted online a defense of its use of Planned Parenthood personnel for public school sex-education courses amid new allegations that one of the workers calls herself a “pleasure activist” and another leads demonstrations at a nearby “sex toy porn shop” called Good Vibrations.  The fracas developed a few weeks ago when it was reported that 13- and 14-year-old students at Acalanes High School were given a Planned Parenthood class in which “The Genderbread Person” was used to explain they could choose what sex they wanted to be.  A few of the lessons included students being taught that their gender was not necessarily fixed, a checklist was introduced to show students how to prepare for sex and they were taught to obtain “clear consent” by asking questions such as, “Is it OK if I take off my pants?”  The Pacific Justice Institute jumped on the case and now reveal the controversy is growing with disturbing new details about the program in the Acalanes District.  “For months, parents have pushed school officials for answers about who was involved and what was being taught by Planned Parenthood on campus,” Pacific Justice reported. “Just before Christmas, in response to a public records request from Pacific Justice Institute, the district finally identified some of the PP employees involved with the program.  “She commented enthusiastically on attending the CatalystCon pornography conference for her continuing education along with other Planned Parenthood representatives, just prior to teaching at AHS this past fall. The district admitted it does not do background checks on the outside “educators.”   “Parents are now more concerned than ever.” (Why we don’t want Commie Crap Core because we don’t want to teach our kids the way California does.  Can you say HOMESCHOOL!!)


Mahoney explained: “Mainstream archaeologists would say that if the Exodus ever happened, it happened at the time of Rameses, because of the biblical text that said the Israelites were building the city of Rameses. Yet when people understood Rameses lived around 1250 B.C., they didn’t find evidence for this type of story in that time period.  “But other archaeologists said to look deeper,” he continued. “Beneath the city of Rameses, was another city, much older, called Avaris. And that city was filled with Semitic people. It started very small, just as the Bible says, and over time it grew into one of the largest cities of that time. And that is where we find, I think, the early Israelites. That’s the pattern that matches the story of the Bible. It’s not at the time of Rameses, but it’s at the location of Rameses.”    Archaeological dig site at location believed to be home of ancient Israelite slaves in Egypt  Mahoney also told WND about one of the biggest surprises revealed by “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” – a statue of a Semitic leader in Egypt, a man who may be none other than the Bible’s Joseph.  “The story of Joseph tells of how he was sold as a slave and came into Egypt and then he rose to become this leader, second in command in Egypt,” Mahoney told WND. “Well, in Avaris, the archaeology shows a small group of Semitic-type people came in, and then there’s this house that matches the area where they would have come from. On top of that house a palace was built. They had tombs behind this palace. And this palace had a statue, and it was the tomb of a Semitic leader.  “The interesting thing is this statue found in the remainder of this tomb, a pyramid tomb – which was only given to royalty types – why did a Semitic character have this?” Mahoney asked. “What some people are saying is that this matches the story, maybe that prestige that Joseph would have received.”  The research team also discovered another biblical parallel.  “In the biblical story, Joseph said his bones should be removed when they left Egypt,” Mahoney recalled. “When the archaeologists uncovered this [Semitic leader's tomb], a very unusual thing was discovered: There were no bones in this tomb. The bones were gone. Grave robbers never take the bones; they just take the goods, the bones have no value.”




Anita Dittman has been speaking about the Holocaust for more than three decades, telling everyone who will listen of her survival and how Jesus Christ helped her escape the trap that was ‘Hitler’s hell.”  She has reached thousands through her book, “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell,” co-authored with fellow Minnesotan Jan Markell.  And visions of that hell would come back to haunt her at night.  “For years, those dreams would not go away,” she said.  At 87, she still speaks to audiences large and small, sometimes several times a month, recounting the story of a happy, 5-year-old Jewish girl when Hitler came to power in 1933 and how life changed over the next 12-and-a-half years living under Nazi rule. She would emerge on the other side of the concentration camps as a young woman of devout Christian faith, severely scarred but full of powerful stories.  “When I started speaking in 1978-79, people would ask me, ‘Do you think it could happen here in this country?’ And I said, ‘Oh no, people are used to so much freedom in this country, it could never happen here,’” Ditmann told WND. “When they ask me that question now, I say, ‘It is already happening.’”  The kids want to hear it, the teachers want to hear it. But higher up is problem.”

Some schools still allow her to speak but require parents to sign a form saying it’s OK for their child to sit through a presentation that contains religious themes.  But more often, the parents don’t even have a say in the matter, and she is barred upfront from speaking.  “It’s getting worse, I tell you,” she said. “It’s so dictating to the parents now. This is how it started in Russia and Germany.”  WND asked Dittman what, if anything, Christians should be doing to prepare for the day when the “soft” persecution becomes hard, like it did in Germany.  “The importance of faith in God would be the one thing, and the courage to speak up,” she said. “I tell some of my students I speak to, even in secular schools, keep the faith. You can lose your homes, your schools, everything, but if you have your faith, you have everything.”  “My pastor did belong to a confessional movement, with Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoller; he worked with them against the Nazis,” she said.   Dittman said that when anti-Semitism is openly practiced, anti-Christian bigotry is usually right around the corner.  “It’s a known fact where the Jews are not welcome and are persecuted, the Christians come right afterward. They come together, and that was the case in Germany,” she said. “There weren’t only Jews in the gas chambers. There were also Christians, Catholic priests, pastors.”  Dittman reminds her students that Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power peacefully. The battle for the minds of the people had been going on for years before the Nazis consolidated their power and Germany became a dictatorship.  “The problem is a lot of these younger guys, they believed everything Hitler told them.  “My sister pretended on the surface, but when she came to see us in 1961, she didn’t want to hear us talk about Christ. She said, ‘I don’t need your prayers,’ and unfortunately three years later she died of cancer,” Dittman said. “My father was a hardened atheist and when she died, he was totally wiped out, and I had a fairly good relationship with him afterward. He also died unsaved, saying, ‘Leave me alone with your religious nonsense.’”  Dittman, who will turn 88 in May, prays that America will turn from its current path before it’s too late.





An Indiana gym teacher is under investigation for allegedly having sex more than 45 times with a 16-year-old female student.

Jake Robinson, 37, a physical-education teacher who also serves as assistant varsity football coach at McCutcheon High School in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, spent the weekend in jail after his arrest on Friday.  According to a probable-cause affidavit released Monday, the teen girl allegedly involved told authorities she had sex with Robinson 45 to 50 times since October, an average of more than three times per week.  The preliminary charge was child seduction, a felony punishable by a sentence of one to six years. No formal charges have been filed.



Abortion Free: Your Manual for Building a Pro-Life America Once Community at a Time.

"We are excited to put Abortion Free into the hands of every pro-life supporter who wants to end abortion. We provide step-by-step instructions that can be used by anyone to research, document, and expose abuses within the abortion cartel, then explain in detail how to file complaints and demand enforcement," said Newman. "Using this time-honored strategy, we have seen abortion clinics close all over the country in record numbers!"  Newman and Sullenger are certainly the experts, and Abortion Free tells their secrets that have successfully shut down dozens of abortion facilities.  Even Operation Rescue's Headquarters is a former abortion clinic that they bought and closed in 2006. Now Operation Rescue reports that 154 surgical abortion facilities have shut down in the past two years alone!  "The abortion cartel is imploding today primarily due to their own negligence, which we are exposing like never before," said Newman. "When abortion clinics close, lives are saved!"

 Abortion Free is available now through Amazon.com, BarnesandNobel.com, and WND.com.



Tom Hoefling, former political director for Alan Keyes presidential campaign and current Chairman of America's Party, has drafted a free petition on http://faxcongress.com to amend S. 583 to make it even stronger in the protection of innocent life.  Tom writes:  "While we appreciate the declaration of principles that the Life at Conception Act represents, far more is needed than mere words to stop the daily killing of thousands of the weakest and most helpless among us...[The United States] Code must be stripped of provisions like the Laci Peterson law of 2004, Title 18, Chapter 1, §1841 and Title 10, Chapter 22 §919a, which, while rightly defining the child as an individual person, then allows the killing of certain classes of those innocent persons via the practice of human abortion. Without these amendments the legislation accomplishes little beyond mere political posturing."



In 2011, Frieda Mangold, born at 21 weeks, survived.)  Virtually every other country says it is unacceptable for a child this old to be aborted. Only seven countries in the world—including United States, North Korea and China—allow elective abortions after 20 weeks.  Americans have spoken—and have said loudly and clearly they care about this. They care about making the United States a country good enough to protect the right to life for these children.



COPY, PASTE & SHARE: http://www.gofundme.com/ky2gvs

Stand up & be God’s hands & feet:  Alliance Defending Freedom defended the Stormans’ interests in the appeal concerning these costs. This is based on the Ninth Circuit’s ruling. But this isn’t the only appeal at issue. The Stormans won at trial, and the state has appealed; ADF represents the Stormans in that appeal as well. If the Stormans’ trial court win is upheld, the ruling will protect health care providers and the unborn.




The prayer itself is set to start this Friday at 1:00 p.m. and will be broadcast and amplified from the Chapel bell tower on campus.

As campuses continue to foster political correctness, they use it as a way to favor religions seemingly at war with Western Civilization and Judeo-Christian beliefs.  Ashley Pratte is the spokeswoman for Young America’s Foundation, you can follow her on twitter @ashpratte





Savage told the Daily Pennsylvanian in 2006 that Carl Romanelli, a U.S. Senate candidate he didn’t like, “should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.” In the same interview, he said Romanelli “should go f–k himself.”

Savage also said on HBO that he “wished all Republicans were f—ing dead.”  When Savage debuted an MTV show in 2012, WND columnist Matt Barber wrote that Savage “lectures teens in high schools and colleges around the country on the benefits of ‘non-monogamy,’ the occasional ‘three-way’ tryst and any other disease-spreading sexual impulse that might cross their impressionable, hormone-charged young minds (and many they can’t yet imagine).”  In 2012, as WND reported, Savage told a group of high school journalism students, “We can learn to ignore the bullsh– in the Bible about gay people,” then taunted the teens who stood and walked out of the room as he ranted.  “It’s funny to someone who is on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible how pansya–ed people react when you push back,” he said.  Some of the girls left in tears.

Savage’s group “It Gets Better” claims it helps homosexual teens survive bullying, but as Fox News reported, some of the students “felt like the anti-bullying activist was in fact the bully.”  “It took a real dark, hostile turn, certainly, as I saw it,” teacher Rick Tuttle told CNN. “It became very hostile toward Christianity, to the point that many students did walk out, including some of my students.  “They felt that they were attacked … a very pointed, direct attack on one particular group of students. It’s amazing that we go to an anti-bullying speech and one group of students is picked on in particular, with harsh, profane language.”  ‘Obama likes my message’  Savage has touted the White House website’s listing of his “It Get’s Better” project as proof that President Obama supports his message.  “That meant,” Savage said in a video, “the president of the United States was telling queer kids, ‘There’s something wrong with your parents, there’s something wrong with your preachers, there’s something wrong with your teachers, and f— those people!’”  In the video, he blasts followers of Jesus as “spiritually abused,” wishes Republicans would die and refers to politically conservative Christians as “pieces of s—.”   When older generations think of ABC TV sitcoms, “The Brady Bunch” or “Happy Days” might come to mind.  Now, long removed from the days of Richie Cunningham and Alice the housekeeper, the legacy network is celebrating the life of one of the nation’s most provocative homosexual activists.  A feature by the Hollywood Reporter about the new series noted Dan Savage’s sex and relationship column and his founding of the LGBT activist group “It Gets Better.”


Dan Savage says “it gets better,” but don’t be surprised if viewers get bitter after ABC’s newest program. The Disney-owned network, for years a shill for the LGBT agenda, is taking their activism to amazing lows with its plans to bring the controversial “sex therapist” to life in a regular feature. His dark and vile attacks on Christians have been well chronicled by Savage himself (so vulgar most are unprintable).  Lately, though, the open atheist homosexual has taken a break from harassing high schoolers and Republicans to focus on this new fall sitcom,



Grand Mufti Abdulzaiz’s more recent ruling on marrying young girls comes following a similar ruling in 2011 by Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, a prominent cleric and member of the Saudi’s highest religious council, who issued a fatwa, or religious edict, that there is no minimum age to marry girls, “even if they are in the cradle.”  Fawzan’s fatwa came from a similar edict in the Sharh Sahih al-Bukhari li Ibn Battal, which said the ulema, or Islamic scholars, agreed to permit fathers marry off their small daughters.

“The ulema have agreed that it is permissible for fathers to marry off their small daughters, even if they are in the cradle,” the edict declared. “But it is not permissible for their husbands to have sex with them unless they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men. And their capability in this regard varies based on their nature and capacity. Aisha was six when she married the prophet, but he had sex with her when she was nine, that is, when she was deemed capable.”  Fawzan said there is nothing in Islamic, or Shariah law, that sets a minimum age limit on marrying girls, citing Quran 65:4.  “It behooves those who call for setting a minimum age for marriage to fear Allah and not contradict his Shariah, or try to legislate things Allah did not permit,” Fawzan said. “For laws are Allah’s province, and legislation is his exclusive right, to be shared by none other. And among these are the rules governing marriage.”  Scholars say the age of marrying young girls and consummating the “marriage” is based on the example set by Muhammad when he married Aisha when she was no more than seven years of age, consummating the marriage when she was nine.



If bakers can be forced to make same-sex "wedding" cakes, what about anti-homosexual ones? Marjorie Silva is testing that theory after a controversy at Denver's Azucar Bakery, where a customer came in with an interesting order: a cake with two men holding hands and an "X" over them. In iced lettering, he requested "God Hates Gays."  Marjorie was appalled, as most people would be. She refused to make the cake, and told the man, "We're not doing this. This is just very discriminatory and hateful." That triggered a complaint to the Colorado Civil Rights Division, where commissioners will have to decide if the same freedom they denied to Christian bakers suddenly depends on the message. Jack Phillips, who politely declined a same-sex "wedding" request, was sentenced to sensitivity training by a similar Colorado agency and ordered to make cakes for homosexuals -- or pay fines in excess of $500 a customer.  Like Jack, Marjorie is refusing to promote a message she morally opposes. The reality under the First Amendment is this: no small business owner should be coerced by the government to violate their conscience or religious beliefs -- whether it's an abortion coverage mandate or a two-tiered wedding cake. Kerri Kupec with Alliance Defending Freedom argues that both bakers should have the right to operate their business according to their moral values. "At the end of the day, this is about free speech," she said. "They punished Jack Phillips for acting according to his conscience. It will be interesting to see how they act here."  This twist to a much-wider problem is a good example of the unintended consequences of policing people's moral beliefs. When the government breaches our fundamental rights in one area, the impact is always wider.  But this clash, as Father Richard John Neuhaus predicted in his 1984 book, The Naked Public Square, was inevitable. Once faith is stripped from society, something always fills the void. And that "something," in this case, is secularism -- not your grandmother's secularism, but a modern strain that is "rude, aggressive, and hegemonic."



In the free market, the courts no longer seem to recognize the right to believe what you want. Owners of small businesses like Sweet Cakes by Melissa, Arlene’s Flowers, Simply Elegant Wedding Planning, Hands On Originals, and others are seen as nothing more than tools of the government to think and believe as the state sees fit.  But, as Betty and Richard Odgaard just found out, the fierce tide of intolerance is at the door of every Christian business owner in America. Last Wednesday, the long-time owners of a church-building-turned-bistro made the sad announcement that they would no longer be hosting weddings at the scenic site after settling a same-sex “wedding” dispute. The Odgaards, a Mennonite family, were hauled before a civil rights commission for deciding not to host a homosexual ceremony because of their religious beliefs. So the government gave them an ultimatum: conform or pay crippling fines.



The human genome has about 3,000 million ‘letters’. If the 1% figure were correct, this would amount to 30 million letters difference, which would take 10 Bible-sized books to print. This is 50 times as much DNA as the simplest bacterium.3 This is actually a huge difference that far exceeds the ability of even the most optimistic evolutionary scenarios to create, even given the claimed millions of years.Illustrating how wrong this is, in 2012 Drs Jeffrey Tomkins and Jerry Bergman reviewed the published studies comparing human and chimp DNA.5 When all the DNA is taken into account and not just pre-selected parts, they found,

“it is safe to conclude that human-chimp genome similarity is not more than ~87% identical, and possibly not higher than 81%.”

In other words, the differences are huge, possibly greater than 19%. Indeed, Dr Tomkins made his own thorough comparison and found the difference to be ~30%.6 Also, the Y-chromosomes, found only in males, are radically different, contrary to evolutionists’ expectations.Perhaps evolutionists will not let go of the myth of 1% because it serves a political, social and cultural purpose? What would that purpose be, other than to deny the clear implication of DNA comparisons, which is that we are very different from chimps? The myth of similarity has been used to support the claim that humans have no special place in the world and even that chimps should be granted human rights.10  The large difference does not tally with evolutionary expectations but it is consistent with us being created separately from the animals. God made the first man from dust (Genesis 2:7) and the first woman from his rib (Genesis 2:22), not from any ape-like creature. And humans, unlike other creatures, were made in the image of God (Genesis 1:2627), a special creation.




Faust, who serves on the Academic and Testimonial Councils of the International Children’s Rights Institute and writes at asktheBigot.com, http://askthebigot.com/   said that most of the media believe it impossible for someone like her — someone who both loves her gay parents and opposes gay marriage — to even exist.  Faust is one of at least six adult children of same-sex parents who will also submit amicus briefs to the Supreme Court for this June’s gay marriage case.  At its core, Faust argued, the government’s interest in marriage should be about the children, not the feelings of the parents.  Every child raised by a same-sex couple is denied the opportunity to be raised by either a father or a mother in the home, she pointed out.


With moving testimonies, the “quartet of truth” bravely pulls back the curtain on the grief and confusion that marked their childhoods without a mom or dad. B.N. Klein remembers growing up “with a parent and her partners in an atmosphere in which gay ideology was used as a tool of repression, retribution and abuse.” In a house where the bedroom was more like a revolving door, she felt more like a “prop to be publicly displayed to prove that gay families are just like heterosexual ones. While I do not believe all gays would be de facto bad parents, I know that the gay community has never in my lifetime put children first as anything other than a piece of property, a past mistake, or a political tool to be dressed up and taken out as part of a dog-and-pony show to impress the well-meaning.”  For Robert Lopez, feeling loved wasn’t the problem. Finding a connection with a father figure was. “My upbringing,” he says wistfully, “represented the best possible conditions for a child raised by a same-sex couple,” but the lack of an adult male role model led him down a harrowing path of homosexual prostitution in a desperate effort to compensate for the dad he never had. “I experienced a great deal of sexual confusion. I had an inexplicable compulsion to have sex with older males… The money was not as impactful as the fact that I needed to feel loved and wanted by an older male figure.”  Now, as an adult, he says his story isn’t all that different from dozens of others who have similar scars from the deep longing for the parents they never knew. For him, just opening up about his experience was a big step because of the retribution that awaited him. “Children raised by same-sex couples face a gauntlet if they break the silence about the ‘no disadvantages’ consensus.” At work, he was targeted and harassed: “In such a climate, I must conclude that placing children in same-sex couples’ homes is dangerous, because they have no space or latitude to express negative feelings about losing a mom or dad, and in fact, they have much fear if they do.”  Katy Faust understands that all too well. “The label of bigot or hater has become a very powerful and effective tool to silence those of us who choose not to endorse the marriage platform,she writes. “For many years, those devices kept me quiet… But I have come to realize that my silence, and the silence of others, has allowed for the conversation to be dominated by those who claim that only animus, ignorance, or indoctrination could lead one to oppose ‘marriage equality.’”  Now, she says, “we are normalizing a family structure where a child will always be deprived daily of one gender influence and the relationship with at least one natural parent. Our cultural narrative becomes one that, in essence, tells children that they have no right to the natural family structure or their biological parents, but that children simply exist for the satisfaction of adult desires.”  There are “two rights” every child should share, Katy told the court. “First, the right to live. Second, the right to have a relationship with his/her father or mother.”  Love matters, the four concluded. But, as Mark Regnerus’s research made painfully clear, it isn’t enough.



(coming to a school near you?)  The Pacific Justice Institute dispatched a letter to officials at Acalanes High School in Lafayette asking for documents that would show what happened.  Pacific Justice said “students were singled out and ostracized for their beliefs.”  Students reported that, on Jan. 29, members of the school’s Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) took over all freshmen English classes to grill students about their beliefs and their parents’ beliefs on LGBT issues




Generally, when a couple heads to their local courthouse or county clerk’s office, they can both receive a marriage license and have their marriage officiated. That is no longer true in 14 Florida counties that have changed their policies anticipating the arrival of marriage equality this week.




Of course, he said, they wanted to win, “but my faith transcends wins or losses: I can learn from winning, which we did last year; I can learn from losing, which we did this year.”  Payne said the cynic will say after the Super Bowl loss: “Just watch these guys. Now you’re going to see them bail out and waffle. As long as it goes like they want, praise Jesus, hallelujah, but as soon as something goes wrong, they’re going to bail out on God just like everybody else does.”  Sometimes, he said, “the way we handle losses, failures and defeats can sing just as loud to a person watching as when we win.”  And sometimes the message after a loss is even louder, he said, because it’s not expected  “It sends a message my faith is for real.”



http://www.actforamerica.org/chapter-lists              At ACT for America it is no secret that we have not been in agreement with President Obama’s national security policies, but have always been respectful of the office which he holds.  It was in that setting that President Obama delivered remarks comparing the actions of the Islamic State to things done “in the name of Jesus Christ.” Among those things according to President Obama: slavery.  He then cited the Crusades.  Not only were his remarks inappropriate for the occasion and insulting to peace loving Christians everywhere, they were historically inaccurate.  In terms of slavery, while it is true that Christians owned slaves, slavery is not an integral part of Christian doctrine. Jesus did not own slaves. The same cannot be said of Islam. Mohammed owned many slaves and even shared concubines with his warriors. There are today forty different words in Arabic to describe slaves; that’s how prominent slavery has been in the Islamic world. The slave trade in Africa was largely run by Muslims. And when Western nations finally abolished the evil practice of slavery, that slave trade in Africa persisted without them. Remember, Saudi Arabia, the site of Islam’s holiest sites, did not outlaw slavery until the 1960s. Moreover, slavery is still practiced today in parts of Islamic Africa, notably Sudan.  But Obama’s biggest dose of disinformation came in the form of his remarks on the Crusades.  There is a myth that the Crusades were nothing but an aggressive series of wars in which Christendom attacked the Muslim world and committed atrocities.  The Crusades actually began after centuries of Islamic jihad invading, pillaging and conquering Christian lands in present-day North Africa and parts of Europe.  After 400 years of systematic genocide of Christians at the hands of Islamic jihadists, Pope Urban II, acting on a plea from the Byzantine emperor whose people had been attacked by Muslim hoards, finally called on “Christ’s heralds” to sound the call for help for the Christians in the east and free the Holy Land.  So, the first Crusade was a defensive action in response to Islamic jihad.


Grady is spot on with his three-pronged assessment. Fifty Shades of Grey encourages sexual deviance, glorifies violence against women and totally perverts the meaning of love.  The book was accurately dubbed ‘mommy porn’ because it is sexually graphic and full of crude language, and also because Christian expects his girlfriends to totally submit to his sexual tastes—which involve whips, chains, handcuffs and gray neckties,” Grady writes. “This is not just mainstream porn. This is mainstream bondage porn.”  Of course, Hollywood has long served many gods—just like Queen Jezebel in the Old Testament (see 1 Kin. 16:31). The spirit that influenced the wicked queen—and the spirit driving much of the filth emerging from Hollywood—is alive and well today. The problem is that most don’t recognize this sinister spirit for what it is. The spirit of Jezebel is not merely a spirit of control and manipulation. It’s a spirit of seduction that woos people into sexual immorality and idolatry (Rev. 2:20). Hollywood exalts the spirit of Jezebel and Fifty Shades of Grey glorifies its perversion.   The Canaanites, who were Baal worshippers, participated in sex worship, fertility rites, religious prostitution and human sacrifice—all to pacify the gods. Fast-forward 55 book in the Bible and you find Jesus warning us of a false prophetess called Jezebel who teaches and seduces God’s servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols (Rev. 2:20). That’s what Fifty Shades of Grey—and books and movies like it—are doing. Again, Fifty Shades of Grey is a prime example of Jezebel’s sexual perversion.  As I’ve said before, sexual immorality and idolatry are growing trends in the church—and I imagine they’re more prevalent in the pews than they are in the pulpits. The spirit of Jezebel is often behind this immoral trend, tapping into the lust of the flesh with its seductive agenda.

I wonder how many kids’ church teachers read Fifty Shades of Grey and how many Christian youth will stand in line for a ticket to the movie this weekend. And I shudder to think of the seeds that will be planted in the hearts and minds of those who digest this perversion.  So while we’re up in arms about Fifty Shades of Grey, perhaps we should look in our own lives for this spirit of Jezebel’s influence.


it is said that lead male character Christian Grey “wants total control over Anastasia [the lead female character] … the right to dictate her eating patterns and her contraception choices, plus the right to inflict pain on her as a means of arousing himself.” As if that wasn’t scary enough, the movie is packed with the use of BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism), which is a practice that involves an individual who is gratified by either receiving or inflicting pain within consensual sex. Even “sexual therapists” who support BDSM are criticizing the book’s portrayal of BDSM and say that the practice should neither involve exploitation nor emotional and physical abuse.  The story is a distortion of the ideal of sex within a lifelong commitment of marriage—a perversion of something that’s good and beautiful.


heard one preacher say, “It could be the most destructive day globally since Eve took a bite of fruit in the Garden.” Eve allowed her curiosity to lead her to just one bite. Satan did not tempt her with the entire tree; just a bite.

One bite hidden and not resulting in brokenness and repentance will naturally lead to many bites. Don’t fall for it. The grey pathway is paved with increasing desensitization resulting in destructive behavior. This chart is the path David took regarding Bathsheba and Uriah in 2 Samuel 11.



Defending Genesis founder Tony Breeden established and organized Creation Sunday to point out the apostasy of Evolution Sunday.



Out on ministry at churches, our speakers often encounter anguished parents (and grandparents) lamenting that their children now reject the faith in which they were raised. If you too are a parent with this same angst, I remind you that Adam and Eve failed even with the best possible raising from God Himself, as well as enjoying perfect health and living in paradise. And Judas Iscariot remained unsaved despite three years with the best teacher ever: Jesus Himself.   Even atheists know this only too well, e.g. biologist William Provine said:  “[B]elief in modern evolution makes atheists of people. One can have a religious view that is compatible with evolution only if the religious view is indistinguishable from atheism.”3






More Democrap Incompetence:  When the Obama White House released the list of names to news organizations of senior U.S. officials participating in Obama’s visit to Afghanistan, it “mistakenly” included the name of the highest ranking CIA spy in the country, effectively putting the agent and his family potentially in extreme danger. 



Giuliani: 'Professor' Obama Lacks Leadership Skills

Obama came into office lacking basic executive skills, and after six years in office has shown he does NOT have natural leadership capabilities to manage the country, said former Republican Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani.  "He's NOT cut out to be an executive. He doesn't have either the background and experience or the natural skills of an executive," Giuliani told Fox News' "America's Newsroom" on Friday. "There is nothing in this man's background to suggest that he could run the most complicated organization in the world."Giuliani said that when Obama took office, he hoped he would have "the natural talent" to lead effectively, but said the president has since shown "he doesn't have it." The president's temperament was suited, by instinct, to that of a "professor," Giuliani suggested.



Like other CEOs of large, geographically dispersed organizations with diverse product lines, the president must hire department heads to address issues foreseen and yet to be identified, and hold them accountable. The president’s actions indicate politics trumped those responsibilities at the VA and other federal agencies.  When Obama assumed office, the VA’s problems were well known to veterans, the Congress and the concerned public. The Inspector General has published 19 wait-time audits since 2005, a commission co-chaired by Donna Shalala and Bob Dole documented delays and gaps in treatment in 2007, and published reports of management dysfunction and poor service go back to the 1950s.  (Democraps passed Obamacare to find out what is in it and all they had to do was look at the VA to know it is Unaffordable & Unsustainable with Unelected bureaucrats standard operating procedures of  waste, fraud, abuse and corruption.)  most VA facilities should be sold to the private sector or closed.   The VA should simply reimburse private physicians and facilities for providing veterans with treatment. Only reserved to VA should be severe, highly-specialized conditions — mostly those related to combat — that require unique expertise not generally available to civilians.  Sadly, as with the IRS targeting harassing conservative groups, the State Department missteps in the Benghazi tragedy and other scandals, the president is not forthrightly acknowledging and addressing failures of performance at the VA.  By hewing to an ideological bias against the private sector and seeking to shift blame on Republicans, Obama is denying veterans relief they need now, and is destroying confidence among Americans that their government can do much of anything well or honestly.  From this professor, the “president” gets an F in management and leadership.

Remember all the melodramatic predictions of near-apocalyptic consequences when the “sequester” spending caps were about to become law? Perhaps the punitive closing off of monuments with Barrycades and museums (some of which required no staff to operate) rings a bell?   You might have guessed it since we did not descend into a “lawless society” as some predicted, but the “sequester” did not result in job losses in the “hundreds of thousands” as President Obama warned it would.  Still, despite its effectiveness, Congress and the President gutted the budget caps in a deal late last year. Check out our video exposing the hilariously inaccurate "doomsday" prophecies of Harry Reid, Janet Napolitano, President Obama and others, and share it with your friends and family.




Jerry Zeifman, an admitted lifelong Democrat, was Hillary Clinton’s supervisor as she worked on the Watergate investigation. Zeifman fired Clinton from the investigation and refused to give her a letter of recommendation for a new position. Zeifman was the counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon investigation. Zeifman explained, describing the reason for the firing and refusal to recommend the 27 year-old Hillary Clinton,”Because she was a liar.” He added, “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer,”  “She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality,” Zeifman said, underscoring her complete disregard for ethics. Zeifman explained that Hillary Clinton conspired to deny Richard Nixon the right to counsel during the investigation, in order to keep Howard Hunt from testifying about “the goods on nefarious activities in the Kennedy Administration.” In his book, “Hillary’s Pursuit of Power,” he explains that Hillary Clinton “engaged in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules.” 





Is Obama scared; tyrants don't seem to like well-armed, disciplined, principled and patriotic citizens very much, especially those that took an oath to protect against threats both foreign AND domesticPerhaps he is resentful; must be hard to look a warrior in they eye after you've deserted his brothers on the battlefield to die. Maybe, just maybe, Barricade Obama is flat-out jealous of the men and women in uniform who preserve our freedom and are respected and beloved by the whole nation.  Whatever the case may be, Obama has an obvious dislike for vets: labeling returning veterans as potential terrorist; Obamacare's mental health screens being used as an excuse to rob veterans of their Second Amendment rights; tossing vets into jail for speaking critically of his administration; the Benghazi cover-up; gun-free zones on military bases across the country, Extortion 17... We could go on and on. And all the evidence points to one conclusion: OBAMA HATES VETS & the MILITARY. He hates their dedication to liberty and he hates their popularity. He is scared of their loyalty to We The People and is petrified in their presence. America's warriors deserve better. Demand the COMMANDER IN CHIEF, the President of The United States of America and Congress keep their promise to provide quality healthcare and RESPECT for our vets. Some of our troops have been terribly injured in the course of their service -- both physically and mentally -- and then come home to find that the government -- the steward of the country they fought and bled for -- has abandoned them.                 https://specialoperationsspeaks.com/campaign-contribution/obama-hates-vets     

It appears that the Obama administration is so busy using the VA to strip veterans of their gun rights that it doesn't have time to provide them with medical treatment. 




What is making headlines now has long been known in other nations with national healthcare systems. It is about rationing, not dispensing care; if for no other reason that is why healthcare should remain in the private sector.  Unless a future Congress repeals Obamacare, the death toll will mount. There have been some forty or more pieces of legislation to repeal it passed in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. No Republican voted for Obamacare when it was introduced.  What we know is that, while serving on the oversight committee, then-Senator Obama was aware of the VA problems before he ran for President. In 2009, as President, he promised veterans to fix the problems. How concerned is he in 2014? There has been a noticeable lack of public comment from a President famed for having something to say about everything that makes headlines.

Add the VA scandal to the long list of Obama administration scandals from the IRS to Benghazi, but it is Obamacare that has already been a monumental failure and, as we begin to receive news of those who will die as because a local hospital closed or because they lost the care of a personal physician familiar with their problem, it will emerge as the greatest scandal of his presidency.




U.S. Vets Dying for Obama's Attention :  Nothing says "thanks for your service to our country" like serial abandonment. But that's the most some veterans can hope for under this administration, which may be at the heart of one of the worst cases of medical neglect America has ever seen. "We need a new sense of urgency," Barack Obama insisted back in 2007, on the hundreds of thousands of veterans waiting for health care.  Turns out, it's actually the man who campaigned on the issue who needed the urgency more. Despite warnings from the Bush administration, the GAO in 2012, and just last year from House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller (R-Fla.), it seems President Obama hasn't lifted a finger to help the thousands of former military members waiting months for medical attention through the VA -- and in 40 of those cases, dying before they received it.  Under fire from all sides, the White House is scrambling to explain how seven years went by without this deadly incompetence ever reaching the President's desk. Unfortunately for Press Secretary Jay Carney, nobody's buying the White House's old standby that "we get our news just like the rest of you." In an administration with the greatest communication and intelligence tools at its disposal, it's just a little too much for the American people to swallow. After Benghazi, Fast and Furious, ObamaCare, the IRS, and NSA, the President's surprised face isn't fooling voters.  http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?c=REFER&f=WU14E15&ref=   




Congressman Trey Gowdy utterly shamed the mainstream media (aka: OMG – Obama Media Group) in only three minutes in this press conference (Watch Video).  He simply asks them, pointedly, in this press conference about the newly-formed House Benghazi Select Committee, a series of very specific questions, with the obvious implication that if the media doesn’t know the answer to these questions, they haven’t been doing their job because they remain unanswered 20 months after the terrorist attack. Gowdy begins his powerful statement by immediately quoting, word-for-word, Obama’s promise to the nation following the attacks: “We will not waiver in our commitment  to see that justice is done for this terrible act in Benghazi. And make no mistake, justice will be done.” That was the President of the United States over a year ago. “We’re investigating exactly what happened, but my biggest priority now is bringing those folks to justice.” That was the President of the United States over a year ago.  Gowdy points out that that both of Obama’s promises are broken as no one has been brought to justice, explaining that the Obama regime has prohibited witnesses from testifying about Benghazi.  “No one has been brought to justice. We don’t even have access to witnesses,” Gowdy said. Gowdy then went into his classic questioning mode, telling them that while he’s not trying to tell the media how to do their job, if they don’t know the answers to these basic questions, in regards to Benghazi, then he would leave them to draw their own conclusionsI’m not telling you how to do your job, but I’m going to ask you some questions, and if you can’t answer these basic questions, then I’ll leave you to draw whatever conclusions you want to draw about whether the media has provided sufficient oversight:

  • Can you tell me why [Ambassador] Chris Stevens was in Benghazi that he was killed? Do you know? Does it bother you whether or not you know why Chris Stevens was in Benghazi? 
  • Do you know why we were the last flag flying in Benghazi, after the British had left and the Red Cross had been bombed? 
  • Do you know why requests for additional security were denied? Do you know why an ambassador asking for more security, days and weeks before he was murdered and those requests went unheeded? Do you know the answer to why those requests went unheeded?
  • Do you know why no assets were deployed during the siege? And I’ve heard the explanation, which defies logic, frankly, that we could not have gotten there in time. But you know they didn’t know when it was going to end, so how can you possibly cite that as an excuse?
  • Do you know whether the president called any of our allies and said, can you help, we have men under attack? Can you answer that? 
  • Do any of you know why Susan Rice was picked [to go on five Sunday talk shows after the attacks]? The Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton] did not go. She says she doesn’t like Sunday talk shows. That’s the only media venue she does not like, if that’s true. Why was Susan Rice on the five Sunday talk shows? Do you know the origin of this mythology, that it was spawned as a spontaneous reaction to a video? Do you know where that started? Do you know where we got from no evidence on that, to that being the official position of the administration?

Gowdy then concludes his brief statement by blasting the press for not doing their job, while getting a last jab in at Obama, Hillary Clinton and Jay Carney:   In conclusion, Congress is supposed to provide oversight, the voters are supposed to provide oversight, and you were supposed to provide oversight. That’s why you have special liberties and that’s why you have special protections. I’m not surprised that the President of the United States called this a phony scandal. I’m not surprised that Secretary Clinton would ask what difference does it make. I’m not even surprised that Jay Carney said it happened a long time ago. I’m just surprised at how many people bought it. 




Democrats’ Benghazi Scandal & Cover up:  Given the explosive material in these documents, it is no surprise that we had to go to federal court & wait for years to pry them loose from the ( “so transparently corrupt ) Obama State Department.”  The documents were released Friday as result of a June 21, 2013, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the Department of State (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-00951)) to gain access to documents about the controversial talking points used by then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice for a series of appearances on television Sunday news programs on September 16, 2012.  Judicial Watch had been seeking these documents since October 18, 2012.  The Rhodes email was sent on sent on Friday, September 14, 2012, at 8:09 p.m. with the subject line:  “RE: PREP CALL with Susan, Saturday at 4:00 pm ET.”  The documents show that the “prep” was for Amb. Rice’s Sunday news show appearances to discuss the Benghazi attack.  The document lists as a “Goal”: “To underscore that these protests are rooted in and Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy.    Among the top administration PR personnel who received the Rhodes memo were White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, Deputy Press Secretary Joshua Earnest, then-White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, then-White House Deputy Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, then-National Security Council Director of Communications Erin Pelton, Special Assistant to the Press Secretary Howli Ledbetter, and then-White House Senior Advisor and political strategist David PlouffeThe Rhodes communications strategy email also instructs recipients to portray Obama as “steady and statesmanlike” throughout the crisis.  ( RIGHT BEFORE ELECTIONS..) The documents Judicial Watch obtained also include a September 12, 2012, email from former DeputySpokesman at U.S. Mission to the United Nations Payton Knopf to Susan Rice, noting that at a press briefing earlier that day, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland explicitly stated that the attack on the consulate had been well planned.  The email sent by Knopf to Rice at 5:42 pm said:  Responding to a question about whether it was an organized terror attack, Toria said that she couldn’t speak to the identity of the perpetrators but that it was clearly a complex attack.  In the days following the Knopf email, Rice appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News and CNN still deceptively lying that the assaults occurred “spontaneously” in response to the “hateful video.”


According to the Free Beacon it was former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson, whose reporting on Benghazi over the last year led the pack, who discussed the relationship between CBS News President David Rhodes and Senior White House adviser Ben Rhodes, his brother




No man left behind. It's what I learned in the U.S. Army and it's what I taught my soldiers on the front lines of battle.  Yet Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton seem content to sit on their hands while four brave Americans perished at the hands of Islamic terrorists. They left four people behind to die.  I know you share my passion for restoring commonsense conservative principles in Washington, and I'm counting on your support to help me elect 14 hard-charging conservatives to Congress who defend America – starting with a full Congressional investigation on Benghazi.
Can I count on you make an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right away to send conservatives to Washington who will stand behind a full investigation into the Benghazi attack?
If Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton left our people to die or committed a cover-up for selfish political reasons in the weeks before an election, they must be held accountable by Congress in front of the American people.

In December 2003, in Tikrit, Iraq, after undergoing an Article 32 hearing, I stood before my 4th Infantry Division Commander, now Chief of Staff of the Army, Major General Ray Odierno. I submitted myself to the Article 15 Non-Judicial Punishment of $5,000 for the actions I took while a battalion commander.   I wonder what they call a person who, instead of taking an action to save American lives, took no action at all? Matter of fact, said individual allowed four Americans under Islamic terrorist attack to be murdered. As far as we all know, said individual went to sleep due to a strenuous schedule of campaign fundraising events the following day.  Not only that, but said individual then proceeded to lie about their non-actions and cast blame elsewhere. When I was asked, during the Article 32 hearing, if I would take the same action again, perhaps I should have blamed my actions on a video and all would have been fine? Instead, I responded, “If it is about the safety and lives of my men, I would go through hell with a gasoline can.”  To the useful idiots and mindless liberal lemmings who refer to me as anything other than Lieutenant Colonel, Retired, Allen B. West — with 22 years of honorable service, rank, and benefits — you are delusional and confused. You criticize me, a commander who stood up for his men, while you embrace a cowardly commander-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama, who did nothing while Americans died. It is both disgusting and despicable.  as God prepared me for a new mission. I considered one of my favorite verses from the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans:   “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” (Romans 5:3-6 NIV) It was a tough time, awaiting the hearing in Iraq and being removed from command, but it was all part of a grander purpose — to build up my faith, perseverance, character, and hope — but not in man. 



Boehner has resisted those calls, instead relying on various other committees to investigate. However, a smoking gun email obtained after a Judicial Watch  lawsuit has changed all that.  The email, written by Ben Rhodes, assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, connects the White House directly with a cover-up of the fact that Benghazi was a terrorist attack. The email gives credence to the belief by many that the blaming of the attacks on a protest to a little seen YouTube video that just got out of control was concocted in order to protect Obama’s re-election chances in 2012. Boehner is now expected to announce a Special Committee to investigate Benghazi.   According to FOX News, South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy will chair that Select Committee. Gowdy, a former prosecutor, will speak with FOX News’ Greta van Susteren On the Record tonight at 7 pm ET




Benghazi Gun Running Scandal:  The DNI spokesperson said: ‘The Assad regime, and only the Assad regime, could have been responsible for the chemical weapons attack that took place on 21 August.’)  The full extent of US co-operation with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in assisting the rebel opposition in Syria has yet to come to light. The Obama administration has never publicly admitted to its role in creating what the CIA calls a ‘rat line’, a back channel highway into Syria. The rat line, authorised in early 2012, was used to funnel weapons and ammunition from Libya via southern Turkey and across the Syrian border to the opposition. Many of those in Syria who ultimately received the weapons were jihadists, some of them affiliated with al-Qaida.


I learned, as I presumed, that there was a covert weapons scheme going on in Libya, Benghazi. We had been supplying radical Islamists with weapons against Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi, effectively supplying the enemy and destabilizing that country. And it seems that there was a CIA weapons buy-back program, the aim of which was to ship the retrieved weapons out of Libya through Turkey, and to the Islamist forces in Syria.   This is a wretched cover-up, plain and simple. The Democrats covered it up to save Obama's skin, and enable him to win reelection.  this is also a damning indictment of American journalism. Why didn't the New York Times, or another major media outlet dig this out? The First Amendment exists to enable journalists to do this job, but not one of them did. The lack of professional curiosity amongst the current cadre of so-called journalists is appalling. You failed in your duty to the American people, media brethren. And you continue to pile on dereliction when it comes to the IRS scandal, the AP harassment, Fast and Furious, and your mindless PR work in promotion of the fake science behind so-called phony “Climate Change” scheme.


We are soley interested in seeing justice served for the Benghazi victims and their families. We want to see everyone responsible for this outrage held accountable. If President Obama refuses to cooperate, impeachment is the only appropriate solution. If Secretary of State John Kerry continues snubbing his nose at the investigation, as he has already done by flat out refusing to comply with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoena, he must go. If anyone, regardless of wealth, power, or, position, stands in the way of justice for the Benghazi Four, SOS will use every resource available to push for their removal.


http://townhall.com/columnists/drbencarson/2014/05/14/leaders-who-fail-to-own-up-to-mistakes-are-unfit-for-office-n1837827      Unfit for Office    Making mistakes is human, but lies and cover-ups are evil.

The recent escalating arguments over whether there should be further congressional hearings on Benghazi are troubling. The fact that there are substantial numbers of people who feel that there is nothing more to investigate when four American lives were lost and no one has answered for this crime provides an indication of how far our sense of justice has slipped.  This should not be a partisan issue, because the implications of ignoring or prevaricating about the underlying mistakes will have far-reaching consequences. The United States has diplomatic establishments throughout the world, and if they can be attacked without consequences, it greatly diminishes our influence despite any protestations to the contrary.  What does it say about our judgment if we have diplomatic establishments for which we make inadequate provisions for protection? This is especially disturbing because it was revealed that requests by the diplomatic facility in Benghazi for more protection were refused. There had been attacks on the facility not long before the fatal attack, and hostile actions had been taken against the British, which they were wise enough to react to appropriately.   Even more confounding was the decision to abandon our personnel at the facility because someone decided that our military forces could not reach them in time to effect a rescue. How could such a decision be made when no one knew how long the hostile action would last?  When our top officials make decisions to abandon our own people because they feel the situation is hopeless, they also abandon the concept of American exceptionalism and create doubt in the minds of all future military participants about the intention of their superiors to expend maximum effort to preserve their lives when they have sacrificed everything for our nation.  Making mistakes is part of being human, but the ever-increasing deception that is necessary to cover those mistakes when honesty is abandoned is evil. Those willing to ignore evil for political reasons should question their fitness for leadership of our nation.   Obviously, the IRS was used in inappropriate ways, or Lois Lerner would not have pleaded the Fifth Amendment. It is more than disturbing that the president of the United States and many in his party feigned outrage when the inappropriate actions of the IRS initially were exposed but now cannot lend support to a full and unfettered investigation of activities that threaten the very liberty of the American people.  A bipartisan group should investigate both Benghazi and the IRS scandal in a transparent manner. If wrongdoing is discovered, those responsible must face consequences, and procedures must be established to ensure that such abuses never occur again.  Most important, the people must awaken and look objectively at the actions of both Democrats and Republicans and not simply accept what party leaders say. Freedom is not free, and vigilance in responsible voting is necessary to preserve it.





“A government that forces any American to create a message contrary to her own convictions is a government every American should fear.”  The New Mexico case began in 2006 when Elaine Huguenin received an email from a woman, Vanessa Willock, asking if she would be “open to helping us celebrate our day,” a “commitment ceremony” between her and her same-sex partner.  When Huguenin politely declined because the ceremony was at odds with her beliefs, ADF said, Willock found another photographer, for less money.  Nevertheless, Willock pursued a complaint with the New Mexico Human Rights Commission, demanding Huguenin be punished.  The commission ruled against Huguenin, ordering her to pay $6,637.94 in attorneys’ fees to Willock. The case then made its way through the New Mexico state court system, and the New Mexico Supreme Court upheld the ruling.  One of the state Supreme Court justices said that being ordered to compromise one’s beliefs is simply the “price of citizenship.”  WND reported when the state court, including judges Edward Chavez, Petra Jimenez Maes, Charles Daniels, Barbara Vigil and Richard Bosson, ruled against the photographer, because she has the option of going out of business.   Is this tolerance?




Mr. Obama, even though we share extreme opposite views, we have one thing in common, we both attended school in Hawaii. However, that’s where the similarities end. You see, as you attended your exclusive, private school, I would ride my bike to Kaimuki High school in one of the roughest areas in Hawaii every morning and would ride past Punahou, the exclusive private school you attended. I would notice the Bentleys, Maserati’s, and fancy foreign cars that all the kids were dropped off in; wow it must have been extremely rough in Hawaii living that life, right?  After High School, we each chose very different paths. You were able to attend Ivy League schools, and I sought out a military career to in hopes of earning a degree. What we have in life as children usually sets the tone for what we will face later in life that will make us successful. I worked to get where I am today, and YOU WERE HANDED IT….Mr. Inequality.  I volunteered to go to Iraq on both of my deployments, and the second time I begged to go even after I wasn’t selected, which ultimately got me placed on the team where I would lose both legs and my dominant arm. I’ve never asked myself was losing 3 limbs in a war worth it, even though many Americans were against it.  I am frequently reminded of the many young Iraqi children who would beg me for water, food, and toys while I was stationed in Iraq. Children, who in all aspects made the poorest of poor American children look rich. You have no idea what it really means to be poor. It’s laughable that you, who would have no idea what it means to be poor would so frequently play the inequality card.  While I was in Iraq, our mission was to liberate the Iraqi citizens from a tyrant and that’s what we did. Never forget, it was your people who sent us there, like the Clintons, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi & Carl Levin. However, since the day you busted onto the scene you’ve been talking about ending the war and pulling the troops out, not understanding the blood sweat and tears that so many Americans and Iraqi’s nvested. And with complete disregard for every life sacrificed, every limb lost, and every broken family, you bailed on our mission to pursue an agenda that was completely centered on your re-election in 2012. If you didn’t bail on Iraq you were worried that you may not get re-elected and that’s a fact. Just before elections on Oct 11, 2012 you said “Al Qaeda is on the run and Osama bin Laden is dead.” Look at Iraq now, they are in shambles and the Al Qaeda flag is flying freely. Clearly, you’re unfit for duty as a Commander in Chief. You put your own agenda ahead of America’s agenda, and now you have single handedly ruined and destroyed nearly everything we gained in Iraq.  We went there, we waged war, and we not only owed it to our KIA’s but we owed it to the citizens of Iraq. We invaded their country and turned it upside down, and you bailed on them. You bailed on our soldiers and you’ve wasted every death and every limb, it’s all for nothing. And to make matters worse you blame others for your failures.  You’re just another elitist rich thug who’s pretended to live the rough life growing up in the inner-city. You’re only worried about your own agenda and furthering your party instead of taking care of Americans. Your inability to be a leader at some of the most critical points has caused both of our wars to fail. You’ve been a joke to most of our veteran community and we have no faith in your ability to lead.  Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfage USAF  “The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it.” — Lou Holtz


U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who was captured by the Taliban in 2009 and promoted twice — to Army specialist in 2010 and to sergeant in 2011 — during his five years in captivity is reportedly in line for another promotion.  His captivity ended in controversial fashion over the weekend.  Before he allegedly walked away from his post on the night of June 30, 2009, Bergdahl spoke in anti-American tones in an email to his father.  "I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of U.S. soldier is just the lie of fools," he said, according to the New York Post. "I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting."  (Obama and his Democraps understand this kind of thinking and sympathize with him..) On Monday, CNN's Barbara Starr tweeted that the 28-year-old was never classified as a deserter and is scheduled to be promoted again. "Army first needs to hear from him directly what happened," Starr wrote.  According to the Army's official website, the rank up from sergeant is staff sergeant, followed by sergeant first-class.  Members of the military, including those who served with Bergdahl, say he deserted and left his fellow servicemen behind. In the weeks after he went missing, U.S. soldiers went looking for him during a series of missions that led to the deaths of six Americans. 

While the White House is willing to negotiate w/ terrorists & hand over five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world back to their bases of operation for Anti-American deserter/AWOL Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, it refuses to help an innocent woman and her two American children, who are suffering brutally for their faith. Join us in calling on the President to bring the full weight of the U.S. government to bear until these Americans are safely in U.S. custody. Sign FRC's WhiteHouse.gov petition here.  Twenty-seven year-old Meriam, also a doctor, is "frustrated," her husband Daniel says. Who wouldn't be after the only response from her husband's U.S. homeland is a statement of "strong concern." Even that, Daniel suggests, is more than he got at the U.S. embassy. 

 http://politicaloutcast.com/2014/06/another-obama-administration-cover-soldier-taliban-swap/  According to the Washington Post and the Associated Press, the Pentagon concluded in 2010 that Bergdahl had simply walked away from his unit, which led to the decision to curtail any high-risk operations to recover him, but not until after six Americans had already lost their lives searching for the deserter.  But many officials, including some troops who knew him, are questioning whether he was truly a captive.  During his sojourn with the Taliban, Bergdahl's military benefits continued to accrue, including automatic rank increases that have elevated him to sergeant.  Andy Andrews, whose son was killed in 2009, was not told by the military that his boy had died while searching for Bergdahl. After Bergdahl's release, however, members of his son's unit emailed to tell him what really happened, explaining that they had been forced to sign nondisclosure statements and not discuss Bergdahl as long as he was a captive.  "The soldiers said they had to sign a letter saying that they would not discuss this,” Andrews said. “I have no way of proving that apart from what they said. We cannot tell you how devastated we are that the government would do this. They lied to us. It’s a big cover-up like Benghazi, just like everything Obama has done. We want the truth to come out,"  Sgt. Evan Buetow, who served in Bergdahl's platoon in Afghanistan, said Bergdahl made a "premeditated" decision to desert his unit and join the enemy.  "I don’t want him treated as the example soldiers should look up to, because he’s the exact opposite of that," Buetow said.  Meanwhile, the White House crowd was defending the decision to let five Taliban terrorist leaders go in exchange for Bergdahl. Outgoing press secretary Jay Carney, who must be counting the minutes, was badgered about the latest scandal (for a change) and defended the president's NOT giving Congress the legally required 30 days' notice of a prisoner swap, saying there was only a small window of opportunity to get our traitor (Bergdahl, not Obama) back from the Taliban.


HEY DEMOCRAPS, WHY NOT WORK TO RELEASE THIS SOLDIER???  A petition on the White House website asking President Obama to demand the release of a Marine sergeant in a Mexico prison has garnered more than 100,000 online signatures -- a threshold that typically elicits an administration response.  “The effect of this unjust incarceration on a decorated combat Marine is despairing,” says the petition, which as of Saturday afternoon had 116,051 signatures.  Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was arrested March 31 after crossing the Mexican border with three guns in his truck.  Tahmooressi said he accidentally crossed the border and immediately told Mexican authorities that he had three guns in his possession and that he was unable to make a U-turn.  He said he was handcuffed and taken to prison and that his treatment worsened when he tried to escape.  Tahmooressi, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, said guards hit him so many times in face that he felt his jaw fall out of place. He also said he was stripped naked and chained to a bed, with his feet on one end and his hands on another. A State Department official, in a letter on Friday to Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who has been pushing for the Marine's release, said consular officers have visited Tahmooressi 12 times.  The State Department said last week they have raised concerns with Mexican authorities about his treatment.


“Will Trade Obama To Mexico For Sgt. Tahmooressi. God help us all.”


Ralph Peters, the retired lieutenant colonel, columnist and Fox News analysts gave “Kelly File” viewers a lesson in the thinking of many in the military Tuesday night, branding the administration’s handling of the prisoner swap for Army Sgt. Bowe BergdahlBenghazi 2.0.”  Interviewed by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Peters was responding in particular to statements by a State Department spokeswoman Tuesday that suggested members of Bergdahl’s platoon weren’t telling the whole story when they called him a “deserter.”  “This is an example of a very deep cultural divide between Team Obama that knows nothing about military and cares less and those who actually serve,” Peters said.  “They think that desertion is kind of like skipping class. You know, you’re hung over Monday mornings, you don’t want to get up and go to Gender 101. It is the second gravest sin in the military catechism, right behind turning your weapon on your brother soldiers. I cannot begin to communicate how deeply the military feels about deserters.”  Peters also linked the Bergdahl controversy to the scandal over treatment for veterans at Veterans Affairs medical centers.  “The president, he disdains our troops,” he said.   Check out the interview here.




“We know for sure that he is a deserter,” Boykin said. “In fact, the 15-6 investigation that was conducted immediately after his departure from his base concluded that he had deserted, and I think all the evidence supports that conclusion, particularly given the fact that he had asked a series of bizarre questions of his teammates. He also left a very revealing message explaining how he was ashamed of being an American and wanted to help the people of Afghanistan. This guy’s a deserter.”

Boykin added, “The fact that (National Security Adviser) Susan Rice went on television and said that served honorably is just another example of why she needs to be removed and replaced, because this is the second time, Benghazi being the first, where she has gone on television and openly lied to the American public. This administration knows he deserted. They knew how people felt about him, and she went out there and called his service honorable. If that’s the case, then you tell me what the concept of honorable service is for this administration.”  The term “desertion” has been used far and wide in media reports this week. While no one applauds a soldier abandoning his unit, considerable debate has ensued about how significant of an issue this ought to be.  Boykin said it’s an extremely serious issue.  “Desertion in combat – and I emphasize in combat, which means you are in a combat zone and routinely engaged with the enemy – is punishable by death,” he said.




West outlined the need for a thorough Congressional investigation and reiterated that the House ought to draw up articles of impeachment against the president. I think the articles of impeachment are there because the president broke the law. I don’t care about this Article II signing statement; you can’t just pick and choose and say what’s constitutional and what’s not constitutional.  How many scandals are going to engulf the Obama administration before we start to realize that this is a failed administration? This affects our national security; there is a high potential that in the near future Americans are going to die because we gave up these five senior members.”   The Obama Administration has shrugged-off the release of the GITMO terrorists by claiming that U.S. forces could always recapture them, a notion that appeared to set-off Col. West.   “You see, that’s easy for some punk-boy-pajama person sitting up there in Washington, D.C.; but somebody’s son is going to have to go and do it all over again and it should not have happened but, once again- this is the result, this is the consequence of voting for ‘hope and change’ and ‘change we can believe in’ and all the other silly bumper sticker slogans that were out there!”



Meriam Ibrahim is on death row, and her young children, Martin and Maya, are suffering in prison with her.  Martin and Maya are U.S. citizens. Yet the U.S. State Department refuses to acknowledge this fact.  Under U.S. law, they are citizens because their father, Meriam's Christian husband, is a U.S. citizen. Yet, the Obama State Department is demanding proof beyond what U.S. law requires. Why? ( Obama did NOT have to prove he was a Natural Born Citizen; so see how the Democrap’s are & how corruptly they “apply” the laws?)  Sudan's interpretation of Shariah law (the same law that sentenced Meriam to torture and death for her faith) doesn't recognize their marriage.  It's an outrage.  The Obama Administration must follow U.S. law, not Shariah law. It must recognize Martin and Maya's rightful citizenship and fight for their freedom.  We're fully engaged around the world for their freedom, but we need to hear from you.  Join over 350,000 in sending a message to the Obama Administration and Sudan.   Sign the Petition: Save Meriam and Her American Kids.





Thursday morning, NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel was grilled by CNBC panelist and Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone, to name just one country where relations with the United States have improved under Obama (SEE VIDEO BELOW).   “Name one country with whom we have better relationships with today, than we did when he [Obama] became president almost six years ago,” Langone challenged the NBC reporter.   You would naturally want to say Europe, answered NBC’s Engel, “But generally, the relations with a lot of European countries have gotten worse because of these relationships…”   Langone interrupted Engel saying, “I can name all the countries where the relationships have gotten worse. I’m asking to give me one country  where they’ve gotten better.”   While Engel appeared clearly taken aback, and wasn’t able to name one country the Obama foreign policy had improved U.S. relations with, he didn’t hesitate to come to the defense of the Obama regime, using the old-standby, the worn-out “blame Bush” meme. 






Myth 1: Inequality has never been worse.

  • The distribution of wealth in the U.S. has been relatively stable over the last several decades. In 1965, the top one percent of Americans held 34.4 percent of the country's wealth; in 2010, that figure was at 35.4 percent.
  • Moreover, many statistics purporting to show inequality do not take into account welfare transfer payments, which have a serious impact on net income. Taking those into account, a Brookings Institution study reveals that income inequality actually decreased from 2000 to 2010.

Myth 2: The rich inherit their money.

  • Actually, 80 percent of American millionaires are the first in their families to become millionaires.
  • For the richest one percent of Americans, only 15 percent of their wealth is from an inheritance. Rather, wage income is responsible for the majority of wealthy Americans' net worth.

Myth 3: The rich stay rich, while the poor remain poor.

  • While some families are wealthy for generations, research indicates that up to 70 percent of a successful entrepreneur's wealth is lost by the end of the second generation in the family.
  • Moreover, close to 56 percent of Americans in the top income quintile will drop out of it within two decades, while half of Americans who begin in the bottom quintile move up to a higher quintile within just one decade.  (moving up the ladder with education, skills, experience  etc.)There are new high school grads and college grads every year that start at the bottom and work their way up so there will ALWAYS BE  “income inequality” which is more of “EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, SKILLS & WORK ETHIC INEQUALITY”

Myth 4: An increase in inequality means an increase in poverty.

  • There is very little correlation between poverty rates and inequality. The economy is not a fixed pie, and a gain by one individual does not mean that another incurs losses.
  • While the link between inequality and poverty is tenuous, Tanner does note the link that exists between a person's choices and resulting poverty. For example, high-school dropouts are 3.5 times more likely to end up in poverty than those with a high-school education. Similarly, less than 3 percent of full-time workers live in poverty.

Source: Michael D. Tanner, "Inequality Myths," Cato Institute, May 14, 2014. 


On Wednesday, Morgan Freeman spoke with Don Lemon on CNN. Lemon asked an all-too-typical question for the race-hustling leftist media by asking if Freeman believed that race played a part in wealth distribution.  Without hesitating to hear the end of the question, Freeman inquired, “To date?”  “Yeah,” Lemon responded.  “No,” Freeman quickly replied.  “You don’t?” Lemon wondered.  “No, I don’t,” Freeman candidly admitted. “You and I: we’re proof. Why would race have anything to do with it? Stick to it; put your mind to what you want to do and go for that.”  The left ceaselessly works to craft a narrative that all aspects of life are race-related. Freemans bold declaration to the contrary appeared to shock Lemon and likely shocked many who rely on race-hustling as a means of explaining every aspect of modern society. 



Using Consumption to Measure Inequality

Comparing groups' incomes is not the best way to measure inequality:  Income tends to fluctuate over time. Moreover, income does not necessarily provide an accurate picture of a person's financial well-being, as it does not include all resources and wealth. For example, Meyer notes that a substantial number of Americans over 65 (more than 80 percent) own a home and make very small, or no, payments on it, yet that asset is not reflected in their "income." Income does not reflect changes in the price of assets, such as houses or stocks, and it provides no indication of a person's access to credit. Income does not take into account the value of government transfer payments or the impact of taxes. Consumption, on the other hand, does not have all of these problems. While it is not a perfect measurement, surveys will more accurately capture a person's consumption than they will income, especially for those at the bottom of the income distribution. Moreover, consumption tends to reflect a person's typical income and is more permanent that measured income, which changes year to year.  In the Consumer Expenditure Survey, accuracy largely depends on what consumption item is being measured. Reports of a person's rent, utilities, groceries, cars and gasoline tend to be highly accurate.  Over the last 50 years, income and consumption inequality have risen, but consumption inequality is much lower than that for income and has risen significantly less than has income inequality. Moreover, since 2006, consumption inequality has actually been falling.  Policymakers should take a closer look at consumption, writes Meyer, rather than relying on official measures of income inequality.  Source: Bruce Meyer, "The Importance of Consumption for Measuring Inequality," in Income Inequality in America: Fact and Fiction, Economics 21, May 2014. 





When politicians really get pompous, self-important, self-righteous and demanding of their own way, they are likened to a dictator, a totalitarian, somebody like a Hitler.  Often that comparison is a step too far, given Hitler’s responsibility for millions, literally, of deaths.  The person making the comparison this time, however, shouldn’t be discounted: she survived Hitler’s totalitarian reign. And she’s reported nightmares because what she sees now is so similar.  Holocaust survivor Anita Dittman, whose story is told in the project being released Tuesday, “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell,” lived through Hitler’s rise to power, dictatorship, and death.  She is warning America that she sees now the same conditions she saw then.  Including a leader who lies, fails to keep his promises and has visions of more than grandeur.  The 86-year-old recently told attendees at Olive Tree Ministry’s “Understanding the Times” conference that the 2008 campaign images of Barack Obama with halos around his head and the worship-like adulation from crowds gave her nightmares.  The adulation offered by many to Obama has been well documented.  Broadcast veteran Barbara Walters admitted what many news watchers have thought about people in the media and their adoration of Obama.  “We thought that he was going to be – I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime – but the next messiah,” Walters told CNN’s Piers Morgan.




Democrat Clinton’s Subprime Mortgage Crisis:  During the 1990s, former Clinton aides bragged that more aggressive enforcement of the Community Reinvestment Act pressured banks to issue riskier mortgages, lending more proof the anti-redlining law fueled the crisis.  A 2012 National Bureau of Economic Research study found "that adherence to that act led to riskier lending by banks," with "a clear pattern of increased defaults for loans made by these banks in quarters around the (CRA) exam, (and) the effects are larger for loans made within CRA tracts," or low-income and minority areas.  To satisfy CRA examiners, Clinton mandated "flexible" lending by large banks. As a result, CRA-approved loans defaulted about 15% more often, the NBER found.  White House aide Ellen Seidman wrote in 1997 to Clinton chief economist Gene Sperling.  "Community groups have come to recognize how terribly powerful CRA has been as a tool for making credit available in previously underserved communities," Seidman added.  Seidman later boasted that Clinton's 1995 CRA revisions created not only the subprime mortgage market but also the subprime securities market. Of course, subprime loans and their high default rates ruined minority neighborhoods when the market crashed.  Memos also reveal how Clinton aides held repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act hostage to strengthening the CRA.   In 2000, Democrat HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo lit the fuse on the subprime bomb by requiring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to purchase subprime, CRA and other risky mortgages totaling half their portfolios.  A 1993 memo, "Racism in Home Lending," captured the tone of Clinton's affordable-housing crusade. It proposed coordinating with the Washington Post and Congressional Black Caucus on bank investigations.  These White House papers are smoking-gun evidence of Clinton's culpability in creating the subprime bubble. The mainstream media's silence is deafening.





Wayne LaPierre, chief executive of the National Rifle Association, blasted the media in a speech Friday, calling them “one of America’s greatest threats.”  “Rather than expose government dishonesty and scandal the way they used to, the media elites whitewash it all,” LaPierre said at the NRA’s annual meeting, held in Indianapolis. “Move on, they tell us, there’s nothing to see here, don’t worry.”  “One of America’s greatest threats,” he warned, “is a national news media that fails to provide a level playing field in this country for the truth.”  “Here’s how you know they’re lying: They still call themselves journalists,” LaPierre said.  He accused the media of never being “honest” about the NRA and “try[ing] to ridicule us into oblivion or shame us into submission.”  “But their moral indignation should be directed right into their own makeup mirrors,” LaPierre added. “The media’s intentional corruption of the truth is an abomination.”




President Obama defies all conceivable logic by claiming that Senate Republicans have filibustered 500 times. With facts against him, it seems Obama simply pulled a number out of thin air.  The article declared,  “Indeed, when you go through the numbers, there have just been 133 successful filibusters — meaning a final vote could not take place — since 2007.  But, even if you accept the way Senate Democrats like to frame the issue, the president is still wrong. He referred to ‘legislation’ — and most of these cloture motions concerned judicial and executive branch nominations. In the 113th Congress, for instance, 83 of the 136 cloture motions so far have concerned nominations, not legislation.”   Finally, after substantive analysis and a thorough explanation of the many ways in which the president’s claim cannot possibly be considered true, regardless of any creative stretching of definitions, The Washington Post offered it’s “Four Pinocchios” and concluded, “On just about every level, this claim is ridiculous.  We realize that Senate rules are complex and difficult to understand, but the president did serve in the Senate and should be familiar with its terms and procedures. Looking at the numbers, he might have been able to make a case that Republicans have blocked about 50 bills that he had wanted passed, such as an increase in the minimum wage. But instead, he inflated the numbers to such an extent that he even included votes in which he, as senator, supported a filibuster.”   Politicians fudge the truth; it’s sad, but true. Though we could forgive hyperbole to make a point, this president’s answer to any inconvenient facts has continually been to deny reality, make up his own “facts,” and hope the public buys it after they hear it enough times.  It’s ruthless, dishonest (even by political standards) and the mark of a very, very poor leader who cannot lead with legitimate conviction, but must rely on fabricated narratives and lies to support the Democrats’ failing agenda. 




In an interesting twist, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) is using the mark-up of today's Commerce-Justice-Science spending bill to put the financial squeeze on the Justice Department for its inattention to key issues. As far as he's concerned, if the DOJ won't do its job, then it doesn't deserve to paid for it. Making good on a promise from earlier in the year, Rep. Wolf is slashing $25,000,000 from the Department in his budget recommendation. Wolf's tough love specifically hits the general administrative account, where salaries are drawn.  If Senator Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) latest report is any indication, the case against the White House is only building. The Texas leader just released another 76 examples of lawlessness by this administration -- and if the latest headlines are any indication, that's just the tip of the imperialist iceberg.




Learn more about your Constitution with Steve Deace and the Institute on the Constitution and receive your free gift.



THE residue of the argument against the provisions of the Constitution in respect to taxation is ingrafted upon the following clause. The last clause of the eighth section of the first article of the plan under consideration authorizes the national legislature "to make all laws which shall be NECESSARY and PROPER for carrying into execution THE POWERS by that Constitution vested in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof"; and the second clause of the sixth article declares, "that the Constitution and the laws of the United States made IN PURSUANCE THEREOF, and the treaties made by their authority shall be the SUPREME LAW of the land, any thing in the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding."  These two clauses have been the source of much virulent invective and petulant declamation against the proposed Constitution. They have been held up to the people in all the exaggerated colors of misrepresentation as the pernicious engines by which their local governments were to be destroyed and their liberties exterminated; as the hideous monster whose devouring jaws would spare neither sex nor age, nor high nor low, nor sacred nor profane; and yet, strange as it may appear, after all this clamor, to those who may not have happened to contemplate them in the same light, it may be affirmed with perfect confidence that the constitutional operation of the intended government would be precisely the same, if these clauses were entirely obliterated, as if they were repeated in every article. They are only declaratory of a truth which would have resulted by necessary and unavoidable implication from the very act of constituting a federal government, and vesting it with certain specified powers. This is so clear a proposition, that moderation itself can scarcely listen to the railings which have been so copiously vented against this part of the plan, without emotions that disturb its equanimity.  What is a power, but the ability or faculty of doing a thing? What is the ability to do a thing, but the power of employing the MEANS necessary to its execution? What is a LEGISLATIVE power, but a power of making LAWS? What are the MEANS to execute a LEGISLATIVE power but LAWS? What is the power of laying and collecting taxes, but a LEGISLATIVE POWER, or a power of MAKING LAWS, to lay and collect taxes? What are the propermeans of executing such a power, but NECESSARY and PROPER laws?  This simple train of inquiry furnishes us at once with a test by which to judge of the true nature of the clause complained of. It conducts us to this palpable truth, that a power to lay and collect taxes must be a power to pass all laws NECESSARY and PROPER for the execution of that power; and what does the unfortunate and culumniated provision in question do more than declare the same truth, to wit, that the national legislature, to whom the power of laying and collecting taxes had been previously given, might, in the execution of that power, pass all laws NECESSARY and PROPER to carry it into effect? I have applied these observations thus particularly to the power of taxation, because it is the immediate subject under consideration, and because it is the most important of the authorities proposed to be conferred upon the Union. But the same process will lead to the same result, in relation to all other powers declared in the Constitution. And it is EXPRESSLY to execute these powers that the sweeping clause, as it has been affectedly called, authorizes the national legislature to pass all NECESSARY and PROPER laws. If there is anything exceptionable, it must be sought for in the specific powers upon which this general declaration is predicated. The declaration itself, though it may be chargeable with tautology or redundancy, is at least perfectly harmless.  But SUSPICION may ask, Why then was it introduced? The answer is, that it could only have been done for greater caution, and to guard against all cavilling refinements in those who might hereafter feel a disposition to curtail and evade the legitimatb authorities of the Union. The Convention probably foresaw, what it has been a principal aim of these papers to inculcate, that the danger which most threatens our political welfare is that the State governments will finally sap the foundations of the Union; and might therefore think it necessary, in so cardinal a point, to leave nothing to construction. Whatever may have been the inducement to it, the wisdom of the precaution is evident from the cry which has been raised against it; as that very cry betrays a disposition to question the great and essential truth which it is manifestly the object of that provision to declare.  But it may be again asked, Who is to judge of the NECESSITY and PROPRIETY of the laws to be passed for executing the powers of the Union? I answer, first, that this question arises as well and as fully upon the simple grant of those powers as upon the declaratory clause; and I answer, in the second place, that the national government, like every other, must judge, in the first instance, of the proper exercise of its powers, and its constituents in the last. If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify. The propriety of a law, in a constitutional light, must always be determined by the nature of the powers upon which it is founded. Suppose, by some forced constructions of its authority (which, indeed, cannot easily be imagined), the Federal legislature should attempt to vary the law of descent in any State, would it not be evident that, in making such an attempt, it had exceeded its jurisdiction, and infringed upon that of the State? Suppose, again, that upon the pretense of an interference with its revenues, it should undertake to abrogate a landtax imposed by the authority of a State; would it not be equally evident that this was an invasion of that concurrent jurisdiction in respect to this species of tax, which its Constitution plainly supposes to exist in the State governments? If there ever should be a doubt on this head, the credit of it will be entirely due to those reasoners who, in the imprudent zeal of their animosity to the plan of the convention, have labored to envelop it in a cloud calculated to obscure the plainest and simplest truths.  But it is said that the laws of the Union are to be the SUPREME LAW of the land.




"WE, THE PEOPLE of the United States, to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ORDAIN and ESTABLISH this Constitution for the United States of America." Here is a better recognition of popular rights, than volumes of those aphorisms which make the principal figure in several of our State bills of rights, and which would sound much better in a treatise of ethics than in a constitution of government.  But a minute detail of particular rights is certainly far less applicable to a Constitution like that under consideration, which is merely intended to regulate the general political interests of the nation, than to a constitution which has the regulation of every species of personal and private concerns.   I go further, and affirm that bills of rights, in the sense and to the extent in which they are contended for, are not only unnecessary in the proposed Constitution, but would even be dangerous. They would contain various exceptions to powers not granted; and, on this very account, would afford a colorable pretext to claim more than were granted. For why declare that things shall not be done which there is no power to do?  There remains but one other view of this matter to conclude the point. The truth is, after all the declamations we have heard, that the Constitution is itself, in every rational sense, and to every useful purpose, A BILL OF RIGHTS. The several bills of rights in Great Britain form its Constitution, and conversely the constitution of each State is its bill of rights. And the proposed Constitution, if adopted, will be the bill of rights of the Union.





More than a dozen recent cases of criminal charges or investigations against elected officials, including a rash of arrests in just the past couple of days, have one major thing in common.  They’re all Democrats, and, in many instances, establishment media seems loath to report that fact.  On his nationally syndicated radio show today, Rush Limbaugh recounted a number of the cases, including the gun-trafficking charges brought today against California state Sen. Leland Yee.  Limbaugh pointed out that Yee “was among the most vocal anti-Second Amendment Democrats in the country.”  “This guy wanted to eliminate it. He didn’t want you to have any guns, and here he is indicted for trafficking in military grade weapons,” Limbaugh said.  The radio host played an audio montage of establishment reports on the arrests in which none of the “reporters” mentioned that the accused were members of the Democratic Party.


Birds of a feather, Democrats love to lecture CEOs and the "one percent" about "greed," but recent busts of Democrat pols show they're the ones on the take. Perhaps the party should clean up its own act.  On Wednesday, the FBI raided the offices of three Democrat politicians coast-to-coast on corruption charges.  They include (D) Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, a Friend of Barack, who allegedly took more than $48,000 in bribes — including $20,000 in cash from an undercover agent, who delivered the bribe, "American Hustle"-style, inside a briefcase in the mayor's office.  The next day, when (D) New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (another Democrat) was indicted on bribery and money-laundering charges, Cannon called the undercover agent and tried to characterize the bribe as a business investment. Then, a la (D) Jesse Jackson Jr., he arranged part of a future bribe as "spending money" for his wife on a trip to Vegas.  Most disturbing, Cannon traded on his connections to the White House. According to the complaint, Cannon told an agent posing as a real estate developer: "So, you know, Friday I'm meeting with the president . . . I'm taking the missus with me. We're gonna do a holiday party with the president and his wife."  While the FBI was bribing Cannon, President Obama tapped his best pal on the Charlotte city council, Anthony Foxx, as his transportation chief. The FBI says Cannon was not the only target of its investigation, which involves other officials and is still active.  At almost the same time Cannon was hauled in, a powerful California Democrat, state Sen. Leland Yee, was arrested on charges of theft, bribery and extortion.  An outspoken advocate of gun control, Yee conspired to traffic in high-powered weapons in exchange for campaign cash, the FBI affidavit says, taking Democrat hypocrisy to new heights.  Yee's bust follows last month's conviction of Democrat colleague Sen. Rod Wright on voter fraud and perjury charges, and June's arrest of another Democratic powerhouse from California — (D) state Sen. Ron Calderon. He was caught in a similar FBI sting taking $100,000 in bribes, lavish trips and no-show jobs for his kids in exchange for legislative favors.  Also on Wednesday, FBI agents raided the Albany, N.Y., offices of Queens Democratic Assemblyman Bill Scarborough. Just five days earlier, the FBI raided the offices of Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox, also a Democrat.


According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the sting operation began with a deal: A black lobbyist (who had been accused of fraud and participated in the sting to gain favorable treatment from the authorities) offered elected officials – black and white, Democrat and Republican – cash and gifts in exchange for votes.  Over a three-year period, the lobbyist found a handful of politicians willing to take the deal.  “Sources with knowledge of the sting said the investigation made financial pitches to both Republicans and Democrats, but only Democrats accepted the payments,” said the Inquirer.  Furthermore, all the offending Democrats were black, members of the Philadelphia delegation to the state legislature.  “Four state lawmakers took money,” the newspaper reported. “State Rep. Ronald G. Waters accepted multiple payments totaling $7,650; State Rep. Vanessa Brown took $4,000; State Rep. Michelle Brownlee received $3,500; and State Rep. Louise Bishop took $1,500, said people with knowledge of the investigation.”  So far, none of the politicians have been charged with wrongdoing  The Inquirer revealed the investigation had gathered 400 hours of audio and video recordings of the lobbyist meeting with public officials. But soon after Kane’s inauguration in 2013 as the first female and Democrat attorney general in the state’s history, she began shutting the investigation down.




Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/041514-697268-bundy-ranch-harry-reid-rory-reid.htm#ixzz2zYF2QA21

"The tortoise wasn't of concern when Harry Reid worked with BLM to literally change the boundaries of the tortoise's habitat to accommodate the development of his top donor, Harvey Whittemore."  Last year, Whittemore, 59, who headed a billion-dollar real estate company, was found guilty by a federal jury on three counts tied to nearly $150,000 illegally funneled to Reid's re-election campaign in 2007. Unfortunately, Cliven Bundy was not a Reid donor.  The Bureau of Land Management is headed by former longtime Reid aide Neil Kornze, who was confirmed by the Senate as BLM director on April 8, just as federal authorities descended on the cattle ranch. Kornze, 35, worked as a senior policy adviser on land-use issues in Reid's office from 2003 to 2011 before joining the BLM.  In a March 14 press release, the BLM announced support for "the Western Solar Energy Plan, a two-year planning effort conducted on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Energy to expand domestic energy production and spur development of solar energy on public lands in six western states."  Coincidentally, part of that solar energy expansion includes a plan by China's ENN Energy Group to build what would be America's largest solar energy complex. The site chosen with the guidance of Reid's son, Rory, is in Laughlin, Nev. Laughlin is in Clark County, where Bundy's ranch is, and where Rory Reid formerly chaired the county commission. Rory is currently a lawyer with the firm of Lionel Sawyer & Collins and is representing ENN.  Reid, who just weeks ago was forced to return campaign money funneled to his granddaughter, has been one of the project's most prominent advocates, helping recruit the company during a 2011 trip to China and using his political clout on behalf of the project in Nevada.  As World Net Daily's Joseph Farah reports, BLM had posted on its website a document stating that the agency wanted Bundy's cattle off the land as part of a mitigation strategy for such solar panel power stations. BLM removed it when the standoff became national news, but not before it had been preserved on other web sites.  "Non-governmental organizations have expressed concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of trespass cattle," the document states. The "trespass cattle" in question would be Bundy's cows.  The BLM wanted Cliven Bundy out of the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area so the agency could use the land for future solar projects, including one represented by Reid's son, and de facto buffer zones surrounding the solar farms, an energy source favored by the Obama administration.  As usual, follow the money, even if the mainstream media won't.


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Charlie Delta  The media distorts information to the point of social division. This is a photo of myself and the resilient, often charismatic, and maybe not so tactful Cliven Bundy. He’s a cowboy and a helluva family man, not an orator.   Individual liberties are at stake here, yours and mine. THAT is the issue. Don’t let the liberal media and ignoramuses like Glenn Beck and that weasel Harry Reid make you lose sight of the real issue here: The federal government is a burgeoning behemoth and a bully on a once constitutional playground.I sincerely hope you real patriots out there who can see through the smoke.

Semper Fidelis   For my part, I say to the Left, shove Clive Bundy’s statement up your Harry Reids!



Harry Reid used the exact same word to refer to Barack Obama in 2008 when he said Obama was very electable because “he was light-skinned with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.”  back to Bundy. The 67 year old rancher actually defended Hispanics, even illegal aliens, stating that he has worked side by side with some describing them as hard workers with a devotion to family resulting in better family structure than whites. In regards to blacks, Bundy was not saying that blacks were better off as slaves. He was actually make a rather rudimentary comparison between the lives of blacks during the days of slavery to the bondage far too many find themselves in now as slaves to big government programs and pawns in a warped progressive chess game for power.   Could Bundy have worded things differently? Is what he said about the impact of Democrat policies on the black community true? Far too many people will not pose those questions because of the selective editing by Media Matters, in true Alinsky fashion, to push an agenda.   The Bundy ranch conflict put the egregious overreach of big government on full display. It brought about recollections of Obama’s call for a civilian police force as powerful as the military. It shed light on the massive stockpiles of ammunition being purchased by government agencies that have no need for such firepower. It made Americans aware of just how many government agencies have ‘civilian police forces’ and the force the government will use to make you comply.  this is what the left does when they see that they are losing an argument or losing at an issue. They pick a target, freeze it, polarize it, and personalize it. They do what they have to do to incite fear, anger, and resentment so that they can bring more people into the controlling arms of big government. They go after people, not institutions, just as Saul Alinsky instructed. It makes it personal.


He wasn’t talking so much about black folks, but about the harm and damage that the leftist socialism has done to blacks,” said former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes, who also is a columnist for WND.


The following press release, dated Friday, April 25, 2014, was just posted on the Bundy Ranch website:

We are trading one form of slavery for another.  What I am saying is that all we Americans are trading one form of slavery for another. All of us are in some measure slaves of the federal government. Through their oppressive tactics of telling the ranchers how many cows they can have on their land, and making that number too low to support a ranch, the BLM has driven every rancher in Clark County off the land, except me. The IRS keeps the people of America in fear, and makes us all work about a third or a half of the year before we have earned enough to pay their taxes. This is nothing but slavery from January through May. The NSA spies on us and collects our private phone calls and emails. And the government dole which many people in America are on, and have been for much of their lives, is dehumanizing and degrading. It takes away incentive to work and self respect.


Cliven Bundy's black bodyguard claims rancher is NOT racist and he would 'happily' take a bullet for him as pressure grows; Cattle rancher Cliven Bundy's black bodyguard, Jason Bullock, says he would take a bullet for him








Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/041614-697489-many-federal-agencies-have-armed-divisions.htm#ixzz2zYGHLw4H
Federal Fire Power:
Instead of putting a lien on the property of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, the Bureau of Land Management surrounded his ranch with 200 armed agents. It's not the only agency with a private army.  Back in 2008, candidate Barack Obama slipped a little-noticed line in a speech, proposing a national police force reporting straight to him.  "We cannot continue to rely only on our military," he said. "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." As our military is slowly decimated by his policies and budget cuts — and with federal agencies armed to the teeth — we may be seeing what he had in mind at the ranch of a 67-year-old Nevadan. Agents of a federal agency that many Americans were surprised to see so heavily armed even herded American citizens into "First Amendment zones," another surprise to those who thought the Constitution made the entire U.S. such a zone.  "The government's option," said Fox News contributor and former Judge Andrew Napolitano, "is to take the amount of money (Bundy) owes them and docket it — that is, file the lien on his property. The federal government could have done that.  "Instead, they wanted this show of force. They swooped in . . . with assault rifles aimed and ready and stole this guy's property, they stole his cattle. They didn't have the right to do that. That's theft, and they should have been arrested by state officials."  We have pointed out the massive purchase of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security that's estimated to provide DHS a thousand more rounds per agent than soldiers in the Army.  But DHS is not alone.  Some 70 federal agencies, including those not associated with national security or crime fighting, employ about 120,000 full-time officers authorized to carry guns and make arrests, according to a June 2012 Justice Department report.  The Agriculture Department recently put in a request for 320,000 rounds.  Not long ago, the Social Security Administration put in a request for 174,000 rounds of ".357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow-point" ammo. NOAA put in a request for 46,000 rounds.  "We're seeing a highly unusual amount of ammunition being bought by the federal agencies over a fairly short period of time," said Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Washington-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms. "To be honest, I don't understand why the federal government is buying so much at this time."  Maybe we can ask Cliven Bundy.  Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook




The Gun Confiscation and Registration Prevention Act (H.R. 4380)




The Cherokee genealogist, Twila Barnes, who systematically revealed in 2012 during Warren’s campaign that not only was Warren’s great-grandfather NOT a Cherokee but was rather a white man who boasted of shooting one, is reportedly eager to meet the senator on her book tour, along with members of the Cherokee nation who are none too pleased with the continued charade.  When Barnes and other Cherokee women flew to Boston to try to meet with Warren to present the genealogical evidence that Warren was not actually Cherokee, Warren refused to see them.  But it may not be so easy dodging the women on a book tour.  According to William A. Jacobson, a blogger at LegalInsurrection.com, now that Warren is traveling the country on her book tour, Barnes finally wants to meet Warren at one of the tour stops, and will try to arrange a group of Cherokee women to attend one of the book signings.  “She could have used her new book to acknowledge the truth and apologize for her blatant disrespect of minorities, but instead, she’s continued to perpetuate the lie and attempted to portray herself as a victim,” write Barnes on her blog.




Cummings, D-Md., the ranking member of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, has denied his staff ever contacted the IRS about True the Vote. But the emails show that the IRS and Cummings’ staff communicated multiple times in 2012 and 2013 about True the Vote and asked the non-profit for nearly identical information.  Lerner, the former director of the agency’s tax-exempt unit, could face up to five years in prison if she is found guilty of disclosing confidential taxpayer information to the Democrat lawmaker’s staff, according to federal privacy laws referenced by the committee.  The committee voted Thursday 21-12, on a party-line vote, to hold Lerner in contempt after hours of heated debate. The measure will be put before the full House and, if approved, will head to the courts. House Speaker John Boehner believes the House will support the contempt measure unless Lerner agrees to cooperate with the investigation.  WND reported Wednesday that Cummings received a letter from the chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and five subcommittee chairmen demanding an explanation for his staff’s queries.  Partisan politics and the weaponization of government against opponents of this Administration is real and continues,” she said.  Engelbrecht said Cummings “has blocked the IRS abuse investigation all along.”  “We now see clearly that two branches of government have colluded to target and silence private citizens,” she said. “America has come to a tipping point.”  Englebrecht told WND that True the Vote is amending an ethics complaint it filed against Democrat Cummings in February to include the latest revelation.





Lois Lerner sent the following email to the Obama Department of Justice in May 2013.  (Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I.)

“I got a call today from Richard Pilger Director Elections Crimes Branch at DOJ … He wanted to know who at IRS the DOJ folk s [sic] could talk to about Sen. Whitehouse idea at the hearing that DOJ could piece together false statement cases about applicants who “lied” on their 1024s –saying they weren’t planning on doing political activity, and then turning around and making large visible political expenditures. DOJ is feeling like it needs to respond, but want to talk to the right folks at IRS to see whether there are impediments from our side and what, if any damage this might do to IRS programs. I told him that sounded like we might need several folks from IRS,” Lerner wrote in a May 8, 2013 email to former Nikole C. Flax, who was former-Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller’s chief of staff.  “I think we should do it – also need to include CI [Criminal Investigation Division], which we can help coordinate. Also, we need to reach out to FEC. Does it make sense to consider including them in this or keep it separate?” Flax responded on May 9, 2013.   After this email exchange, Lerner handed things off to Senior Technical Adviser and Attorney Nancy Marks, who was in charge of setting up a meeting with DOJ.


Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the IRS emails show the Department of Justice is now implicated and conflicted in the IRS scandal.  “No wonder we had to sue in federal court to get these IRS documents,” he said.  Lerner took up the issue in an email to IRS staff.  “As I mentioned yesterday – there are several groups of folks from the FEC world that are pushing tax fraud prosecution for c4s who report they are not conducting political activity when they are (or these folks think they are). One is my ex-boss Larry Noble (former General Counsel at the FEC), who is now president of Americans for Campaign Reform. This is their latest push to shut these down. One IRS prosecution would make an impact and they wouldn’t feel so comfortable doing the stuff.  “So, don’t be fooled about how this is being articulated – it is ALL about 501(c)(4) orgs and political activity,” she wrote.  Lerner seemed to be calling for the prosecutions even though she admitted in another email that they weren’t allowed under the law.




The IRS is populated with Democrat enforcers who have no respect for the law or for the impartiality they are supposed to practice.  That is the seed that grows into worst injustices. These people need to be purged from government.



Two days before I was born, a faceless, grey-suited bureaucrat, typing away in the bowels of the FBI, wrote an internal memo.  It was August 29, 1963. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had delivered the speech of his life in front of some 250,000 people on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial the day before.  The memo read: "We must mark him now, if we have not done so before, as the most dangerous Negro of the future in this Nation."  And so began the coordinated attack on an American citizen simply for his decision to petition his government for a redress of grievances, to peaceably assemble, to speak freely.  A cabal of powerful government bureaucrats proceeded to stalk, threaten and smear MLK, a man they viewed as an enemy to their interests.  They wire tapped his personal phone and the lines of his organization.  They went after his donors and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a nonprofit organizer of the March on Washington. The IRS started auditing people.  Imagine activist bureaucrats in an agency of the federal government singling out citizens, based on their political ideology, and effectively stifling their political speech. Sound familiar?  Led by Lois Lerner, the IRS isolated and administratively sabotaged the nonprofit applications of local conservative and libertarian groups.  Targeted groups were instructed to disclose hundreds of pages of private information, including the names of volunteers, donors and even relatives of volunteers; resumes for each governing group member, printouts of websites and social media contents, and book reports of local clubs' suggested reading lists.  Even the content of members' prayers was scrutinized.  Stan Veuger at the American Enterprise Institute estimates that this selective targeting on Mom and Pop organizers cost Republicans "as many as 5-8.5 million votes" in the 2012 election.  Has it ever made sense to give so much unchecked power and authority to unelected and virtually unfireable government bureaucrats? Can we trust them to be better than the rest of us? NO.  Can we trust them to know better than to use their positions of power to advance their personal agendas? NO.  It was then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy that authorized the wiretapping of Dr. King's phone.   FBI director J. Edgar Hoover ordered the installation of microphones in the hotel rooms that Dr. King was staying in. They used recordings of private conversations to intimidate, blackmail and silence King.  President John F. Kennedy used the IRS to target conservative non-profits and other political foes. Republican President Richard Nixon was impeached in part for using the IRS to selectively punish his enemies. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton weren't above abusing the powers of the IRS, either.  The agency alphabet soup that now exerts so much selective authority over us — whether it's the IRS, FBI, NSA, BLM or the HHS — is out of control.  It's about limiting our runaway government's monopoly on force and unleashing the freedom to try, to choose, to take responsibility and to make things better for our families and communities.



Abolish the IRS.  More IRS ABUSE & CORRUPTION:  To make its case against Patrick Henry, the IRS had to go as far back as 10 years ago to find a pair of items it considered unacceptable political activity by the nonprofit.  The IRS cited a 2004 column by the group’s president, former FBI agent Gary Aldrich, that was critical of John Kerry and a 2005 fundraising letter that criticized Hillary Clinton.  The liberal behemoth Media Matters is also a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, one that claims on its website to be a “progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”  Media Matters operates freely as a tax-exempt organization without any apparent interference from the IRS, while its website has literally thousands of highly partisan political articles on public display, virtually all of them advocating extremely liberal positions.  “The list of Media Matters’ foundation funders, 120 in all, reads like a Who’s Who of the American progressive movement, including the far-left Tides Foundation ($4,384,702), George Soros’ Open Society Institutes ($1,075,000), the Ford Foundation ($966,466), the Sandler Foundation ($400,000) — endowed by subprime mortgage lenders Herb and Marion Sandler, who once bankrolled the embattled ACORN organization — and the Schumann Fund for Media and Democracy ($600,000), managed by longtime PBS host Bill Moyers and his son.

“They also include the anti-George W. Bush organization MoveOn.org ($50,000), the Barbra Streisand Foundation ($85,000), the kids’ shoes-powered Stride Rite Charitable Foundation ($25,000), the Lear Family Foundation ($55,000) — endowed by the TV producer and People for the American Way founder Norman Lear — and the Joyce Foundation ($400,000), whose board of directors included Barack Obama from 1994 to 2002.”  The Daily Caller published a full list of donors to Media Matters.




the IRS stripped the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, or PHC, of its tax-exempt status.  the PHC did not spring up after the 2008 election of President Obama, but has been around since the 1990s. It was approved in January 1998 as a 501(c)(3). Based in Manassas, Va., the center was founded by former FBI agent and best-selling author, Gary Aldrich, a ferocious critic of Obama and the Clintons.  The IRS appeared to go out of its way to target and punish the center. It had to go back a decade to find a mere two instances of alleged transgressions committed by the PHC.

And, as WND reported, the supposed violations of IRS rules are miniscule compared to the hyper-partisan articles published daily by the gargantuan, George Soros-financed and leftist 501(c)(3) website Media Matters.  Aldrich has been a target of the left stretching back to Clinton administration, in which he served.

He spent 26 years in the FBI and was a private investigator in the Clinton White House, vetting the backgrounds and character of the president’s choices for top-level government positions. Shocked by what he experienced, Aldrich left the White House in 1996.  In 1998, Aldrich wrote the New York Times’ bestseller “Unlimited Access,” a devastating critique and insider’s look at an administration he saw as run amok. Aldrich said he repeatedly rejected Clinton nominees as corrupt and/or unqualified, only to have the president ignore his findings and put those people in positions of authority.

Aldrich also considered the behavior of Hillary to be especially corrupt, vulgar and even obscene, describing her decorating the White House Christmas tree with sex toys and drug paraphernalia.   By 2010, PHC merged with Liberty Central, an advocacy group run by Virginia Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese serves on the center’s board.





WND broke the story that while Obama chaired the board of the CAC, more than $600,000 was granted to an organization founded by Ayers and run by Mike Klonsky, a former top communist activist. Klonsky was leader of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party, which was effectively recognized by China as the all-but-official U.S. Maoist party.  In 1995, the year Ayers founded the CAC, he gave an interview for author Ron Chepesiuk’s book “Sixties Radicals” in which Ayers stated, “I’m a radical, leftist, small ‘c’ communist.  Kurtz notes that in his book “Teaching Toward Freedom,” Ayers states his goal is to “teach against oppression,” which Kurtz noted Ayers defines as “against America’s history of evil and racism, thereby forcing social transformation.”  The CAC, however, was not Obama’s only working relationship with the unrepentant terrorist, Ayers.




The latest bombshell comes courtesy of the Department's Inspector General, who is exposing the IRS for doling out almost $3 million in bonuses to employees with "disciplinary issues" that span everything from fraud and abusing agency credit cards to owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes. (Apparently, the agency was too busy targeting conservatives to trouble with their own tax returns.) "Employees' tax problems," the Inspector General writes, "included 'willful understatement of tax liabilities over multiple tax years, late payment of tax liabilities, and underreporting of income."  But, as Americans have come to understand, wrongdoing isn't just condoned in this administration -- it's rewarded! Despite their transgressions, more than 1,140 of these negligent workers split $1 million in cash awards and another 10,582 hours of paid leave. Sixty-nine of them even "earned" permanent raises! Meanwhile, under the crushing economic policies of the Democraps & the Obama administration, most law-abiding Americans would be happy just to have jobs, let alone bonuses.  While the country's blood boils, the harsh reality is this: what do we expect? This is, after all, the same administration that put a serial tax evader in charge of enforcing the country's tax policy. And Timothy Geithner wasn't the only one. President Obama nominated at least three agency heads with a history of IRS troubles. Clearly, he didn't mind putting billions of our tax dollars in the hands of people who couldn't be bothered to pay their own. Unfortunately, this Democrap administration has never insisted that the government live by the same rules it imposes on others.





So let it be officially known that Ted Cruz has adopted a Political Outcast plank as part of his own platform. I pray he keeps hammering at it.  http://www.wnd.com/2014/03/cruz-obama-has-created-lost-generation/

Cruz, nevertheless, has made it clear he believes he is eligible for the Oval Office, and he kicked off CPAC 2014 with a set of policy objectives.  “We are at the edge of a cliff,” Cruz told the crowd. “Liberty is under assault.”  Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks March 6, 2014 at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, MD.  Borrowing Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, “Hope and Change,” Cruz said millions around the world have lost hope because under President Obama achieving the American Dream has become harder and harder to accomplish, and change is a call to end the corruption in Washington, D.C.  Ted Cruz can win the Republican nomination and become America's next President. But first he needs to be convinced to run!  Please sign the national Draft Ted Cruz for President petition right now. And then forward this email to everyone you know.  We need to convince Senator Cruz to run in 2016. America needs this conservative hero!




All federal programs could be reformed through block grants, like those used in the 1996 welfare reforms. Ferrara suggests using a work safety net.

  • All able-bodied Americans that show up to their local welfare offices could be guaranteed a minimum-wage work assignment for a full day's work. Welfare administrators, in addition to charities, local business groups and churches could organize local employers to offer these private job opportunities.
  • People would be incentivized to take these jobs (because they would not be able to receive benefits otherwise), and the poverty trap would be eliminated, as earning more would not reduce a person's benefits.
  • Eventually, these temporary jobs will lead to permanent employment and wage gains, as workers gain skills, experience and new work opportunities.

The current minimum wage, plus the Earned Income Tax Credit, plus the child tax credit adds up to more than the poverty line for every possible family combination. Consequently, this work safety net -- which would guarantee a full-day, minimum-wage job -- could completely eliminate poverty in America.

Source: Peter Ferrara, "Liberating the Poor from Poverty," National Center for Policy Analysis, April 17, 2014.




In October of 2012, my office released a 33-page report documenting the rise of  the “Imperial Presidency.” The report cited over 40 separate examples of the break-down  in the rule of law under the Obama Administration. As the report noted at the time, the  break-down in the rule of law not only was of significant constitutional concern, but

also negatively impacted economic growth and individual prosperity.  Unfortunately, since the release of that first report, the pattern of overreach by  the Executive Branch has only continued.




In New Mexico, a photographer declined to use her artistic talents to promote a same-sex ceremony because of her religious beliefs. The couple complained and the New Mexico Human Rights Commission ordered her to pay a fine of nearly $7,000. Christian adoption and foster-care agencies in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Washington, D.C., have been forced to stop providing those services because they believe that the best place for kids is with a married mom and dad. Other cases include a baker, a florist, a bed-and-breakfast, a student counselor, the Salvation Army, and more.

Whose liberty is at stake? Is it just business owners’?   Everyone’s. When the government starts forcing people to do things that violate their deeply held beliefs, we have a problem.  “For that matter, gay photographers and bakers shouldn’t be forced to work religious celebrations…and environmentalists shouldn’t be forced to work job fairs in logging communities etc…” When it comes to this particular issue, all Americans should remain free to believe and act in the public square based on their beliefs about marriage without fear of government penalty.




The Boston Herald took issue with the bill, calling it “frankly chilling” that Markey is seeking to “empower an obscure federal agency to begin scouring the Internet, TV and radio for speech it finds threatening.”  “Perhaps he could crack a briefing book on the crisis in Ukraine, (focus on jobs & our economy, trying something else than the Democraps’ failed, tired same old policies that have us in this malaise, etc…) rather than looking for his own extra-constitutional methods of punishing speech he finds unacceptable,” added the Herald editorial.



Running for president, Barack Obama claimed his personal magnetism could solve the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. But now, five years later, his secretary of state is calling for a "reality check."  Solving the problems in the Middle East was going to be a piece of cake for candidate Obama. "Changing the dynamic in Iraq will allow us to focus our attention and influence on resolving the festering conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians — a task that the Bush administration neglected for years," “Odumbo” asserted in 2007.  "For more than three decades, Israelis, Palestinians, Arab leaders, and the rest of the world have looked to America to lead the effort to build the road to a lasting peace.  In recent years, they have all too often looked in vain."  But "a lasting settlement of the conflict with two states living side-by-side in peace and security" was going to be simple for The One. "Sustained American leadership for peace and security will require patient effort and the personal commitment of the president of the United States. That is a commitment I will make."  Juxtapose that with what Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday in Morocco, announcing the possibility of American disengagement after more than a year of wasted Mideast shuttle diplomacy.  "There are limits to the amount of time and effort that the United States can spend if the parties themselves are unwilling to take constructive steps," Kerry said, because the U.S. has an "enormous amount on the plate."  In other words, the president is too busy for any more of that promised "patient effort" and "personal commitment." Compare this with what Kerry himself promised when he ran for president and lost to George W. Bush, back in 2004.  "What we need in the Middle East is an aggressive, proactive, super-engaged, leveraged kind of diplomacy," Kerry said then.  Sorry, too much on our plate for any more Mideast super-engagement.  Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/040414-696057-obamas-promised-israel-palestine-miracle-exposed-as-fraud.htm#ixzz2yQ7AwwzM   Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook





Republican Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn  then shared with a crowd just how much of a direct threat to freedom that President Obama is stating how he treats the office as if he is an imperial President. In regards to his executive fiats to circumvent Congress and the Constitution, she said, “Mr. President, Congress doesn’t pass suggestions. We pass laws. And it’s about time you start following them!” The crowd loved her strong message.  She laid out the stark contrast between democrats and republicans in relation to what each side fights for. Democrats, according to Blackburn, fight for government. Republicans, on the other hand, fight for people, opportunity, and freedom.




Veteran correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, who quit CBS News citing lack of support for her investigative reporting on Benghazi and other Obama administration scandals, told Fox News Channel’s Howard Kurtz that network news producers need to stand up to pressure from the White House on pursuing certain stories.  “There’s pressure coming to bear on journalists for just doing their jobs in ways that have never come to bear before,” Attkisson said in an extensive interview with Kurtz that aired this morning on his “Media Buzz” show. She added of the White House “campaign”:  It’s designed to have sort of a chilling effect, and to some degree has been somewhat successful in getting broadcast producers who really don’t want to deal with the headache of it [to conclude:] ‘Why put on these controversial stories that we’re going to have to fight people on, when we can fill the broadcast with other perfectly decent stories that don’t ruffle the same feathers?’  The result, Attkisson said, is “a narrowing universe of stories that are desired by the broadcasts, and it leaves us sometimes with newscasts that don’t dig very deep.”  This isn’t a problem only at CBS News, nor does it pervade the news ranks there, Attkisson told Kurtz.  “The press in general seems to be pretty shy about challenging this administration, as if it’s making some sort of political statement rather than just doing our job as watchdogs.”   She didn’t run into the same kind of White House pressure and internal network resistance or criticism while covering controversial aspects of President George W. Bush’s two terms, Attkisson said.  ”No one [within the network] accused me of being a mouthpiece for the liberals at that time.”  The Obama White House deploys an effective strategy of moving to “controversialize” aggressive reporters by complaining about “perfectly factual, legitimate” stories such as the administration’s response to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi rather than directly address the facts. She addedI think it borders on inappropriate if it’s sort of a campaign to stop and influence and manipulate the reporting. Rather than providing the public information — the information that we own — it’s just a lot of obfuscation, accusations, saying things are phony scandals, bogus, not real, giving misinformation and false information.”  For Kurtz’s complete interview with Attkisson, go here.




Benghazi Scandal & Cover up:  Thanks to John Sexton of Breitbart News, we have a revealing insight, courtesy of David Rhodes (brother to Ben Rhodes, an assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for strategic communications),into what the White House really knew and when it knew it, from a speech the CBS News president David Rhodes gave on Sept. 12, 2012, to the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.  A last-minute replacement for "CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley, David Rhodes, in response to a question after his remarks, commented about the "pretty alarming" Benghazi situation by noting, "Our government thinks that, you know, there's a really good chance this was not just a spontaneous mob reaction to what some thought was an offensive film but actually a coordinated effort timed to the 9/11 anniversary."  Just how did he know what the administration was really thinking about the Benghazi attack? Did he have a highly placed source close to the administration like, uh, his brother? His off-the-cuff remark speaks volumes about the cover-up that followed.  Catherine Herridge of Fox News reports that a seven-page email, circulated at the highest levels of the White House and attempting to come up with a media strategy to deal with a Fox News report that the administration knew within 24 hours it was a terrorist attack, is being withheld by the State Department, citing executive branch privilege.  Of course, the question of what the White House knew and when and what the intelligence community really thought could be solved, as Marc Thiessen writes in the Washington Post, by releasing the Presidential Daily Briefs (PDB) that President Obama received in the days following the slaughter.  In 2004, at the request of the 9/11 Commission, President George W. Bush declassified and released the PDB delivered to him before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. But, then, that president had nothing to hide.  (what about any footage from the drone too?)

the vast political-media-entertainment-education-union-nonprofit complex went all in to promote the Democrats’ narrative



The left and the mainstream media had steadfastly ignored the atrocities committed by Boko Haram, an exceedingly violent and cruel advocate of sharia law, including its murder of up to 50 Nigerian boys on February 25, by slitting their throats, gunning them down or burning them alive. The left also ignored the 1,000 people the group had murdered by March.  But on April 14, Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is a sin” kidnapped more than 250 schoolgirls. Fifty escaped, but the jihadists have threatened to sell the remaining girls into sexual slavery.  And a few weeks later, the left was suddenly outraged.  Overnight, female celebrities appeared in selfies by the droves on social media with the message “#Bring back our girls.”  Jolie demanded the terrorists be brought to justice, exclaiming, “If the world does nothing and they get away with this then we set this horrible precedent.”  WND asked Perle if he thought the kidnappings might herald a turning point in which the left would finally embrace the war on terror, wholeheartedly.  The scholar answered he did not know if the incident would be a turning point, but he emphasized the necessity of getting feminists to join the war on terrorFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton steadfastly refused to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist group, even after it bombed United Nations headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, in 2011. Only under John Kerry did the State Department designate the group as a terrorist organization, in November 2013.  By last week, Clinton was condemning Boko Haram, but even mainstream news outlet CNN was questioning her judgment.  Under Clinton, the State Department argued that designating Boko Haram as a terrorist organization would cause more harm than good by enhancing the group’s standing and prompting it to target U.S. and Western interests.  However, a Homeland Security Committee report in November 2011 warned Boko Haram was getting support from al-Qaida affiliates and could become a threat beyond Nigeria.  Shariah is a system of Islamic jurisprudence found in the Quran that covers all aspect of life. It allows or demands:

  • The subservience of women to men, permits the beating of women, and punishes sexual relations outside marriage by women with lashings, imprisonment or stoning to death.
  • Genital mutilation, the partial or complete removal of the female genitalia for religious and cultural reasons. It is practiced to preserve a female’s chastity and dampen her sexual desire.
  • Child marriage, forced marriages and polygamy.
  • Honor killings, the murder of females who disgrace their families by such acts as appearing in public without a male relative chaperone, talking to an unrelated male, or exhibiting independence in thought and action.

Where are the Muslim college-student organizations denouncing Boko Haram? Where is the outrage during Friday prayers? These girls' lives deserve more than a Twitterhashtag protest.





Obamanomics & Democrats’ Regulation:  Mitt Romney was right. In 2012, he said President Obama's policies were costing a record 100,000 business start-ups a year. Now a liberal think tank backs him up. Only it's worse.  The Brookings Institution found that for the first time on record U.S. businesses are being destroyed faster than they're being created. In fact, the American economy is less entrepreneurial now than at any point in the last three decades.  It's certainly not uncommon for businesses to fail, but normally startups replace them. That's no longer the case.  The Democrats’ massive top-down regulations are making it too costly to start a new business or too uncertain to risk capital.  A 2013 Gallup poll found that ObamaCare caused nearly half of small businesses to freeze hiring and a fifth of them to cut jobs. Another 38% of entrepreneurs said they "have pulled back on their plans to grow their business" because of ObamaCare.  Meanwhile, small-business owners complain that new financial regulations mandated under the Dodd-Frank Act have dried up startup capital.  "This has not been a good time to start new enterprises," Romney warned during the 2012 campaign. "This president's policies are responsible for the fact that this recovery has been postponed."  In contrast, entrepreneurial activity exploded during the '80s and '00s, when Washington incentivized Americans to create new businesses.  Brookings data show new firms entering the market spiked during the 1983-88 period, the heyday of Reaganomics and deregulation, and again during the 2001-06 period, when President Bush, like Reagan before him, cut personal marginal income-tax rates across the board.


BIG GOVERNMENT—MORE WASTE, FRAUD, ABUSE & CORRUPTION:  the GAO has identified 162 areas marked by fragmentation, duplication, overlap and inefficiency. This year, the GAO added 26 new areas to that list. Agencies dispute that duplication is necessarily waste -- responding to its management of autism research across 11 agencies, Health and Human Services argued that multidisplinary research is often required.  Republican Senator Tom Coburn authored the legislation that requires these yearly reports from the GAO, and he urged lawmakers to take this list and make cuts to the budget.  This is the fourth year that the GAO has produced these reports. How much money is wasted because of the duplication? It is impossible to tell. The government does not keep track of which programs each agency is responsible for, so taxpayers are in the dark as to how much money each agency is spending on these programs. Darrell Issa, Republican congressman from California, has sponsored legislation that would require better tracking of spending data on money transferred from Congress to an agency to its final destination. The bill passed the House and is awaiting a Senate vote.  Source: George Korte, "Government Often Has 10 Agencies Doing One Job," USA Today, April 8, 2014.




BIG GOVERNMENT—MORE WASTE, FRAUD, ABUSE & CORRUPTION:  Perhaps the foolish ones are those who keep working.  Recipients of food stamps — now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — are not supposed to be able to use their cards at ATMs or otherwise receive cash back from purchases made at grocery stores.  But that didn’t stop one store in Glendale, Ariz. from entering into arrangements to convert the welfare benefits into some $2.3 million of cash, splitting the proceeds with select recipients. The couple running to store was arrested for fraud with multiple felony counts.  The way the scam worked was recipients would come into the store and pretend to purchase food. The willing cashier then swipes the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card and reaches into the cash register and produces the cash, taking his or her cut.  This was just one store. One imagines the arrests were the exception. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, “In FY 2012, over 100 analysts and investigators reviewed over 15,000 stores and conducted nearly 4,500 undercover investigations. Close to 1,400 stores were permanently disqualified for trafficking [converting benefits into cash] and nearly 700 stores were sanctioned for other violations such as the sale of ineligible items.”  That is to say, about 1 out of every 10 stores the agency reviewed in 2012 was either converting benefits into cash, or selling improper items like alcohol or tobacco. Yet, the investigation in Glendale took three years to produce indictments.  Trafficking is not the only way to get cash from food stamps. Some recipients have been known to sell their EBT cards for, say, 50 cents on the dollar — just to get their hands on cash.  But all of that may just be the tip of the iceberg.  As it turns out, many federal and state-based welfare programs, including the federally funded $17.3 billion a year Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), legally allow for cash withdrawals from ATMs and cash back options at grocery stores and elsewhere.  Read more at NetRightDaily.com: http://netrightdaily.com/2014/04/welfare-debit-cards-want-cash/#ixzz2z48Gp613




“There’s something wrong and immoral about the government swooping in upon your death to take more than a third of the nest egg you’ve worked a lifetime to build. I think this is the wrong tax at the wrong time, and it really lands hard on families and farmers and small businesses,” said Brady, who elaborated on why farms and small businesses often end up in the estate tax cross-hairs.  “They may have land passed down from their family. They may have a building. Equipment can add up very quickly. Technology is very expensive. So you think this is for the wealthy, but for the most part, these are families building up wealth, sometimes for the very first time. In fact, more and more women and minority-owned businesses are getting caught up in the death tax,” Brady said.  Democrats regularly raise two other arguments. First, they allege Republicans are trying to eliminate another source of revenue at a time America can least afford it. Brady not only contends that’s false but insists the opposite is true.  “It really hinders entrepreneurial activity,” he said. “It breaks up family farms and businesses. It’s the No. 1 reason businesses aren’t passed down to the next generation. By eliminating this, it encourages people to put money and investment toward that business. They don’t have to spend money on expensive life insurance and other estate planning, and they can invest that back in their business.  “Because it grows the economy and encourages more investment in these local businesses and family owned farms, it actually grows the economy without the death tax in place.”  Republicans routinely refer to the estate tax as a form of double taxation because the government taxed it once as income and wants another bite at the pie after a person dies.   Look at family farms that have had to sell off their property to have to pay this death tax,” he said. “In part of my community, families are taking out their third death tax loan because their grandfather and their father had loans outstanding. Now they’re taking out another one just to keep the family farm and paid taxes on their whole life.”  “I don’t think they’re merely double-taxed. In some cases it’s tripled and four times just to keep the business and the family farm that they worked and created.




Bradlee Dean is a nationally syndicated radio host, founder, and CEO of The Sons of Liberty SonsOfLibertyRadio.com a non-profit organization that specializes in reaching America’s next generation through principles of morality – Talking about Youth and God and our country’s founding history!  Talking all things faith, including faith-based current events (and sometimes even that dreaded political overlap, YIKES!)   More at TheRealSide.com   Read the rest of this Liberty Alliance article here: http://libertyalliance.com/2014/04/faith-friday-kids-still-want-god/#MojHGWCmDhfMRa5w.99





On Friday, in an interview with MSNBC’s Toure, Martin Luther King III, the eldest son of the famed civil rights icon, stunned MSNBC’s go-to race-baiter when he noted not only had Democrats not done enough to warrant to support of the black community, but that it is important that blacks be “engaged with the Tea Party.”  When Toure asked if the Democrats had done enough to merit the black community’s support, King replied, “I would have to say that the party does not do enough.”

 King noted, “We are not a monolithic people and while I happen to be a Democrat, I think it’s important for African-Americans to be Republicans, I think it’s important for African-Americans to be independent, and I’ll say this- I- I also think it’s important to be engaged with the Tea Party.” With an expression upon his face that was an amalgam of both shock and horror, Toure questioned, “Why would it be important for us to be engaged with the tea party?”  “Because the only way you change is that you have to be at least communicating.  While King is not a member of the Tea Party, his belief that we should all engage in politics and offer a productive dialogue is a welcomed reminder that rational discourse must be the method by which Americans create social and political change- not the politics of personal destruction and distractive name-calling. 




Another Democrap LIE exposed as most everyone starts at the bottom of the ladder and moves up as they gain experience, education and skills with each year there are new high school & college grads starting out: 

The rich may be getting richer, but the poor are definitely not getting poorer. In fact, most Americans got richer over the last 35 years. President Obama likes to stress that income inequality has increased in the United States, but it is hardly "the defining challenge of our time," as he has called it, says Ronald Bailey, a science correspondent for Reason Magazine.

  • Brookings Institution economist Gary Burtless used data from a December 2013 Congressional Budget Office (CBO) study to show that from 1979 to 2010 (this was the last year with available data) the bottom quintile's after-tax income in constant dollars rose by 49 percent. For the second lowest, middle and fourth quintile, those incomes increased by a respective 37 percent, 36 percent and 45 percent.
  • Looking at the top quintile, Burtless found that their income increased by even more -- increasing 54 percent for those in the 90th percentile and below, and increasing 202 percent for those in the top 1 percent.
  • Because of this, the share of pre-tax income to the top quintile has increased from 43 percent to more than 50 percent.